The Bill now depending is for the free Importation of Salt-petre from all parts in Amity with their Majesties for the Term of [...] for the Ʋse of their Majesties Ships and Army, and that the Merchants may be furnished with Gun-powder for their Ships at reasonable Rates.

IN case their Majesties had a Necessity for Petre, this Bill (being for the free Importation without Custom) would be pre­judicial to them, by raising the Price in Holland, and so the Dutch would receive the Benefit of this Bill.

But if there were a Custom Imposed of Sixty pounds per Tun, this would fall the Price in Holland, so that their Majesties might buy it cheap there for their own Use, and receive a Benefit by the Customs of what is Imported by Merchants.

As to the furnishing Merchants Cheap, there is the same Reason for the free Importation of all Commodities from Hol­land, which are cheaper there than in England, and thereby to give the Dutch the Monopoly, for the Interest of their Money and Pay of their Sea-men being so much less than ours, they will alwayes undersell us.

But it is suspected that this Bill is promoted by private Mer­chants who (on Confidence thereof) have bought Petre at the last Sale at Amsterdam, which began 13 Novemb. last, and intend to Import and sell it here, before the Arrival of the East-India Ships, which are Expected in two or three Months with Petre sufficient to supply their Majesties Stores for next Winter: And in the mean Time there will be great Quantities made in Eng­land, and the Stores are already provided to furnish the Fleet and Army for next Summer; and in Case there were no Salt-Petre in England, the King may be, and is yearly furnished with what Powder he wants from Holland.

THE CASE OF Salt-Petre,

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