Apocalyptical MYSTER …

Apocalyptical MYSTERIES, Touching the Two WITNESSES, the Seven VIALS, and the Two KING­DOMS, to wit, of CHRIST, and of ANTICHRIST, EXPOUNDED.

Wherein is contained some things ne­cessary for the Saints in this present GENERATION to know. And therein is also shewed, what the IS­RAEL of God ought to do in this DAY.

By H. K. a Servant of Jesus Christ.

Isa. 26.20, 21.

Come my people, enter thou into thy Chamber, and shut thy doors about thee; hide thy self as it were for a little moment, until the indig­nation be overpast. For behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the Inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: The earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her stain.

London. Printed in Year, 1667.

To all the Saints, that in every place call up­on the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ.

My Brethren,

THey that would serve God in their Generation, according to his Will, ought to inquire dili­gently into the particular Truths of the Age they live in, which are Re­corded in his Holy WORD. The dayes wherein we live, being not onely the latter Times of the first Apostasie, prophesied of by the Apostle, 1 Tim. 4.1, 2, 3. but the last dayes of those peri­lous Times mentioned by him, 2 Tim. 3.1, 5. I conceive, that the last part of God's revealed Will, to wit, the Book of the Revelation, hath in it those [Page]Truths, which more peculiarly belonged unto this Age wherein we live; which consideration hath made me willing (as my occasions and daily Imployment would permit) to be searching them out. And though I cannot say that I have in all things found the Truth, which prin­cipally, and above others, may be called the Truth of this Age, and of our Ge­neration; Yet being incouraged by that Blessing, promised Rev. 1.3. I have crouded my self into the number of those that run to and fro to find it: And have by searching the Prophesies of this Book of the Revelation, found three Mysteries, wherein are some things that seem to relate unto this Age and Gene­ration wherein we live, viz. That of the two Witnesses, of the seven Vials, and of the two Kingdoms, to wit, of Christ, and of Antichrist. Which I have made the Subject of this little Treatise, in the reading whereof, I doubt not but you will find some Truths that are ne­cessary [Page]for the Saints in this Age and present Generation to know, and also some duties which the ISRAEL of God ought to do in this DAY and Age where­in we live.

Dear Brethren, How ever others may censure me for presumption, in offering my Opinion in those things, that are in their judgment too high and deep Mysteries for me to meddle with; Yet you that are Saints, know how to bear those infirmities and weaknesses of your unworthy Brother, which happily you may discern in reading this Treatise; And notwithstanding them all, may re­ceive any glimmerings of light that is held forth to you in the Exposition of these Prophesies; that so you and I, who have our Fathers Name written in our Fore­heads, may go hand in hand (like loving Brethren) about our Fathers WORK, following our LORD the Lamb where­soever he goes. The Divisions, Con­tentions, and Separations that to this [Page]Day remains among the Professors of this Age, causeth me to think, That God hath not done all his WORK upon Mount Sion; There are some suffer­ings yet behind, which will purge away that dross, by the Spirit of Judgment, and by the Spirit of Burning: And this is one Reason among others, which makes me think, the two Witnesses are not yet slain; And though many of Gods Ser­vants have suffered for the Testimony which they held, yet there remains a Remnant of their fellow Servants and Brethren which shall be killed as they were, and this must be fulfilled: For, as there was such a Dispensation under the seven Seals, Rev. 6.9, 10, 11. before God would avenge their Blood; so there shall be such a Dispensation under the seven Trumpets, before the seven Vials of Gods last Plagues be poured out, Rev. 11.7, 18. And when I consider the Congregations of Saints, & Churches of several perswasions, in this Age, [Page]how unlike they are to the Churches of God recorded in the Scripture, with re­spect unto Ministry, Gifts, and Discipline or Government, besides what is amiss in the Worship of God; It makes me think, That the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven is not opened, out of which Temple John saw the seven Angels come, who had the seven golden Vials of the seven last Plagues of God, Rev. 15.1, 5, 6. And if so, then the seven Vials are not yet any of them poured out upon Mystical Babylon; for those seven golden Vials were given them after they were come out of the Temple, Rev. 15.5, 6, 7. and they had not a com­mand to pour out any of the seven Vials till after that, Rev. 16.1, 2, 3.

Lastly, The late Apostacy of some, who have fallen in with the corrupt self-seeking interests of this sinful and superstitious Generation; and the Zeal of others, who have separated themselves from their Brethren, judging them to be [Page]defiled with the sins of the times, and there­fore dare not have and hold Communion with them, though they hope they are Saints, and the dear Chilaren of God, hath given me occasion to publish my Testimony at this time for the Kingdom of Christ, and against the Kingdom of Antichrist, wherein I have said some things that may, by the blessing of God, tend unto the recovery of some backsliders, and to the rectisying of the Judgments of my zealous Bre­thren, and to the reducing of those Saints unto repentance, who have been defiled with any sins of this Age or Generation, not of wilfulness, but through weakness, and that either for want of light, or through the strength of some temp­tation; who being overtaken with a fault, should be restored in the spirit of meekness, Gal. 6.1, 2.

Which blessings of God shall please to effect, by these my poor endeavours, and labour of love, as I know he will not forget it, so I pray for you, and beg your prayers for me, that neither I nor you may forget to give him the glory.

This done, I remain your Brother in the best Bonds, H. K.

Apocalyptical MYSTERIES, The First Part, Touching the two WITNESSES.

Rev. 11.3, 14.

And I will give power unto my two Witnesses, and they shall prophesie a thousand two hundred and threescore days cloathed in sack-cloth. The second Wo is past, and behold, the third Wo cometh quickly.

IT is not my intent to expound every verse, and interpret each particular thing therein contained, but to offer my Opi­nion briefly touching some things which I conceive are of more general concern­ment, [Page 2]and may be of more special use unto the Saints at this DAY.

The Particulars which I have thought most necessary to treat of touching this Sub­ject, are principally these.

1. Who are the two Witnesses, and what is their Testimony?

2. What is their Power, and the time of their Prophesying?

3. Who the Beast is, and how he kills them?

4. What is the street of the great City, in which their dead bodies lie?

5. VVhat Time is to be understood by the three dayes and an half?

6. How they shall be raised again, and what are the Effects thereof?

As touching the first, viz. VVho are the two VVitnesses, and what is their Testi­mony?

The two VVitnesses, vers. 3. are descri­bed Metaphorically by two Olive Trees, and two Candlesticks, vers. 4.

These are the two Olive Trees, and the two Candlesticks standing before the God of the Earth.

By which Description it appears, that the two Witnesses are not any two individual Persons, as Moses and Elias, nor is thereby meant any two particular Testimonies, as [Page 3]the Old and New Testament, or two distinct Callings, as Magistracy and Ministry; for none of these Interpretations will agree with this Description of the two Witnesses, as will plainly appear in the Exposition of this fourth verse.

By the two Olive Trees are mystically signified the Lords Ministers and Prophets, who are here called Sons of Oyl, which is an Hebraism, and a Metaphorical Expression borrowed from Zech. 4.11, 14. These are the two Anointed Ones that stand by the LORD of the whole Earth. Such were the Priests and Prophets of the LORD, who were Anointed, Exod. 28.41. & 1 Kings 19.16. Yea, and all the Saints who are a Royal Priesthood, 1 Pet. 2.9. have an Unction from the Holy One, 1 John 2.20, 27. but especially the Lord's Ministers and Prophets, who being anointed with the Spi­rit above their fellow-Brethren the Saints, do empty the golden Oyl out of themselves into the seven Lamps of the golden Candle­sticks.

By the two Candlesticks, are figured forth the visible true constituted Churches of Je­sus Christ, as plainly appears by his own in­terpretation, Chap. 1.20. And the seven Candlesticks are the seven Churches. As [Page 4] one Candlestick in the Prophets Vision usy­stically signified that National Church of God, which was but One, Zach. 4.2. So two Candlesticks in the Apostles Vision Metaphorically representeth those Congre­gational Churches of Jesus Christ, which are many.

Nor is my distinguishing between the Lords Ministers, and Prophets, and his Churches unwarrantable; for they are di­stinguished in other Scriptures, Acts 15.4.22, 23. The Apostles and Elders with the whole Church, Acts 20.17, 18. also Phil. 1.1. 1 Pet. 5.1, 2. and 1 Cor. 12.28. And God hath set some in the Church, first Apostles, secondarily Prophets, thirdly Teach­ers.

The Testimony which these two Witnesses bear, whilst they prophesie in Sackcloath, is not that general Testimony which the Mi­nisters and Churches of God in all Ages of the Gospel have born against Sin, Satan, and the World of ungodly men; though that may turn unto them for a Testimony, but it is a Generation Confession of those Truths which do properly belong unto that Age wherein they live, and unto which they are called, as was John the Baptist, John 1.19, 20, 23. the Apostles, Acts 1.8. & 4.18, 19. 20. [Page 5] Paul, Acts 18.5. and 23.11. Timothy, 1 Tim. 6.12. And the Martyrs of Jesus Christ, Rev. 6.9. in their DAY.

So that this Testimony is that confession of Truth, which the Churches of God, and the Ministers and Prophets of the Lord have made, and the Witnesse, which they have born in their own Generation for Christ, his Magistracy, Ministry, Churches, Ordinan­ces, Worship, and Government, or Disci­pline, &c. and against Antichrist, or the Beast, his Magistracy, Ministry, Churches, Ordinances, Worship, and Government, or Discipline, &c.

Hereby the Saints in this present Gene­ration, may understand three things, which are necessary for them to know, and to do, viz.

1. The Churches, Ministers, and Pro­phets of the LORD are to bear their Te­stimony, not onely against the Power, Throne, and great Authority which the Dragon (who is the Devil, Chap. 20.2.) gave unto the Beast, Chap. 13.2. but also against all the Kings of the Earth, who have received their power at the same time with the Beast, and give their power and strength unto the Beast, Chap. 17.12, 13. to wit, those ten Kings of the fourth Monarchy, [Page 6]who received a Political and Ecclesiastica [...] Power one hour (or at the same time) with the Beast, and have given their moral pow­er and natural strength unto the Beast; and principally against the Politick and Ecclesi­astick power of the eighth Beast, who is also one of the seven Kings who goeth into per­dition.

2. The Churches, Ministers, and Pro­phets of the LORD, are to bear their Te­stimony, not only against the most gross I­dolaters of the great VVHORE, Mystery Babylon, and her Sorcerers, but also against the superstitious Abominations of all other Harlots, to wit, false Churches, and false VVorshippers, who are her Daughters, Chap. 17.5. Yea, though they be well-fa­voured Harlots, Nahum 3.4. called the Cities of the Nations, (that is to say, Nati­onal Churches) who shall fall in the utter destruction of great Babylon, when she comes in remembrance before God, Chap. 16.19.

3. The Churches, Ministers, and Pro­phets of the LORD, are to beat their Te­stimony unto the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on Earth, not onely as he is King of Saints, Chap. 15.3. and King of Zion, Psal. 149.1, 2. but also as he is King of [Page 7] Nations, Jer. 10.7. For this confession of the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ, is properly the Truth of this present Age and Generation; the glad tydings whereof, is to be preached in all the WORLD for a Wit­ness unto all Nations, and then shall the END of the WORLD come, Mat. 24.14. And I may say in the Apostles words, 1 Cor. 10.11. This is written for our Ad­monition, upon whom the Ends of the VVorld are come.

As touching the second, viz. VVhat is the Power of these two VVitnesses, and the time of their Prophesying?

The Power, which the Lord hath given unto his two VVitnesses, is not a Magisteri­al Authority or Dominion, but a Propheti­cal Power, to wit, the Power of the VVORD, not the Power of the Sword; which is ano­ther Reason, why I cannot be of their Opi­nion, who say, That these two VVit­nesses, are the Magistracy and Ministry of Christ.

This Prophetical Power, is declared by several Acts, (such as were done by the Pro­phets of the LORD of old) vers. 5, 6. to wit. first Power over Fire, as Eliah had, 2 Kings 1.10. and Jer. 5.14. Behold I will make my words in thy mouth Fire.

Secondly, Power over VVaters, both the VVaters that are above the Firmament, verse 6. These have power to shut Heaven, that it rain not in the dayes of their Prophesie. And such a prophetical Power Elijah or Elias had, 1 Kings 17.1. There shall be no dew nor rain, but according to my VVord; which the Prophet effected by earnest prayer, Jam. 5.17. And also over the VVaters which are under the Firmament, to turn them in­to Blood, verse 6. As Moses the LORD'S Prophet did, Exod. 7.19, 20, 21.

Thirdly, Power to smite the Earth with all Plagues; which Plagues are to be under­stood Metaphorically of Spiritual Judge­ments: For although the Prophetical Power of Moses and Elijah, and other Prophets, brought material Plagues, and temporal Judgments upon Egypt, and other Coun­tries, & upon the Inhabitants of the world, yet the Plagues and Judgments here mysti­cally described are, if not onely, yet princi­pally of a Spiritual kind, such as the Lord: Prophets of old also had Power to do, Isa. 6.9, 10. and Mat. 13.13, 14, 15.

The Time of their Prophesying is 1260, dayes, verse 3. The same number of 1260. the WOMAN (that is to say, the Church of God) is fed in the Wilderness, chap. 12.6. [Page 9] to wit, by those Ministers and Prophets, who are the Witnesses of Christ, as afore­said. Which 1260. dayes, counting 30. dayes for a month, make forty two months, which is the time that the holy City (viz. the Church of God) shall be troden under­foot by the Gentiles, vers. 2. that is to say, by the Papists and Popish Idolaters, who for their Spiritual Idolatry in the Worship of God, are called Gentiles, as the great City, Mystical Babylon, Spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, vers. 8. And the number of forty two months is the time that was given unto the Beast (viz. Antichrist, that Man of Sin, and Son of Perdition, to wit, the Antichristian Politick and Ecclesiastick Power and Dominion) to continue, and to prevail, Chap. 13.5, 7. Hereby it doth plain­ly appear, that as the time of the Gentiles who tread the holy City underfoot, chap. 11.2. and the time of the Beast, that doth make war with the Saints, and Witnesses of the LORD, and overcome them, and kill them, chap. 13.5, 7. & 11.7. are one and the same time of forty two months; so the time of the WOMAN, who is fed in the Wil­derness chap. 12.6. and the time of the two Witnesses prophesying in Sackcloath, chap. 11.3. are one and the same time of 1260. [Page 10]dayes. And it hereby also appears that all these four are contemporary, all beginning and ending together; and besides that which is noted touching these four, and their time in the Scripture of Truth, both the Anti­quity of Ecclesiastical History, and the late Expositors of this Book of the Revelation, do give a Testimony unto the same, affirm­ing, that when the Beast began to exercise his Tyrannical Power, and Antichristian Do­minion over the Saints, then the Holy City began to be trodden under foot, then the Woman fled into the Wilderness, and then the two Witnesses began to Prophesie in Sack­cloath.

