THE SPEECH Of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esquire, SPEAKER OF THE House of Commons: Delivered to the KING and QUEEN'S Majesties, at the Banqueting-House in White-Hall, Friday April 12. 1689.
WITH His MAJESTYS Answer thereto.

YOur most Loyal and Dutiful Subjects, the Commons of England As­sembled in this present Parliament, having to their unspeakable Joy seen Your Majesties plac'd upon the Imperial Throne of this King­dom, they have desired Access at this time to Your Royal Presence, humbly to Congratulate Your Majesties upon this Occasion, and to wish Your Maje­sties a long and prosperous Reign, with all the Blessings that ever did attend a Crown.

We are all Sensible, that Your Majesties Greatness is the Security of Your Subjects. It is from Your Power, that we derive to our selves an Aslurance of being Defended from our Enemies; And from Your Justice, that we expect a full enjoyment of our Laws and Liberties: But that which compleats our Hap­piness, is the Experience we have of Your Majesties continual Care to main­tain the Protestant Religion; So that we can no longer apprehend any danger of being deprived of that inestimable Blessing, either by secret Practices, or open Violence.

To the KING.

May the same Divine Providence which hath hitherto pre­served Your Majestie in the greatest Dangers, and so often given You Victory over Your Enemies, still Crown Your Ʋndertakings with Success.

To the QUEEN.

And may these Ʋnparallelled Vertues, which Adorn Your Majesties Royal Person be the Admiration of the Pre­sent Age, and an Example to the Future.

And may the Lustre of both Your Names so far out-shine the Glory of Your Predecessors, that the Memory of their greatest Actions may be forgotten, and Your People no longer Date the Establishment of their Laws and Liberties from St. Edward's Days, but from the most Auspicious Reign of King WIL­LIAM and Queen MARY.

His Majesty's Answer.


We return you Our hearty Thanks for the Kindness and Respects that you have upon all Occasions shewed to both of Us; We shall take care to the best of Our Power of all things that conduce to the good of the Kingdom; and I do not doubt, but by Gods Assistance and yours, We shall be able in a short time to make you a Flourishing People.


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