A LIST of the PREACHERS Appointed by the Lords Commissioners for the Diocess of London, To Preach in the CITY and SUBURBS of LONDON the ensuing LENT, on Wednesdays and Frydays, at the Churches of

 St. Andrew Undershaft.St. Stephens Wallbroke.St. Dustans in the West.St. Pauls Covent-Garden.
Feb. 9 Ash-Wednesday.Dr. Dove.Dr. Tillotson, Dean of Canterbury.Dr. Stratford, Dean of St. Asaph.Dr. Clagget.
11 Fryday.Dr. Freeman.Dr. Sanchy.Dr. Puller.Dr. Littleton.
16 Wednesday.Mr. Sill.Mr. Masters.Mr. Pelling.Mr. Richardson.
18 Fryday.Dr. Horden.Dr. Mills.Dr. Green.Dr. Only.
23 Wednesday.Mr. Smith.Mr. Hopkins.Mr. Paine.Mr. Kidder.
25 Fryday.Dr. Eachard.Dr. Woodroffe.Dr. Blomer.Dr. Hickman.
March. 2 Wednesday.Mr. Wake.Mr. Birch.Mr. Wagstaff.Mr. Hall of S. Christoph.
4 Fryday.Dr. Mapletoft.Dr. Lake.Dr. Sherlocke.Dr. Pettis.
9 Wednesday.Mr. Leech.Mr. Orme.Mr. Wright.Mr. Hesketh.
11 Fryday.Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Pauls.Dr. Hollingsworth.Dr. Scott.Dr. Beveridge.
16 Wednesday.Mr. Hearn.Mr. Waple.Mr. Williams.Mr. Linford.
18 Fryday.Dr. Hawkins.Dr. Martin.Dr. Cave.Dr. Whincop.
23 Wednesday.Dr. Tenison.Dr. More.Dr. Meriton.Dr. Hornecke.
25 Good Fryday.Dr. Grove.Dr. Hascard Dean of Windsor.Mr. Grant.Dr. Patrick Dean of Pe­terborough.
  • N. Duresme.
  • Tho. Roffen.
  • Tho. Petriburgens.

LONDON, Printed for Walter Kettilby, at the Bishops-Head in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1687.

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