UPon Complaint made to this House, That there is such an Interruption by Hackney-Coaches, Carts and Drays in Kings-street and the Passages in the Old Palace-Yard in Westminster, that the Lords and others are frequently hindred from coming to this House, to the great Inconve­niency of the Members of both Houses: It is thereupon Ordered by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament Assembled, That the High Steward of the City of Westminster, or his Deputy, together with the Justices of the Peace for the said City, shall by their Care and Directions to the Constables, and other Officers within the said Limits, take special Order, That no empty Hackney-Coaches be suffered to make any stay between Whitehall and the Old Palace-Yard in Westminster, from Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, un­til Three of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same day, during the Sitting of this Parliament: And that no Carriages, Drays or Carts, be permitted to pass through the said Streets and Passages, between the Hours aforesaid, during the Sitting of this Parliament: And herein special Care is to be taken by the said Deputy-Steward, Justices of the Peace, Constables and all other Officers herein concerned, as the contrary will be answered to this House.

LONDON, Printed by Charles Bill, and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceas'd, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1698.

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