A Person of very Great Quality having brought over from Italy the greatest Secret in the World: A Powder that in 10 or 12 days time perfectly Cures the Pox, Evil, or Scurvey, with only one Dose taking; not only Shankers, Nodes, and InveterateUlcers, but also to the working out of Rotten Bones, whether from the Pox or Evil, casting off all that is Corrupted of any kind, Sweetning the whole Mass of Blood, and resto­ring the Body to Perfect Health, free from any Relapse: The Truth of which is already in London so sufficiently Try'd, that to any Person that hath occasion, and cannot be brought into a Belief from the Testimony of Persons of Great Worth and Integrity, who are ready at all times to affirm it; shall then see several Patients of the worst kind that have been Cured: And if they Doubt of this, I solemnly invite them to bring out of the Hospitals or elsewhere, any so highly Distempered, that the most un­believing Persons can Produce. I will Administer the Dose to them from my own Hand before them, and in the presence of three or four Persons of Quality that they and I shall agree upon, that are Curious to inspect so Wonderful a Cure. And though some Gain-sayers, through Ignorance or Interest, may Report this single Dose to be dangerous in its Operation, I do declare the contrary, that it is Pleasant to the Pallat and easie in its Operation, performing its Work in 6 or 8 hours, and its Cure as above­said, only observing an Order and Regiment of Diet for the prefixt time.

WElcome Great Secret to our English Shore,
Thou truly Greatest in all Natures Store,
Never more Welcome, never wanted more:
You that with Ulcers, Shankers, Nodes do lye,
Long cannot Live, nor yet can easily Dye,
With thy one Dose shall lay their Crutches by.
Such wond'rous Vertue I have here in Store,
That none before me ever could do more
To Blind, to Lame, to Deaf, to Rich and Poor.
You that through Ignorance or Interest be
Incredulous to give Belief to me,
Ransack the Hospitals, where you may find,
Diseases of all sorts in Humane kind,
That to your Eyes most apparent be,
With Ulcers, rotten Bones, (those) bring to me,
In Twelve days time their Cure shall perfect see.
Gain-sayers Mouths (then) stop your Rage to spill,
Or fear to speak one word of me that's ill,
When Demonstrations clear these Truths fulfil.

The Person is to be Spoken with, at the Two Blew-Balls in Leicester-Square.

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