Which time of the exercise of the Beasts Antichristian Politick and Ecclesiastick Power coercively was (say they) about the Year of our Lord, 407, 409, 410. or there­abouts. ‘As may be seen in Symsons Hi­story of the Church, lib. 4. Socrat. Hist. Eccles. cap. 3. Helvicus in Concil. Tau­rinatens. cap. 7. The Councel of Toled [...] in Spain, Anno Dom. 400. as saith Helvi­cus. Magdeb. Cent. 5. cap. 10.’

It is not my work at present to determine either the beginning or ending of this time, but onely to give the Interpretation of these 1260, dayes, which contain the [Page 11]time of the Witnesses prophesying in Sack­cloath.

The 1260. dayes are not to be under­stood litterally of so many natural dayes, for that is but three years and an half, which is intended by the three dayes and an half, vers. 9. when the dead bodies of the slain Wit­nesses lie unburied, called a Time, and Times, and half a Time, chap. 12.14. and Dan. 7.21, 25.

But we must understand those 1260. dayes prophetically, that is to say, each day for a year, according unto those Scriptures, Numb. 14.34. and Ezek. 4.5, 6.

So that, The whole time of the two Wit­nesses prophesying in Sackcloath, is 1260. years. So long the holy City is to be trodden under foot; so long the Woman is to be in the VVilderness; and so long the Beast's Power is to continue; for the times of all these four do begin and end together, and are but one time, to wit, 1260. years.

As touching the third Particular, viz. Who the Beast is, and how he kills the VVitnesses.

The great Monarchs and Monarchies of this WORLD, have been figured forth by wild Beasts; God shewed his Prophet Da­niel the four Kingdoms by a Vision of four Beasts, Dan. 7.3, 4, 5, 6, 7. The first like [Page 12]a Lyon, the second like to a Bear, the third like a Leopard; the fourth Beast, to wit, the Roman Kingdom, was so dreadful, that he had no Name, so monstrous, that he had no resemblance unto any one Beast, but is described by such things as doth manifes [...] him to be a Monster, to wit, partly a Man, by his two Iron Legs, by his Feet, and te [...] Toes, part of Iron, and part of Clay, Dan. 2.33. which is expounded of the fourth Kingdom, vers. 40, 41, 42, 43. and part­ly a Beast, by his great Iron teeth, by his te [...] Horns, and a little Horn that came up among them, Dan. 7.7, 8. which is also expound­ed of the fourth Monarchy, verse 24, 25▪ or Roman Kingdom.

And our LORD Jesus Christ gave the like Description of the fourth Monarchy, or Roman Kingdom, unto his Servant John, under the similitude of a Beast, namely, [...] great red Dragon, Revel. 12.3. Which Beast was terrible and monstrous, (as that which Daniel saw) all spotted like a Leo­pard, his feet like a Bear, and his mouth a [...] the mouth of a Lyon, chap. 13.3. with se­ven Heads and ten Horns, chap. 17.3. as­cending out of the bottomless Pit, and goeth in­to Perdition, v. 8. And this is the Beast which shall kill the VVitnesses, chap. 11.7.

The Beast in this Prophesie is sometimes mentioned alone, without any distinction, and then we are thereby to understand the whole complex Body of the Roman Anti­christian Politick & Ecclesiastick State and Government, as chap. 14.9, 11. And in other places of this Book the Beast is men­tioned with some other, as if he were two, as the Beast that rose out of the Sea, and the Beast that rose out of the Earth, chap. 13.1, 11. Beast and Woman, chap. 17.3. the Beast and the false Prophet, chap. 19.20. And thereby we are to understand a [...]wo-fold Power mixed and exercised toge­ther, that is to say, by the Beast is meant [...]he Political, and by the Woman, the Ec­clesiastical Power of the Roman Govern­ [...]ent.

So then by the Beast, that kills the VVit­nesses, vers. 7. we are to understand the [...]oman-Antichristian-Politick-and-Eccle­ [...]astick-State and Government exercised [...]ercively over mens Consciences in any [...]lace or Case whatsoever.

This Beast, that shall kill the two VVit­nesses, is more distinctly (though more My­ [...]ically) described, Rev. 17.8, 11. by [...]ee particular things. First, By his past, [...]esent, and future State; The Beast that [Page 14]WAS, and IS NOT, and yet IS. Second­ly, By his twofold number; even he is the EIGHT, and is of the SEVEN. Thirdly, By his RISE and RUINE; He shall ascend out of the bottomless PIT, and go into PERDITION,

The Beast that WAS, Chap. 17.11. that is to say, the fourth Monarchy, or Roman Kingdom, and the Political Government thereof WAS a Kingdom which God set up, and a Power which God ordained, Dan., 23. and Rom. 13.1, 7.

The Beast that WAS, and IS NOT, th [...] is to say, the fourth Monarchy, or Roman Kingdom in its mixt State of Politick-and, Ecclesiastick Government, coercively exer­cised over the Consciences of men in an [...] Place or Case whatsoever, IS NOT God [...] ORDINANCE; For the Dragon (which is the Devil, Chap. 20.2.) gave this Bea [...] his Power, and his Seat, and great Autho­rity, chap. 13.2.

The Beast that WAS, and IS NOT, an [...] yet is, chap. 17.8. that is to say, the fourth Monarchy, or Roman Kingdom, which w [...] a Power ordained of God, with respect un­to its meer Political Government, but I [...] NOT God's Ordinance in its mixt State [...] Politick-and-Ecclesiastick Power and Go­vernment; [Page 15]Yet IS a Power, and hath a Throne, chap. 13.2. Yea, and exerciseth great Authority over the Bodies and Con­sciences of Men coercively; and causeth both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive his Mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; and causeth that as many as would not worship the I­mage of the Beast, should be killed, chap. 13.15, 16, 17.

And the Beast that WAS and IS NOT, even he IS the EIGHTH, chap. 17.11. that is to say, the eighth Head of the Beast, and IS of the SEVEN, which Mystery of Iniquity, that we may with more clearness understand; the Angel told John, that the Beast that carrieth the Woman, had seven Heads, chap. 17.7. which he saith are se­ven Kings, verse 10. that is to say, seven kinds of political Governours, and forms of Government in the fourth Kingdom, where­of FIVE are fallen, or were past and gone before John's time, namely, 1. Kings, 2. Consuls, 3. Decim-vers, 4. Tribunes, and 5. Dictators: ONE is, to wit, Em­perors, who being the sixth head of the Beast, rused and exercised their Dominion over the whose Roman Kingdom in the dayes of our Saviour and his Apostles; the OTHER is [Page 16]not yet come, to wit, the seventh Head of the Beast, that is to say, the seventh King, or kind of Government was not yet in be­ing, when John writ this book of the Re­velation; which seventh Head is Popes, for they succeeded the Emperors in the King­dom and Government of the Roman Em­pire (as all Historians testifie) and have ruled and reigned as Kings.

And this Beast is the EIGHTH, viz. the eighth Head, with respect of his Eccle­siastical Power, mixed with his Political-Authority; And is of the SEVEN, that is to say, he is one of the seven, to wit, the seventh Head or King, with respect of his Political-Power-and-Authority. And this mixed Politick-and-Ecclesiastick Power, is signifyed by his two Horns, chap. 13.11, 12.

And shall ascend out of the bottomless PIT, chap. 17.8. &c chap. 11.7. The Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless Pit, viz. the Hellish Apostacy of the latter times, fore­told by the Apostle Paul, 1 Tim. 4.1, 2, 3. which is contemporary with the opening o [...] the bottomless Pit, chap. 9.1. So is th [...] falling away (or Apostacy) with the reveal­ing of the man of Sin, this son of Perdi­tion, 2 Thes. 2.3. this King is the Ange [...] [Page 17]of the bottomless Pit, chapter 9.11.

And go into Perdition, chap. 17.8. and verse 11. goeth into PERDITION.

The man of Sin, Antichrist, is called the SON of PERDITION, 2 Thes. 2.3. and it is twice affirmed, chap. 17.8, 11. that he goeth and shall go into PERDITI­ON, because the thing is certain: And the meaning is, that the BEAST of the eighth Head, that is to say, the Roman-Antichri­stian-Pollitick-and-Ecclesiastick-Power, Dominion, and Government, together with the Antichristian-POWERS, Potentates, Kings, and Governours, who exercise that Antichristian-power and dominion coercive­ly over the Bodies, Estates, and Conscien­ces of men, shall be utterly destroyed; which utter Destruction and PERDITION will be fully effected and compleated by pouring out of the seven VIALS of the last Plagues, for in them is filled up the wrath of God, chap. 15.1. & 16.1, 10, 19. & 18.2, 8. & 19.19, 20, 21. & 14.9, 10, 11, 12. And the third Angel followed them, say­ing with a loud Voice, If any man shall wor­ship the BEAST and his IMAGE, and receive his MARK in his Forehead, or in his Hand; the same shall drink of the Wine of the WRATH of God, which is poured out with­out [Page 18]MIXTƲRE, into the CƲP of his In­dignation.

If it be enquired how the BEAST doth kill the Witnesses? I answer,

The BEAST shall 1. make WAR against them; 2. He shall OVERCOME them; and 3. He shall KILL them, vers. 7.

The Beast cannot overcome them as Wit­nesses, (for so they Overcome him, and the Dragon also, chap. 12.11. And they over­came him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony) but as Warriours, chap. 13.7. And it was given to him to make War with the Saints, and to overcome them. This WAR is a more open and visible Oppo­sition between the Witnesses & the BEAST, then formerly, though the two Witnesses had opposed the Beast, and born their Testimony against his mixt Antichristian Power, and Idolatrous Worship, from the beginning of the 1260. dayes of their Sackcloath-conditi­on, which they did more privately; And though the Beast had persecuted the two Witnesses for the Testimony which they bare against him, from the beginning of the 42. months of his Power; Yet now at last, and toward the end of their 1260. dayes, the two Witnesses bear a more manifest Testimony, and make a more open and Visible Opposition [Page 19]y against both the Tyrannical Power, and Ido­latrous Worship of the Beast: and therefore the Beast now at last, and toward the end of his 42. months, begins to rage, and maketh a greater and more cruel Opposition, both a­gainst the Churches and Prophets of the LORD, who are the two Witnesses, and all the Saints; by exercising his Power more tyrannically against them; which is the WAR here mentioned, vers. 7. as that was, chap. 13.7. In the time of Charles the fifth, in Germany, France, Scotland, &c. and in Queen Maries dayes in England, &c.

In this WAR the Beast overcomes the Witnesses, vers. 7. as in that he overcame the Saints, chap. 13.7. Some of the Witnesses are overcome by fear, and others by flatte­ry; some by his alurements and preferments, others by his threats and confinements are overcome for a time; so far as to cease from bearing their Testimony against him so openly and vigorously as they did before; In which respect the Beast is here said to over­come them.

But this will not appease the rage, and great wrath of the Beast, for he perceives that the Testimony which the Witnesses bear in their more private Retirement, and Con­venticles, (as they are called) or Meetings, [Page 20]will like a Moth waste, & secretly consume his Power and Dominion, and at last (if let alone and suffered to enjoy any liberty to meet together to worship) his Power and Dominion will be utterly destroyed, as is Prophesied, Dan. 7.26. And therefore the Beast will take Councel together with his chief Priests to KILL the Witnesses of the LORD, (as the high Priest, the chief Priests and Elders did to put our Saviour to death, John 11.47, to 53.) And KILL them, vers. 7. The killing of the two Witnesses doth not signifie a Corporal death only, nor principally, for such a killing doth not a­gree with this Prophesie; but it is rather a Metaphorical Expression, which signifies a two-fold Death, partly Civil, whereby the Witnesses shall be deprived of their civil Li­berties, and the Exercise of their Religion; their Estates confiscated, their Persons con­fined, Imprisoned, Banished; and some of their Lives, or all their livelyhood taken a­way by the tyrannical Power of the Beast; and partly, yea principally Spiritual, where­by the Witnesses shall be deprived of that Zeal, Vigor, and Courage, which with all boldness they had formerly manifested, in bearing their Testimouy openly for Christ, his Kingdom, his Church, his Worship, [Page 21]and his Government; against the Antichri­stian Beast, his Kingdom, Church, Worship, and Government.

The darkness and blackness of the DAY of the Witnesses death, will principally con­sist in their being deprived of that Spirit of Life that sometimes they had received from God, and had formerly exercised in bear­ing their Testimony: which Spirit of Life the Witnesses lose by cooling in their Spiri­tual affections unto Christ, and by their sinning against the LORD; for usually when Ministers or Members of Churches fall from their first Love, they fall in with the Apostacy of the time; and so lose that life and courage which they formerly had, and manifested with great boldnesse for Christ against Antichrist.

This Spiritual kind of death is most a­greeable unto their Resurrection, that is effected by that Spirit of Life from God, which vers. 11. after three dayes and an half shall enter into them. Now such as is the Resurrection of the Witnesses, such is their death: But their Resurrection is Spiritual, (for vers. 11. the Spirit of Life from God entred into them) therefore their death is Spiritual, viz, A depravation of that Spirit of Life, that is to say, the loss of that cou­rage, [Page 22]boldness, zeal, vigor, and life, which they formerly had, and manifested in their Testimony for Christ against the Beast.

This kind of death is also most agreeable unto the Witnesses lying dead after they were killed, in respect both of the place, which is Spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, ver. 8. and of the time when they lay unburied, which is Prophetically said to be three dayes and an half, vers. 9.

