DAFFY'S Original and Famous Elixir Salutis: THE CHOICE DRINK OF HEALTH, OR, Health-bringing Drink. BEING

A Famous CORDIAL DRINK, found out by the Providence of the Almighty, and (for above wenty years,) Experienced by my self and divers persons (whose names are at most of their Desires here inserted) a most excellent Preservative of Man-kind.

A SECRET Far beyond any Medicament yet known, and is found so agreeable to Nature, that it effects all its Ope­rations, as Nature would have it, and as a virtual Expedient proposed by her, for reducing all her Extreams unto an equal Temper; the same being fitted unto all Ages, Sexes, Complexions and Constitutions, and highly fortifying Nature against any Noxious humour, invading or offending the Noble Parts.

Never Published by any but by ANTHONY DAFFY; And now by me ELIAS DAFFY his Son.

Reader beware of Counterfeiters, for they swarm. And that you may know the Truth concerning Hinde, pray Read the Epistle.

London, Printed with Allowance for the Author, 1698.

Courteous Reader,

Having by the Providence of the Almighty obtained the True Composition, together with the Secret of Right preparing and making this famous Elixir, or Choice Drink of Health; and having for Twenty years last, downwards to this time, found the same (to admiration) successful in the perfect Cure of Most of the torturing and painful Distem­pers and Maladies incident to humane Bodies; as will be abundantly testified by sundry credible persons in this City, and else where, upon their own happy Experiences of my Elixir's admirable and almost incredible Effect and Virtues; the enumeration of whom would be to tedious here to insert; yet particularly (amongst many others) my Elixir was about nine years since, found succesful under God in the perfect cure of one Thomas Hinde, most sadly afflicted with the Stone, and other distempers, after five years use of the best means he could procure, either from Learned Physicians in this City, or the Wel's as by the said Hind's Certificate under his hand, and ther testimonies, may fully appear. He, the said Hinde, soon after his Cure, did by subtle suggestions of great Travels by him pretendedly undertaken, and crafty insinuations into my favour, obtain from me a Dire­ction unto some (tho' but few) of my Elixir's Ingredients, so far only as to prevent his Relaps into his late Distempers; or to recover him, if relapsed by change of Air, alte­ration of Climates, or therwise: Which said Hinde having thus (as be thought) accomplisht his Ends, did soon after (like a jugling Don Quixos) by the Letters T. H. G. Midwife by stealth, a Libellous Pamphlet crawling into the world, yet keeping it self in dark corners as a Moon blind Brat, demurely counterfeiting my Elixir, under the varnish'd and specious Appellation of his Famous and Wonderful NEVER-FAILING CORDIAL DRINK's OF THE WORLD, &c. to be sold only within Aldersgate at the Picture-shop, and at one place more, in York City; audaciously making use of, and misapplying the substance of my Bill of Directions by me published in Print above thirteen years since; and also Ape-like imitating my own Expressions, which he had from time to time heard me declare of my own, and my Patients manifold Experience of my Elixir's virtues, with much im­pudence imposing them upon the World, as if they were his own many years Experiences of the virtue of what he calls his Never-Failing Drink, &c. tho' it is well known to me, and many other in this City, that he himself was (within this 10 years last) a stranger to my Elixir, and to the Names of those few Ingredients in it which now he pretends to know. Divers of my Patients, in this Book, viz. Mr. Ben. Hope, Mr. William Crawley, and others, having been cured by me above 16 years since, and to this time remaining living Monu­ments to God's Praise of my Medicine's virtues. It is here very remarkable, that this Hinde, tho' stor'd with so great a stock of Confidence of the infallible Effects of his Never-Failling Drink; yet he boggles at the publication of the Names and Places of Abode of such Patients of his, as have been cured of any one Distemper, by that this NEVER FAILING Cordialy or of the time or times when such Cure (if any) were m [...]de, By which sinister and indirect practise of this Hinde, it being observed, that sundry People of most Ranks have been egregiously beguiled, their Health indangered, and my self injuriously abused. AND tho' in the forenamed Tho. Hinde's life-time, this JOSEPH HINDE was unwilling to stand the Test of those many Falshoods which his Brother had fomented, and his Mother did affirm, because he knew them to be untrue; yet (for filthy lucres sake) now owneth all, and makes himself the Successor of his Brothers Impudence.

