A COPY of the Late King James II. HIS LETTER TO THE Convention in Scotland.


To the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, the Commis­sioners of Shires and Burroughs of Our antient Kingdom of Scotland, met or to meet at Our good Town of Edinburgh.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

WHereas We have been informed, that you the Peers and Representatives of Shires and Bur­roughs of that Our antient Kindom, were to meet together at Our good Town of Edinburgh some time in this Instant March, by the Ʋsurped Authority of the Prince of Orange, We think fit to let you know, that as we have at all times Relied upon the Faithfulness and Affection of you Our ancient People, so much that in Our greatest Misfortunes here­tofore We had Recourse to your Assistance, and that with good success to Our Affairs; so now again We require of you to support Our Royal Interest, and expecting from you what becomes Loyal and Faithful Subjects, Generous and Ho­nest men, that you will neither suffer your selves to be cajoled nor frightned into any Action misbecoming true-hearted Scots­men: [Page 2] and that to support the Honour of the Nation, you will contemn the base Example of disloyal men, and eternize your Names by a Loyalty suitable to the many Professions you have made to Us. In doing whereof, you will chuse the safest part; since thereby you will evite the Danger you must needs undergo, the Infamy and Disgrace you must bring upon your selves in this World, and the Condemnation due to the Rebellious in the next; and you will likewise have the oppor­tunity to secure to your selves, and your Posterity, the Graci­ous Promises We have so often made of securing your Religions, Laws, Properties, Liberties, and Rights; which we are still re­solved to perform, as soon as it is possible for Us to meet you safely in a Parliament in that Our ancient Kingdom.

In the mean time fear not to declare for Us the Lawful So­veraign, who will not fail in Our part, to give you such speedy and powerful Assistance, as shall not only inable you to defend your selves from any Forreign Attempt, but put you in a Con­dition to assert your Right against Our Enemies, who have depressed the same, by the blackest of Usurpations, the most Unjust, as well as most Unnatural of Attempts; which Al­mighty God may for a time permit, and let the Wicked pros­per, yet the End must bring Confusion upon such Workers of Iniquity. We further let you know, That we will Pardon all such as shall Return to their Duty before the last Day of this Month inclusive [...] And that we will punish with the rigour of Our Laws, all such as shall stand out in Rebellion against Us, or Our Authority. So not doubting that you will De­clare for Us, and Suppress whatever may oppose Our Interest: And that you will send some of your Number, with an Ac­count of your Diligence, and the Posture of Our Affairs there, We bid you heartily Farewel.

Given on Board the St. Michael, the First of March, 1689; and of Our Reign the Fifth Year.
By His Majesty's Command. MELFORT.

London: Printed for R. Baldwin, near the Black Bull in the Old-Bailey. 1689.

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