Give me the Willow-Garland, Or, The Maidens Former Fear, and Latter Comfort.

As first she for a Husband made great moan,
But at the last she found a loving one.
To a dainty new Tune, called, Give me the willow-garland.
AS I walked forth
in the merry month of June,
To hear the Nightingale
sing her best tune:
I spy'd a young Maid,
which sighed and said,
My time I have wasted in vain,
much lov [...] I have spent,
which makes me repent,
Do them that holds me in d [...]sdain:
Take pitty, quoth she,
some gentle body,
Give me the Willow-Garland,
for none will have me.
I am in my conscience
full sixteen years old,
Yet still go unmarried
which makes my heart cold:
there's many you see
that's younger then me,
That suckles sweet babes at the brest
that lives at their ease,
and carries the Keys
Of many fair Cupboard and Chest:
Take pitty, &c.
Some men will give handkerchiefs
some will give gloves,
And some will give Bodkins,
to purchase maids loves:
but I like a friend,
my money did lend,
And never did ask it again:
and them that received,
in whom I believed,
Have put me to sorrow and pain:
Take pitty, &c.
When William at first,
come a wooing to me,
Good Lord then how jocond,
and frolick was he?
he clip'd me, he kis'd me,
he hug'd me in his arms,
He promis'd to make me his wife:
but he was mistaken,
and I am forsaken,
Which causes much sorrow it strife:
Take pitty, quoth she,
some gentle body,
Give me the Willow-Garland,
for none will have me,
THe next that came to me
was smirking fine Thomas,
and like sweet William,
did make me a promise,
but when this young Lad,
his will of me had
He gave me a Judas-like kiss,
so parted away,
the truth 'tis to say,
I ne'r saw him from that time to this:
Take pitty, quoth she,
some gentle body;
Give me the Willow-Garland,
for none will have me.
Then John the brave Gallant,
with a Sword by his side,
Came to me and told me,
he'd make me his bride:
but in this brave youth.
I found but small truth,
although he did vow and protest,
to me to prove true,
yet he bad me adieu,
and prov'd quite as bad as the rest:
Take pitty, &c.
There was Richard and Robert,
c [...]me both on one day,
But they like the others
soon vanish'd away:
and since that time,
whilst spring was in prime,
I have had of suitors great plenty,
I dare to be bold,
if they were all told,
That they were at least 3 & twenty,
Take pitty, &c.
Now seeing that fortune
hath me so much crost,
That all my old sweet-hearts,
are quite gone and lost,
my self i [...]e commend
to God Cupid my friend,
And to him will heartil [...] pray,
to send me a love
that constant will prove,
And never to straggle away.
Take pitty, &c.
There's nothing at all
that belongs to a man,
But in a short warning
well fit him I can:
I have silver and gold,
which my Father never told,
I have very good cloaths to my back
I have house and land,
and good goods at command,
Tis only a husband I lack;
Take pitty, &c.
You see how my Visage,
is grown pale and wan,
You well may perceive
'tis for want of a man:
my Pulses do beat,
and my body doth sweat,
and my sences are all at great strife
my belly doth ake
& my heart-strings will break
If I cannot be made a Wife.
And therefore, quoth she,
some gentle body,
Make me a Willow-Garland,
or else marry me,
At last came a young-man
of courage most bold.
Saying, sweet-heart, I care not
for Silver nor Gold:
but if thou w [...]lt prove
like the Turtle-Dove,
Right faithful & true to thy friend,
then will I be thine,
and thou shalt be mine,
And i [...]le love thée unto my lives end
Your Servant, quoth she,
my True love, quoth he,
Clap hands on the bargain,
and so w [...]'l agree.
And now this young woman
is eas [...]d of her pain,
For she never after
was known to compl [...]in:
he made her his wife,
and she lives a br [...]ve life,
Attyred in garments most brave,
and all things at will
her mind to fulfil,
at every command she'l now have,
Her Husband is kind,
they are both of a mind,
According as Nature,
and Love doth them bind,
Farewel now, quoth she,
to the green Willow-tree,
I have got a Husband
that well pleaseth me.
L. P.

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. VVright, and F. Clarke,

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