Walter Gibson, Merchant in Glasgow, to such persons as are desirous to Transport themselves to Ame­rica, in a Ship belonging to him, bound for the Bermu­das, Carolina, New-Providence, and the Caribby-Islands, and ready to set Sail out of the River of Clyd, against the 20. of February in this instant year, 1684.

TO such as are willing to Transport themselves, with design to settle in Carolina, if they be able to pay for their Passage and Entertain­ [...]ent at Sea, and making the Voyage; The said Walter Gibson is content [...] Transport them at the rate of five Pound Sterling for each Man or Wo­ [...]an, and fifty Shillings Sterling for every Child, from two to fourteen years [...] age; and those under two years of age for nothing. And the Persons [...]at are thus Transported, when they come to Carolina, are to have from the [...]overnment there, settled upon them and their Heirs for ever; if they be [...]asters, seventy Aikers of Ground for themselves, and as much for every Child and Servant they take over with them, paying one Penny Sterling per annum for every Aiker: The payment of which Rent is not to begin till [...]eptember 1689. till which time they are to pay nothing. And the Ser­ [...]ants such Masters take over, after they have Served four years, are to have [...]rom the Government, to them and their Heirs; for the like Quit-rent per an­ [...]um fifty Aikers to each of them.

II. To such as are desireous to Transport themselves to the said Colony of Carolina, and are not able to pay their Passage; If they be Trads-men, who have past their Apprentiship in any Handy-craft: The said Walter Gibson is content to Transport them on his own Charges, they obliging themselves to Serve him three years, during which time he will furnish them sufficiently with Meat, Cloaths and other necessaries. At the issue of the time of their Service, they are to have settled upon them and their Heirs from the Govern­ment, each of them fifty Aikers of Ground, they paying one Penny Sterling per Aiker yearly, as above. And all others, Men or Women, from eighteen to fourty five years of age, they obliging themselves to Serve him four years; and those under eighteen years of age, they Serving him five years: at the issue of which, they are to have each of them fifty Aikers of Ground ut supra, and their Meat, Cloathes and other Necessaries, during the time of their Ser­vice.

III. The said Walter Gibson will give his best advice to all such as will Trans­port themselves, anent these things, which will be necessary for them, to carry alongst with them; and hath at Glasgow Patterns of some Tools which are used there, which shall be shewed to them. And these who go in this Vessel will have the occasion of the good company of several sober, discreet Persons, who intend to settle in Carolina, will dwell with them, and be ready to give good advice, and assistance to them in their choice of their Plantations; whose So­ciety will be very helpful and comfortable, especially at their first setling there.

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