LONDONS LORD HAVE MERCY UPON US. A true Relation of Seven modern Plagues or Visitations in London, with the number of those that were Buried of all Diseases; viz The first in the year of Queen ELIZABETH, Anno 1592. The second in the year 1603 the third in (that never to be forgotten year) 1625. The fourth in Anno 1630. The fift in the year 1636. The sixt in the year 1637. and 1638 The seventh this present year. 1665.

REader, what ever thou art, rich or poor,
Rowse up thy self, for Death stands at the door;
If God sayes strike, he must & wil come in
For death we know is the reward of sin.
His very breath is so infectious grown,
He poysons every one he breathes upon;
He is the Rich-man's terrour, makes him flye,
And bear away his baggs, as loath to die.
What shall the Poor do that behind do stay?
Death makes them rich, by taking them away.
But what shall Poor men do, that here do live,
'Tis surely fit the Rich should comfort give,
And weekly Means unto them still afford:
Oh such Rich men shall be rich in the Lord!
Death startles all, but more the guilt of sin,
Which sinful man long time hath lived in,
Doth make them fearful of that punishment
Due unto sin, for time that's evil spent.
Oh why was this not thought on long ago!
When God expected our Repentance so?
Seventeen years since, a little Plague God sent,
He shoke his Rod to move us to repent:
Not long before that time, a dearth of Corn
Was sent to us to see if we would turn:
And after that, there's none deny it can;
The Beasts did suffer for the sin of man:
Grass was so short and small, that it was told,
Hay for four pound a Load was daily sold.
These Judgements God hath sent even to cite us
Unto Repentance, and from sin to fright us.
Oh stubborn England! childish and unwise,
So heavy laden with iniquities:
Return, return, unto thy loving Father,
Return I say with speed, so much the rather,
Because his Son thy Saviour pleads thy cause,
Though thou hast broken all his holy Lawes:
Say to thy self, My sins are cause of all
Gods Judgements that upon this I and do fall,
And sin's the cause that each one doth complain,
They have too much, sometimes to little rain:
Say to thy self, this Plague may be removed,
If I repent, as plainly may be proved
By Niniveh, that City great and large,
For God hath given unto his Angels Charge,
To strike and to forbear as he sees sit;
If it be so, then learn thou so much wit,
To use thy best endeavour to prevent
A plague, which thou mayst do if thou repent,
Let all infected Houses be thy Text,
And make this Ʋse, that thine may be the next.
The Red Crosse still is us'd, as it hath bin.
To shew they Christians are that are within:
And Lord have mercy on us on the door,
Puts thee in mind, to pray for them therefore.
The Watchman that attends the house of sorrow,
He may attend upon thy house to morrow.
Oh where's the vows we to our God have made!
When death & sickness came with axe & spade,
And hurl'd our Brethren up in heaps space,
Even forty thousand in a little space:
The Plague among us is not yet removed,
Because that sin of us is still beloved.
Each spectacle of Death and Funerall,
Puts thee and I in mind, We must die all.

An exact and true relati­on of the number of those that were buried in Lon­don and the Liberties of all Diseases, from the 17 of March 1591. to the 22 of December, 1592.

March 1735131
March 2421929
March 3130727
Aprill 720333
Aprill 1429037
Aprill 2131041
Aprill 2835029
May 533938
May 1230042
May 1945058
May 2641062
June 244181
June 939999
June 16401108
June 23850118
June 301440927
July 71510893
July 141491258
July 211507852
July 281503983
August 41550797
August 111532651
August 181508449
August 251490507
Septemb. 21210563
Septemb. 8621451
Septem. 15629349
Septem. 22450130
Septem. 29408327
Octob. 6422323
Octob. 13330308
Octob. 20320302
Octob. 27310301
Novem. 3309209
Novem. 10301107
Novem. 1732193
Novem. 2434994
Decemb 133186
Decemb. 852971
Decem. 1538639
Decem. 22  
  • Baptized, 5827
  • The totall: 25886
  • Of the Plague. 11503


March 171083
March 24602
March 31786
Aprill 7664
Aprill 14794
Aprill 21988
Aprill 2810910
May 59011
May 1211218
May 1912 [...]22
May 2612232
June 211430
June 913143
June 1614459
June 2318272
June 30267158
July 7445263
July 14612424

The Out-parishes this Week were joyned with the City.

July 211186917
July 2817281392
August 422561925
August 1120771743
August 1830542719
August 2528532535
Septemb 133853034
Septemb 830782728
Septem. 1531292815
Septem. 2224562192
Septem. 2919611731
Octob. 618311649
Octob. 1313121142
Octob. 20766648
Octob. 27625504
Novemb. 3737592
Novem. 10585441
Novem. 17384255
Novem. 24198102
Decemb. 1223105
Decem. 816355
Decem. 1520066
Decem. 2216874
  • The totall of the Burials this whole year, 38250
  • of the Plague, 30583


Buried in London and the Liberties of all diseases, Anno 1625. the number here following.

March 172624
March 242268
March 3124311
Aprill 723910
Aprill 1425624
Aprill 2123025
Aprill 2830526
May 529230
May 1233245
May 1937971
May 2640178
June 239569
June 943491
June 16510165
June 23640239
June 30942390
July 71222593
July 1417811004
July 2128501819
July 2835832471
August 445173659
August 1148554115
August 18520544 [...]3
August 2548414218
Septemb. 138973344
Septemb. 831572550
Septem. 1521481672
Septem. 2219941551
Septem. 291236852
Octob. 6833538
Octob. 13815511
Octob. 20651331
Octob. 27375 [...]34
Novem. 335789
Nov. 1031992
Nov. 1727448
Nov. 2423127
Decem. 129015
Decem. 818115
Decem. 151686
Decem. 221571
  • The total of the Burials this whole year, 54082
  • of the Plague, 35428


June 2420519
July 120925
July 821743
July 1525050
July 2222940
July 2927977
August 525056
August 1224665
August 1926954
August 2627067
Septem 223066
Septem 925963
Septem. 1626468
Sept. 2327457
Sept. 3026956
Octob. 723666
Octob. 1426173
Octob. 2124860
Octob. 2821434
Novem. 424229
Nov. 1121529
Nov. 1820018
Nov. 252267
Decem 222120
Decem 919819
Decem. 162175
  • The total of the Burials this whole year, 10554
  • of the plague, 1317

A Posset Drink to re­move the Plague from the Heart.

