A LIST of the NAMES of the ADVENTURERS IN THE BANK of SCOTLAND, January 1. 1696.

Nota, That those Marked *** are by their Adventures Capable to be Chosen Governour, Deputy-Governours, or Directors. Those Marked with ** Deputy-Governour or Directors. And those Marked with * Directors.

  • ***MR. William Areskine Son to the de­ceast David Lord Cardros
  • ***Lieut. Coll. John Areskine his Brother
  • ***Sir Patrick Aikenhead Commissar-Clerk of Edinburgh
  • **Ja. Achinleck Chirurgion Apothecary
  • *Sir William Anstruther of that Ilk
  • *Captain John Areskine Brother to Alva
  • Robert Anstruther of Wrae
  • Sir John Areskine of Alva
  • ***John Lord Belhaven
  • ***David Boill of Kelburn
  • ***George Baillie of Jerviswood
  • ***Thomas Bruce Muster-Master General
  • ***John Baillie Chirurgion Apothecary
  • ***Mr. Robert Blackwood Merchant
  • ***Alexander Brand Merchant
  • ***E. John Browning Gentleman
  • ***E. Edward Bannister Gentleman
  • **William Baillie of Lammingtoun
  • **Sir William Binning of Walliford
  • **Dr. Andrew Brown
  • **Alexander Baird Merchant
  • **Robert Blackwood Merchant
  • *Sir Alexander Bannerman of Elsick
  • *Mr. Robert Bannerman his Brother
  • *Walter Boswal of Balbarlan
  • *James Byres Merchant
  • *William Bonner Clerk to the Mint
  • *E. Francis Beyer Merchant
  • *E. John Blackler Gentleman
  • *E. Phineas Bowells Merchant
  • *E. Lancellot Burton Gentleman
  • E. William Becher Esquire
  • Hugh Brown Writer in Edinburgh
  • ***Lord Carmichael
  • ***George Clerk Senior Merchant
  • ***George Clerk Junior Merchant
  • ***James Cockburn Goldsmith
  • ***E. David Campbell Gentleman
  • ***E. Thomas Couts Merchant
  • ***E. James Cheisly Merchant
  • ***E. James Campbel Merchant
  • ***E. Nathaneel Carpenter Draper
  • **Alexander Campbel Merchant
  • *John Crawfurd of Fergushill
  • *David Crawfurd Secretary to her Grace the Dutches of Hamilton
  • *Patrick Couts Merchant
  • *James Clerk Ingraver to the Mint
  • *William Corss Merchant in Glasgow
  • *Hugh Cuninghame Writer to the Signet
  • ***Sir Robert Dickson of Sornbeg
  • ***E. Thomas Deans Esquire
  • ***E. Robert Davis Apothecary
  • **Mr. Hugh Dalrymple Advocat
  • **Mr. John Duncan Merchant
  • *William Drummond Brother to Logie-Almond
  • *John Drummond Brother to Cultmalun­die
  • *Mr. David Drummond Advocat
  • *Mr. James Dalrymple of Killoch
  • *Doctor Thomas Dalrymple
  • *William Dumbar Merchant
  • Doctor Alexander Dundas
  • ***E. James Eyton Merchant
  • ***E. William Elliot Lace-man
  • **John Idingtoun Writer
  • *Mr. James Elphingstoun of Legie Writer to the Signet
  • *Doctor William Eckles
  • *William Elliot Merchant
  • ***E. James Foulis Merchant
  • ***Hugh Frazer Merchant
  • *John Forbes Son to Foveran
  • ***Gold-Smiths of Edinburgh
  • ***E. James Gray Esq.
  • ***E. William Grahame Merchant
  • *John Geills Merchant
  • *E. David Gray Merchant
  • ***Dutchess of HAMILTON
  • ***Lord John Hamilton
  • ***Lord Basill Hamilton
  • ***Charles Hope of Hoptoun
  • ***E. William Hamilton Gentleman
  • ***E. William Hammond Merchant
  • ***E. John Holland Merchant
  • **Sir John Hume of Blackader
  • **Sir James Hall of Dunglass
  • **George Hume of Kimmerghame
  • *Lady Margaret Hope of Hoptoun
  • *Sir David Home of Crosrig