Touching the fourth Particular, viz. What is the Street of the great City in which their dead Bodies lie.

The Answer unto this Particular is My­steriously given in the 8, & 9. verses of this Chapter, And their dead Bodies shall lie in the street of the great City, &c.

The great City is that mentioned, chap. 17.8. Which reigneth over the Kings of the Earth, to wit, the WOMAN that sits up­on a Scarlet-coloured BEAST, chap. 17.3. which is the great WHORE, chap. 17.1. whose Name is Mystery BABYLON, the Mother of HARLOTS, chap. 17.5. viz. the whole Antichristian Kingdom of the Beast, all Mystical Babylon.

The Street of the great City is some no­ted Street, (as a Market-Street) or some [Page 23]eminent Street, (as Cheap-side) or some o­pen Street or place (as Smithfield) within or without the great City, under the Domi­nion and Government thereof.

By this Street we are to understand some [...]minent Part of Mystical Babylon, and King­dom of the Beast, viz. some of the ten King­doms which appertain unto the Dominion of the Beast, and not his whole Kingdom, [...]or the whole City: It is not said in the Streets of the great City, but in the Street, to wit, the most eminent Kingdom for the Testimony of Jesus Christ, even that Nati­on where the Witnesses have most eminently born their Testimony against Antichrist.

The place being spoken of by way of emi­nency, must be understood either in relation [...]o the Witnesses, or in respect unto the Beast that kills them, or to both: Now take ei­ther of these, or both together, and it sig­nifies not the whole Witnesses, nor the whole Kingdom of Babylon, but a part thereof. Not the whole Kingdom of Babylon, because [...]pon the rising and ascending of the Wit­nesses, there is but a part of the Kingdom of Babylon falls, And the tenth part of the City fell, vers. 13. which is that part here meant by this Street.

Nor all the VVitnesses of Christ in all [Page 24]the WORLD, no nor in all the Kingdoms of Babylon, because there are some Wit­nesses remain alive when these two are kil­led, who shall call upon them to come up to them, when the Spirit of Life from the Lord doth again enter into them, and cause them to stand upon their feet, vers. 12▪ And they heard a great Voice from Heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. Which Voice from Heaven, is the call of those Angels, who have the seven last Plagues and come out of the Temple of the Taber­nacle of the Testimony in Heaven when i [...] is opened, to come up to Mount Zion to them, where they and other Saints stan [...] with the Lamb, and to see the Judgement of the great WHORE, which will appe [...] by comparing, chap. 11.12, 19.14.1, 5 [...] 15.1, 2, 5, 6.17.1. And the Temple o [...] God was opened in Heaven, and there were voyces, chap. 11.19. And the seven An­gels came out of the Temple — in Heaven chap. 16.6. And one of the seven Angels which had the seven Vials, said, Come up hi­ther, and I will shew thee the judgment of the great Whore, &c.

As touching the fifth Particular, viz. What time is to be understood by the three days and an half, vers. 9.

The knowledge of the time when the Wit­nesses shall be killed and rise again, is very desirable unto the Saints in this GENE­RATION; many godly and learned Men have laboured studiously in searching out this time, and have communicated their understanding about this Matter; whose labours have been profitable unto the Lords people, and unto me also; who having read their Opinions about the ending time of the Witnesses Sackcloath-condition, and of the troubles of the Lords People, I have been much comforted by several precious Ob­servations which they have made touching this matter: But not being fully satisfied with their Determination of the period of that ending time, I have also addicted my self to search the holy Scriptures touching such Prophetical Numbers as seem to contain the ending time; And I shall take liberty to give my Opinion also, and the grounds thereof, viz.

1. The three dayes and an half, are three years and an half; each day for a year, ac­cording to the prophetical Account of Mystical dayes, Numb. 14.34. and Ezek. 4.5, 6.

2. The three dayes and an half, are those three years and an half which do immediate­ly [Page 26]succeed the killing or death of the Wit­nesses; for after they are killed, their dead Bodies are seen three dayes and an half, chap. 11.9. and they do immediately pre­ceed their Resurrection; for after three dayes and an half, the Spirit of Life from God doth enter into the Witnesses, and they stand upon their feet, chap. 11.11. So then, The three years and an half are the time of the interval between the Death and the Resurrection of the two Witnesses.

3. The three dayes (or years) and an half, is the ending-time of the Witnesses 1260. dayes, (or years) and of the Beasts 42. months (or 1260. years.) For the clear de­monstration of this third Particular, let i [...] be considered;

First, That the time when the Beast kills the Witnesses, is towards the end of the 1260. dayes or years of their Prophesying, chap. 11.7. When they are about to finish their Testimony; and therefore the Witnesses are killed before the time of their 1260 [...] dayes or years be ended, to wit, three dayes or years and an half before.

Secondly, The killing of the Witnesses, and the rejoycing over their dead bodies, are th [...] last Acts of the Beast's Tyrannical Power, and of the Whores Triumphing Joy; and [Page 27]therefore must be near the ending-time of the Beast's 42. months, and also of the 42. months, wherein the Gentiles (who are the Idolatrous worshippers of the Beast) tread the holy City (that is, the Church of God) under their feet.

That the killing of the Witnesses is the last Act of the Beast's tyrannical-Power, ap­pears plainly; for as soon as the Witnesses rise, Babylon begins to fall, chap. 11.11, 13. And they stood upon their feet; and the same hour — the tenth part of the City fell.

That the rejoycing over their dead Bo­dies is the last Act of the Whores triumph­ing-Joy, appears plainly; for as soon as her Joy and Rejoycing is over, the day and hour of her Judgement came, chap. 17.7, 8, 10. For she saith in her heart, I sit as a Queen, and am no Widow, and shall see no sorrow; therefore shall her Plagues come in one day, &c.

The things that the Saints in this GE­NERATION ought to know touching the time of the Witnesses lying dead; Are,

1. That the time of the END, or the ending-time of the Witnesses prophesying in Sackcloth; of the Beast's tyrannical POW­ER; of the holy City, her being troden un­der foot of the Gentiles, and of the Wo­mans [Page 28]being in her Wilderness-condition, is near at hand; for the finishing Testimony is begun, to wit, the Gospel of the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ, which is a cer­tain fore-runner of the ending-time of this WORLD, Mat. 24.14. Rev. 11.7. And when they were about to finish this Testimony; That is, when they began to preach the Gospel (or glad tydings) of the Kingdom; the Beast killed them, which is the last Act of his tyrannical POWER.

2. That although the ending-time be near, yet the period thereof will not be certainly known until the last three years and an half be begun, and well night expired, Dan. 12.4, 9. and Hab. 2.3. The Vision is yet for an appointed time, at the END it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come.

3. That when the ending-time is come and begun, before it be expired, there shall such remarkable and wonderful things come to pass (as are foretold in the Scriptures) whereby the wise shall understand, and cer­tainly know that it is the time of the END, viz.

First, Then will be such tribulation, and such a time of trouble as never was before, Dan. 12.1. Mat. 24.21, 22.

Secondly, Then will be such an Apostacy among Professors, Ministers, Prophets, and Churches, as never was before, 2 Tim. 3.1. — 5. and 2 Thes. 2.3.

Thirdly, Then will begin a very glori­ous Reformation in the Worship of God, by the Spirit of Life from God, which Spi­rit of Life entring into the slain Witnesses, will set them upon their feet, that is to say, will cause them again to stand up for Christ and his Kingdom, and against Antichrist and his Kingdom: And then will the Tem­ple of God (that is to say, the Church and Worship of God) be opened in Heaven, chap. 11.11. & 10.11. & 11.19. Which [...] the times of the restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the Mouth of all his [...]oly Prophets since the WORLD began, Acts [...].21.

Touching the last Particular, viz. How be Witnesses shall be raised again, and what [...]re the effects thereof.

The Answer unto this Particular, is My­ [...]ically held forth in the 11, 12, 13, and [...]4. verses of this Chapter.

First, As to the time; After three dayes [...]d an half, vers. 11. by which we are to [...]derstand three years and an half, (as have before proved) that is to say, at or [Page 30]before the end of that time; for as it was said of our LOKD and Saviour, Mark 8.3 [...] After three days he should rise again, which he did on the third day, 1 Cor. 15.3, 4. S [...] it is likewise said of his Witnesses, after three dayes and an half, the Spirit of Life from God entred into them, and they stood upon their feet, according to what was foretold by one of the Lords Prophets, Hos. 6.2▪ After two dayes he will revive us, in the thir [...] day he will raise us up, and we shall live in h [...] sight.

The means of the Witnesses Resurrecti­on, is the Spirit of Life from the Lord which entred into them, vers. 11. viz. that Spirit Life, Power, Courage, Zeal, and Boldne [...] which the two Witnesses formerly had recei­ved from God, and had exercised in bearin [...] their Testimony for the Kingdom of Christ &c. and against the Kingdom of Antichrist &c. but had lost by falling from their f [...] love, and by falling in with the lest Apost­cy; which Spirit of Life from God is again given unto them.

And they stood upon their feet, vers. 1 [...] that is to say, The Witnesses were raised, [...] vived, [...]nd strengthened by the Spirit of Li [...] from God; for as the loss and departure [...] that Spirit of Life and courage to bear the [...] [Page 31]Testimony with boldness, was their death; so the Spirit of Life from God entring into them, and renewing their Courage, revive­ing their Zeal, and increasing their Bold­ness in bearing their Testimony, is their Resurrection, and that which causeth them to stand upon their feet: which effect of the Spirit of Life from God, was typed out by the dry Bones of the House of Israel, Ezek. 37.5, 10, 14. O my People, — I will put my Spirit in you, and ye shall live.

The LORD knows his Servants, his Wit­nesses are not able either to do much, or to say much for Christ and his Kingdom, &c. nor against Antichrist and his Kingdom, &c. unless they be spirited thereunto; and there­fore when God had any eminent work or service to do, he did not onely raise up In­struments to do it, but spirited them ac­cordingly. Thus the Spirit of the LORD came upon Othniel, Judg. 3.9, 10. and upon Gideon, Judg. 6.34. and upon Jephthah, Judg. 11.29. and upon Sampson, Judg. 14.6, 19. and 15.14. and upon David, 1 Sam. 16.13. And so it will do upon the Lords Witnesses, Rev. 11.11. And great fear came upon them (Enemies) that saw them.

Secondly, The effect of the Witnesses Re­surrection, or standing upon their feet, ei­ther [Page 32]concerned themselves, vers. 12. or their Enemies, vers. 13.

Verse 12. And they heard a great Voice from Heaven saying unto them.

The Witnesses being raised and spirited for the WORK of the LORD, are now cal­led thereunto, which call is by a great Voice from Heaven; that is out of the Temple of God opened in Heaven, chap. 11.19. to wit, the Church of God on Earth, whose Spiritu­al Glory is described, chap. 12.1. by a Wo­man cloathed with the Sun, &c.

This Voice, is the Voice of the Remnan [...] of the Womans Seed, who kept the Com­mandments of God, (viz. Christs Gospel In­stitutions, Acts 1.2.) and have the Testimo­ny of Jesus, (viz. a Spirit of Prophesie a­mongst them, chap. 19.10.) even then, and all that time of the three years and an half, when the Witnesses are killed, and their dead Bodies lie in the Street of the great City.

Which Remnant of the Womans Seed, do call upon the raised Witnesses, saying unto them, Come up hither, vers. 12. that is to say, Come and joyn with us, and worship God with us; Come and help us to carry on the Work of the LORD, his Kingdom, &c. and to pull down the Kingdom, &c. of the [Page 33]Beast, which call or invitation of the Rem­nant, the Witnesses did straightway answer as followeth.

And they ascended up to Heaven in a Cloud, wers. 12. This signifies a glorious change in the state of the VVitnesses, attending their Resurrection, which they now attended by their Testimony, called a Cloud, in which respect those eminent Believers, Heb. 11. Chapter, are called a Cloud of VVitnesses, Heb. 12.11. And the VVitnesses swift as­cension, or going up unto those that called them, is fitly resembled unto a bright Cloud, as the Conversion of the Gentiles, and their coming into the Jews after their glorious Conversion, Isa. 60.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8. VVho are these that flee as a Cloud, &c.

And the same hour was there a great Earth­quake, Vers. 13. By this Earth-quake we are to understand great Commotions, o­verturnings, and downfals in the Kingdoms of Antichrist, as chap. 6.12. and Mat. 24.7. which great Change is said to happen the same hour with the Witnesses Ascention, that is to say, at the same time when the VVitnesses rise, the Papists fall.

And the tenth part of the City fell, Verse 13. By the City, here is meant the whole [Page 34]Roman Antichristian Kingdom of the Beast as vers. 8. and chap. 17.18. And by the tenth part of the City, we are to understand one of the ten Kingdoms of Mystical Baby­lon, for the whole City consisting of ten Kingdoms, chap. 12.3. & 13.1. and 17.12. the tenth part of the City must be under­stood of some ONE of the ten Kingdoms, to wit, that Kingdom where the VVitnesse [...] lay slain, called the STREET of the great City, vers. 8. And the Retaliation which follows, seemeth to favour this Interpreta­tion, And in the Earth-quake were slain of men seven thousand, vers. 13. viz. seven thousand men of Name; which fall of so many eminent Persons of the Antichristian Party, will become a means of Conversion unto many others of that Party, vers. 13. And the Remnant were afrighted, and gave glory to the God of Heaven.

Verse 14. The second VVOE is past, and behold the third VVOE cometh quickly.

By the second WOE we are to understand all the Troubles, Plagues, and Judgements of the sixth Trumpet, recorded from chap. 9.13. unto chap. 11.14. which are now past and ended. And the third VVOE cometh quickly, to wit, upon the sounding of the seventh Trumpet, which is the third [Page 35]WOE-trumpet which is to be sounded by the seventh Angel, chap. 8.13. which seventh Trumpet brings in the Dispensation of the seven Vials of the last Plagues of God upon Babylon, which is fitly called the third (or last) WOE.

