[...] Great and Wonderful PROPHECIES, OF

  • Mr. Patridge,
  • Mr. Coly,
  • Mr. Tanner, and
  • Mr. Andrews.

Predicting what may befall this CLIMATE of ENGLAND And other Kingdoms, for this year 1689 With the Account of the memorable Eclipses, and their Signification, with other remarkable matters worthy of Note.

[...] [...]ee May Turne his Wrath Away ☞ greate Wonders and Str [...] [...]

The Great and Wonderful PROPHECIES, OF Mr. Patridge, Mr. Coly, Mr. Tanner, &c.

TIs no wonder, if so many strange Events and Accidents are hidden from the fore-sight of Man-kind, since so few addict themselves to the understanding the Caelestial Intelligences, in their sundry Aspects, Motions, Conjun­ctions and Configurations, seeing by them as by the Monitors of Hea­ven, are pointed out the Rise and Decay of Empires, Kingdoms, and States, Wars, Plague, Famine, Fire, Losses, and the like, which the more judicious frequently fore-see; and which, by a true and timely Repentance may be averted, and the Almighty Hand stay'd, ever then when it is lifted up to give the Fatal Stroke, as appears by the Ninevites Humiliation, David's opposing himself to the destroying Angel, Hezekia's Prayer, that delivered him from appointed Death, and many other Examples found in Holy Writ, and other Warrantable Records, &c. But not to be tedious in the Begin­ning, I now Proceed to give the Reader the Sum of the Predicti­ons, Prophecies, or Prognostications, for the Year, 1689. As I find them set down by these Four most Learned and Judicious Astrolo­gers; whose heitherto approved Truths fore-told, have struck the World with no small Wonder and Amazement.

[Page 2] This Year, says Mr. Patridge,
BEgins with no Extraordinary Action, but Great Councils and Consultations, which may be hoped to very Good Purpose; for at the Post-ventional New Moon; Two Days after its Ingress, the Moon applyes to the Sextile of Saturn, to which may be added the Conjunction of the Fortunes & the Sextile of the Sun & Saturn, which in the Starry Dialects, are Arguments of a Quiet and Peace­able Time; and much better (perhaps) than expected, for there are very Emergencies, Good or Bad, that happen in the World, but have some Manifestation from the Configuration of the Hea­vens; and they from the Beginning of the Year, till towards the Spring, seem to Denote nothing less than a Stabilitie of Worldly Affairs, were not the two Infortanes Stars, so called, possited in a Head-strong, Malicious, and Treacherous Sign; however the Bene­volent Positions of the Favourable Planets, Mittigate the Evil pretended, from whence we may clonclude, and hope for better Things than many ill Spirited Persons desire; Though to other Countrys, under their Influence to Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, threatned Rebellious Mutinies, War, Falshood, Perjury, Ʋiolation, or Breach of Leagues, between Neighbouring Princes, Dissensions, Controversies, Murthers, with Backbitings amongst Relations; some siding with one Party or Country, and some with another; having thus discoursed of the first part of the Year; he proceeds to the second.

