REASONS FOR THE Taking off the Q—s and R—s in the Navy Books; together with Proposals humbly Offered to the Honourable House of Commons for the expeditious Payment of Saylors.

I Doubt not but the Greivences of Saylors, touching Q—s and R—s have (In di­verse Modes and Formes) been already represented to this Honourable House, so that I shall touch very Slightly upon the same, I will only add that.

First, No Q—s nor R—s can be taken off to advantage of the whole, unless they are all taken off in General by Act of Parliament.

For if the Matter be referred to be Examined, by the Admiralty, or Navy, or any other Person, or Persons, the Saylors are still in the same Condition, being to be Judged, by the same Judges; or others, that may be Equally Prejudiced, or By­ased, and can have no other remedy then what they have already.

Secondly, With humble Submission I propose, that the taking off all the Q—s and R—s in General, will be an Encouragement to all Saylors, Encouragement for all Persons to trust them, when in Necessity, and will be for the Honour and Credit, of the Nation.

And that the Saylors may with Ease be paid, their Creditors satisfyed, and the Money due from His Majesty in Arrears to Saylors with Ease paid, I with all Hu­millity propose.

That Tickets be made out (if there be none made out already) for the Saylors who are Q—d and R—d and also for the future, that at any time, or times, when His Majesty's Fleet shall have ended their Summers Expedition, and shall put into Harbour; the Captain of each Ship shall there together with other Officers on Board, make out Tickets for Saylors then on Board, and also for such Dead, Dis­charged, Wounded, or Sick Men set on Shore, or sent to Hospitals, for their Wages respectively due to them; as also Tickets for themselves from time to time, at the end of every respective Expedition, and their coming into Harbour.

That those Tickets so made out, or hereafter to be made out, be sent up to Lon, don, or else where, (according to the direction of this Honourable House) to an Office, or Offices, to be Erected for that purpose, where each Individual Ticket shall receive a Stamp, and Indorsement, of the Vallue of each Ticket, with an Allow­ance of Interests thereon, (that these Tickets be returned to the Parties in whose Custody they now are,) or to the said Ship, to whom they belong, and paid to the Saylor as ready Mony, that an Act pass to make the same Current as Specie, between Subject, and Subject, and be adjudged a good tender in Law for any Debt by any Persons due, and that these Tickets be paid in payments for duties to His Majesty, and that a Fund be appointed for the taking of them in; is most humbly proposed, will make the Saylors Easie, all Persons dealing with them happy, the King quiet, the Nation out of Debt (in this Affaire) Funds thereby will be converted to the use designed (procure a Circulation of Mony) and stop the Mouths of abundance of Peo­ple, who being ready to Starve for their Money due to them (their Poverty being so pressing) Make Continual Exclamations and Murmors against the Government, will bring our Saylors home from Abroad; And I hope make this a Flourshing and Happy Kingdom.

Which is the Prayers of
your Honours most obedient Servant, William Eccles.

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