An Excellent Medley,

Which you may admire at (without offence)

For every line speaks a contrary sense.
The Tune is, Tarletons Medley.
IN Summer time when folks make Hay,
All is not true that people say,
The Fool's the wisest in the Play,
tush take away your hand.
The Fidlers Boy hath broke his Base,
Sirs is not this a pitious case,
Most gallants loath to smell the Mace
of Wood-street.
The City follows Courtly pride,
Jone swears she cannot John abide,
Dick wears a Dagger by his side,
come tell us what's to pay.
The Lawyers thrives by others fall,
The weakest always goes to th' wall,
The Shoo-maker commandeth all
at's pleasure.
The Weaver prays for Huswives store,
A pretty woman was Jane Shore,
Rick the base Rascal out o'th door,
peace, peace, you brawling Curres.
A Cuckold's band wears out behind,
'Tis safe to beguile the blind,
All people are not of one mind,
hold Carman.
Our women cut their hair like men,
The Cock's o're-mastered by the Hen,
There's hardly one good friend in ten,
turn there on the right hand:
But few regard the cries o'th poor.
Will spendeth all upon a Whore,
The Souldier longeth to go o're
brave knocking.
What shall we do in these sad days?
Will not the wicked mend their waies,
Some lose their lives in drunken frays.
the pudding burns to'th pot:
The Cooper says the Tub's be-pist,
The Cobler preaches what he list,
Their knavery now is manifest,
hold Halter.
When the fifth Henry sail'd to France,
Let me alone for a Country dance,
Nell doth bewail her luckless chance,
fie on false-hearted men:
Dick Tarleton was a merry wag.
Hark how that prating Ass doth brag,
John Dory sold his ambling Nag.
for Kick-shaws.
THe Saylor counts the Ship his house,
I'le say no more but Dun's the Mouse,
He is no man that scorns a Louse,
vain pride undoes the Land:
Hard-hearted-men makes corn so dear,
Few French-men love well English Bear,
I hope e're long good news to hear,
hey Lustick.
Now hides are cheap the Touner thrives,
Hang those base knaves & beat their wives,
He needs must go that the Devil drives,
God bless us from a Gun:
The Beadles make the lame to run,
Vaunt not before the battel's won,
A cloud sometimes may hide the Sun,
chance medley.
The Surgeon thrives by fencing schools
Some for strong liquor pawn their tools,
For one wise-man there's twenty fools,
oh when shall we be married?
In time of youth when I was wild,
Who toucheth pitch shall be defil'd,
Mol is afraid she is with child,
peace Peter.
The poor still hopes for better days,
I do not love these long delays,
All love and charity decays,
in the daies of old:
I'm very loath to pawn my Cloak,
Meer poverty doth me provoke,
They say a scald head is soon broke;
poor trading.
Hark, mother hark, there's news in town,
What tell you me of half a Crown,
Now the Exise is going down,
thou pratest like an Ass:
I scorn the Coyn give me the man,
Pray pledge the health Sir I began,
I love King Charles say what you can.
God save him.
The Dutch-men thrive by Sea and Land,
Women are Ships and must be man'd,
Let's bravely to our colours stand,
Courage my hearts of Gold:
I read in modern Histories,
The King of Swedens victories,
At Islington there's Pudding Pies,
hot Custards.
The Tapster is undone by Chalk,
Tush 'tis in vain to prate and talk,
The Parrat prattles, walk knaves walk,
Duke Humphrey lies in Pauls:
The souldiers hath but small regard,
There's weakly news in Pauls-Church Yard
The poor man crys the world grows hard,
cold winter.
Heigh for New England hoyse up sail,
The truth is strong and will prevail.
Fill me a cup of nappy Ale,
hang care the Kings a comming.
This Egg hath long a hatching been,
When you have done then wee'l begin,
Oh what an age do we live in,
hang pinching.
From Long-lane cloath, & Tarn-stile boots,
O fie upon these scabbed Coots,
The cheapest meat is Reddish roots,
come all for a penny.
Light my Tobacco quickly here,
There lies a pretty woman near,
This Boy will come to naught I fear,
proud Coxcombe.
The world is full of odious sins,
[...] is ten to one but this horse wins,
Fools set stools to break wise mens shins,
This man's more knave then fool,
Jane oft in private meets with Tom,
Husband thou art kindly welcome home,
Hast any mony; lend me some,
I'me broken.
In antient times all things were cheap,
'Tis good to look before you leap.
When Corn is ripe, 'tis time to reap,
once walking by the way,
A jealous man the Cuckow loaths,
The Gallant Complements with Oaths,
A wench will make you sell your cloaths,
run Broker.
The Courtiers and the Country man
Let's live as honest as we can:
When Arthur first in Court began
his men wore hanging sléeves.
In May when Grass and Flowers green,
The strangest sight that are was seen,
God send our gracious King and Queen,
to London.

London, Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, and J. Wright.

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