Saturn, says Mr. Coly.
BEing in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Aquarius; it is an ill Wind that blows no body profit: Things seem to be in a moderate good Posture; many cry out for Justice and plead much Loyalty, some sticking of an Old Nature, falls in the Quadrate of Saturn, & Mars threatens a Foot of subtile aged persons, and usually produces ma­ny [Page 3]strange Effects; and this following the Suns Ingress, some M [...] ­levolent Malady is to be feared, and the Aspects being for the m [...] part Partamicable, seem thereby to promise Ʋnity, Concord, G [...] Agreement, &c. And the Position of Jove in Aquarius, Denotes A [...] vancement of Worthy Men of the Long Robe, so that we have cau [...] to hope well, notwithstanding the Endeavours of some Wick [...] Persons to hinder our Tranquilitie; and towards the Close of t [...] Spring, hope to hear Good News, even such as will prove grates [...] to all honest Minds. From the Spring, proceeding to Summer, [...] says various Actions and Effects will be produced throughout E [...] rope, and we may wait to see the Operation of Great Things, whic [...] are promised in Forreign Parts, and such, perhaps, that many yea [...] before have not produced; for Jove falling Retrogade into Pisce [...] in Trine, and great Reception with Ʋenus; with many other favourable or friendly Configurations, from whence we may Naturall expect as propitious Influences; for in any ingress of the Sun, the Fortunes are found in their own Dignities or Reception, the do they influence Vertue and such Actions as they Naturally signifie, shall be exceedingly Augmented: And altho Eminent Change happen yet to the Benefit of Mankind, &c. and Justice Impartiall Executed upon the Great and Powerful, as well as upon the Meane [...] sort, all Things inclining to peace and Tranquilitie; and so going on to Antum, or the last Division of the Year,

This Month says he, meaning September, we have a most hateful Op­position of Saturn & Mars; attended also with the Opposition of the For­tunes, Jupiter & Ʋenus, the Square of Saturn and Ʋenus, the Square of Mars and Ʋenus from fir'd signs, which are notable Configurations, & usually produce wonderful Effects; for Mankind is threatned with strange Distempers of Body, as Fevours, occasioning Megrim, Mad­ness, Phranzies, Appoplexies, Lethargies; with many other Anoni­mous Diseases and Ʋnnatural, hard to be cured, and often terminate in sudden Death, and now expect to hear of many Roberies, and in­humane Actions amongst Mankind; as also Treacherous Enterprises, & very sudden and amazing Accidents in many parts of Europe, for

[Page 4]
Nature still Acts to bring her Works about:
Marss gives the Pox, but Saturn gives the Gout;
Seas plagu'd with Pirates, Thieves infest the Land,
Ease proves diseases to each unruly Hand.

[...]nd thus much for the predictions of this learned Man, from whence [...]e proceed to give you an account of the Predictions and Astro­ [...]gical Judgments of others in General, for the year 1689. as taken [...]om their own hands, &c.

In the Beginning of the Year, says Mr. Tanner,
SAturn being in the Ascending part of Heaven, and Jupiter in the Angle of the Earth, signifie Insurrections, opposing Princes, un­ [...]ermining Government, as also Mutations and Changes in the Af­ [...]irs of Princes and States Alterations in Laws, &c. Threatning e­ [...]pecially the Ottoman Empire, and not looking very favourably up­ [...]n Italy, and some of the German Princes, who will be detrimen­ [...]ed in their Affairs, and others find some difficulty and heaviness in [...]he management of their Estates and Government, and the quartile [...]spect of Saturn and Mars, Denote many bold, daring and unusual Roberies; and if Saturn shall be in Scorpio, having North Latitude, it [...]hreatens abundance of Rain, over-flowing of Rivers, and Sea-banks, [...]orruption of Waters; and if Oriential, it Denotes Wars and Con­ [...]entions, between Noble men and their Kings and Governours, &c. Especially those Countrys under Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo: Yet as [...]o us, we find that Saturn and Jupiter, are aptly towards their Trine Aspects, which carry a signification of Love and Friendship along with them, and in May they are partially so figurated, and so conti­nue in the following July, intimating Emcassies, Treaties for peace, & hopeful proposals, which will be promoted by sundry well-designing people, if not hindered by some Malevolent Aspect, stirring up such as may give it a disturbance; however, in the following Quarter, [...]he Aspects are more favourable, and give hopes of a great settle­men of Affairs, which God of his Mercy Grant, especially to these [...]ingdoms.

To these we may add what He says in his prediction for the Year, 1689.