Touching which third WOE, or Vials of the last Plagues of God upon Babylon, I have something to offer in the second Part of this little Treatise, which I judge meet for the Saints in this Generation to know; And therefore I shall pray that God will o­pen the Scriptures unto you, (that shall read it) and open your understanding, that you may know the Truth, and what you ought to do in this day of your Generation. Amen.

Apocalyptical MYSTER …

Apocalyptical MYSTERIES.

The Second Part, Touching the Seven VIALS.

Revel. 16. Chapter.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1667.

Apocalyptical MYSTERIES. The Second Part, Touching the Seven VIALS.
Revel. 16. Chapter.

THis Chapter containeth the Angels Commission, to execute the wrath of God upon the Beast, and their execu­tion thereof gradually, by pouring out one Vial after another, until all the seven Vials of the seven last Plagues be poured out up­on Babylon, unto whom is given the Cup of the Wine of the fierceness of the wrath of God, vers. 19. of which Cup every one that worshippeth the Beast and his Image, and receiveth his Mark in his Forehead, or in his hand, shall drink, Chap. 14.8, 9, 10, 11.

The Angels Commission is in the first verse of this Chapter, And I heard a grea [...] Voice out of the Temple, saying, Go your wayes, and pour out the Vials of the wrath of God upon the Earth.

In this Commission observe Christ's Com­mand for the execution of the wrath of God upon Babylon; wherein you have, first, The Divine Authority of it, A great Voice out of the Temple; Secondly, The Persons to whom the Command was given, Saying to the seven Angels, Go now. Thirdly, The work which they were commanded to do, Pour out the Vials of the wrath of God upon the Earth.

This great Voice was the Voice of the LORD, Isa. 66.6. A Voice from the Tem­ple, the Voice of the LORD, that rendereth recompence to his Enemies. It is called a grea [...] Voice; not onely to shew us that it is the Lord's Voice, but his Voice out of Zion, which is his Temple, as was prophesied Joel 3.16. The LORD also shall roar o [...] of Zion, and utter his Voice from Jerusalem and the Heavens and the Earth shall shake Yea, to declare that the great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hastned greatly, Zeph. 1.14, 15. which dispensa­tion of the day of wrath, the Prophet cal­leth, [Page 3] The Voice of the Day of the LORD, Zeph. 1.14, 15. And such is that Voice which is uttered out of the Temple of Hea­ven, from the Throne, saying, It is done, vers. 17. of this Chapter; upon the pour­ing out of the seventh Vial.

The Temple in this first verse, is called, The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimo­ny in Heaven, chap. 15.5. and the Temple of God opened in Heaven, chap. 11.19. And in the 17. verse of this Chapter, the Temple of Heaven. Not that we are to understand it to be in Heaven, in respect of place, for John saw no such Temple in the holy and Heavenly City, chap. 21.22. But by the Temple of Heaven, or in Heaven, is meant the Heavenly State of the Church of God on Earth, restored to its Apostalical insti­tutions, and Primitive purity, called, the Temple of the Living God, 2 Cor. 6.16. It is called the Temple of the Tabernacle, to note, that the Church of God on Earth at this time of the pouring out of the seven Vials, is not so glorious, nor so fixed, as the Temple was in Solomons time, but rather doth resemble the Tabernacle of the Con­gregation of the LORD, which had been in the Wilderness, and was come into the promised Land; in which Tabernacle of [Page 4]the Congregation of Israel, there was a sig­nal Testimony of the presence of God, Num. 9.15, 16. where was also the Ark of his Covenant, and wherein was the Service of God performed, and all his holy Sacrifices offered, 1 Chron. 16.17, 37, 40. And so when this Temple of the Tabernacle was opened, Rev. 11.19. There was see [...] in his Temple the Ark of his Covenant; and those who had washed their Robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb, that did serve him day and night in his Temple, chap. 7.14, 15.

The seven Angels which had command to pour out the Vials of the wrath of God, are them same seven who had the seven last Plagues, chap. 15.1. the same seven An­gels came out of the Temple, vers. 6. and the same seven Angels had given unto them seven golden Vials full of the wrath of God, vers. 7.

Seven is a Prophetical Number, signi­fying both variety of Instruments, and per­fection of the Judgements of God in this Prophesie, as the seven Trumpets, chap. 8.1, 6, 3. Some denouncing, and others exe­cuting these last Plagues.

These Angels are cloathed with pure and white Linnen, and girded with golden Gir­dles, [Page 5] chap. 15.6. Their Cloathing de­clares some of them to be the Priests of God, for so were the Priests of the Tem­ple cloathed, Levit. 6.10. & 16.4. 1 Sam. 2.18. And this was the Lords Institution, Exod. 39.27, 28, 29. Their being gir­ded with golden Girdles, shews that others of them are the Magistrates of the LORD, into whose hand God will commit the Go­vernment of the Kingdom of Christ, Isa. 22.21, 22, 23. The Ministers of the Churches are called Angels, chap. 1.20. The Angels of the seven Churches. And Kings also are compared unto Angels, 1 Sam. 29.9. & 2 Sam. 14.7. As an Angel of God, so is my Lord the King. The whole Description testifies these Angels to be Kings and Priests unto God, whom Christ hath made such, Rev. 5.9, 10. who was so cloathed and girded himself, chap. 1.13. And in the midst of the seven Can­ [...]lesticks, was one like unto the Son of Man, [...]loathed with a Garment down to the foot, and [...]irt about the Paps with a golden Girdle; A Description of our Lord Jesus Christ, as [...]riest and King in his Church.

Objection. But how can the pouring out [...] the Vials of the Plagues of Almighty God, full of his great wrath, be applyed [Page 6]unto the Ministers of the Gospel, who an to preach the most precious sweet sou [...] saving Truths of Jesus Christ, especiall considering that by these Vials and Plague [...] are meant the real and external Judgment and Plagues which God will have execute [...] by those Angels upon the Whore, as appears chap. 18.8. Therefore shall her Plagues co [...] in one day, Death, Famine, &c.

Answer. The Ministers of the Gospe [...] may be said to pour out the Vials of God great wrath, even his real and materi [...] Plagues, and most righteous Judgments up on the great City Babylon; as the Prophe [...] of old are said to root out, and pull dow [...] and to destroy, and to throw down, Jer. [...] 10, 16. and to take the Wine-Cup of th [...] Lords fury at his hand, and to make a [...] Nations (to whom God sends them) to drin [...] of it, Jer. 25.15, 16, 17, — 28. A [...] this they did by pronouncing those Judge­ments of God against them, which the Lo [...] commanded them, Jer. 1.16. Even [...] the Ministers of the Gospel pour out th [...] Vials of the wrath of God, & real Plague [...] upon Mystical Babylon, by pronounci [...] those last Plagues of the wrath of God [...] ­gainst her.

3. These Angels come out of the Te [...] ­ple, [Page 7] chap. 15.6. after it was opened. This doth declare them to be the raised Witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ; for the Temple was not opened (in the Vision unto John) un­ [...]il the slain Witnesses were risen, and had [...]scended the Throne, chap. 11.7, 11, 15, 17, 19. So their coming out of the Tem­ [...]le signifies their Saint-ship, and that these Angels are fellow Citizens with the Saints, [...]nd of the Houshold of God, built upon the [...]oundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Je­ [...]us Christ himself being the chief Corner Stone, in whom all the Building fitly framed [...]ogether, groweth unto an holy Temple in the Lord, Eph. 2.19, — 22.

And who are more fit to declare the [...]engeance of the Lord, even the vengeance [...]f his Temple, Jer. 50.28. then the Mi­ [...]isters of God in Zion? Or who are more [...]eet to execute the Righteous Judgments [...]f God upon Babylon, then those Magistrates [...]nto whose hand the LORD will commit [...]he Government of Christs Kingdom here [...]n Earth, called, The People of the Saints [...]f the most High, Dan. 7.27. whom the [...]ORD of Hosts will make his Battle Ax, [...]nd Weapons of War, and with whom he [...]ill break in pieces the Nations, and de­ [...]oy Kingdoms, and render unto Babylon [Page 8]all the evil that she hath done in Zion, Jer. 51.20, 24.

Lest it might be dubious how the Saint or true Worshippers in the Churches, Mi­nisters or Magistrates, should execute th [...] fierceness of Gods wrath upon Babylon, an [...] upon the Kingdom of the Beast, consider th [...] some of the Angels which came out of th [...] Temple, may be also the holy Angels of God who are said to be about the Throne in th [...] Temple, chap. 5.11. worshipping God wit [...] the four living Creatures, and twenty for Elders, chap. 7.11. and who are said to a [...] company the Saints, that were cloathe [...] with white Robes, and Palmes in the [...] hands, chap. 7.9, 10, — 15. (an Emble [...] of the victory they had gotten over the Be [...] and his Image, chap. 15.2.) For the ho [...] Angels of God are present in the Asse [...] ­blies of the Saints, 1 Cor. 11.10. 1 Pe [...] 1.12. 1 Tim. 5.21. And they are se [...] forth to minister for them; and therefor [...] may be said also to come out of the Te [...] ­ple (as well as the Saints) to execute th [...] righteous Judgements of God upon Baby­lon, chap. 18.1, 2. And Christ also, w [...] is the Angel of the Covenant.

By the Earth, here we are to understan [...] the earthly State of Babylon, as it is contr [...] [Page 9]distinguished from the Heavenly State of Zion, which is the true Church of God, Rev. 9.1. I saw a Star fall from Heaven to the Earth; which was the visible Aposta­cy of the Clergy from the Heavenly State of the True Church of God, for soundness of Doctrine, purity of Worship, and power of Discipline, to an earthly State of a false Church, with respect unto corrupt Do­ctrine, superstitious Worship, and tyranni­cal Discipline, after the Inventions and precepts of Men.

And as the Earth, Gen. 1.2. is a genetal [...]earm, which comprehended the Land, the Seas, the Firmament, with the Sun, Moon, and Stars; the Air, and all Men, Beasts, Fowls of the Air, and every creeping thing [...]hat God created and made out of that Mass or Chaos. So by the Earth here is com­prehended the Earth, Sea, Sun, Seat, and all other things of the Beasts devising, men­ [...]ioned in this Chapter; and also those In­ [...]abiters of the Earth, which are the Ob­jects of the three dreadful WOES menti­ [...]ned, chap. 8.13. whereof the third Woe [...]ontains the 7. Vials of the last Plagues of God to be poured forth upon those Inhabi­ [...]ers of the Earth, who are the worshippers [...]nd admirers of the Beast, chap. 13. 8. 17. 8. & 14. 9, 10, 11.

The Saints having gotten the victory over the Beast, and over his Image, and over his Mark, and over the number of his Name; the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven being opened; the Doctrine, Worship, and Discipline of the Church of God in some measure restore [...] to their primitive Purity; the seven Angels, who have the seven last Plagues, being come out of the Temple, and having received se­ven golden Vials full of the wrath of God, with commission and express command to execute the fierceness of the Wrath and Plagues of God, poured out their Vi­als upon the earthly State of the Beast, and Mystical Babylon, and upon all the Inhabi­ters of that Earth, to wit, the worshippe [...] and admirers of the Beast; as hath bee [...] before declared and proved in the Exposi­tion of the first verse.

And the first (Angel) went and poure our his Vial upon the Earth. vers. 2. of th [...] Beasts Kingdom.

The Earth in Scripture is often taken fo [...] an Earthly-State-Apostacy in any Natio [...] or Kingdom, upheld by men of corru [...] Minds, and earthly Interests, Gen. 6.11, 12, 13. Zeph. 3.8 This Earthly-Stat [...] Apostacy is prophesied of, and foretold [...] [Page 11] [...]he Apostle to be in the last dayes, 2 Tim. [...].1, — 5. and is most likely to be the Sub­ject of the last Plagues which are to be poured out of the seven Vials upon the Earth, vers. 1. This Earth of the Beasts Kingdom, is that Earth, whose Inhabitants rejoyced over the Witnesses and Warriors of the LORD, when they were slain by the Beast, and their dead Bodies were not suf­fered to be put in Graves, chap. 11.10. a­gainst whom that third WOE is pronoun­ced, chap. 8.13. and upon whom this first Vial is to be poured out. As the dry Land is called the Earth, Gen. 1.10. so by the Earth in this second verse, we are to un­derstand some thing in the Beasts King­dom that bears a fit and full resemblance unto the dry Land.

  • 1. For Foundations.
  • 2. For all manner of Flood.
  • 3. For fulness of Riches, Psal. 104.5, 14.

And therefore by this Metaphorical Earth, we are to understand, the Founda­tion, Doctrines, and Principles of all false Religions, as the Doctrine of Justification by Works, the Doctrine of Popish Supre­macy, the Doctrine of Purgatory, Mass, worshipping of Images, Crosses, Cruci­fixes, [Page 12]Altars, &c. the Doctrine of the wor­ship of God according to the Command­ments and Inventions of men; the Do­ctrine of Magistratical and Ministerial Pow­er coercively to be exercised over the Con­sciences of men, in the Matters of God, his Worship and Government, both Poli­tical, and Ecclesiastical, &c. which like the dry Land, (called Earth) First, Doth seem to stand so firm, that they shall not be removed for ever. And secondly, Out of those Earthly Doctrines is produced all manner of Food for them that make their belly their God, as the Abbots and Priests do. Also thirdly, Out of those Earthly Doctrines is produced abundance of riches, all their Temples, Cathedrals, Abbies, Friaries, Nunneries, Churches and Chap­pels, have been founded and built upon this Earth, which they that are the Inhabi­ters of this Earth, thought should never be removed, chap. 18.7. For she saith in ber heart, I sit a Queen, and am no Widow, and shall see no sorrow. Yea, the Popes themselves, and their Cardinals, Arch-Bishops, Prelates, Priests, and all the Clergy, (have been founded, fed, and en­riched by these earthly Doctrines) who are the Inhabiters of this Earth, upon which [Page 13]this first Vial shall be poured out, and a­gainst whom the third Woe is pronounced, chap. 8.13. and upon whom the sad effects of this first Vial will inevitably fall, viz. a noysom and grievous sore which fell upon the men which had the Mark of the Beast, and upon them which worshipped his Image; which bears some allusion unto one of the noysome and grievous Plagues of Egypt, Exod. 9.10, 11. This Sore being noysome, causeth both Lovers and Friends unto Baby­lon to stand afar off for fear of her Tor­ment, chap. 18.10, 15, 17. And it being a grievous Sore, causeth much pain and torment unto the worshippers of the Beast and his Image, chap. 14.8, 9, 10, 11. [which are the properties of such Sores, Psal. 38.11. & 77.2.]

