The True-Lovers Holidaies:
OR, The Wooing, Winning, and Wedding of a fair Damosel; performed by a lusty Souldier, being one of the Auxiliaries.

The Souldier Woo'd the Maid with words most kind,
She Answered him according to his mind.
To the Tune of, Nobody else shall plunder but I.
MY swéetest, my fairest,
My rarest, my dearest,
Come sit thee down by me and let's chat a while,
It doth my heart good, when
I see thee most nearest,
That we with pleasant talk ye sad times may beguile
If thou'lt have the patience to stay in this Bower,
That I may discourse with thee just half an hour,
I'le shew thee a Ticket from Cupids Commision,
Which Venus set hand to, upon this condition,
that no body else shall enjoy thee but I.
the Summer is come,
and the time is in season,
That each pretty bird have made choise of his Mate,
now I being a young man
of judgement and reason,
Have cause to be doing e're time's out of date,
Hark, hark how I hear the swéet Nightinga [...]s verses
Whose ecchoes records-what true-lovers rehearses;
The true-hearted Turtle-Doves now are a billing,
And so will I do my Love, if thou are willing
that no body else shall enjoy thee but I.
I pray thee Love leave me not,
though I am a Souldier,
And want skill in wooing to deal with a Maid;
yet if thou wilt kisse me,
and make me the bolder,
Mark well and consider what here shall be said,
My hand and my sword shall from danger defend thee,
My purse and my person shall stoutly attend thee;
I'l buy thée a new kirtle, wrought wastcoat & beaver
A dainty silk Apron, my minde shall not waver,
So no body else shall enjoy thee but I.
if thou wilt consent, that
things shall be so carried,
Before this day fortnight I'l make thée my wife,
and we in the Church will
be lawfully married,
So shalt thou live bravely all dayes of thy life;
Thou shalt have thy servants to wait on thy leisure,
thy purse shall be cram'd with gold crowns, & rich tre­sure
Nothing shall be wanting yt I can procure thée,
So thou wilt be constant and thus much assure me,
that no body else shall enjoy thee but I.
make answer swéet hony.
to what I have spoken
That I may the better know whereon to trust,
receive this Gold Ring
as an eminent token,
My love shall be permanent, loyal and just;
One lovely look from thée, for aye will revive me,
But a frown of thine will of life streight deprive me,
Then answer me kindly at this time dear sweeting
That I may finde comfort by this happy meeting,
and no body else shall enjoy thee but I.

The Second Part

to the same Tune.

Being the Maids Loving Answer to the Souldier.

I'Le leave all my kindred
both father and mother,
My Vncle, my Aunt, and my Grandam also,
my nearest acquaintance,
my Sister and Brother,
For 'tis my desire with a Souldier to go,
In weal and in woe I will with my Love travel,
Whilst some at my service and toyle do much marvel
So long as my life lasts, if fortune will guide me
I'le march with thee bravely, what ever betide me.
And I'le be thy true-Love until I dye.
[...] is not[?] the great Ordance
when they do rattle▪
Shall make me fly from thee, [...] minde[?] is so stout,
for when I perceive[?] thee
preparing for battel,
I'le clos [...] stick[?] to thée of that make no doubt,
and when thou hast drawn thy brave blade to befriend me
For courage and valour and skill I'le commend thée
In peace and in warres if thou pleasest to prove me,
By day and by night thou shalt finde how I love thee,
I'le still take thy part till the day that I dye.
moreover sweet Souldier
thus much I must tell thee,
When I understood you took mée for your choice,
It made the very heart of me
Leap in my belly,
And all the merry veins in my body rejoyce;
You also requested of me certain kisses,
The which you accounted as true-Lovers blisses,
In stead of one kisse, now I'le give thée full twenty,
So thou wilt repay me again with like plenty.
and I'le be thy true love until I do dye,
this Ring which thou gavest me,
shall serve for a token,
I'le keep it for thy sake whiles heaven lends me life,
the promise betwixt us
shall never be broken,
Be thou my swéet Husband, I'le be thy kinde Wife:
Then serve Cupids warrant upon me and spare not,
For what thou canst do with thy Ticket I fear not:
Let Vulcan and Venus with Cupid conspire,
To kindle Loves fuel, or quench Lovers fire,
yet I'le love my Souldier until that I dye.
you said in a fortnight
that we should be married,
But I am unwilling to stay for't so long:
besides in my minde I have
over much tarried;
Delayes amongst Lovers doth oftentimes wrong.
Pray make all things ready 'twixt this and Sunday,
That we may be married on the next Munday,
So we in the Holy-days may make us merry,
With Banquets and Pastimes until we be weary.
and I'le be thy true-Love until that I dye.
L. P.

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