A COPY of VERSES PRESENTED BY Isaac Ragg, Bell-man, To his MASTERS and MISTRESSES of Holbourn Division, In the Parish of St. Giles's in the Field.


Time (Master) calls your Bell man to his Task,
To see your Doors and Windows are all Fast,
And that no Villany or Foul Crime are done
To you nor yours in absence of the Sun:
If any base Lurker I do meet,
In private Alley, or in open Street,
You shall have warning by my timely Call,
And so God Bless you, and give Rest to all.

St. Andrew.

ST. ANDREW Suffered on the Cross,
And did not think his Life a loss
To gain Eternal Life thereby,
Knowing that Christ upon the Cross did Dye,
To save both him, and you, and me,
For which good Cause let's Thankful be.

King CHARLES the First's Brith-Day.

This Day was Born a Prince of High Renown,
No less then Heir unto Great Britains Crown,
Whose Pious Actions through Europe Rings,
And was a Pattern to all Christian Kings:
His Youth and Age were prone to things Divine,
Of [...]ods great Grace a most apparent Sign,
But God was pleased for to Eclipse his Rays,
and Crown his Head with an Immortal Bays.

St. Thomas's day.

To Unbelieving Thomas Christ did say,
O! Be not Faithless, but believe this day
That I am he that late was Crucifi'd,
And Rose again that thou might'st be Justifi'd,
And not only thou, but all that do believe
That I am he, doubtless shall now receive
A full Remission for the Sins, which they
Have ever done, Amen, Lord, I obey.


This Morning Issued forth of Maries Womb,
The Infant Jesus, Gods Eternal Son,
That Priest, that Prophet, and that King anointed,
Whom God for our Redemption had appointed;
So Infinite was Adams Debt before,
That only God himself must pay the Score.
For his sake then, observe this Day, whose Brith
Has prov'd our only Soveraign cause of Mirth.

St. John.

St. John that Holy Evangelist Divine,
Whose Gospel over all the World doth shine,
Converted Heathens, was Christ Bosome Friend,
And Preached Pardon to all that did offend,
Gists of the Spirit God to him had given,
And now remains a Blessed Saint in Heaven.


By this days Memory is understood,
The Vintage that was made of Infants Blood,
Hered was up in Arms through all the Coast
Of Bethlehem, against the Lord of Host.
And Infants in Pursuit of the Virgins Son,
Did suffer the Glorious Acts of Martyrdome.
[depiction of a bellman]

New-Years day.

Now Winters Aged Face is Withering,
The New-Year's come to usher in the Spring;
The Earth prepares to put on fresh attires,
To moove affections and Inflame desires:
And to set forth the Beauty of this New-Year,
A new change will in every thing appear;
Twere good too, in bad Lives, a change to see,
He that is good, let him no Changling be.

King Charles the Second.

What more to Loyalty may Subjects win,
Then the attribute of goodness in a King;
The which in ours, what Heart but may discern,
What King so good, that from him might not Learn,
His Mercy, Love, and Clemency to all,
Exceedeth, and is more then Natural;
And as in Vertues great he doth excell,
May he convince all Hearts to wish him well.

For a Frost.

But first when Winters keenest breath began
To Christalize the Baltick Ocean;
To stop the Lakes, and Bridle up the Floods,
And perriwigg the Bark of the Ball-pate Woods;
Our Grandsier then began to Shiver,
His Teech did Chatter, and his Beard did Quiver,
Saying, I could wish there were Handsome Women too,
But I am Old, and Cold, and cannor do.

Any Day.

Give me Transcending all the Pious Heart,
That firmly standeth for Religious Art,
Gods Honour, Holy Conversation,
For Faith and Vertues Propagation,
For Justice, Charity, and Chast desire,
And all such like, that unto Heaven aspire,
And Loyalty not the least among them Crown'd,
Who serves God right, is to his Soveraign sound.

On the Thirtieth of January.

What Fatal Comet did this day portend
The Death of Charles our Royal King and Friend;
What Actors Vile contriv'd for to betray
His Crown and Scepter, which they should Obey;
And must he be brought to his Pallace Gate,
There for to Suffer a Prodigious Fate;
Must nothing but his Sacred Blood Suffice,
To quench the Fury of their Villanies;
Then let us go on to Exercise;
The Laws on them that Government despise.
Toth' Holy Temple of your Hearts repair,
There never was more need to joyn in Prayer;
The Bore and Woolf, are Whispering with the Fox,
Against the Royal and the Orthodox;
Past Whispering in their Hearts, they call a loud
Rebellion, her old Way, through her Blew Cloud,
To bring the old mischief on us, and Renew
That which the Child Unborn may already Rue.
Most Gracious Lord, may so thy Mercy be,
That all may in thy real Truth agree,
That there may be no difference, nor division,
Neither in State, nor matters of Religion;
And as there's but one God, one Faith, one Baptism,
What ever be the Dreams of Sects, and Schism,
So Frame us, as our Ancestors have been,
To one Church Government,
And God Save the KING.

LONDON, Printed by William Downing in Bartholomew-Close, 1683/4

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