The second Angel poured out his Vial up­on the Sea of the Beasts Kingdom, verse 3. that is to say, upon the Ecclesiastick Consti­tutions, Forms, Ordinances, Masses, Tra­ditions, Will-worships, and all other Po­pish Superstitions, and Inventions of My­stical Babylon, that great Whore, and Mo­ther of Harlots, (viz. both ill-favoured and well-favoured Harlots) the Catholick and National Churches of Rome, Spain, France, &c. which Idolatrous Worship, (like the [Page 14]Sea, when it is troubled, Isa. 57.20.) is full of mire and dirt. As the gathering to­gether of the Waters is called Seas, Gen. 1.10. so the gathering together of the ge­neral Councils, National Synods, Dioce­san Visitations, Courts, &c. are called Seas, as the Sea of Rome, the Popes Sea, the Cardinals Sea, Canterburies Sea, Yorks Sea, &c. In which Sea of Mystical Babylon, the Kings of the Earth, the Merchants of the Earth, Masters of Ships, and as many as Trade by Sea do trafick for the States and Souls of men, &c. chap. 18.9, 11. The effects of this Vial is blood and death unto the Idolatrous and Superstitious wor­shippers. Behold, the righteous Judge­ments of God, and his just Retaliation unto the Scarlet and Bloody Whore, and false Prophet, the Sea of Rome, and all other Mystical Seas of the Romish and Babylonish Churches in any Nation, whose Sea, by the pouring out of this second Vial, shall be­come like the blood of a dead Man, and eve­ry living Soul died in this Sea.

And this Plague also may have some Al­lusion unto that Plague of Aegypt, Exod. 7.20, 21. whose Waters was turned into blood, and the Fish that was therein died. So bloody and so deadly is the Idolatrous-wor­ship [Page 15]of the Sea of Rome, and of all other Nations that worship the Beast or his Image, who shall utterly be destroyed, as appears, chap. 14.9, 10, 11.

The third Angel poured out his Vial upon the Rivers and Fountains of Waters in the Beasts Kingdom, vers. 4.

These Mystical Rivers and Fountains of Waters, bear some Allusion unto those ma­terial Rivers and Fountains which Solomon saith, run into the Sea, Eccles. 1.7. As the Fountains or Spring-heads run into the Rivers, and the Rivers run into the Sea; so the Emperors, Kings, Princes, and Nobles of the Roman Antichristian Poli­tick and Ecclesiastick Government and Kingdom, give their power and strength unto the Beast, chap. 17.12, 13. And to his Councels, Synods, Courts, &c. which is the River into which these Fountains run, and so into the Sea of Rome, Canter­bury, &c. The great Monarchs of this World, and Kings of the Earth, are said in Scripture to be the Head of their Rivers, Ezek. 29.3, 4. & 32.2, 6. I will also wa­ter with thy blood the Land wherein thou swimest, &c. Again, as the Fountains do signifie Kings, &c. so by the Rivers into which their streams do continually run and [Page 16]are filled, and influenced by them, is meant the Antichristian Hierarchy, Popish Cler­gy, and all the false Prophets, Teachers, and Priests, and upon all that are in holy Orders, (as they speak) who preach the Doctrine of the Beast, and worship his Image; such as these are called Wells, (though without any living and refreshing Water) 2 Pet. 2.1, 17. And they are here fitly resembled unto Rivers of Waters in the Beasts Kingdom. This Antichristian Monarchy, Hierarchy, Popish Clergy, Priests and Prelates, (like the Rivers and Fountains in and about a great City, Isa. 18.27. Ezek. 32.2.) though they spoil the Land, and waste the City, and foul the Waters, [for as a Fountain casteth out her filthy Waters, so do these corrupt Foun­tains cast out their wickedness, Jer. 6.7.] yet that great City, Mystical Babylon, is made very great, (and like the Assyrian of old, Ezek. 31.3, 4, 5.) her height is ex­alted, and she is enriched, because of the multitude of these Waters and Fountains of hers, whose Nurseries and Seminaries, like the deep, with her Rivers running round about their Plants, send out their little Rivers unto all the Trees of the field, and into the deep Sea.

The effect of this Vial is their own blood, which God in his righteous Judgements gives those Monarchs, Kings, Prelates, Priests, and all the Popish Church and Clergy-men to drink, as a just Retaliation of the blood of the faithful Saints, and Sackcloath Witnesses, which this Scarlet Beast and bloody Whore of Rome hath shed, by persecuting and killing them, chap. 13. [...]7. &, 5, 6. & 18.20, 24. For which Judgments the LORD is acknow­ledged by all his Saints, and holy Angels in Heaven and on Earth, to be Righteous; and his Judgements also are acknowledged by them to be true and Righteous, verse 5, 6, 7.

The fourth Angel poured out his Vial upon the Sun of the Beasts Kingdom, vers. 8.

That is to say, Upon the Emperour of Germany, the King of Spain, &c. with re­spect to the Temporal and Political part of the Beast's Kingdom, and upon the Pope of Rome, the Popish Cardinals, and Arch-Bishops, &c. with respect to the Spiritual and Ecclesiastical part of the Beast's King­dom; those Antichristian Emperors, Kings, Popes, and Prelates, (like the Sun in the Firmament of Heaven, Gen. 1.16, 17, 18.) are most eminent and chief Lights, and [Page 18]have the most eminent Grandeur, Rule and Dominion in the Firmament or Fabrick [...] the Beast's Politick and Ecclesiastick Go­vernment and Kingdom; and are fitly re­sembled by the Sun, and other Lights [...] Heaven, Isa. 13.9, 10, 11.

The effect of this Vial, is the scorching of men with great heat, vers. 9. By th [...] power that was given unto this Angel so t [...] do, vers. 8. The men that are scorched with fire, and with great heat, vers. 8, 9. are those men of the Beast's Kingdom, who worship the Beast and his Image, chap. 14.8, 9, 10, 11. who are tormented with Fi [...] and Brimstone, which causeth them to blas [...] pheme the Name of God, who hath powe [...] over these Plagues; And they repented n [...] to give him glory, vers. 9. The Fire an [...] Heat, are the burning Heat and devouring Fire of the fierceness of God's great wrat [...] poured out of this Vial upon the Sun, which causeth those dreadful Effects, Rev. 18.8 [...] And she shall be utterly burnt with Fire; fo [...] strong is the Lord that judgeth her.

And the fifth Angel poured out his Vi [...] upon the Seat of the Beast, vers. 10.

Who this fifth Angel is, the Expositio [...] of the first verse gives us to understand viz. Some of those Magistrates into whos [...] [Page 19]hand God will commit the Government of the Kingdom of Christ, (as was proved before) And some of those Ministers of his Churches, who shall come out of the Temple, even such of his Saints as our Lord Jesus Christ hath redeemed and made Kings and Priests unto God, who shall reign on Earth, assisted by Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, and his Heavenly Angels, to ex­ecute the righteous Judgments of God, (as was also proved before) by pouring out of the Vials of the wrath of God.

This Vial is one of those seven golden Vials which was given unto the seven An­gels, which were full of the wrath of God, and contained the last Plagues, which are to be poured out upon Mystical Babylon, to her utter destruction, as hath been proved, before, and chap. 16. vers. 19. and all them that worship the Beast and his Image, chap. 14.8, 9, 10, 11. These Vials are called the Cup of Gods Indignation, and the Cup of the Wine of the fiercenesse of his wrath.

The Beast is the Object of the Wrath of God, even of the fierceness of his great Wrath, upon whom the LORD will pour out all his Plagues first and last, and Baby­lon shall drink the Cup of his Indignation, [Page 20] chap. 14.10. and the nineteenth verse of this Chapter.

Beast in this Prophesie of the Revelation, is sometimes named without any distincti­on; and then by Beast we are to understand the whole Complex Body of the Antichri­stian Politick and Ecclesiastick State of the Roman Kingdom, Church, and Government, as chap. 11.7, 13.18, 14.9, 11. and sometimes the Beast is named with distin­ction, chap. 13.11, 12. as if there were two Beasts, both which is but one Beast di­stinguished by his twofold, Power, and Do­minion, to wit, Political and Ecclesiasti­cal, as doth appear, vers. 1. & 4. So chap. 17.3. the Beast and the Woman, that is to say, the Political Government, and the Ecclesiastick State; likewise chap. 16.13. and 19.20. the Beast, and the false Pro­phet; also the Beast and his Image, chap. 13.14. By the Beast we are to understand the Roman Antichristian Political State Power and Dominion. By the Woman, wh [...] is the Whore, the Image of the Beast, and the false Prophet, (in divers respects) w [...] are to understand the Roman Antichristian Ecclesiastick State, Church, Worship, an [...] Government. The Reason of this distincti­on is the two-fold Authority and Jurisdicti­on [Page 21]which the Beast exerciseth in the World, and in the Church; and therefore the Beast is said to rise from two places, to wit, out of the Sea, Chap. 13.1. and out of the Earth, vers. 11. and to have two Horns like the Lamb, chap. 13.11. that is to say, a two-fold Power, Political and Ecclesiasti­cal, both which was given unto the Beast by the Dragon, chap. 13.2. And the Dra­gon gave him his Power, and his Throne, and great Authority. Which Dragon is called the old Serpent, the Devil, and Satan, chap. 12.9. & 20.2. And he laid hold on the Dragon, that old Serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan.

By the Beast then in this verse, is meant the Roman Antichristian Politick and Ec­clesiastick State, Kingdom, Rule, Power, Dominion, Worship, and Government, [...]wit, the whole Complex Body of Anti­ [...]hrist, who hath his Power, Throne, and [...]eat Authority given unto him by the De­ [...]il, and doth by virtue thereof exercise [...]oth a Political and Ecclesiastical Govern­ment. And this Roman Politick and Ec­ [...]esiastick State, is that Antichrist who de­ [...]eth the Father and the Son, 1 John 2. [...]. and that Man of Sin, and Son of [...]rdition, 2 Thes. 2.3, 4, 9, 10. Who op­poseth [Page 22]and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, even that Beast that ascended out of the bottomless Pit, and goeth into Perdition, chap. 17.8, 11. As the Beast is the Object of the wrath of God, so the Seat of the Beast is the Subject upon which this fifth Vial of his wrath is poured out.

And the fifth Angel poured out his Vial upon the Seat of the Beast, vers. 10.

By the Seat of the Beast we are to under­stand the Place, even the principal place where the Beast doth exercise his Power and great Authority; which is Rome, and also all other great Cities where the Beast hath his Residence, his Throne, his Courts, and exerciseth his Grandeur and great Au­thority. The City of Rome is the seve [...] Mountains on which the Woman, that is, Mystical Babylon, sitteth, chap. 17.5, 9. And the Seat of the Beast being distinct from his Power and Authority, as it is, chap. 13.2. it must be interpreted of the place [...] the Beast's Residence, where his Throne [...] placed, and his Power and great Authori [...] is principally exercised.

The effects of this fifth Vial are four.

First, A great Eclipse of the Beast's fo [...] ­mer Greatness, Grandeur, and Glor [...] [Page 23] And his Kingdom was full of darkness; that is to say, The Beasts Kingdom and Domi­nion both in the Political and Ecclesiasti­cal part thereof was totally eclipsed, dark­ned, and clouded.

The second effect of this Vial will be the extremity of Rage that the worshippers of the Beast will fall into; And they gnawed their Tongues for pain.

The third effect of this Vial, will be their blasphemy against God; And they blasphemed God because of their pain and sores.

The fourth effect will be, an impenitent frame of hardness of heart; And they repen­ted not of their deeds.

So that although the Beast and some of his worshippers live, after his Kingdom and Dominion, both Political and Ecclesiasti­cal be destroyed, yet they repent not of their Idolatries, which causeth God to pro­ceed in his Judgments, and to pour out the 6th and 7th Vials upon them.

And the sixth Angel poured out his Vial up­on the great River Euphrates, vers. 12.

The Object of the wrath of God poured out of this Vial, is the River Euphrates.

There was a River that ran through Me­sopotamia unto old Babylon, which by way of Eminency, above all other Rivers, is [Page 24]called the great River, the River Euphra­tes, Gen. 15.18. Deut. 1.7. Josh. 1.4. unto which this may bear some allusion; be­cause what that natural River was to Mate­rial Babylon, this Metaphorical River is to Mystical Babylon. The principal benefits of a great River are two, viz. Revenue, Isa. 23.3. The Harvest of the River is her Revenue; and Strength, Isa. 8.7. The Wa­ters of the River strong and many, even the King of Assyria and all his glory.

By the great River Euphrates, here we are to understand that which is the Harvest of Babylons Revenue, and the Puissance of her strength at this juncture of time, when the Throne of the Beast, by the pouring out of the fifth Vial, was broken, and in a mea­sure destroyed. That the day of Gods great wrath will be upon the Merchandise of Ba­bylon, viz. her Merchandise of Gold and Silver, precious Stones and Pearls, Purple and Scarlet, Wine and Oyl, Corn and Cat­tel, Slaves and Souls of Men, is manifest, chap. 18.10, 11, 12, — 17. For in one hour so great Riches is come to nought. And by that Judgment of God upon Babylon, her great Revenue (which is one Stream of the great River) is dryed up.

But the strength of Mystical Babylon fi­gured [Page 25]forth by this great River Euphrates, (in this 12. verse) is the great Turk, and his numerous and mighty People; who will be at this juncture of time aiding and assist­ing the Beast, and Mystical Babylon, against Christ and his Zion; for which Cause God will pour out this Vial of his wrath upon both Turk and Pope, and upon all the Peo­ple and Multitudes, who are the Waters of this great River, chap. 17.15. And the Reason why I rather incline to this Opinion, (than the former) is, because all Expositors do interpret the great River Euphrates, chap. 9.14. to be the Turks. Now considering that this great River is mentioned but in those two places of this Book of the Reve­lation.