☞ I have in the faithful discharge of my Conscience unto God, and in love to the public Good some time since published in Print two Advertisements, for undeceiving the deluded world, unto which I never receiv'd one syllable of answer from this Hinde, I shall therefore leave the Consideration of the whole Matter to the Judgment of the Impartial Reader.

‘Qui vult decipi, decipiatur.’

ELIXIR SALUTIS: OR, The Famous Choice Cordial Drink of Health.

THE Excellent uses and transcendent Virtues of this Inestimable Jewel, proved by the happy and successful experiences of many Credible Persons, being now living and Healthful Monuments to God's Praise, hereunder named and described, are amongst di­vers others, (in so small a Volum not Comprizeable) these, viz.

The Gout.

THis Choice Preservative (if duly prepared, which no man can do but my self) effectually and perfectly cures the Gout, as hath (through God's blessing) been happily experienced, and will be testified amongst others by Benjamin Hope of Camerwell in the County of Surrey, having been very sorely afflicted with this Torturing Malady. For, this my Drink stifles the Gout in its Birth, and kills it in its strength; extracting out of all parts of the Patient's Body those crude and viscous humors, which are the spawn and nourishing cause of this grievous Disease, and frees the Joynts of all other Diseases and pains to Admiration.

☞ A Person of Honour also, to wit, Leonard Grey, Esq Son of the late Right Honourable Henry Earl of Stamford, having for the space of twelve Years and upwards, been so deeply afflicted with the Gout, that he was neces­sitated (during that time) to make use of Crutches, hath for four Months last been so Cured by the Means of this my Elixir, that he now walks with ease, having only a Cane in his Hand; and desires, for the encouragement of others, that his Name be thus made public, this 22. of February, 1678.

For the Gout and Dropsy, Mr. Athie, who may be heard of at the Feathers, under St. James's Market-house, hath also found my Elixir happily successful in his Cure: besides many hundreds more, that are not free to be made public.

The Stone and Gravel in the Reins, or an Exulceration in the Kidneys or Mouth of the Bladder.

THis Drink dissolves, and perfectly cures the Stone and Gravel, and hath been by God's blessing found an effectual Remedy against it in Men, Women, and Children. It wonderfully cleanseth the Reins of all foulness and imperfections, forcing urine, never failing to cure the Gravel in the Reins, Kidneys, or Bladder, though ulcerated, and the Patients Ʋrine like bloud These excellent virtues of this my drink have to admiration been found eminently successful by very many Persons in divers Countries, and this City: As, for instance, by Mr. William Crawley of Luton, in the County of Bedford, who was cured Eleven years since, and may once a Fortnight be found at the Three Broad Arrows in Golding Lane London; who by Gods blessing upon this my Drink, voided above an hundred Stones; whereof the first, as big as the middle part of a Tobacco-Pipe, [Page] [...] [...]out an inch long, and so foft at its coming away, that one might [...] between the fingers; most of the other Stones smaller, some [...] bigness of an Horse-bean, some as little as a Pea, all rendred soft, [...] of a crumbling nature.

Also the said Thomas Hinde deceased, who had his Drink sold at the Picture-Shop within Aldersgate, when all other Means and Physicians (from one to another) in five years sore affliction, proved unsuccessful to him, either for help or ease; Nine Spoonfuls, or three Doses of this my Drink (as I prepared it) did by the Lord's blessing, bring him to void a Stone three-forked, like the upper end of some Tobacco stopper, about the bigness of an Horse-bean, which hath been seen by sundry persons of Note in this City, and elsewhere. And of his Cure by my Drink I have his Certificate (ready to shew, if need require.) Many more living Testimonies might be named of the incredible and excellent virtues of this Drink, bringing away the Stone, Sand and Gravel, when congea­led, the Sand and Gravel brought away as soft, as Meal or Flower under the finger: and if the same be congealed, it sometimes brings it away on a suddain, hard as a Pibble, as the aforesaid Mr. Crawley hath experienced. Mr. Robert Goodson, at the Red Cross in St. Martins le Grand, having also lately been sorely racked with this torture, found this Elixir under God a speedy and effectual remedy in voiding with much ease a Stone, of the bigness of a small Bean, since which he ha [...]h been very well, and so remains to this day.

