THE DECLARATION OF THE LORD GENERALL, The Generall Officers, and the rest of the Officers and Souldiers OF The SCOTS ARMIE.

New-castle, 27 June 1646.

EDINBURGH: Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie. 1646.

The Petition of the Officers of the Armie to his Excellencie.

To his Excellencie the Earle of Leven, &c.
The Petition of all the Officers and Souldiers under your Excellencies Command.

THat whereas the Officers and Souldiers un­der your Excellencies Command, Out of their zeale to the Reformation of Religion, Their tender care to preserve and confirme the mutuall Amity and Confidence of both Kingdoms, And their earnest desires to vindicate their Honour from reproaches and aspersions lying upon them; Have thought it necessary to emit a Declaration of their Constancie and Integrity, in the pursuance of the ends of the Covenant; And likewise to supplicate his Majestie that he would be pleased to comply with the just desires of his Parliaments, and take some speedy course for putting an end to our lasting Miseries, by settling of Truth and Peace.

May it therefore please your Excellencie, to re­present our desires in this behalf to the Ho­nourable Committee: And that we humbly conceive the uprightnesse of our Intentions herein, (having nothing before our eyes but the good of Religion, his Majesties happi­nesse, and the Peace of these Kingdoms) will procure a favourable acceptance of our en­deavours.

A Declaration of the Lord Generall, the generall Officers, and the rest of the Officers and Souldiers of the Scottish Armie.

THe manifold Calamities and heavie Pressures, the sad Afflictions lying upon these Kingdoms this time past, and the great Effusion of Christian Blood, occasioned by the continu­ance of this unnaturall Warre, ha­ving so deeply wounded us; And being earnestly de­sirous to give some evident Testimony of our Piety to God, Loyaltie to our Soveraigne, and Love to his Kingdoms; That the constancie of our Affection to this Cause, our Zeal to the Reformation of Reli­gion, and his Majesties Person and Authority in de­fence thereof, and our firme Resolutions to pursue the Ends expressed in our Solemne League and Co­venant may appear to the World; We have thought it necessary in this juncture of Time (when all means are essayed by the Enemies of Trueth and Peace to disparage our Proceedings, by rendring suspected our best Actions and Endeavours, to the begetting of misunderstanding, and weakning the Union betwixt the two Kingdomes) to Declare and make known, that as we entred in a Solemne League and Cove­nant with our hands lifted up to the most high God, with reall Intentions to promote the Ends thereof: so doe we resolve (God willing) constantly to ad­here to the whole heads and Articles of the same; and and for no Earthly Temptation, for no fear nor [Page 3] hope, to fall away and violate our sacred Oath.

We doe likewise professe that nothing hath been with greater care and faithfulnes endeavoured by us, then to preserve the happy Union and Brotherly Correspondence between the two Kingdoms, as a principall meane of happinesse to both, and shall con­tinue the same care to avoid every thing that may tend to the infringement, with a speciall regard and tendernesse to the interests of both Kingdomes: for the strengthening of which Union and removing every thing which might obstruct the same; as hi­therto we have had no compliance, nor keep Corre­spondence with knowne Enemies and Malignants; so will we never hereafter give countenance or in­couragement to any Person disaffected to the Parlia­ment of either Kingdomes.

And that the integrity of our Intentions, & upright­nesse of our desires may be the more manifest, we do declare that we do abhorre all Publike and Private wayes contrary to the Covenant, and destructive to the happinesse of both Kingdoms; We disclame all dealing with those that are Instruments of these un­happy troubles and impediments of Peace, and with all such Persons who will not use all means and In­deavours and contribute their best Councells and advice for hastening an end to our lasting Miseries, and procuring a sure and well grounded Peace: And in particular we doe abominate and detest that exe­crable Rebellion of James Grahame, utterly abjuring all maner of Conjunction with him and his confede­rates, and with all other known Enemies or declared Traitors to either Kingdoms, notwithstanding any insinuations to the contrary exprest in some Letters, [Page 4] as is said to be sent by his Majestie to the Earle of Ormond in Ireland, for we have none but single inten­tions and unfaigned desires of Peace, renouncing all communion with whatsoever Designes and Practises contrived in the dark, to the prejudice of Religion, and Tranquility of these Kingdoms, the only princi­ples by which we move.

And as we came into this Kingdom at the earnest desire of our Brethren, to assist them in the time of their great extremity, in the pursuance of the Nati­onall Covenant, not for any mercenary Ends, nor to enrich our selves; as is falsly and calumniously char­ged upon us, by those that wish not well to us nor our Cause, so shal we be most willing to depart and return home in peace with the same chearfulnesse and affe­ction that we had when we came in; Nor shall the matter of money, or want of just Recompense for the service performed and hardship sustained, be to us an Argument of our stay, but leaving the considerati­on of these things to the wisdom and descretion of both Parliaments, we shall so far deny our selves, as not to suffer any private respects of our owne, to re­tard the Advancement of the worke, or prejudice the Publike good of both Kingdoms.

