A NEW SONG of Mallinger, OR, The Female Dear-Joy tricked of her Maiden-Head.

To a New Irish Tune.
AS I went to Mallinger Fair
with my Barrel of Bear,
I met with young Peggie,
who's Beautie was clear.
Ratting a rew
Ratting a Rew re rew re-rew re-rew,
Rating a Rew re-rew re-rew re-rew,
Fa re-rew re-rew re-reen
Fa re-rew re rew re-reen,
Hay bew Hoi baen,
Ratting a rew.
Her Eyes they were black,
and her Face it was clear;
Her Lips was like Correll,
and white was her hair.
Ratting a rew, &c.
Her Voice sounded sweetly
as she went along,
For she was singing
a delicate Song.
Ratting a rew, &c.
Sweet Peggie said I,
your Beauty's so bright,
And your Voice is so sweet,
makes me wish for delight.
Ratting a rew, &c.
My Dearest said I,
let me kiss your white hand,
And all that I have
shall be at your Command.
Ratting a rew, &c.
Dear Peggie said I,
to the Tavern let us go,
A Bottle of Wine
I will on thee bestow.
Ratting a rew, &c.
I will give thee fine Rigging
and toping to wear,
And a pair of new gloves
at Mallinger Fair.
Ratting a rew, &c.
The more I did Court her,
the more she was shey▪
Till at length I resolved
a Trick for to try.
Ratting a rew, &c.
Then I gave her a Kiss,
and well pleased was she,
And for to go with me
she straight did agree;
Ratting a rew, &c.
Alas my Dear Peggie
why are you so unkind,
For we shal be Married
when the D— goes blind.
Ratting a rew, &c.
The sweetest Delight
that is under the Sun,
Is to lye by the Barrell
and see the Tap run.
Ratting a rew &c.
But when we had Drunken
two Bottles of VVine,
I found my Dear Mistriss
both Loving and Kind.
Ratting a rew, &c.
I tipt her a VVenk,
and backward she fell,
And twenty weeks after
her Belly did swell.
Ratting a rew, &c.
And twenty weeks after
she sat down and cry'd,
It's this I have gotten
by strydling so wide.
Ratting a Rew.
Ratting a Rew re-rew re-rew re-rew,
Ratting a Rew re-rew re rew re-rew,
Fa re rew re rew re-reen,
Fa re rew re rew re reen,
Hay bew Hoi baen;
Ratting a Rew.

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