THe Configuration of Heaven, (says he) attending the Solar, [...] gress, are of a pretty mild and calm Nature, and the heaven Bodies are moderately disposed, as to their Mutual Aspects, yet Forreign Countrys they prove not so favourable, but threatens th [...] with mortal Action, especially the Turks, Tartars, Polonians, & yet soon after, Calmness may probably insue, and we may reason [...] bly expect to hear of a greater Calm, tho' some other Aspect threa [...] en to keep the World in Action; nor are the Eclipse of this to b [...] held of little account in their Effects and Significations, according [...] the Rules of Astrology, and since we have spoke sufficiently of oth [...] prognostical Effects, produced by the Plannets and Heavenly Bodys what is most Noted of them, is material to be laid down.

Of the Eclipses, and what is observable from them this year, 1689. according to Mr. Andrews.

THe Frst Eclipse will be upon the 25th. of March, being of th [...] Moon, between the hours of 6 & 7 at Night, being a total & centerial Eclipse, and is to be seen in England, if the Clouds or Mist intercept it not. Its beginning will be at 39 Minutes past 4 a Clock the beginning of total Darkness will be at 45 Minutes past Five, th [...] the middle or greatest Observation about 44 Minutes past Six. The beginning of the Moons Recovering Light, about 43 Minutes past 7; & the end about 49 Minutes towards 8, and at the time of these E lipses, Saturn is in the Fourth Degree of Scorpio, Retrogade in the ascen­dant: Jupiter and Mars are in the Fourth house, Jupiter being in the 23d Degree of Aquarius, and Mars in the 6th. Degree, thereof the Sun and Caput Draconis, are in the 7th. house in the 15th. Degree of A­ries, and Mercury is in the 6th. house, and in the 10th. Degree of the same sign, Retrograde; but to come near in this matter, it is the O­pinion of the Learned, that an Eclipse so posited, is of no Benevolent Nature, but Denotes, Sorrow, Labour, Imprisonment; secret Contri­vences, clandestive Actions, and Negotiations, &c. Wherefore it ma [...] may be reasonably conjectured, that those Countrys subject to its [Page 6] [...]ects, may happen to fall under some unexpected Disorder; how­ [...]er, we are of Opinion, that these being only secondary Causes, [...]mpting and not compelling, may by the over-ruling power of God, [...] prevented, for in his hands are the Breath of Life and Actions of [...]ankind, on whom we ought to Rely for our safety & preservation. The second considerable Eclipse is of the Moon, on the 19th. day September, about half an hour after 2 of the Clock in the Morning, [...]hich will be a total and centural Eclipse, visible with us, if the Air [...]e serene and not over-cast with Clouds: The beginning will be a­ [...]out 15 Minutes past Midnight; the beginning of total Darkness, [...]out 56 Minutes past one of the Clock; the middle or greatest ob­ [...]rvation, about 48 Minutes past two of the Clock; the beginning, [...] recovering Light, about 14 Minutes past three of the Clock, and [...]e end about 46 Minutes past four of the Clock, the total Durati­ [...] about 3 hours and 54 Minutes, and the Digits Eclipsed, will be [...]o & 39 Minutes, and the most material Configurations attending [...]is Eclipse, are the opposition of Jupiter and Ʋenus, and of Saturn [...]d Mars, it happening in the Eighth House, called by Astrologers [...]omus, morts and ends in the seventh, which they call the Angles [...]f War, Quarrels, Strife, and contentious Mars is Lord of Aries, where the Eclipse falls out, is Retrograde and in his Detriment, so [...]hat the Effects may seem to be of no pleasant Importance, as fur­ [...]hermore happening in the Fiery Triplicity, and first Decant of Aries. [...]nd in this Case, according to the Learned, it Denotes the motion of Armys, Death, and Destruction of small Cattle, Enmity between the Ʋulgar and Noble sort of people, Murthers, Thefts, Discords, Wars, [...]harp Fevours, Apparitions, in the Air, and Mutations in those parts subject to the sign, wherein it happens, which we earnestly wish may be Averted from us, and that we may enjoy our Religion, Li­ [...]erty and Property, in peace and plenty. Amen, Amen.


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