The Poor Mans Prayer for Peace, in these sorrowful Times of Trouble. OR, Poor England's Misery in this time of Distress.

It is for our Sins as we do understand,
That all this great trouble doth lye on this Land
This Innocent Blood may make us all start,
God bless us hereafter we take not a part
Our great God of Heaven and our gracious King,
Let us serve and obey in every thing.
To the Tune of Game at Cards.
POor Englands sorrows this many a year
has made us much to stand in fear,
This twenty years and more I say
we have had suspition of this day
Our sins are got so very high
let us to God for mercy cry,
That all our trouble they may cease
And England may enjoy true Peace.
What though the times be very cross:
it's for our Sins we must confess
Let us serve God and obey the King
observe Gods word in every thing:
And keep no Rebellion in our Heart
that is the thing makes England smart
And pray all our trouble, &c.
Every morning when we rise
with Heart and Mind let us devise
To call one God and fall to Prayer
to bless our doing every where.
Take not so much Gods Name in vain
for that we greatly are to blame.
And pray all our troubles they may cease
And England may enjoy true peace.
The Western Parts have suffered most
by Enemies that came on their Coast
But blessed be the God of might
that fought the Battel for the right
But if we trust in God near fear
he will defend us every where.
And pray, &c.
LEt's not distrust in God at all
he can defend both great and small
We need not fear what Man can do
if our God be not our Foe
It is our sins causes all this Woes
that makes so many their lives lose
And pray all our troubles they may cease
And England may enjoy true Peace.
Let us repent and call on God
then hee'l take off his heavy Rod,
And spare us for his mercies sake
innocent Blood does make us quake.
There be Widdows we do fear
and many a Fatherless Child this year.
Pray that our troubles they may cease,
That England may enjoy true Peace.
Keep a good Heart and never fear
and work with patience ne'r despair
We have a God if we him trust
will not forsake us for he is just
Rely upon him that is Divine
let us keep from evil and ne'r repine
And pray, &c.
Poor Englands Sins as you may see
that causes this difference here to be,
There's but one way that we can have,
and one true way our Souls to save,
I am sorry that our English Men
has no more perseuance of the same.
And pray &c.
I have no more to say on this
I pray God mend all that is amiss
And God bless our King and Kingdom too
that he his Enemies may subdue.
And God bless us all then every way
that Gods and the Kings Laws we may ob [...]
And pray our Troubles they may cease
That England may enjoy true Peace.
That we the right way may persue
lets keep from swearing drunken crew
For swearing drunkards do excell
that damn themselves and Souls to Hell
Children as soon as they can speak
will swear 'twould make one's Heart to ake.
Then let us pray and ne'r rebel,
And by the grace of God we shall live well,

Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden-Ball in Pye-Corner.

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