The Lovers Battle, Being a sore Combat fought between Mars and Venus, at a place calle Cunney Castle, under Belly-hill.

Bold Mars like to a warrier-stout great brags did make in field
But Venus she gave him the rout. and forc't him for to yeild,
Then Mars drew out his Rapier strong thinking to win the day
But Venus charg'd him so sore he was glad he got away.
The Tune is, The Chorals delight.
AS I by chance abroad was walking,
under a pleasant shadow trée,
There Mars and Venus I heard talking
not thinking I had been so nigh,
Then I drew near and sate down by them
They not thinking I had been so nigh them,
For to hear their complementing
And to see some jovial sport
How Mars fair Venus there did court.
Said Mars I am the god of battle
I and Master of the field,
I love to hear the Musquets rattle
I am well armed with lance & sheild,
Oh I can make the World to wonder,
And break the bands of peace asunder,
I can conquer Towns and Nations,
Be they ne're so stout or strong
Bold Mars can lay them all along.
The stoutest he which ever drew Rapier;
if Mars do meet him in the field:
Though like a warrier he doth vapor
I care not for his sphear or sheild,
For I can make loud Cannons thunder
And I can cut his Troops asunder,
If my Granad [...]'s I let fly sir,
I will make the proudest foe to yeild
Or else by Mars he dies in field.
There is no Town which in this Nation
no Hall, nor Tower, Castle, nor Fort,
But I can soon make alteration
if they delight with me to sport,
For the strongest Castle, Town or Tower
I can conquer in an hour
If close seige I once do lay too't,
My men will to me stoutly stand
And soon the same we can command.
BOld Mars I think you do but vapor
a challenge with you I will make
A Castle I know defies your Rapier
your men and you cannot it take,
If that you please but for to try it
Your men and you must dearly buy it
E're you do gain the Fort or Castle,
You will be fore't for to retreat
For 'tis thrée to one you will be beat.
Venus come show to me that favor,
to let me know where this castle doth stand
I will not rest till won I have her
and make her yield at my command,
This Castle I pray thee let me know it
And the ready way to go unto it,
And I will thank you for your pain,
For close siege I will lay out right
And I vow to storm it Day or Night.
The ready way unto this Castle
I can direct you very well,
For through thigh alley you must rattle
if I the truth to you must tell,
Hard by Bum-lane if you do but mind it
Vnder Belly hill there you may find it
This Castle is well fortifi'd
If you against it siege do lay
It is three to one you't heat away.
Then in a rage Mars drew his Rapier
and vowed this castle he would take,
So up thigh alley he did viper,
and towards bum-lane he strait did make,
Vnder belly-hill he found a center
Where his lance soon did enter,
Clap to clap to Mars then cry'd,
And close siege with his men he lay
But in the end bold Mars did loose the Day.
For Venus boldly did so charge him
with service hot in open field,
By her valor stout she almost scar'd him
which made him and his men to yeild,
How now bold Mars stout Venus cry'd
The battle is mine who dare deny it
I thought bold Mars you did but vapor,
For no such courage I can see
So she kickt Mars out of her centere.
When Mars he see he was so beaten
he took his leave with Venus fair,
In a rage these words he fell a speaking
my lance is spoyl'd I greatly fear,
Farewel thigh la [...]e where I first did enter
Farewel bum alley and belly hill center,
And farewel Venus Castle fair,
I never will come at thée again
For I have lost my labor and my pain.

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