  • *Sir John Hamilton of Halcraig
  • *Sir Archibald Hope of Renkilor
  • *Dame Bathia Harper
  • *John Halden of Glenegies
  • *James Hamilton Writer to the Signet
  • *John Hay Merchant
  • *Alexander Heriot Merchant
  • ***E. James Johnstoun Esq. Secretary of State.
  • *Mr. Robert Innes Writer to the Signet
  • *Alexander Innes Merchant
  • *Robert Inglis Goldsmith
  • *William Jeffray Merchant
  • ***E. Daniel King Merchant
  • ***Earl of Levin
  • ***George Lockhart of Carmrath
  • ***E. Captain David Lambart
  • *George Lin Merchant
  • *George Lockhart Merchant in Glasgow
  • *E. William Lattoun Gentleman
  • ***Sir Thomas Murray of Glendoick
  • ***James Mcclurg Merchant
  • ***William Menȝies Merchant
  • ***James Marjoribanks Merchant
  • ***Andrew Myreton Merchant
  • **James Mckenȝie Son to the Viscount of Tarbat
  • **Mr. John Mackenȝie Clerk to the Session
  • **Mr. Alexander Mackcleod Advocat
  • **John Marjoribanks Merchant
  • **Edward Marjoribanks Merchant
  • **Samuel Mclelland Merchant
  • **John Murray Junior Merchant
  • **Mr. Henry Maul of Kellie
  • *Sir Alexander Monro of Bearcrofts
  • *David Moncreiff Clerk to the Council
  • *Mr. James Martine late Regent in St. Andrews
  • ***E. David Nairn Esq.
  • *James Nairn Merchant
  • *Doctor Charles Oliphant
  • ***James Earl of Panmure
  • ***Lord Polwarth
  • ***James Pringle of Torwoodlie
  • ***E. Robert Petre Merchant
  • *Countess Dowager of Panmure
  • *Sir John Pringle of Stitchill
  • *Gavin Plumber Merchant
  • *E. James Pitts Merchant
  • ***Lord Ruthven
  • ***Mr. David Ramsay Writer to the Signet
  • ***E. William Robinson Gentleman
  • *Countes of Rothes
  • *Henry Rollo of Woodside
  • *David Ramsay Merchant
  • *Alexander Ramsay Servitor to the Mar­ques of Tweeddale
  • *David Robertson Vintner
  • George Robertson of Newbigging
  • ***Sir John Swintoun of that Ilk
  • ***John Stuart of Gairntillie
  • ***Captain Charles Straiton
  • ***Mr. David Scrimzeour of Cartmore
  • ***E. Alexander Stevenson Gentleman
  • ***E. Walter Stuart Merchant
  • ***E. William Stonehewer Merchant
  • **Sir Archibald Stevinson M. D.
  • **Thomas Spence Writer
  • *Sir Robert Sinclair of Stevinson
  • *James Scot of Logie
  • *James Scot of Benholm
  • *Patrick Scot Son to Benholm
  • *John Spence of Blair
  • *Mr. James Smollet one of the Commis­sars of Edinburgh
  • *Mr. Robert Stuart Junior Advocat
  • *Patrick Steil Vintner
  • Robert Scot Son to Benholm
  • Hercules Scot his Brother
  • John Scrimseor Merchant in Dundee
  • *JOHN Marques of Tweeddale Lord High Chancellor
  • ***Patrick Thomson Merchant
  • ***Robert Watson Merchant
  • ***John Watson Merchant
  • ***E. John Ward Gold-smith
  • *Peter Wedderburn of Gosford
  • *Robert Walwood Merchant
  • *John Watson Junior Merchant
  • Mr. Robert White Merchant in Kirk­aldie
  • Isobel Winram Relict of Mr. John Smith Advocat
  • *Lord Yester
  • *Thomas Young of Rosebank.

The Adventurers are desired to Write the Names of the Persons they Vote for Alphabetically, and are to take Notice, that the Residenters in England are Distinguished by the Letter E. before each of their Names.

EDINBƲRGH, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Excellent Majesty, City and Colledge, Anno DOM. 1696.

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