ANIMADVERSIONS Upon some passages in a Paper, Entituled, Some Reasons HUMBLY OFFERED Why the QUAKERS Should be Examined.

THe Author of this Paper says, That the Quakers Differ from the Christians as much, if not more than the Jews. I really Pity this Wretched SLANDEROUS Person. And I Aver to all the World, that whosoever, Professing himself to be a Christian, peremptorily, and obstinately Denies that JESUS CHRIST is the Fountain of LIGHT in the Souls of Men, is worse than a Jew. He pro­duces this Principle of the Quakers as Dangerous to the Civil Government, viz. That their Light within is [Page 2] the Higher Power, to which Every Soul ought to be Sub­ject.

Answ. Their Light within, i. e. the True Light, which they Acknowledge to Enlighten Every Man, and Own as Their Principal TEACHER, is The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords: To Him Alone we Owe ABSOLUTE Obedience: Our Obedience to Earth­ly Princes ought to be Regulated by the Knowledge we have of His Will Revealed in the Holy Scriptures, which we cannot Effectualy Understand, but only by Receiving the Illuminations, and Impressions, or Moti­ons, which come IMMEDIATELY from HIM, Who is always as realy PRESENT to our Souls, as the Light of the Sun when it shines upon us, is Present to the Eyes of our Bodies. I doubt not but Thousands, and Ten Thousands, who have little, or no Explicit Ʋnderstanding of what I Mean by these words, do usually, or Habitually Order their Conversation ac­cording to the Truth, which I here Endeavour to Express.

At this Yearly Meeting, says he, they virtually (tho' not verbally) Repeal such Parts, or Branches of the Laws, as do not Quadrate with their Light within, and thereby absolve the King's Subjects (if the Quakers may be called such) from their Active Obedience to the Laws of the Land; thereby causing them to adhere to a Superior Pow­er to that of King, Lords, and Commons; namely to their Light within, to which, they say, all Power in Heaven and Earth is Committed.

Answ. Their Light Within is The Everlasting SON of the FATHER, LIGHT OF LIGHT, The True Light which Enlighteneth Eve­ry [Page 3] Man that cometh into the World: To HIM, as Made Man, all Power in Heaven, and Earth is Com­mitted for the Execution of the Office of the ME­DIATOR between GOD and Man. Most cer­tainly His Power is Infinitely Superior to that of King, Lords and Commons: But it is an Act of Disobedi­ence to Him to Refuse our Active Obedience to any Law of the Land, which we Know, or may easily Know that we may Observe without any Repugnancie to the Will of GOD Revealed in the Holy Scriptures. He says the Quakers call the Presbyterians, Independents, and Anabaptists An Ill Pedantick Crew, the Bane of Re­ligion, and Pest of the World, the Old Incendaries to Mis­chief.

Answ. Those Presbyterians, and Independents deserve that Black Character, who Justifie those Execrable Sayings that have been Publish'd By GEORGE TROSSE, and JOHN FLAVEL, Two Non-conformist Preachers of Equal Boldness, and Ignorance. I desire the Prayers of all Persons that have an Habi­tual Aversion from All Known Sin, that I may be Faith­ful unto Death in the Defence of this Truth, that JE­SUS CHRIST is the Fountain of Light In the Souls of Men.



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