The Parliament Dissolv'd at OXFORD,

UNder 500 KINGS Three Kingdoms grone:
GO F. Dissolve them, CHARLES is in the Throne,
And by the Grace of God will Reign alone.
What would the Commons have? the Royal Line
Heaven does dispose of; Tis not Theirs, nor Mine,
But His by whom KINGS Rule, and are Divine.
I Represent the KING of KINGS who gave,
The Crown, the Sword, the Scepter; What I have;
I am God's Servant, not the Peoples Slave.
Their Frantick Votes, and Mad Resolves I hate:
I know a better way to Heal a STATE,
Than to Sin Rashly, and Repent too late.
Bid them be gone F. They are Damn'd Uncivil,
To oblidge Me to follow them to th'Divil,
To Save Three Kingdoms I will not do evil.
The Presbyterian's Sick of too much Freedom,
Are ripe for Bethle'm; it's high time to bleed'em;
The Second CHARLES does neither Fear nor Need'em.
I'le have the VVorld know that I can Dissipate
Those Impolitick Mushrooms of our STATE;
Tis easier to Dissolve then to Create.
They shan't Cramp Justice with their Feigned Flaws;
For since I Govern only by the LAWS;
Why They should be Exempt, I see no Cause.
To the LAWS They must Submit; 'tis in vain
E're to Attempt to shake off those again:
For where CHARLES Commands, There must Justice Reign.
When the Peoples Father does Espouse the LAW,
All those who Subjects from their Duty draw,
Do Viper-like, through Parents Bosom gnaw.
When They Attend Me next, F. Bid Them bring
Calmer Thoughts: Bid Them Propose Legal Things:
Such as may both become Themselves, and KINGS.
This will the Joyes of our Little World Compleat,
And all Attempts of Foreign Foes Defeat:
Making the People Happy, MONARCH Great.

Edinburgh, Re-printed in the year 1681.


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