The Coy Shepherdess OR, Phillis and Amintas.

Fair Phillis in a wanton posture lyes
Not thinking to be seen by mortall eyes
Till accidentally, Amintas came,
And see her lie, which made her blush for shame
He cast himself down by her on the Hay
And won her love, before he went away.
Tune of, Phillis on the new made Hay, or, Amarillis.
PHillis on the new made hay
On a pleasant Summers day,
She in a wanton posture lay
thinking no Shephard nigh her
Till Amintas came that way
and threw himself down by her.
At the first she was amaz'd
And with blushes on him gaz'd
H [...]r beau [...]y bright, did him invite
her shape he did admire.
Her wanton dress, could do no lese,
then set his heart on fire.
Then Amintas mildly said
Phillis be not now afraid
But entertain, thy shepherd swain.
now we are met together,
Then I shall prize thy sparkling eyes.
that did invite me hither.
I have rang'd the Plains about
For to find my Phillis out
My flocks I left of joys bereft
Whilst I for thée did languish
Tis in thy will my heart to fill
with joy, or else with anguish
Then fair Phillis frowning said,
My privacy thou hast betraid
Therefore be gone, let me alone
do not disturb my pleasure,
Nor do not move thy sute of love,
but leave me to my leasure.
Never yet did Shepheards Swain
On this smooth Scicilian plain
Once dare to move my déep disdain
by such like bold intrusion.
Then cease thy suit 'tis but in vain
I scorn such fond delusion.
When Amintas sée her frown
Hoping still his joys to crown
Quoth he my dear, as I am here
I like not this behavior,
Tis Lovers bliss, to toy and kiss
it wins a Maidens favor.
Let us like the Ivy twine.
And our loves in one combine
Grim Pluto loved Proserpine
her beauty did him fetter;
When thou art mine, & I am thine,
I'l please thée ten times better
Fye for shame fond Boy she said
Im re [...]olv'd to live a Maid
Thou a [...]t too young, to do me wrong
be not so b [...]ld to venture,
Whilst he [...]oor youth, to speak the truth
still aimed at the centre
Phillis blusht as red as blood
When his mind she understood
His bold intent for to prevent
she us'd her best endeavor,
His resolution it was bent
for he was loath to leave her.
Hotly he persued the Game.
Whilst his heart was on a flame
She cry'd pish nay fye for shame
in faith you shall not do it
But the youth her overcame
and eagerly fell to [...]t.
Thus she strived all in vain
Whilst she felt a pleasing pain,
Yet he, by no means would refrain
but kindly did imbrace her,
He kist his love and told her plain
he never would disgrace her.
In great rage she flung away
Tumbling ore the new made hay
Whilst he asham'd & breathless lay
although he then displeas'd her
He rally'd and renew'd the fray.
and manfully appeas'd her.
Thus they spent this christal day
in such wanton sports and play,
Amintias there, imbrac't his Dear.
And bid her be light-hearted
But night being come they hasted home.
and kindly kist and parted▪

Printed for R. Burton at the Horse-shoe in West-smith field.

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