We cannot conceale, but must acknowledge how sensible we are, and have alwayes been of the many complaints presented to the Parliament of England against this Army, and the heavy calumnies and as­persions lying upon us, for having committed Inso­lencies, and oppressed the people by taking of free Quarters, offering our selves most willing and ready, that whosoever amongst us have by their Misdemea­nours, Miscarriages, or Inordinate way of walking, [Page 5] Scandalized the Cause (for which we have taken our lives in our hands) or endeavoured to beget a Misunderstanding, or foment Jealousies betwixt the Kingdoms; we shall strive to discover all such, and labour to bring them to publike Tryall, and con­digne punishment: Not doubting, but as we are zea­lous to vindicate our honour and reputation from Re­proaches, so the Parliament will likewise be pleased to have such favourable Construction of our pro­ceedings, as not willingly to harbour any thoughts which may lessen their respects to us, and which are not suteable to the constant Tenour of our Carriage and Profession: And we shall likewise desire, that the manifold necessities and pressing wants to which we were many times reduced, may not be forgotten, and that the wayes and means appointed for our supply, neither answered the ex­pectation of the honourable Houses of Parliament, nor satisfied our necessities; so that for want of Mo­neys we could not alwayes discharge our Quarters: Yet do we most freely declare our willingnesse to al­low off whatsoever hath been taken up by us: And for that effect we desire the Accounts of the Army to be adjusted, with the severall and respective Coun­ties, that what ever can be justly charged upon us, may be discompted off any sums that shall be resting us in Arrear: And if we knew any thing else that could serve to remove all Jealousies and Misunder­standings, and beget a more full confidence of our uprightnesse, we should with the same readinesse ap­ply our selves to all the wayes that might conduce thereto.

But because his Majesties sudden and unexpected [Page 6] coming into this Army, doth minister new occasion to us, to give some Demonstration of our Constancy (though we hope his Majestie came with reall inten­tions to satisfie the just desire of his Parliaments, and compose these unhappy defferences) yet lest it should bring in question the clearnesse and Integrity of our wayes, whereof our Conscience bears us wit­nesse, and our Actions shall be publike and reall Te­stimonies; we do professe that his presence with us hath not begot any alteration in our minds in the least measure, to estrange us from the wayes of our Cove­nant, or alienate our Resolutions from going on zea­lously, constantly, and unanimously, to set forward the ends therein exprest, endeavouring (so far as lyeth in our power) to improve that Providence of his coming to us, to the publike good and happinesse of both Kingdoms. And as it is our earnest desire that his Majestie would no more suffer himself to be involved in the councels, whereof he hath now so sad experience, to the indangering of his Person, Poste­rity, and Kingoms; so do we exceedingly wish that he would comply with the Councells of his Parlia­ments, to the satisfaction of his good people; and shal be carefull that nothing proceed from us which may give occasion to his Majestie to entertaine any secret confidence that this Army will give Assistance for advancing other Ends then such as are agreeable to our Covenant, Conducing to the good of Religion, the happinesse of the King and his Posterity, and safety of the Kingdoms.

A Petition presented by the Lord Generall, generall Officers, and other Officers in the Scottish Armie.

May it please your Majestie,

WE your Majestes loyall Subjects and faithfull Servants, The Lord Generall, The generall Officers, The Colonells and Captains in the Scottish Armie, now in the Kingdom of England, from the deep sence of the bleeding condition of these Kingdoms, so prest with sad affliction, through the unhappy differences between your Majestie and your Subjects, from the true Affection and Zeal to the Refor­mation of Religion, and your Majesties Person and Autho­rity in defence thereof, and in pursuance of that sacred Oath which we have taken, with our hands listed up to the most high God; Do make our humble addresse, and tender this earnest Petition to your Majestie in our own name, and in the name of all the inferiour Commanders and Soul­di [...]rs under onr Charge, That your Majestie in your Wis­dom and Goodnesse may be pleased to take speedy course for settling Religion and Church Government in this King­dom, according to the word of God, and example of the best reformed Churehes, and bring the Churches in the three Kingdoms to the neerest Conjunction and Unifor­mity, [Page 8] and for establishing the Priviledges and Liberties of your Kingdoms, according to the desires of your good people. We may not conceale our unfeigned Grief, for that your Majestie hath not yet been pleased to Authorise and Signe the Covenant, which we are confident would bring Honour to God, Happinesse to your Selfe and Poste­rity, and indeare your Majestie (above measure) to all your faithfull and loyall Subjects: In the just defence whereof, as many of them have already lost their lives, so are we ready to sacrifice ours. We must also pray your Majestie to compassionate the distressed conditions of your Kingdoms, groaning under the heavie pressures of mani­fold Calamities, occasioned by the continuance of this un­naturall Warre, and to comply with the Counsels of your Parliaments, that all differences being happily composed, and the Armies in both Kingdoms disbanded, We may re­turn home in Peace, or be disposed of otherwayes by your Majestie, with the advice of your Parliament, which may be most for your Majesties Honour and Service, and the prosperity of these Kingdoms.

By his Majesties Command.

I Am in his Name to return this An­swer to the Petition presented to him by the Lord Generall, The ge­nerall Officers, The Colonels and other Officers and Souldiers of the Scots Armie; That his Majestie came to the Scots Armie with full intention of set­tling an happy Peace in those his Kingdoms, and to satisfie the just desires of his good Subjects: And likewise to comply with his Parliaments, in all things which shall be for the good of Religion, and the hap­pinesse of his Subjects, which he will alwayes pre­ferre to all worldly interests. And whensoever it shall please God so to blesse his Majesties endeavours as to settle an happy Peace in these his three Domi­nions, his Majestie will be very solicitous to finde out some means of honourable imployment for so many gallant men as are imployed in this Armie.

Sic subscribiter Lanerik

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