☞ These are to Certifie, That with the taking of 7 Half Pint Bottles of Mr. Anthony Daffy's Elixir, Mr. William Clarke, of the City of Gloucester, Mercer, being 77 years of age, did in the year last past, in making of Water, void the quantity of a Gallon of Slimy-Ropy-Matter, which came away from him at several times; which hath given him very great ease, and may be said to be a Cure of that Distem per, he now making clear Water.

Per me, William Clarke.

Against Languishing and Melancholly.

IT raiseth Languishing Nature, and Melancholly drooping Spirits, it fails not of curing the Hypocondriack-Melancholly, and most powerfully opposeth all black and mixed humours (as Natures grand Enemy) continu­ally drawing them out of the Veins and Arteries into the Stomach, and from thence sends them away; and after their expulsion Nature rejoyceth.

Shortness of Breath, Collick, Griping in the Guts.

THis Drink doth, by the Lord's blessing, suddainly help bad Digestion, stoppage of the Stomach and shortness of Breath, causing a good ap­petite, and defending the head from all vapors ascending from the Mother and Spleen. It is found a most certain Remedy for the Collick; and any Griping of the Guts, and stayeth Vomiting; which Virtues have been successfully experi­enced by the aforesaid Benjamin Hope of Camerwell, and my own Family.

And many others will also testifie, that the same takes away all pain from the Heart, and perfectly cured them, when they were sorely stopt with Phlegm, yea when they feared Choaking, and were accustomed in their steep to be near stifling for want of Breath.

The Phtisick.

IT gives much relief and ease to Aged People, afflicted with the Phtisic but perfectly cures such as have strength of Nature, and are not too far spent in that sad Distemper.

This harmless and pleasant Cordial is so good a friend unto Woman-kind in all conditions, and hath been so experienced, that they cannot treasure up a richer Jewel by them, or have a more acceptable gift presented them, the virtues of it being found effectual in clearing them of all obstructions.

The Green-Sickness.

IT also certainly and speedily cares the Green-sickness (of any kind or nature whatsoever,) not failing to bring Virgins to their Maiden blush, rendering painting altogether out of fashion, making the Face well co­loured, the Breath sweet, and the Body lusty.

Against Surfeits.

IT pursueth Surfeits, from one place to another in the body, yea, though the body be swollen up, it doth by God's help speedily raise the Patient from a bed of Languishing; as hath been happily experienced by one Mr. De Hewes, a Glass-maker, in Winchester yard, Southwark, who found the same admirably successful in his speedy and compleat Recovery from that dangerous Distemper; and (among many others more) Mr. Matthew Bush, a Workman Brewer at Mr. William Collins his Brew-house, over against St. Giles's Church, desires that his Name be here inserted for the en­couragement of others, to the Praise of God, for his signal Blessing upon this means, in his Recovery from a very dangerous Surfeit, which brought his life into great peril.

Scurvy and Dropsie.

THis Cordial Drink wonderfully acquits the Body of the Scurvy, root and branch; and hath also been found (to Admiration) successful in the perfect cure of the Dropsie, and other Distempers, accompanying the same as hath been happily experienced by the aforesaid Mr. De-Hewes, and others (too many here to mention.)

Coughs, Wheesings, Consumption and Agues.

IT hath been found, through God's blessing, an effectual Remedy against Coughs of all sorts, yea in the height of extremity. It also removes and takes way the Causes of all Wheesings, and hath to Admiration cured Con­sumptive persons, Nature being not too far spent. It hath been in February 1672. found successful in the Cure of an Apptientice, by name Geo. Amblin, who was sorely afflicted with a Quotidian Ague the young Man may be spoken with, or heard of at Captain Chilidine's Coffee-House, called, the Leaden Hall Coffee-House near Leaden Hall, and since that Hundreds more.

