The Maidens Counsellor OR, A fair VVarning before Marriage.

You Damosels fair, take special Care,
And not too hasty be
A Marriage Life brings Care and Strife,
When single Maids live free.
Tune of the Spinning-Wheel.

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YOung Damosels all, both far and near,
observe the Counsel which I give;
And then I'm sure you need not fear,
but that you all may happy live;
Let not young Men your hearts insnare,
A single life is free from care.
Full one and twenty years and more,
I am of Age full well 'tis known,
And tho' I have got sweet hearts store
yet I delight to lye alone;
Resolv'd I am to shun the snare;
A Single Life is free from Care.
Some Damosels does great Portions bring,
Of Gold and Silver many a Pound,
To those that make the Taverns Ring,
untill the same they quite confound;
For their poor Wives they nothing spare;
A single Life is free from Care.
Have I not heard of those well bred,
who never knew no want at all,
Yet after being sometime Wed,
they have been brought to deadly thrall;
For want alas! full heard they fare;
A single Life is free from Care.
What pleasing stories some will tell,
poor harmless Damosels to betray,
Swearing they Love them passing well,
but 'tis their Money more then they;
But he advis'd and shun the snare;
A single life is free from Care.
Beware of e'ry hussing balde,
for they are subject to deceive,
As being of the Lying-trade,
and therefore do not them believe,
Altho' they Solemnly do swear;
A single life is free from Care.
For while you lead a single Life,
your Suitor he will kindness show,
But when you once are made his Wife,
alas! you'l find it nothing so;
Instead of Love perhaps he'l sware,
A single life is free from Care.
Bad Husbands they abroad will Roam,
and take those pleasure where they please,
While their poor Wives must stay at home,
there is too many such as these;
With this they patiently must bear,
A single life is free from Care.
For when they do return at Night,
from their sweet Mirth and pleasant Ioys,
In which they place their chief Delight:
I mean their Kanting Roaring Boys;
The Wife with this, and more must bear,
A single life is free from Care.
Tho' she Intreats him to refrain,
while Tears does trickle from her Face,
Yet alas 'tis all in vain,
for he Resolves to run his Race,
And will not in the least forbear,
A single life is free from Care.
I pray take heed now all that's here,
before the Marriage Rites are past;
It is not for a Month or Year,
but full as Long as Life shall Last;
Therefore be wife, and shun the snare;
A single life is free from Care.
Young Dam'sels now of each degree,
be careful of your Marriage State,
And take this kind advice of me,
for fear Repentance comes too Late;
Do not your selves too soon insnare;
A single life is free from Care.

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