The Case of John Goudet, and David Barrau, Partners, Merchants.
In relation to the Petition of the Lustring Company.
Presented to the Honourable House of Commons.

ABout the Months of May and June last, and before, the said Goudet and Barrau's Letters were often intercepted and stopp'd here; many of them importing Advice of several Bills of Ex­change by them drawn on Places beyond the Seas, and others con­taining Remittances to discharge the said Draughts; Bills of Loading, and other matters of the greatest consequence to Merchants: Which seemed to be contrived to the end that the said Goudet and Barrau's Bills might for want of their said Advices and Remittances, return back pro­tested, in the time of their intended Confinement, and so occasion their breaking.

The said Goudet was on the 15th of the said Month of June taken up, and their Books and Papers seized by Warrant from the Secretary of State, for suspicion of Treason and Treasonable Practices: And on the 13th of Novem­ber following, the said Barrau, and few days before, Peter Longueville (who was formerly their Partner) were also taken up by virtue of the like Warrants.

The said Longueville, Goudet, and Barrau, were obliged to give 6000 l. Se­curity each for their Appearance at the Kings-Bench the first day of the follow­ing Terms: And the last day of last Michaelmas Term, nothing being alledged against him the said Goudet, though the said Books and Papers had been exa­mined by the Lustring Company, and a Report made thereof, he was dis­charged by the said Court: After which, having demanded the said Books and [...] of Captain Henry Baker, who had them in his possession, and being de [...]d the same, the said Court, upon a Motion made by the said Goudet and Barrau the last day of last Hilary Term, ordered the said Books and Papers to be forthwith restored to them, and the said Longueville and Barrau, and their Bail, to be discharged.

This not only put them the said Goudet and Barrau to vast Charges, but for want of their Books and Papers for Nine Months together, they are disabled to proceed in their Business, and cannot avoid falling into a Confusion, if not speedily relieved.

The Lustring Company notwithstanding, who for some private hatred and jealousy of Trade, have been the promoters of all these proceedings, to prevent the restoring the said Books and Papers, and finding no Evidence against them the said Goudet and Barrau, of any Treasonable, or other evil Practices, as was by them suggested, have now by their Petition presented to this Honourable House, prayed that the said Books and Papers may be exa­mined by Order of this House.

The said Goudet and Barrau utterly deny ever to have had any Share in, or Knowledg of any Combination or Design against the setting up here the Manufactory of Lustrings and Alamodes, but on the contrary they have en­couraged and promoted the same to the utmost of their power, by supplying with Raw Silk fit for that work, a great many private Master Weavers, who employed many Hundreds of poor People about it under them; and had brought it to a much greater perfection than the said Lustring Company, when they obtained a Clause in an Act of Parliament past the last Session, ex­cluding all others from making the said sorts of Goods. The said Raw Silk Imported by them the said Goudet and Barrau, being the Returns of consi­derable Quantities of Cloath and other Woollen Manufactories of this King­dom; the Exportation whereof was and still is their chief Trade and Business, as they are ready to prove by the Testimony of the said Weavers and the Blackwell-Hall Factors.

The said Goudet and Barrau hope therefore, that this Honourable House will please to Order that their said Books and Papers shall be forthwith Restored to them, according to the said Order of the Kings-Bench.

The Case of John Gouder, and David Barrau, Mer­chants.

In relation to the Petition of the Lustring Company.

Presented to the Honourable House of Commons.

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