Mother and Spleen and Fitts of the Mother.

THis Cordial Drink admirably frees the Liver and Spleen of all Obstructio [...]s, and is a pro­per Expedient and effectual Remedy against the Fits of the Mother, as was happily Ex­perienced on the Wife of Mr. Edward Brandereth a Taylor in Plow-stable-Alley, by little Lincolns-Fields, [Page]who having been in a very sad manner extraordinarily afflicted with very sore, Fits, is now by the Blessing of the Lord upon this Elixir, Cured and Freed of that Distemper.

It is also of excellent use for Wet Nurses, cleansing their Blood, and rendring their Milk wholsom and nurtive to the sucking Babe.

Against Rickets.

IT cures the Rickets, and other distempers in Children, by opening and removing Ob­structions in them.

It keeps a clear passage between the head and heart, not admitting of any Noxious hu­mour, that annoys those Noble parts. It had Cured Hundreds of hot Rheum in their Eyes, by cleansing the Optick Nerves, and cleanseth the sight to admiration.

It admirably keeps off frightful fears and griefs from seizing on the heart, by removing those noxious and sharp humours that occasion the same.

It also takes away the Cause of, and cures the extream burnings in, the bottoms of the feet and palms of the hands, which sorely afflict the Heart.

Finally, it highly exalts the Generative virtue, and restores Radical Moisture, cleansing and strengthening the Seminal vessels in both Sexes, fitting and preparing them for Conception.

It retains its full Virtue 7 years, this I can prove, which is some years before either Hinde, Witherden, or any of the Counterfeits knew their Liquors, or what they were good for.

It, is good for the Relief and Cure of those afflicted with the afore-mentioned Distem­pers, which have occasion to take long Voyages, for it operates as well by Sea as on Land, and as well beyond or under the Line, as on this side: This I have had Experience of, by those that have taken it in the East and West-Indies, Barbadoes, New England, and Guiney.

And after the Waters, if you take a Bottle according to your Directions, it will cleanse the Body and leave it in a very setled condition. It is also excellent to cleanse the Body after the Measles or Small Pox, for it carrieth off the reliques of such Distempers, which being not carried off, prove dangerous to the Patient. And for those that used to Drink Scurvigrass-Ale in the Spring and Fall, by Experience this my Elixir hath been found much more effectual.

It hath been found an admirable Virtue against Worms of all sorts, many that have taken it against the pains of the Stomach, have by taking of 2 or 3 Doses, voided thou­sands of small white Worms, and they have been freed from their pain in two days time. Also for long Worms in 3 times taking of this my Elixir, some have voided 19 Worms, some of them 3 quarters of a yard long, and some have voided Worms as Skins, or Slime, to admiration. And without any danger, it may be taken by Women when with Child. if they are two Months gone, as safely as if they were not with Child, for it carrieth off the Distempers of the Mother, so that the Child thriveth the better.

In a word, amnogst all the diseases and distempers incident to human Bodies, which, I have heard or read of in these parts of the world, whether of Men, Women, Children, or Babes I do in the Presence of God, upon my long experience of the virtues of this Cordi­al Drink affirm, There is not one Disease able to withstand; but is, through Gods blessing subject unto this my Drinks innocent, powerful, and miraculous operation (Gods ap­pointed time for the Paines Dissolution being not come.)

You have in this Sheet (as the parties desires) published the Names and Habitations of some persons, who have by Gods blessing, experienced the successfulness of this my Inoffensive Cordial, in their Cures or Distempers, (herein specified) which shall for brevity sake suffice, many hundreds of other, Cured also by this my Cordial (which might be particularly expressed) I shall omit as in a small Volum not comprizeable.

I might without ostentation, or any vain glory (if brevity were not designed) give in­stances of persons that have (by Gods blessing upon the seeming improbable means of this my Drink) been cured of the Pestilence, some of Agues; and of others, that by this Drink have been cured of the King's evil, (so by its common Symtoms generally judged of:) these Persons applying to me, may have full satisfaction.