First, Under the sixth Trumpet, chap. 9.14.

And secondly, Under the sixth Vial, chap. 16.12.

I conceive it is most probable that one sort or Nation of People is intended in both places, to wit, the Turks, who then did, and now do inhabit about that great River Euphrates; and as the loosing of the four Angels which were bound in that great River, chap. 9.14. signifyed the Turks breaking in and over-running the Nations, [Page 26]as a Plague (following Antichrist) upon the Christian WORLD: So the drying up of the Water of this same great River, chap. 16.12. signifyeth the wasting and destroy­ing of the Turks Dominion, Power, and People, as a Plague upon them for stand­ing in the way of the LORD and his Peo­ple, and aiding, assisting, and helping his and his peoples Enemies, whom God hath purposed to destroy utterly; That the way of the Kings of the EAST might be prepa­red, vers. 12.

By the Kings of the East, we are to un­derstand the Jews, who are called Kings, because of the Kingly Dignity which God will put upon them in that day, Mich. 4.8. The Kingdom shall come to the Daughter of Jerusalem, Isa. 62.1, 2, 3. Thou shalt be a Crown of Glory in the Hand of the Lord, and a Rayal Diadem in the Hand of thy God.

And the Kings of the East, because they shall come from the East Countries, at least some of them, Isa. 43.5. I will bring thy Seed from the East, &c.

The way that is to be prepared for the Jews, is two-fold.

First, For their Conversion.

And secondly, For their return unto their [Page 27]own Land, by taking the stumbling-block out of their way, Isa. 57.14.

The Papists are a very great Stumbling-block unto the Conversion of the Jews; and the Turks are a great impediment unto their return unto their own Land, unto which God hath promised to bring them, Ezek. 37.21, 22, 25. and to that end God will have both these stumbling-blocks re­moved out of the way of his Antient People the Jews.

That which followeth in the 13, 14, 15, 16 verses of this Chapter, is not any pro­per effect of this Vial, nor any part there­of, but rather an interval of time betwixt the sixth and seventh Vials, wherein some remarkable things are to be transacted in order to the pouring forth of the seventh Vial, and therefore contain a praeparatory Vision thereunto.

In which Vision John saw three Embassa­dors or Agents sent from the Dragon, the Beast, and the false Prophet, to the Kings of the Earth.

The Dragon is that old Serpent called Sa­tan, which is the Devil, chap. 20.2. The Beast is the civil State or political Powers, which Beast rose out of the Sea, chap. 13.1. The false Prophet is the Ecclesiastical State, [Page 28] which is the Beast that rose out of the Earth, chap. 13.11. He is here called the false Prophet, because now he is unmasked, and his Vizard pluck't off, to wit, his pretend­ed likeness unto the Lamb, chap. 13.11. And now he is discovered to be that Decei­ver and false Prophet which was to come.

The three unclean Spirits like Frogs, vers. 13. are their Embassadors or Agents, called Spirits, for their subtilty and activity, and pretending to be spiritual men, and imploy­ed principally about Religious and Spiritual Affairs, (like Ahabs false Prophets, 1 King. 22.21, 22. who deceived the Kings of Israel and Judah, in perswading them to go up to Ramoth Gilead to Battel) and therefore are said to be Spirits of Devils, vers. 14. work­ing Miracles: as the Devil raised up false Christ's, and false Apostles; so he doth false Prophets, purposely to deceive the Kings of the Earth, and the Inhabitants of the Earth, that they may not receive the true Christ, believe the true Apostles, nor regard the Testimony of the true Prophets of the Lord.

Before John sets down the success of this their Negotiation, he writes a word of warn­ing, as it were a Parenthesis, vers. 15.

Behold I come as a Thief, &c. that is to [Page 29]say, suddenly and unexpectedly, as Mat. 24.43, 44. and 2 Pet. 3.10.

Blessed is he that watcheth for my coming, and keepeth his Garments white and clean, and fast girded unto him; lest he walk na­ked, and they see his shame, 1 Tim. 5.22. Jam. 1.27.

The succss of their Negotiation follow­eth, vers. 16. And he gathered them together into a place, called in the Hebrew Tongue, Ar­mageddon. He gathered them together, that is to say, the Dragon, which is the De­vil, by his Frogs, those unclean spirits, ga­thered them together, viz. the Kings of the Earth.

By Armageddon we are to understand the name of a place, which the Jews shall give after they have gotten some considerable victory over the Turks, and therefore cal­led it Armageddon, the place of destruction of an Army; which happily may have an [...]llusion unto that great destruction of the Ca­ [...]aanites at the Waters of Megiddo, Judg. [...].19. when Sisera the chief Captain of Jabin, with all his Hosts, fell by the hand of Deborah, and Barack, where was made [...]uch a total destruction, that it is said, Judg. [...].16. And the Host of Sisera fell upon the [...]dge of the Sword, and there was not a man [...]eft.

And such an universal destruction will be the effect of this Battel at Armageddon, chap. 19.20, 21.

And the seventh Angel poured out his Vi­al into the Air, &c. vers. 17.

The Object of this Vial is the Air, which notes the universality of the Subjects upon whom the wrath of God is poured out of this seventh Vial. The Air fills all places, no Subject can be more general then the Air.

By the Air, here we are to understand all Nations, Kingdoms, and People; all Places, Persons, and Things, that oppose the Kingdom, Worship, and Government of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his Sion, Isa. 60.12.

The Earth, Sea, Rivers, Sun, and Seat of the Beast's Kingdom is destroyed by the former Vials; And by this seventh Vial shall be destroyed all things whatsoever remains of Sathans Kingdom; Who is called, Ephes. 2.2. The Prince of the power of the Air.

The other six Vials were poured out upon their particular Objects, but this sevent [...] Vial is poured out into its Subject; which notes the spreading and dilating of it se [...] into every part of Satan's and the Beast' [...] Kingdom, for the utter destruction o [...] [Page 31]every thing therein that remained.

So then the wrath of God poured out of this Vial, will diffuse and spread over,

First, The whole Kingdom of Antichrist, or the Beast.

Secondly, The remaining Dominion and Kingdom of the Turks.

And thirdly, The whole Kingdom of the Dragon, that old Serpent, which is the Devil.

And when all these Enemies against Christ and his Kingdom shall be destroyed by the pouring out of this seventh Vial, then comes a great Voice out of the Temple of Heaven, (to wit, the Visible Church of God on Earth, restored unto her primitive Purity, and made glorious, Isa. 60.7, 12, 13, 14.) saying, It is DONE, chap. 10.6, 7. viz.

The Mystery of God is finished, as he hath declared to his Servants the Prophets. This Voice is Christ's, chap. 21.5, 6. He that sat upon the Throne, said unto me, It is DONE. This Voice is said to come from the Throne in the Temple of Heaven, in this 17. verse; that is to say, It came from Christ, who sat upon the Throne, chap. 21.5, 6. and implies now Christs Kingdom shall be set up, and he himself shall sit upon the Throne, chap. 3.21. and all his Saints with him.

And there were Voices, and Thundrings, and Lightnings; and there was a great Earth-quake, &c. vers. 18.

The like to this was the effect of the Wit­nesses rising, chap. 11.13. upon which Com­motions the tenth part of the City fell; so here by this great Earth-quake, the great City is divided into three parts, vers. 19. Fractions, or Divisions, note the utter ruine of the Roman-Antichristian-Politick-and-Ecclesiastick-State, Power, Domini­on, and Kingdom of the Beast; For a King­dom divided against it self cannot stand.

And the Cities of the Nations fell, verse 19. litterally, such Nations as come to help the Beast, and the Turk against the Lord and his People. Mystically by the Cities of the Nations, we may understand National Churches. The great Whore is called the great City; so the Harlots, who are her Daughters, chap. 17.5. are here called the Cities of the Nations. If the Catholick Church of Rome be the great City, then the National Romish Churches, may also be called the Cities of the Nations; which shall fall in the Day of the Lords contro­versie with all Nations, Hag. 2.22. and Jer. 25.30, 31, 32, 33.

And great Babylon came in remembrance before God, vers. 19.

By great Babylon here is primarily meant, Constantinople, the royal City of the great Turk.

And Secondarily, All his Principalities, Domininions, and Kingdom, prophesied of, Isa. 14.4, 5, 24, 25, 32.

Neither am I alone in this my Opinion, for Mr. Brightman and others are of the same Jugement. And my Reasons are,

1. Because the great City, and great Ba­bylon are contradistinguished one from the o­ther in this 19 verse, and therefore cannot the same.

2. Because great Babylon is said here to come in remembrance before the LORD, which cānot literally be applied to the City of Rome; for that was the Seat of the Beast, upon which the fift Vial was poured out; nor can it be mystically applyed unto the whole Kingdom of the Beast, for that had come in remembrance before the Lord, in pouring out the former five Vials.

3. Because the Turk hath been, is, and will be as great an Enemy against the Jews (especially in their return to their own Land) as the Pope hath been, is, and will be a­gainst the Gentile Saints; And whereas both Turk and Pope, together with the Kings and Nations of the Earth, being now at last [Page 34]all combined together, with all their For­ces against the LORD and his Saints, both Jews and Gentiles, they shall all drink of the Wine of the fierceness of Gods wrath, which shall be poured out of this seventh Vial without mixture of Mercy; chap. 19.19, 20, 21.

Every Island fled away, and the Mountains were not found, vers. 20.

By Islands and Mountains, here we may understand,

1. Places of hiding, and of security, Ezek. 39.6. Isa. 2.19, 21. and Hag. 2.6, 7, 22. But there will be no security not hiding, for every Island fled away, and the Mountains were not found, so that their ruine will be inevitable without any refuge or shelter.

2. By Islands we may understand such things as are separated from a common, un­to some sacred use, as Islands are separated from the main Land by Waters that go round about them. Such are all Popish Consecrated and Dedicated things, viz. Bi­shopricks, Deanaries, Cathedrals, Churches, Chapples, Priories, Nunneries, Church-Lands, and Revenues; all these, and all of these kinds shall be sequestred and ta­ken away from their Sacred, or rather Su­perstitions [Page 35]and Idolatrous uses, and resto­red unto a common and civil use, as be­fore any such Consecration, Dedication, Assignation, or Separation.

3. By Mountains, we may understand, the great Powers and Dominions of the Earth, the Monarchs and Monarchies of this WORLD, Zech. 4.7. Isa. 40.4. Jer. 51.25. These shall not be found; for they shall be broken and destroyed utterly, and they shall be made like the Chaff of the Summer Threshing-Floors, which the Wind carrieth away; Dan. 2.35. And no place was found for them.

And there fell upon men a great Hail out of Heaven, &c. Verse 21.

The Hail from Heaven signifies some more immediate Judgements and Plagues of God. Here may be some Allusion to the destruction of the Canaanites by great Hailstones from Heaven, Josh. 10.11. Or else this is that great Storm of Gods im­mediate Judgements threatned Prophetically against Gog in the Land of Magog, Ezek. 38.2, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23. And I will plead against him with an overflowing rain, and great Hailstones, fire and brimstone, &c.

And men blasphemed God, &c. Verse 21.

This is the Effect of Gods most just and [Page 36]righteous Judgements upon all his unpla­cable Enemies, they Blasphemed God. This was the Effect of the Plagues poured out of the Fift Vial, Verse 9, 11. which was the Beasts former practice, Chap. 13.6. The Beast was a Blasphemer from the Beginning, and so continues unto his End; He lives and dies in his Blas­phemies against God, and perisheth for ever.

Now as touching the Time, when these Seven Vials shall be poured out, though I have a very honorable esteem of those Godly and Learned Expositors of this Book of the Revelation, who are of opi­nion, that three or four of these Seven Vials are poured out already; Yet not­withstanding all that they have said, I con­fess I am not of their mind, out do rather think, That none of those seven Vials are yet poured out.

The Scripture-Grounds that I have to offer for my Opinion in this Point are these, Viz. 1. Because, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven is not opened, out of which Temple the seven Angels come forth with their seven golden Vials, Chap. 15.5, 6, 7. Which Temple I have proved before, to be the [Page 37]Heavenly State of the Church of God on Earth, restored in some Measure unto its Apostolical Constitutions, and primitive Pu­rity: which, when so, was called the the Temple of the Living God, 2 Cor. 6.16.

Let Christians consider, that none of the Seven Vials are to be poured out until the Temple be opened, that is to say, until the Church of God on Earth be restored in some measure unto its Apostolical Consti­tutions, and primitive Purity, which is not yet done, and therefore no Vial is yet poured out. 2. Because, Christ's Sackcloch Witnesses and Warriers must be slain, and raised, and the Seventh Trumpet sounded, before the Temple be opened, or any of the Seven Vials be poured out, Chap. 11.7, 11, 14, 15, 19.

But these things are not yet done, and therefore none of the Seven Vials are yet poured out. Let Christians consider, Are the Witnesses slain, before their Testimo­ny be finished? Verse 7. saith, When they shall have finished their Testimony, the Beast, that ascendeth out of the Bottomless Pit, shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them: And if these Witnes­ses and Warriers be slain, Are they Risen and ascended up to Heaven? (that is, to [Page 38]an Heavenly State and Dignity) and have their Enemies been enlightned to behold them? as is prophesied they shall, Verse 11, 12. Again, Hath the Seventh Angel sounded his Seventh Trumpet? as is pro­phesied Verse 15. which Angel must Sound his Seventh Trumpet before this Wrath come, Verse 18. I offer these three Reasons to the serious Consideration of Christians, why the Seventh Angel hath not Sounded his Seventh Trumpet, Viz. 1. The Mystery of God is not finished, which must be done when the Seventh An­gel begins to Sound his Trumpet, Chap. 10.6, 7. 2. The Second Wo is not Past until the Witnesses and Warriers be raised and ascended, which must be done before the Seventh Angel Sound his Trumpet, Chap. 11.11, 12, 14, 15. 3. Upon the Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet, The Kingdoms of this World do become the Kingdom of Christ and of his Anointed, Chap. 11.15. But this is not accomplish­ed, which argues that the Seventh Angel hath not Sounded his Seventh Trumpet, which Seventh Trumpet must usher in the Seven Vials, as the Seventh Seal did the Seven Trumpets, Chap. 8.1, 2, 6. whereby it is manifest that the Temple is not open­ed, [Page 39]nor any of the Seven Vials poured out.

