A LIST of Their Majesties Royal FLEET Now actually at Sea, with the Number of Men and Guns; also the Commanders Names.

Rate.Ships Names.Number of MenNumber of GunsCommanders Names.
[...]Elizabeth46070Earl of Turrington Admiral. David Mitchel, Capt.
2Duke (a Second Rate)66090Edward Russel Admiral, Blew. Edward Stanly, Capt,
3Resolution42070William Davis Vice-Admiral. Red. Henry Rotelere, Capt.
 Hampton Court46070Lord Berkley Rere-Admiral, Red. Francis Munden, Capt.
 Kent46070Henry Killtgrew Vice-Adm. Blew. Edward Good. Capt.
 Defiance40064Sir John Ashby Rere-Admiral. Blew. Capt.
 Edgar44572Sir Cloud Shovell, Capt.
 Rupert40066Sir Francis Wheeler.
 Henrietta35562John Nevil.
 Cambridge42070John Clements.
 Lyon34060Charles Shelton.
 Mountague35562Thomas Leighton.
 Pendennis46070George Churchill,
 Plymouth34060Richard Carter.
 Warspight42070William Botham.
 York34060Ralph Delavall.
 Suffolk46070Matthew Aylmer.
 Dunkirk34060Lawrence Wright.
 Bredah46070Christopher Mason.
 Essex46070Anthony Hastings.
 Monmouth40066Richard Dukemon.
 Exeter46070Matthew Tennant.
4Advice23048John Glanvil.
 Centurion23048Bazil Beaumont.
 Happy Return28054William Bokenham.
 Oxford28054Seth Thurston.
 Reserve23048Richard Kigwin.
 St. [...]28054John Laton.
 St. D [...]d28054Thomas Gradon.
 Kingfisher22046Thomas Allen.
 Portsmouth22046George St. Loe.
 Jersey23048George Asees.
 Greenwich28054Christopher Billop.
 Diamond23048Benjamin Waters.
 Dover23048George Bying.
 Hampshire22046Robert Robinson.
 Mordant23046John Tyrrel.
 Tyger Prize23046James Barbarr.
 Anthelope23048Henry Wickham.
 Bonadventure23048Thomas Hopson.
 Deptford28050George Rooke.
 Portland24050Thomas [...]ey.
 Mary-Gally20034Daniel Deering.
 Charles-Gally22032Jerom Rouch.
 Ruby23048Frederick Froud.
 Constant Warwick18042Abraham Potter.
 James-Gally20030Robert Reynolds.
 Phenix18042Stafford Fairborne.
Rate.Ships Names.Number of MenNumber of GunsCommanders Names.
4Swallow23048Woolfern Cornwal Capt.
 Foresight23048Daniel Jones.
 Tyger23046Thomas Cole.
 Assurance18042Symon Foulks.
 Leopard Hulk   
 Nonsuch18042Robert Sincock.
 Newcastle28054David Lambert.
5Dartmouth13532John Leake.
 Swan13530Thomas Johnson.
 Garland13030John Jenifer.
 Rose12528John George.
 Guernsey13030Robert Arthur.
 Saphire13530Christopher Myngs.
6Fire Drake5012James Goter.
 Sallamander3510John Voteir.
 Fubbs Yacht4012John Johnson.
 Greyhound7516Thomas Gillam.
 Kingfisher Ketch154Edward Boyce.
 Henrietta Yacht308William Sanders [...]n
 Sauldadoes7516Francis Wivell
 Portsmouth Sloop3510Richard Martine.
 Quaker Ketch5010Austin Birch.
 Kitchin Yacht308Anthony Crow.
 Cleveland Yacht308Richard Byron.
 Charlot Yacht308Andrew Cotton.
 Katherine Yacht308Gabriel Millison.
 Mary Yacht308Henry Collins.
 Lark8518Richard Fitz Patrick.
 Deptford Ketch5010Thomas Berry.
 Dunbarton8010Simon Rowe.
 Drake7516Thomas Spragg.
 Merline Yacht308Baron Wild.
 Monmouth Yacht308William Wright.
 Isabella Yacht308Benjamin Hoskins.
 Navy Yacht308Phineas Pett.
 Fanfan304Edward Pottinger.
 Cadize Merchant4512Daniel Greenhill.
 Charles206Thomas Dilks.
 Charles and Henry256William Stone.
 Cygnet258John Shelly.
 Owners Love4010Thomas Heath.
 Thomas and Elizabeth4010Thomas Marshal.
 Half Moon358 
 Sophia226William Harman.
 Rose of Salleé326Thomas Gardner.
 St. Paul4510John Crofts.
 Richard and John358Edward Poulson.
 Alexander4010Thomas Jennings.
 John of Dublin226Thomas Warren.
 Young Spragg5010Robert Wiseman.
Other SHIPS in Their Majesties Service.
Rate.Ships Names.Number of MenNumber of GunsCommanders Names.
 Berkly Castle20048William T [...]lmash Capt.
 Coronation20048Thomas Rainer.
 Success20048Willia [...] North.
 Princess Ann.20048Richard Badford.
 Sampson22050Henry Robinson.
 Arch-Angel20048Jasper Hicks.
 Scepter16040William Rogers.
 George20048John Frankmore.
 Hannibal16040John Waters.
 Samuel and Henry18044John Venner.
 Smirna Merchant11034Ja. Salmon.
 Supply11034William Harding.
Rate.Ships Names.Number of MenNumber of GunsCommanders Names.
6Jerusalem18044John Pepwel, Capt.
 Owners Endeavour10030Michael Perry.
 Sea Adventure Hoy  John Turky.
 Richard & Martha Ketch  Arthur Condor.
 Providence Hoy  John Hood.
 St. Malloe Hoy  Robert Waters.
 Mary  Abraham Wise.
 Charity Ketch  Humphrey Padnir.
 Prosperous Dogger  John Pelson.
 William & Robert Dogger  Francis Heard.
 Frogg Dogger.  John Smith.

[...]nd Rate 1. Third Rate 24. Fourth Rate 47. Fifth Rate 9. Sixth 26, Fire Ships 15. Yachts, Hoys and Doggers 9. In all 131. Men 23851. Guns 4564. Commanders 137.

Printed at London, and Re-Printed at Edinburgh, Anno Dom. 1689.

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