And I do in the presence of the Almighty Searcher of Hearts affirm, and faithfully promise, That this my pleasant inoffensive Drink, with much carefulness and integrity duly prepared by me; so that I have (through the Lord's Goodness) successfully given the same unto my Wife (lying in) and unto Babes (in the Month) (so qualified, as in my Directions; for taking the same is particularly exprest.) And I do assure you, that there is nothing of a Mineral nor Chymical Extraction in it, as some have sugge­sted, on purpose to weaken its Esteem among people.

Moreover, for prevention of fraud, each Bottle of this my Elixir shall be sealed with my Coat of Arms, according to its Impression in the Title; the London price being but Five Shillings the Pint, or Two Shillings Six Pence the Half-pint Bottle; and the same is (for the better and more con­venient Accomodation of persons living at a distance from me) to be sold at the places, and by the persons hereafter named, which are all that in London, Westminster, or Southwark, do vend the same for me, viz.

  • Mr. Benjamin Billinsley at the Printing-Press, In the Royal-Ex­change under the Piazza's.
  • Mr. Samuel Crouch, at the Corner of Popes-head-Alley over against the Royal-Exchange.
  • Thomas Harrison, Book-seller and Stationer at the South-West-end of the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill.
  • Mr. Daniel Scot, Sadler at the lower End of Coleman-street.
  • Mr. Christopher Conningsby at the Turks-head over against St. Dun­stans-Church.
  • Mr. Playford, Bookseller next the Temple Church, in the Inner-Temple.
  • Mr. Henry Daintry, a Cane-shop at the Cock without Tem­ple-Bar.
  • Mr. Abraham Cotterell. at the Sign of the Cock in Catharine-street, and by him at the Sign of the Cock, at Charing Cross Tobacconist.
  • Mr. Loyd at Loyds Coffee-House near Northumberland-House in the Strand.
  • Mr. John Barnes Bookseller at the Sign of the Crown over against St. Albans Street in Pallmall.
  • Mrs. Low Strongwater-shop at the Corner of Green-street near Leicester Feilds.
  • Mr. Bynns at Bettys Cossee-House in German-street near St. James Church.
  • [Page]By Mrs. Johnson at Johnson's Coffee-house, near St. James's Church.
  • Mrs. Bently, Bookseller in Covent-Garden.
  • Mr. John Bignal Grocer, at the White-Lyon in Russel-street in Covent-Garden.
  • Mr. Henry Wyndham at the Sign of the Hand and Pen in Russel-street in Covent Garden Milliner.
  • By Mrs. Smart a Potter, near St. Giles's Church.
  • Mrs. Mary Powell, Semstress, at Greys-Inn-gate in Holbourn.
  • In St. Martins, by Mr. Minacin, a Stationer at the Kings-head.
  • In Hounds-Ditch, by Mr. John West, a Meal man near Gun-yard.
  • Mr William Seaton Distiller next door to Sir. John Friend's Brew-House in the Minories.
  • At Battersey, by VVilliam Stubbington.
  • At VVansor, by Mr. Robert Ludwell, Carpenter near the Pound.
  • And at my own House in Prujean's Court, in the Great Old-Baily, nigh Ludgate-hill, London.

At which several places above-mentioned, all Persons that are desirous of this Cordial Drink, may (together with a Bottle of the same) re­ceive one of the printed Books, sealed with my Seal, and printed Di­rections for the use and application thereof, proper to each Distem­per, and the Pa [...]ient's condition, and strength of Body.

And it having pleased God so highly to own my Endeavours, and crown my Medicine with so eminent and incredible success, in the Cure of divers People afflicted with the Distempers (herein specified) some male­volent and mercenary Persons do endeavour the counterfeiting of it, to the great prejudice and peril of sundry people: these are therefore to give notice, That whosoever in this City or Suburbs, or elsewhere (not named in this Book) shall undertake the Sale of any Cordial Drink, called by my Drink's Name, and the Bottles and Books not sealed as this Book, the same I do aver to be a Counterfeit, though the Name of my Drink, and my own and others many Years Experiences of the Vertues of it be impudently stollen nigh word for word.


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