My dearly beloued Friends and Brethren whom the Lord hath reached unto, and visited with his heavenly power, by which you have boen gathered to himself to eat of the finest of the Wheat.

MY love once more in the Covenant of Eternal life, and love is to you all, being often in my remembrance night and day, with sufferings with you who suffer, and with pray­ers to the Almighty God that you may all stand fast, ha­ving your loins girt about with truth, and shod with the power of the Almighty, that no bryers nor thorns may stop nor hinder you in the passage to your good Land, but go through them in the hea­venly seed, that none of you may want bread, nor water to drink, For God hath set open his Heavenly Fountain of living Waters [...]or all his Children to drink at, but old Belial and his sons would stop these living streams, that the Sons of God might not be re­freshed to stand against all his fiery darts and temptations; for Friends it is the injoyment of the sweet presence of God, which will incourage you all to stand, not forsaking the assembling of your selves together, to worship the Lord as the Saints used to do in the primitive times, for we are come blessed be God, to the primitive spirit, the spirit of Christ, which was in the primitive worshippers, by which they worshipped God, for which they went through ma­ny sufferings as may be read at large in the Scripture, and suffered joyfully the spoiling of their goods, they knowing a better and a more induring substance, thus it is that muny of us are come to the same stage for the same testimony, and the Devil hath a desire to try us, and many of his slaves is running up and down like Sauls to per­secute the Saints, Well we are Ingaged for the truth, and our peace with God we prize above all, and they have nothing to charge us with justly but for worshipping God, for we wish well for the Goverment and all souls, that we under them might live a peacea­ble life in all honesty and Godliness which seems to be so struck at, and Vice to grow: Well the God of Heaven hath given us an [Page 2] [...]nderstanding, and a measuring line, and an eye to see with, by which we see, measure and understand what the effect of these things will be, that God will render vengeance in flames of fire, upon un­godly men, and all who hold truth in unrighteousness, for alas 'tis a vain thing for our enemies to think to affright us by robbing and spoyling of us, for our estates and lives, though pretious to us, yet nothing in comparison of the pretious injoyment of the living pre­sence of the dreadful God, before whom all men must give an ac­count, where all Faces shall gather paleness, whose hands hath been imbrewed in the blood of sufferings of his own seed, so my fear friends every where my love and life doth flow forth dearly to you, and the Lord arm you all with patience and boldness and let all these things drive you nearer and nearer to your beloved, and let [...]one murmure and say the Lord delayeth his coming, for God will come and plead the cause of his own seed, and none to save self by [...]ndirect means, but seek to please your maker, you that honour God God will honour, and keep together in all your meetings, as sheep [...]one fold, for the Devil would scatter you whom God hath gathe­ [...]ed, and feed of the living bread, and keep clear in your under­ [...]tandings minds and spirits, out of reasoning with flesh and blood, [...]hat no vail may come over any in which the enemy lodges, and [...]he Lord sanctifie you all to himself, that you may be like the sheep [...]rom Mount Gilead every one bearing twain, that there may be no [...]orah nor Demas amongst us not none like the rich man, who went way sorrowful when he was to deny all for Christ; but that you [...]ay be like Daniel, and the three Children, and the holy Apostles, when they charged them to speak no more in Christs name, would [...]ot obey, but chused rather to obey God, let this be your choice, [...]nd Ages and generations to come will bless God for you, as we [...]ave done for them who are gone before us; so continue in the faith [...]nd love, and the Lord exalt righteousness in the Earth, and lay low [...]e Kingdom of sin, for Babilon must fall, and the Lamb must reign [...]nd doth reign in many which is the cause the Devil is so eager, for [...]e Flesh wars against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the Flesh, [Page 3] so live in the Spirit, and grow in it, and the wonderful counsello [...] preserve you single hearted, and keep you over all storms, for [...] calm will come again, and the joy of the Lord which is as the joy of the Harvest fill all your Souls with joy and peace in believing, and the Lords blessings and peace rest and remain, with and amongst you all, for ever and ever, Amen.

Your Friend and Brother in the Heavenly Seed, Stephen Hubbersty.

Let this be read in your Meetings every where.


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