A POEM DEDICATED TO THE Lasting Honour of the Pious and Reverend Divine Mr. RICHARD BAXTER.

REgardless Age! could England's pur-blind Sence
Imagine that Eternal Providence
Createth wonders still, as formerly
He wrought for Israel's sake, we All should Spy
An ANGEL Brandishing a Gospel-Word,
Resolving (by That only Powerfull Sword,)
Deliverance to the Churches to aford.
Brought out we have been from Egyptian Yoke
Although not free'd from fear of Amalek's Stroke
Xerxes(that Eastern Terrour) did not fright
The Grecians, as the Tall' Zanzummims Sight
Enlarg'd our fear, had not Almighty Power
Rais'd up A JOSHUA in This needfull Hour.
How Many tedious Yeare have We abode
And weary'd Steps in pathless Desart trod,
Trav'lling from Stage to Stage, and Round About
Hemm'd in between the Mounts of Fear and Doubt?
Great hath Our longing Expectation been
Of keeping Jubilees, not Wand'ring (in
Distrust,) so long, in Wilderness of Sin;
Murm'ring although Our Waters have been sweet
And Loathing Manna, as not fit to eat.
Drawn up we have been into Numerous Forms,
Endless Contentions, whilest approaching Storms
(Arm'd with the face of Vengeance) raise our fears
Gather round Our Tents, and hallow in our ears.
Loud Ecchoing Sounds (alas!) doe scarse Awake
Our Charmed Minds, or prompts us (yet) to make
Religion our great Work: we only Croud
In New Opinions, under which we shroud
Our Hearts; Remaining still as Vain: as Proud:
Ʋnchar [...]able: Whisperers of Lyes
Selfish, and Covetous; under This Disguise,
Lord! What a mighty Puther hath been rais'd
In Babylon? The Church hath stood Amaz'd!
Greedy in Expectation of some Bright
Holy, (most Humble) Soul-Reviving Light,
To chase Away these Shades of Winter Night.
THese many Years, we all have gon a Round
O're Hills and Dales, (Led by uncertain Sound;)
Giddy with knowledge we have long been made
Unstable, since the Pulpit grew a Trade;
Into the Dith, (like Lost-Sheep) have we Stray'd;
Defiled filthily hath our Fleece been,
Each Broad-Sleeve of Our (Starch'd) Profession, in
Opprobrious pickle! yet we Buffet all
(Unchristian-like,) who but Lament our Fall
Revile (yea Persecute) and Nick-names call.
Such are but Bashan's Rams-Horns Batt'ring down
The Church, (not Jericho, or Triple-Crown.)
Each conscientious Shepherd passing by
Points at Our Engine of Divinity!
Sighs much to see Our great Apostacy.
In This Degenerate Age Religion stands
Neglected [like Old Monuments] with hands
Though Listed Up, yet broke: with batt'red face
Half gon: (An Object rather of Disgrace;)
Just like King David' Men, with Beards half-shorn
Stands True-Religion, made a Publique Scorn,
Apostate Age! how are We swerved from
Pure Christianity? Upbraid not Rome
Or think That only, the Apostate See,
Since Many Antichrists with Ʋs there be;
They (Spiritual) Babel founded deep in bloud,
And We, Those Ruines; plaister up with Mud.
[ [...] Notions: Schism: and a blind Mill-horse Track:]
E're since a Crape-Profession cloath'd our back.
Narrow but Plain, i [...] Canaan's blessed Rode
In which the Primitive Christians safely trod;
Great talks of New-Light spread; And since our hope
Hung down its head, We yearly Burn the Pope;
[That Flame Lights well to See, how much we Grope.]
WHilest Crowding in a sad confused Rout
(In which true Piety is justled Out.)
The Lord of Hosts (his Kingdom to increase)
Hath sent us His Embassadour of Peace.
Grace into him is poured, to Instruct
Rash Zeal[?], and mired Steps for to Conduct
A right, in Paths of Truth, Peace, Amity,
Compassion: (Christian-like Conformity.)
1 Kin. 6.7.
[Wherein dwells
Wisdom, with Pure Religion which excells
In Meekness] Pav'd with Love: [A shame to Those
That Hammer forth, with loud (Canonical) Blows
Hideous Shapes, which Harden (but not Molifie)
Gazers on Their (Gorgon-like) Divinity!]
Imbroydered all Throughout with Saving Grace
Flourishing the Banner of Triumphant Peace
This Famous WORTHIE stands, whose Gifts and Parts,
(Shining in Lowliness,) steals all our Hearts.
Wisdom, Experience, Conduct, Courage too
Is found in Him, to Lead us safely through
This Howling Desart, where the Wolvish sound
Hurries the Flock, and their soft ear doth wound;
Confirming Faith and Patience; strengthning Love
Opposing Errours, and Debates, which move
Unruly Passions, and engender Strise,
Rending Divisions, whilest Religious Life
Abateth, and its hidden (Vital part)
Gives up the Ghost, as Stabbed at the Heart.
England's Commissioner for Peace, is He
Heavens Blessed Harbinger: Ordain'd to be
A Sanctuary to the Church of God,
That hath been Scourg'd with Plague, and Flaming Rod▪
Hath been Benighted, and in Wilderness,
Grov'ling a long time (as all must confess:)
O're-cast with Egypt's Darkness, and in Wiles
Devis'd by Satan (who mankind beguiles)
Beleagur'd Round; In such a Lab'rynth, where
Leviathan's hoarse Sounds, Awake our fear.
Eternal GOD! When Thy Church was Dejected
Singl'd out for Slaughter, Thou didst then Protect it:
Sending us such a Light as few expected;
Dear God: Thy Praise shall never be neglected.
HArk! (hark again) methinks we hear the sweet
Inamouring Sound of His so glorious Feet,
(Moving o're Mountains) who Glad Tydings brings
To Ev'ry Sinner, from the King of Kings.
Of Ʋniversall Grace for All Mankind:
(Conveigh'd To All, who are Resolv'd in mind;)
Obliging to some Law, the Heathen World
[Nigh lost, through willfull Ʋnbelief, and hurl'd
Down headlong into such a dismall Vale
Un'wares) where Darkness did so much prevail,
(Confusion also) [till This Glorious Light
Thrust forth Its Conquering Rays, and scatter'd Night.]
The Militant Church is Happy in This Guide
Her footsteps to Direct that none may slide
Establishing Her Knowledge: and Her Love;
(Consormity so like to GOD above.)
His Vital Substance few aright Descry
Ʋnseen It must be, [when Our Dazled Eye
Repells That Sun-Shine of Divinity!
Comfort our selves we doe (for all) to think
His Beams make Day, though Glittering through the Chink.
'Tis very strange that in a Crazed Shell
Of bone and skin, such Sanctity doth dwell!
Crowning Religion with such Conversation
As makes Him a Great Blessing to Our Nation
(Not'thstanding many Proud mens Emulation.
All after Ages shall, of Him, Relate
And Praises to JEHOVAH Consecrate,
Nation shall unto Nation, This Great Act
Sound forth, in hearts of Harmony, Compact;
Recording evermore THY worthy Fame
Eternizing the Glory of the same;
Saints All, with Angels also, shall Proclaim

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