The POPES Pedigree:
Or, the twineing of a Wheelband, shewing the rise and first Pedigrees of Mortals inhabit­ing beneath the Moon▪ Being a most pleasant and new Song.

It is a well twined Wheelband,
The like whereof you never heard,
But now shall plainly understand.
The twineing of the Wheelband.
To a pleasant new Tune, Or, London is a brave Town.
A Begger got a Beadle,
a Beadle got a Yeomen,
A Yeoman got a Prentice
a Prentice got a Freeman,
A Freeman got a Master,
a Master got a Lass,
On her was got a Gentleman
a Justice of the Peace.
So twin'd the Wheelband,
the well twin'd Wheelband,
The like whereof you never heard
the twineing of the Wheelband
The Justice he was rich
and noble in desire,
He married with a Lady,
and so begat a Squire,
The Squire got a Knight
who is Country quire forsook,
To travel into France
and there begat a Duke.
So twin'd the Wheelband,
the well twin'd wheelband,
The like whereof you never heard,
the twineing of the wheelband.
The Duke begat a Prince,
the Prince a King of hope,
The King begat the Emperor,
the Emperor got the Pope.
The Pope begat a Fryer,
the Fryer begot the Nun,
And so you may hear
how their Pedigrees begun,
'Tis a well twin'd wheelband,
the like whereof you never heard,
But now shall plainly understand,
the twineing of this wheelband.
The Nun she chanc'd to slumber,
and laying bare her Rump,
The ball'd pate Fryer bob'd her,
and so begat a Monk.
The Monk begat a Daughter
who could both lye and huff,
She married to a Barrister,
and quickly got a Ruff.
So twin's &c,
The Ruff it took good counsel,
good counsel got a Fee,
The Fee begot a Serjant,
thus runs the Pedigree.
The Serjant got a triple cap
which a good Lawyer spoil'd,
By getting ease and Gout,
he once more got a child.
So twin's &c.
A Dog he got a Bayliff,
who Cerbrus like could roar,
And dayly hunt a bout the Town
to terrify the poor,
The Bayliff got a Turnkey,
the Turnkey got a Jaylor,
Who hell-hound like do suck the blood
of those the Bums do hail there.
So twines &c.
The Jaylor got an under Sheriff,
the under got an upper,
Who can fright a Country town
by shaking of his crupper,
He married to a Virgin
that was of some renown,
And plying on her briskly
begot a Scarlet Gown,
So twin'd &c.
The Gown is got a Merchant
who sending Ships to Sea,
By bringing o're uncustom'd Goods,
grew rich immediately,
He strideing of a Boat Swains wife,
Wo became a Captain
by sighting very hot,
So twin'd &c.
The Captain got a Collonel,
the Collonel he was tall,
And by leaping trenches
became a General
The General was eager
in pursuit of fame,
And in a little space
begat a dreadful name,
So twined &c.
And thus may you see now
how are since Adams time
The Pedigrees ran round
as the Wheelband did twine,
From the lowest to the highest
and then back again,
In continual motion
this Wheelband does remain,
So merrily twin'd the wheelband
the well twined wheelband,
By this you may plainly understand
the twineing of this wheelband.

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