And Thirdly, Because, Those Seven Vials contain the Seven last Plagues (Chap. 15.1. for in them is filled up the Wrath of God) which are Contemporary with the Victory, which the Saints shall get over the Beast, and over his Image, and over his Mark, and over the Number of his Name, Chap. 15.1, 2, 3, 4. Standing up­on a Sea of Glass mingled with Fire, and singing that Triumphant Song of the Lamb, Verses 3, 4. Which Victory the Saints have not yet Gotten, neither can they sing that Triumphant Song, and therefore none of the Seven Vials are yet poured out. Let Christians consider, 1. That the Seven last Plagues will utterly Ruin and Destroy Antichrist, Root and Branch, and that suddenly, Chap. 18.2, 8, 10, 17, 19. 2. That the Seven last Plagues contain that last Judgement of the great Whore (called Mystery Babylon) which doth precede the Marriage of the Lamb, Chap. 17.1. and 19.1, 2, 3, 7. 3. That the Seven last Plagues are the effects of the last War of the Beast and False Prophet, and the Kings of the Earth against the Lamb, our LORD Jesus Christ, and his Armies in Heaven, namely, his Saints who are Called, and Chosen, and [Page 40]Faithfull, Who having Overcome and got­ten the Victory over these Enemies of God, of Christ, and of his People, They pour out those Vials of the last Plagues of God Almighty upon them, chap. 17.13, 14. chap. 16.14. chap. 19.19, 20. and chap. 18.6, 7, 8. All which Argues that the Seven Vials of Gods last Plagues are not yet poured out. 4. Because the First An­gel hath not yet poured forth his Vial; And If the First Angel hath not poured forth his Vial, then the Second, Third, nor any of the Seven Angels have not poured forth any of their Vials. But that the First An­gel hath not poured out his Vial [besides what hath been said for the proof of my Opinion, the Reasons and Scripture-Grounds given for the same in general] I do humbly offer these following Argu­ments to prove. Viz. Though I Reve­rence those Godly and Learned Men, and Bless the Lord for their worthy Labours in the Expositions of the Book of the Revela­tion; Yet I cannot, (for the Reasons before gi­ven) consent with them who affirm that Wal­do, Wickliff, Husse, Luther, &c. are meant by the First Angel, that poured out the first Vial: nor can I be of their Opinion, who say by this Angel is meant, the Sweden [Page 41]Wars, nor the Long Parliament; nor any other Persons or Plagues, which have be­fallen the Antichristian Roman Political and Ecclesiastical State unto this Time: Because I see not the Effects of this First Vial accomplished upon the Earthly, Car­nal, and Worldly Interest of the grand Apostates of these Last Times. Which thing causeth me to continue in my Opini­on, both in general touching all the Seven [...] and in particular touching the First Vial, [...] I shall be convinced by Scrip­ture-Light, and sound Reason grounded thereon; Viz. That the First Angel hath not poured out his Vial.

1. Argument for the proof thereof is from chap. 18.21. Thus with violence shall that great City Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

I have already declared, that the Vials of the Last Plagues do contain that last Judgement of the great Whore (called Mystery Babylon) mentioned Chap. 18. And all Expositors of this Prophesie of the Revelation do affirm the same: which be­ing so, This Comparison chap. 18.21. holds especially in these two things; viz.

First; as a great Milstone cast into the Sea doth not sometimes sink, and another [Page 42]while swim; now falling down, and then rising again; Thus, or so When any of the Seven Angels pour out any of their Vials upon any part of the Roman Antichristian State of the Beast's Political and Ecclesi­astical Kingdom, that Part upon which the Vial is poured forth shall fall, perish, and rise no more; no nor be found no more at all, chap. 18.11, 14, 21.

Secondly, As a great Milstone cast into the Sea falls and sinks down irrecoverably unto the Bottom; Thus, or so when the First Angel hath poured out his Vial upon the Earth, the Second upon the Sea, the Third upon the Rivers, the Fourth upon the Sun, and the Fift upon the Seat of the Beasts Kingdom, Babylon (like a Milstone) sinks to the Bottom; that is to say, The ut­ter destruction of the Great Whore My­stery Babylon is suddenly effected by the pouring out of the Vials of the Last Plagues of the fierceness of the Wrath of God upon her, chap. 18.8, 10, 17, 19. for in one Hour she is made desolate. But we see not such Effects of any Plagues of God yet upon Babylon, and therefore con­clude, that the Seven Last Plagues or Vials are not any of them poured forth, no not the First of them.

2. Argument, that proves the First Vial is not yet poured out is, Because That noi­som and grievous Sore (which is the Effect of the First Vial) is not yet fallen upon the Men, which had the Mark of the Beast, and upon them that did worship his Image, chap. 16.2. For,

1. That noisom Sore will cause both all the Lovers and Friends of Babylon for ever to stand aloof, yea, after off from her, and from them that the Sore is on, to wit, Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Jesuits, Fryars, Monks, &c. And upon them that wor­shipped his Image; namely, all the Pa­pists, Crucifix-adorers, Image-worshipers, Cross-creepers, Altar-bowers, &c. chap. 18.10, 15, 17.

2. That grievous Sore will cause such exquisite Torment, and pain unto the Men that had the Mark of the Beast, and upon them which worshipped his Image, That the Smoke of their Torment ascend­eth up for ever and ever, chap. 14.9, 10, 11. and when the Kings of the Earth, the Merchants of the Earth, and the Ship­masters, Saylers, and all the Company of Ships, and as many as Trade by Sea, shall see the Smoke of her Burning, and the Torment of her Worshippers, they will [Page 44]stand afar off and Cry, Alas, alas! for in One Hour she is made Desolate, chap. 18.18, 19.

But there is no such notsom and grievous Sore fallen upon the Men, that had the Mark of the Beast, nor upon them that Worshipped his Image. The Popes, Car­dinals, Prelates, Priests, &c. nor the Papists, who worship Images, Crucifixes, Crosses, Altars, &c. have not been so tor­mented by any plagues of God, that the Smoke of their Torment hath Arcended for ever and ever; Nor have the Kings of the Earth, the Merchants of the Earth, nor they that Trade by Sea so seen the smoke of he [...] Burning, as to stand afar off for fear of he [...] Torment, Concluding and Confessing that in one hour she is made Desolate; Read ch. 18.9, 10, 15, 17, 18, 19. And therefore I again conclude, (being the more confirm­ed in my Opinion, by these Arguments) That the First Angel hath not yet poured out his Vial: And if the First Vial be not yet poured out, then none of the Seven Vials of the Last Plagues are as yet poured out.

And until these Seven Vials of the Last Plagues of God be all poured our, The Kingdom of the Antichrist will not be totally and finally Destroyed; nor will all [Page 45]the Kingdoms of this WORLD become the Kingdom of the LORD, and of his Saints: Th [...]gh there will be some considerable Beginnings of the Destruction of the King­dom of Antichrist, and of the Establishing of the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ before the last Vial be poured out.

Touching which Two Kingdoms, viz. of Antichrist, and of Christ, I have some­thing to offer in the Third Part of this lit­tle Treatise, which I judge meet for the Saints in this GENERATION to know: Into the right understanding whereof, the LORD guide my heart and yours by his Holy Spirit and Word to his Glory, that we may know what we ought to do in this DAY of our GENERATION. Amen, and Amen.

Apocalyptical MYSTER …

Apocalyptical MYSTERIES.

The Third Part. Touching the Kingdome of Antichrist, and the KINGDOME of CHRIST.

Rev. 11.15.

The Kingdoms of this WORLD are become the KINGDOM of our LORD and of his CHRIST, and HE shall REIGN for ever and ever.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1667.

Apocalyptical MYSTERIES. The Third Part. Touching the Kingdome of Antichrist, and the KINGDOME of CHRIST.

Rev. 11.15.

The Kingdoms of this WORLD are become the KINGDOM of our LORD and of his CHRIST, and he shall REIGN for ever and ever.

THe Seventh Angel mentioned in this verse is the Angel of the third WOE, denounced against the Inhabiters of he EARTH, chap. 8.13.9, 12. and 11.14. which third WOE containeth all those [Page 2]righteous Judgments of God that are to be executed upon Mystical BABYLON by pouring out of the Seven VIALS of the Last PLAGUES of Almighty God upon the KINGDOM of the BEAST, Where­upon the Kingdoms of this WORLD be­come the KINGDOM of CHRIST and and of his SAINTS for ever and ever.

By the Kingdoms of this WORLD, we may understand, 1. Ʋniversally, All the Kingdoms of the World, that are upon the face of the Earth: 2 Kings 19.15. Jer. 25.26. to wit, All Rule, Dominion, Power, and Government in all Nations, and Kingdoms of the WORLD. 2. Ge­nerally, All the Kingdoms of the DOMI­NION of Nebuchadnezzar King of BA­BYLON, Jer 34.1. and Dan. 2.37, 38. also of Cyrus King of Persia, Ezra 1.2. and Dan. 2.39. likewise of Alexande [...] the Great, King of Grecia, Dan. 8.8, 9, 10, 21, 22. and Dan. 11.3. and 2.39. and lastly of the Caesars, the Kings of the Romans, which is the fourth Kingdom o [...] Monarchy of this WORLD, Dan. 2.40, 41, 42. Dan. 7.23, 24, 25. 3. Specially. All the Nations, Languages, Kingdoms, and People that are under the DOMINI­ON, Rule, Power, Government and [Page 3]Kingdom of ANTICHRIST, the Man of SIN, and Son of PERDITION, 2 Thess. 2.3, 4. to wit, the BEAST of the EIGHT Head, with two HORNS, Who ascended out of the Bottomless PIT, and shall go into PERDITION, chap. 17.8, 11. to­gether with All the Dominions, Rule, Au­thority, Power, and Government of all the ten Kings, who received their Power one hour (that is, at the same Time) with the BEAST, and have given their Power and Strength unto the BEAST, chap. 17.12, 13. These are the Kingdoms of this WORLD; which shall become the KING­DOM of our LORD, and of his CHRIST.

That which doth Concern the Saints in this GENERATION to know, touch­ing the Kingdoms of this WORLD, is, 1. How they became the Kingdoms of AN­TICHRIST; and 2. How they shall become the Kingdom of CHRIST.

To that End, let the Saints Consider,

First, The Kingdoms of this WORLD, to wit, the Assyrio—Chaldean Monarchy, the Medio—Persian Monarchy, the Grecian— Monarchy, and the Roman—Monarchy had their Dominions and Kingdoms given them by the God of Heaven, Jer. 34.1. Dan. 2.37, 38, 39, 40. Ezra 1.2. Who [Page 4]have by the Succession of Divine Provi­dence had and exercised their Dominion, Power, and Authority over all Nations, People, and Languages under their Go­verment; Under whose Yoke and Dominion God for the sins of his people Israel put them also and their Kings, Deut. 28.15, 25. Jer. 27.6, 7, 8, 11, 12. Ezek. 17.12, 13, 14. Dan. 2.37, 38, 39, 40. Ezra 1.2. Rom. 13.1-7.

Secondly, The Fourth Kingdom or Mo­narchy, which is the Roman-Monarchy, or Kingdom of the Caesars in the dayes of our Saviour and his Apostles, was God's ORDINANCE of Magistracy, and those higher POWERS unto which all the Saints, and every Soul who lived under the Roman Government, ought to be Sub­ject for Conscience sake, Rom. 13.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

The Apostle Paul would not have ex­horted Titus to put the Saints in mind to obey Magistrates, (as he did, Tit. 3.1.) if there had been no Magistrates then in Being: or if they had been Ʋsurpers, and not God's Ordinance.

Why did the Apostle Peter, writing to the Saints (scattered through Pontus, Gala­tia, Capadocia, Asia, and Bythinia) ex­hort [Page 5]them, 1 Pet. 2.13, 14. To submit themselves unto every Ordinance of Man for the Lords sake, whether it be to the King as Supream, or unto Governours, as unto them that are sent by him, &c. verse 15. for so is the will of God, &c. if the Caesars, Kings, and Governours then in Being, were not Lawfull Powers, had no lawfull Authority, nor were the ORDINANCE of God, as well as they were the Ordinance of Man?

Let it be also well and seriously Consi­dered, first, That Christ and his Disci­ples called the then Roman Powers, Magi­strates, Luke 12.11, 58. and Acts 16.19, 20, 21, 22. Secondly, That the Apostle exhorted the Saints to pray for Kings (in their Church-Assemblies) and for all that then were in Authority, 1 Tim. 2.1, 2. Thirdly, That our Saviour and his Apostles did submit themselves unto the Roman-Cae­sats, Kings, and Governours then in Power, paid them Tribute or Custom, Matth. 17.24, 25, 26. and commanded the Saints so to do, and to continue in so do­ing, Rom. 13.5, 6, 7.

Thirdly, The Roman-Power, and Poli­tical-Government of the Caesars, Kings, and Governours of the fourth Monarchy [Page 6]or Kingdoms of this WORLD; became An­tichristian, and the Kingdom of Antichrist, when the Beast received his Power, his Seat and great Authority from the Dragon, Rev. 13.2. that old Serpent, which is the Devil, chap. 20.2. and exercised that Power, both Tyrannically over the Estates and Persons of Men, and Coercively over the Consciences of Men and Women, Causing all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to subject themselves unto the Beast and his Image, and to receive his Mark, Name, and Number, and to Worship the Beast, or else they must neither buy nor sell, but be Killed, Rev. 13.16, 17.

This POWER of Antichrist, which the Devil gave him, was signified unto John by a BEAST with two HORNS like a Lamb, Rev. 13.11. Horns do signifie Power and Authority in the Prophesies of Scripture, Zech. 1.18, 19, 20, 21. Hab. 3.4. and Dan. 8.20, 24, 25. and two Horns, imply a twofold Power and Authority, to wit, Po­litical and Ecclesiastical; these two Horns are said to be like the Lamb, because the Beast pretends to have both his Political, and Ecclesiastical POWER and great Au­thority from Christ, and to exercise both [Page 7]for Christ; whereas indeed HE had his Throne, his Power and great Authority from the Dragon, the Devil and Sathan, chap. 23.2. and doth exercise it against Christ and his Saints, chap. 11.7. and 13.15, 16, 17.