AN Ale Posset­Drink with Pimpernel seethed in it, till it tastes strong of it, drunk often, removes the Infecti­on, though it hath got to the very Heart.

An approved Remedy against the Plague.

TAke a sprig of Rue, alias, herb-of-grace, and shred it, and put it in a Figg or two, and eat it every morning fasting, it keeps the Body from Infection. and puri­fieth the bloud.

Certain approved Medicines for the Plague, both to pre­vent that contagion, and to expel it after it be taken; as have been Approved in Anno 1625. as also in this present Visi­tation, 1665.

A cheap Medicine to keep from infection.

TAke a pint of new Milk, and cut two cloves of Garlick very small, put it in the milk, and drink it morn­ings fasting, and it preserveth from in­fection.


Buried in London and the Liberties, of all diseases, the number as followeth.

April 71992
April 142054

This Week was added to the City parishes,

  • S. Marg. Westminster.
  • Lambeth.
  • S. Mary Newington
  • Redriffe parish.
  • S. Mary Islington.
  • Stepney parish.
  • Hackney parish.
April 2128514
April 2825917
May 525110
May 1230855
May 1929935
May 2633062
June 233967
June 934587
June 16381103
June 2330479
June 30352104
July 721581
July 14372104
July 21395120
July 28423151
August 4461206
August 11538283
August 18638321
August 25787429
Septemb. 11011638
Septem. 81069650
Septem. 151306865
Septem 221229775
Sept. 291403928
Octob. 61405921
Octob. 131302792
Octob. 201002555
Octob. 27900458
Novem. 31300838
Nov. 101104715
Nov. 17950573
Nov. 24857476
Decemb. 1614312
Decemb. 8459167
Decem. 1538585
Decem. 2231676
Decem. 29383125
  • The total of all the Buri­als this year, 27415
  • of the plague, 12102


January 5381126
January 1231473
Januar. 1926859
Januar. 2628972
Februar. 2351103
Februa. 9315104
Februa. 1628 [...]78
Februa. 2325444
March 226269
March 9333100
March 1630380
March 2326065
March 31343115
April 730198
April 1425879
April 2130090
April 28319107
May 429281
May 11300105
May 1828574
May 2531483
June 126972
June 827374
June 15268110
June 22304106
June 29371156
July 6362163
July 13325133
July 20321140
July 27335117
August 330089
August 1027574
August 1722853
August 2422543
August 3120930
Septem. 722736
Septem. 1420021
Septem. 2118421
Septem. 2819727
Octob. 516615
Octob. 1219817
Octob. 1917413
  • The total of the Burials this year. 14270
  • of the Plague, 3603


  • Buried in London & the Liberties this year of all diseases, 16621
  • of the plague, 508


  • Buried in London, and the Liberties this year of all Diseases 10415
  • Of the Plague 2436


  • Buried in London, and the Liberties, this year of all Diseases, 16452
  • Of the Plague, 5285


  • Buried in London, and the Liberties, this year of all Diseases, 11509
  • Of the Plague, 693


Buried in London & the Liberties, of all diseases, the number as followeth.

April 253982
May 23880
May 93479
May 163533
May 2338514
May 3039917
June 640543
June 13558112
June 20611168
June 27684267
July 410 [...]6470
July 111268725
July 1817611089
July 2527851843
August 130142010
August 840302817
August 1553193880
August 2255684237
August 2974966102
Septem. 582526978
Sept. 1275906544
Sept. 1982977165
Sept. 2664605533
Octob. 357204929
Octob. 1050684327
Octob. 1732192665
Octob. 2418061421
Octob 3113981031
Novemb. 717871414
Novem. 14  
Novem. 21  
Novem. 28  

Buried in the 97 Parishes within the Walles, from October 31. to Novemb. 7

Of the Plague,—314

In the Out-Parishes this Week, of the Plague,

S. Andrews Holborn36
S. Bartholmew great4
S. Bartholmew Less3
S. Brides parish16
Bridewel Precinct3
S. Botolph Aldersgate14
S. Botolph Allgate68
S. Botolph Bishopsgate24
S. Dunstans West13
S. George Southwark22
S. Giles Cripplegate39
S. Olaves Southwark07
S. Saviours Southwark108
S. Sepulchres parish16
S. Thomas Southwark8
Trinity Minories4
At the Pesthouse 
S. Giles in the Fields24
Hackney parish9
S. James Clerkenwel5
S. Katharine Tower8
Lambeth Parish39
S. Leonard Shoreditch21
S. Magdalen Bermond57
S. Mary Newington16
S. Mary Islington4
S. Mary Whiteshappel40
Redriff Parish12
Stepney Parish253
S. Clement Danes28
S. Paul Covent Garden3
S.Martins i'th Fields37
S. Mary Savoy7
S. Margant Westmin.92

At the Pesthouse.

Buried this week of all Diseases, 1787. Of the Plague, 1414. Increased in the Burials, 399. Parishes clear of the Plague, 20. Parishes Infected, 110.

London, Printed for Francis C [...]s, Thomas Vere. and John Wright.

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