The CASE of great Numbers of SILK-VVEAVERS, as well French Protestants as English, who are Makers of Lutestrings and Ala­modes Silks in Spittle-fields, and other Parts of England, in relation to a Clause Offered by the Lutestring Company, to be Incerted in the Cole Act, Concerning the Sealing the said Silks.

I. FIrst, they are very sensible that there is considerable Quantities of French Lutestrings, and Alamodes Imported into England, to the Prejudice of the said Manufactury here, and are ready to Join with the Lutestring Company in Petitioning the Honourable House of Com­mons, to prevent the same for the future, being equally prejudiced by the said Importation with the Lutestring Company.

II. But it seems by the Clause, That the Intent of the said Lutestring Company is not only to prevent Importation of French Lutestring, and Alamode, but to prevent all other Weavers (but what works to them) to make the said Silks, contrary to a Clause inserted in their Patent upon the Petition of the Weavers, that nothing therein contained should be construed to Obstruct or Hinder the Weavers from making the same; or to that Effect.

III. The Clause offered by the said Patentees is, That all Alamodes, and Lutestrings shall be Seiz'd, and a Fine of 100 l. on those in whose Custody they are found that are not Seal'd at the Custom-house, or by their Company.

IV. They know that they will Seal none at the Custom-house, but what are Imported from beyond Seas, or seiz'd and condemned by Law, and the Lutestring Company will Seal none, nor indeed can but what they make themselves, and what is not Sealed is to be Forfeited, so that here will be all the Weavers in England that make the said Silks, and are not of that Company (which are and would be a far greater Number than those imployed by the Lutestring Company) if they were not inter­rupted in their Lawful Callings; and if not Relieved by the Honourable House, may be the Ruin of their Wives, Children and Families.

V. The said Lutestring Company will then oblige the said Persons to work to them at their own Prices, or to leave off working on the said Silks, and by that means discourage the Growth of the Manufacture; and by Monopolizing to themselves the Sole Dealing, and will set what Price they please on the said Silks in prejudice of all the Subjects of England.

VI. Therefore, It is most humbly prayed, That there may some Provision be made, that may pass with the said Clause to appoint where those Lutostrings and Alamodes shall be Sealed that are made in En­gland, by Weavers that work for themselves, and not for the Lutestring Company; And that the same Penalty may be laid upon those (that be­ing Appointed) shall refuse to Seal their Silks, as there is to be on them that do not Seal them at all.


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