Wish upon Wish,
or Dangerfields Lamentation.

Being a true relation, of a Discovery of all the Rogueries of Captain Dangerfield, who now is Close Prisoner in his Majestys Gaol of Newgate, for acting the D. of M. in several Countries in England.

To the Tune of, The Old Mans Wish.
Was I once again out,
I would never come here,
Nor never transgress
Against King with a sear:
And all Rogueries shun,
With a Curse to my fate,
And ne're more concern
With Church or with State.
May I govern my self
By an absolute sway,
And grow wiser and better,
Before I go away,
Ambition and Faction
I swear shall decay,
Ambition and Faction
I swear—shall decay
A wooden Cravat
I believe I shall wear,
And after a Rope
Will come to my share.
But I'le turn obedient
To Prince and to State,
And ne're again shams
From malice create.
May I govern, &c.
If Tyburn I miss
I will grow more wise,
And to the three Nations
Be fully precize,
And will do all
The good that I can,
And will turn from a Knave
To a true Loyal man.
May I govern, &c.
Wou'd my sins were accquitted,
And liberty given,
I'd forsake all Fanaticks,
And thank my good Heaven.
But now 'tis too late,
My Roguery's known,
In vain I do prate
Now in Prison I'm thrown.
May I govern, &c.
O curse on their guilt
That made me to swear
Against honest men,
That alive I wish were:
I'd govern my hate
With a plesant new look,
And my malice abate,
And not swear on a Book.
May I govern &c.
To take a mans life,
Wrongfully away,
It is a bad act,
For to swear wrong, I say:
But a Curse me attend
That did swear to a lye,
But now I am in hold,
And afraid I shall dye.
May I govern, &c.
I wish I were dead,
I shou'd suffer no more,
But now at the last
I must pay a long score.
The Popish Plot is in Newgate,
O there he is laid,
There, or at Tyburn,
He must dye, he's afraid.
May I govern, &c.
But now my sufferings
Is like unto Oates,
With grief I am perplext,
And am quite out of sorts.
No M—th, no, no,
No more ile disguise,
The Cloak, and the Star
Ile leave off and be wise.
May I govern, &c.

LONDON, Printed for Absalom Chamberlain.

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