⟨The Manner of Impeachment of the Twelve Bishops


⟨The 12 Bishops⟩
  • ⟨Jo. Abp of York⟩
  • ⟨Ths. Bp of Durham⟩
  • ⟨Joseph Bp of Norwich⟩
  • ⟨Rob. B. of Coventry & Litchfield⟩
  • ⟨John B. of St. Asaph⟩
  • ⟨Wm B. of Bath & Wells⟩
  • ⟨Geo. B. of Hereford⟩
  • ⟨Matthew B. of Ely⟩
  • ⟨Robt. B. of Oxford⟩
  • ⟨Godfrey B. of Glocester⟩
  • ⟨John B. of Peterborough⟩
  • ⟨Morgan B. of Llandaff⟩

[Page] The manner of the Impeachment of the 12 Bishops, accused of High Treason.

For preferring a Petition and making a Protestation to the subverting of the Fundamentall Lawes, and being of Parliaments.

Wherunto is added the said petition and Remonstrance of the saids Bishops.

Printed at London, and re-printed at Edinburgh.

To the Kings most excellent Majesty, and the Lords and Peeres now assembled in Parliament.
The humble Petition and Protestation of all the Bishops and Prelates now called by his Majesties Writs, to attend the Parliament and present about London and Westminster for that service.

THat whereas the Petitioners are called up by severall and respective Writs, and under great penulties, to attend in Parliament: and have a clear and undubitate right to Vote in Bills, and other matters whatsoever debetable in Parliament, by the ancient customes, Laws, and statutes of this Realme, and ought to be protected by your Majesty, quietly to attend and prosecute that great service.

They humbly remonstrate and protest before God, your Majestie, and the noble Lords and Peeres now as­sembled in Parliament; that as they have an undubi­tate right to sit and vote in the House of the Lords, so are they (if they be protected from force & violence) most ready and willing to performe their duties ac­cordingly. And that they doe abhominate all actions or opinions tending to Poperie, and the maintenance thereof: As also, all propention and inclination to [Page 3]any malignant party, or any other sect or party what­soever, to the which, their own reasons, and conscien­ces, shall not move them to adhere.

But whereas they have been at severall times vio­lently manassed, affronted, and assaulted by multi­tudes of people, in their coming to perform their ser­vices in that honourable House, and lately chased a­way and put in danger of their lives, and can finde no redresse for protection, upon sundry complaints made to both Houses in these particulars.

They likewise humbly protest before your Majesty, and the noble House of Peeres, that saving unto them­selves all their rights and interists of sitting and voting in that house at other times. They dare not sit or vote in the House of Peeres, untill your Majesty shall fur­ther secure them from all affronts, indignities, and dan­gers in the premisses.

Lastly, whereas their fears are not built upon fan­tasies or conceits, but upon such grounds and objects as may well terrifie men of good resolutions, and much constancie. They do in all duty and humility protest before your Majesty, and the Peeres of that most ho­nourable House of Parliament, against all Lawes, or­ders, votes, resoluitons, and determinations, as in themselves null, and of no effect, which in their absence since the twenty seventh of this instant moneth of De­cember, 1641 yeares, have already passed: as likewise against all such as shall hereafter passe in that most ho­nourable House, during the time of this their forced & [Page 5]violent absence from the said most Hon: House, not denying: but if the absenting of themselves were wil­full and voluntary, that most honourable House might proceed in all these premisses, their absence for this their Protestation notwithstanding.

And humbly beseeching your most excellent Ma­jesty to command the Clerk of that House of Peeres to enter this their Petition and Protestation amongst his Records.

They will ever pray to God to blesse and preserve, &c.
  • Jo: Eborac.
  • Thomas, Duresme.
  • Robert. Co: Lich.
  • Jos: Norwitch,
  • Jo: Asaphen.
  • Guil. Ba: & Wells.
  • Geo: Hereford.
  • Robert: Oxon.
  • Ma: Ely.
  • Godfr. Glouc.
  • Jo. Peterburg.
  • Mor: Llandaff.

Ʋera Copia,

Jo: Brown Cleric. Parliament.

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