This Politick and Ecclesiastick POWER is the same POWER, that the ten Kings of the Roman-Kingdom received also ONE HOUR with the Beast, that is to say, at the same Time, when the Beast received his Antichristian POWER from the DRA­GON, chap. 17.12. Which mixt Politi­cal and Ecclesiastical Power the ten Kings or Kingdoms do exercise for the BEAST against CHRIST and his Saints, chap. 17.13, 14. and chap. 19.19, 20, 21. unto their own Destruction.

Now assoon as this Antichristian Beast with his ten Horns was risen out of the SEA, to wit, the troubles, tumults, con­fusions, and divisions of the Roman-Em­pire, when by the WARS of the Barbari­ans the Roman-Empire was dissipated into ten Kingdoms; At which Time also this same Beast with his two Horns, is said to Rise out of the EARTH, that is to say, out of the Apostacy of an earthly-minded CLERGY; who departed from the [Page 8] FAITH, as was afore Prophesied, 1 Tim. 4.1, 2, 3. should come to pass in the latter Dayes. I say, from that Time, the Ro­man-Monarchy, and Political Govern­ment of the fourth Kingdom ceased (though not to be a Kingdom, and to have a Power, a Throne, and great Authority, yet) to be a lawfull POWER, and an OR­DINANCE of God: And therefore ought not to be obeyed, nor submitted unto by any of the Saints of God, neither in any Civil or Ecclesiastical Commands; for that is to WORSHIP the BEAST, or his IMAGE.

Let the Saints consider, 1. That those, who shall Reign with Christ, have not WORSHIPPED the Beast, chap. 20.4.2. As it was dangerous to WORSHIP the Beast a little after his Rise, chap. 8.7, 13. so it will be damnable to WORSHIP the Beast a little before his fall, chap. 14.8-12.3. Those that shall stand with the Lamb upon Mount Sion, with his Fathers Name in their Fore-heads, and learn to Sing that New SONG before the Throne, chap. 14.1, 3. are such Saints as have gotten the Vi­ctory over the Beast, and over his Image, &c. chap. 15.2, 3.

So then I conclude from what hath been [Page 9]said, upon Scripture-Grounds, touching the Kingdoms of This WORLD becoming the Kingdom of ANTICHRIST,

That the Saints in this GENERATION ought not to Obey, nor to submit themselves unto the Roman-Antichristian-Politick and Ecclesiastick-POWER, Rule, Authority, Dominion, and Government of the BEAST, nor of the ten Kings or Kingdoms, who have given their POWER and Strength unto the Beast.

The second thing which I judge necessa­ry for the Saints in this GENERATION to know, is, How the Kingdoms of this WORLD shall become the KINGDOM of CHRIST.

God shewed unto his Prophet Daniel in his VISIONS of the Night, how the King­doms of the WORLD should become the KINGDOM of Christ, Dan. 2.34.35, 44, 45. Dan. 7.13, 14, 18, 22, 26, 27. Viz.

First, The Kingdoms of the WORLD shall be broken in pieces by a STONE cut out of the MOUNTAIN without hands, Dan. 2.34, 35, Which STONE is Christ, Plal. 118.22. Matth: 21.42. and 1 Pet. 2.4, 6. and also the Churches of Saints, his Jerusalem, called a Burthensom Stone, Zech. 12.3.

The Kingdoms of this WORLD shall be broken in pieces; first, by falling upon the Stone, viz. Christ and his People, Luke 20.17, 18. Whosoever shall fall upon that STONE shall be broken, Zech. 12.3. In that DAY I will make Jerusalem a burthensom STONE; All that burthen themselves with it shall be cut in pieces. Secondly, The King­doms of this WORLD shall be broken in pieces by the STONE, to wit, Christ and his Peoples falling upon them, Matth. 21.44. But on whomsoever this STONE shall fall, it will grinde them to Powder: and Jer. 51, 19, 20-24. Thou art my Battle-AXE, and Weapons of WAR; for with thee will I break in pieces the Nations, and with thee will I destroy Kingdoms.

The Mystery of the STONE smiting the Fourth Kingdom upon his FEET of Iron and Clay, and breaking them in Pieces, was expounded unto the Prophet, Dan. 7.17, 18. But the Saints of the Most High shall take the KINGDOM, and possess the Kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever, Dan. 7.24, 25, 26. But the Judgement shall sit, and they shall take away his Dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the End: read Isa. 60.12.

Secondly, The Kingdoms of this WORLD, being broken in pieces by the STONE fal­ling [Page 11]upon them, The STONE will become a great MOUNTAIN, and fill the Whole EARTH, Dan. 2.35. that is to say, Christ and his Saints shall have the DOMINION in all the EARTH, Dan. 7.11, 12, 13, 14. And I beheld till the BEAST was slain, and his BODY destroyed, &c. As concerning the REST of the Beasts, they had their DO­MINION taken away, &c. Behold ONE like the SON of Man, &c. And there was given him DOMINION and Glory, and a KINGDOM, that all People, Nations, and Languages should serve him, &c. Also Dan. 7.26, 27. But the Judgement shall sit, and they shall take away his DOMINION, &c. And the KINGDOM and Dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven, shall be given to the People of the Saints of the Most High, &c.

As the WAY for the KINGDOM of Christ and his Saints to be set up, is made by the Breaking in pieces the Kingdoms of this WORLD, Isa. 60.12. For the Na­tion and Kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish, yea, those Nations shall be utterly wasted: So the Kingdom of Christ and his Saints shall be inlarged and established: 1. By the Conversion of Sinners, both Jews and Gentiles unto Christ, Isa. 60.3, 5, 8, [Page 12]10, 11, 14, 15. and Isa. 66.8. and Rom. 11.25, 26, 27. 2. By the Pouring out the SPIRIT upon all Flesh, Joel 2.28. Isa. 44.3, 4, 5. 3. By the UNION of all the Saints, Zeph. 3.9. and Zech. 14.9. The LORD shall be KING over all the EARTH, in that DAY there shall be ONE Lord, and his Nome ONE. And 4. By the RESTITUTION of all things, Acts 3.20, 21. and Isa. 1.26. I will Restore thy Judges as at the first, Isa. 60.17. and Isa. 49.6. It is a light thing that thou shouldest be my Servant to raise up the Tribes of Jacob, and to RESTORE the preserved of Israel, &c. And then the Whole CRE­ATION shall be delivered from the BON­DAGE of Corruption, and Restored into the Glorious LIBERTY of the Children of God, Rom. 8.19, 21, 23.

That which the Saints of God in this GENERATION are to know, touching the KINGDOM of Christ, are these things following, Viz.

1. That the KINGDOM of our LORD Jesus is not of this WORLD, Joh. 18.36. Nor is it of a Worldly Constitution; but it is a spiritual and heavenly Kingdom, 2 Tim. 4.18. and will be a glorious State, Isa. 60.1, 2, 15, 19, 21, 22. of a NEW [Page 13] Heaven, and of a NEW Earth, wherein dwells Righteousness, 2 Pet. 3.13. which is the State of the Holy City, the NEW Jerusalem, that cometh down from God out of Heaven, Rev. 21.1, 2. Then shall they call Jerusalem the THRONE of the LORD, Jer. 3.13, 17. which NEW Jerusalem God will make a PRAISE in the EARTH, Isa. 62.2, 3, 7. An eternal Ex­cellency, and the joy of many Generations, Isa. 60.14, 15.

2. This KINGDOM of Christ is the THRONE of his Father David, Isa. 9.7. and Luke 1.32, 33. which Throne Solomon his Son (who was a Type of Christ) sat up­on, when he reigned over all the Kingdoms that God gave to him, 1 Kings 4.21. Up­on whose THRONE our LORD Jesus Christ shall sit, and Reign over all the Kingdoms of the WORLD, Who is the onely POTENTATE, the KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords, 1 Tim. 6.14. who shall be KING of all the EARTH, Zech. 9.14. with whom the Saints shall Reign on EARTH, and shall Rule and Govern the Nations, (not by the Laws of Men, but) by the Laws of God; Which are true Laws, right Judgements, and good Statutes, Nehe­miah 10.13, 14. For Christ our LOKD, [Page 14]and Judah his People is our Law-Giver, Isa. 33.22. and Psal. 101.8. The Kingdom shall come to the Daughter of Jerusalem, and the first DOMINION to the Daughter of Sion. Mich. 4.7, 8. And out of Sion shall go forth the Law, Mich. 4.1, 2, 3-7.

Thirdly, This KINGDOM of our LORD will begin before the Kingdoms of this WORLD End, Dan. 2.44. In the Dayes of these Kings (to wit, the ten Kings of the Fourth Monarchy and Kingdom of the Beast) shall the God of Heaven set up a KING­DOM; which is the Kingdom of Christ, Dan. 7.13, 14. Then will our LORD Je­sus Christ take unto him his great POWER and Reign, Rev. 11.15, 17, 18. At which the Nations will be angry, and the Heathen will Rage, The Kings of the EARTH will set themselves, and the Rulers of this WORLD will take Counsel together against the LORD, and against his Christ; Yet God will set his KING upon his Holy HILL of Sion, and will give him the Heathen for his Inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the EARTH for his Possession. Psal. 2.1-8. And the LORD shall REIGN over them in MOUNT-Sion, from henceforth even for ever, Mich. 4.7, 8.

Fourthly, Though the KINGDOM of [Page 15] Christ shall begin before the Kingdoms of this WORLD End; And though all the Kingdoms of this WORLD shall become the KINGDOM of our LORD Jesus Christ; Yet the great Glory and Perfection of Christs Kingdom shall be in the WORLD to COME. Then shall ALL things be put in SUBJECTION under the Feet of Christ, Hebr. 2.5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Which World to COME is contradistin­guished from the WORLD that NOW IS, Mat. 12.32. Called this WORLD, in di­stinction from that WORLD, Luke 20.34, 35, 36. The Apostle also speaketh of the DOMINION of this WORLD, Eph. 1.21. and of the POWER of the WORLD to COME.

The WORLD to COME is not that eter­nal State of God's Kingdom of GLORY in Heaven; but it is the glorious and spiritual State of the KINGDOM of Christ on EARTH, Heb. 2.5. That same WORLD, even THAT, that is to COME; to wit, The inhabited WORLD to Come, wherein the PEOPLE of God shall build Houses, and inhabit them, according to Gods Promise, in that day, when he will Create New Hea­vens, and a new Earth, Isa. 65.17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25. and Amos 19.11, 14. And shall [Page 16]build up the Tabernacle of David, &c.

Fifthly, The Dominion and Govern­ment of the KINGDOM of Christ on EARTH shall be given to the Saints, Dan. 7.27. and be Managed by them accor­ding to the Laws of Christ; and to that End the Saints, (who shall Reign with Christ on Earth) shall be rarely Qualified, and fit­ted for that Kingdom, Work, and Kingly Government: for, 1. They shall be all Righteous, Isa. 60.21. They shall do no Iniquity, Zeph. 3.13. They shall be with­out Fault before the THRONE of God, Rev. 14.5. 2. The Saints shall be SPIRI­TED for Government, Isa. 28.5, 6. Con­stituted Government, Rev. 5.9, 10. and strengthned for Governing, Zech. 12.5, 8. and Isa. 45.24, 25. 3dly, and Lastly, The Saints shall be cloathed with Humility, so that they shall Cast down their Crowns at the Feet of Christ, their KING, Rev. 4.10, 11. Exalting HIM alone, ch. 5.9, 10. And they shal be Endued with Courage, Clad with Zeal, and Girded with Strength and Truth, that they may binde Kings in Chains, and Nobles in Fetters of IRON, and Execute upon them the JUDGMENT written, Luke 19.27. This HONOUR have all his SAINTS, Psal. 149.1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9. which [Page 17]was Prophesied of Jer. 51.19-24. Thou art my Battle-Axe and Weapon of WAR, for with thee will I break in pieces the Nations, and with thee will I destroy Kingdoms, and with thee will I break in pieces Captains and RULERS, &c. Also Zech. 12.5, 6. In that DAY will I make the GOVERNORS of Judah like a Hearth of Fire among the Wood, and like a Torch of Fire in a Sheaf, and they shall devour all the PEOPLE (the Enemies of Christ) round about.

Sixthly, The Gospel of this KINGDOM of Christ shall be preached in all the WORLD for a WITNESS to all NATI­ONS, Mat. 24.14. And therefore the King­dom of Christ cannot be set up in any Na­tion until the GOSPEL of the King­dom be first preached in that Nation; And then that NATION, Kingdom, or PEO­PLE, which do believe the GOSPEL of the Kingdom preached unto them, and are made WILLING (in the DAY of God's POWER, Psal. 110.3.) to Admit the Saints to RULE and GOVERN that Nati­on according to the LAWS of our LORD and KING Jesus, shall become the Kingdom of Christ: But that Nation, Kingdom and People, which will not receive the TESTI­MONY of the Kingdom of Christ, but re­ject [Page 18]the WITNESS of the Gospel, and Kill the WITNESSES of Christ, shall be utterly Wasted, and Destroyed, Isa. 60.12. And our LORD Jesus Christ will put down all RULE, all AUTHORITY, and all POWER, that are his Enemies, and wil [...] not Submit unto his DOMINION, 1 Cor. 15.24, 25. and Luke 19.27.

Seventhly, WHEN this Kingdom of [...] LORD is Established on EARTH, wi [...] POWER and great GLORY, and all th [...] Kingdoms of this WORLD are become the KINGDOM of Christ; The Thousand Years of the Reign of Christ and his Saints being Expired and Ended, Then Will Christ come again, and all the Saints with HIM, Zeph. 14.5. and 1 Thes. 4.15, 16, 17, 18. then will be the General RESUR­RECTION, and the Last JUDGMENT, 1 Cor. 15.22, 23. and Rev. 20.4, 12, 13, 14. Which being past, Christ shall deliver up the Kingdom unto God the Fa­ther, that GOD may be ALL in ALL, 1 Cor. 15.24, 25, 28.


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