The Covenant OR, No King but the Old King's Son, OR, A brief Rehearsall of what heretofore was done.

All sorts of People of it take a view,
You surely will confess that I say true;
Let none mislike the same that cannot mend it,
Neither rashly censure him that pen'd it.
To the Tune of, True Blew will never staine.
LOng time have I béen a Souldier,
and have followed the Traine,
Which doth make me now the bolder,
the Covenant for to maintaine.
When first unto the Wars we went,
and Essex did us entertain,
It was then to a good intent,
though since we turn'd our coats again.
In every church the covenanting
our undertakings did explain,
Our indeavours were not wanting,
the true Cause for to maintain.
By the Parliament it was expressed
Kingly Rights for to maintain,
And if his Heirs they were distressed,
they kindly would them entertain.
Since many persons have repented
for their ki [...]ted that were slain,
Since the King this Land absented,
and did not return again.
Plate into half-crowns was melted
to pay the Souldiers for their Pain,
We then did march till we were swelted,
no to [...]e at all we did refrain.
Which makes me now call to minde
of remembrance this one thing,
Which in the Covenant I finde,
To defend the Person of the KING.
But some will say I am a wigeon
because the truth I do maintain,
It was onely for Religion,
and Opinions that were vain.
Religion it is confessed
Did waxe then into the Waine,
As in the Covenan is expressed,
for which many men were slain.
We Souldiers that then were listed
the Good Old Cause for to maintain,
With good hopes we alwaies feasted
to bring home the King again.

The Second Part,

To the same Tune.
HOwever that some have boasted,
the hazard of it we have run,
And through extremities have posted
For no King but the old Kings Son.
If any man claim Charles's Right
for whate're his Father hath done,
Death on him hath wrought his spight;
No King but the old Kings Son.
If he was of the Roman faction,
no favour here he should have won,
But now we are all in great distraction,
No King but the old Kings Son.
And moreover understand,
illuminations did us draw
To fight for our freedome, and
to kéep our enemies in awe.
A Proclamation then was made,
which no person can deny,
And the world they did perswade
it was for th'Subjects liberty.
And afterwards to make amends,
when thrée Nations were undone,
They were for their private ends,
the Souldiers lost, that all had wonne.
Then many thousands were disbanded,
which before had won the day;
Great Persons then dealt underhanded,
and deceiv'd us of our Pay:
Which makes us now live discontented,
and repent what we have done;
By poverty we were tormented,
For no King but the old Kings Son.
If a single Person we must honer,
these Lands in union for to bring,
And must fight under his Bonner,
let us have our lawfull King.
Great Jove unite our hearts together,
our Priviledges to maintaine,
And send us good and pleasant weather,
that our Righfull Prince may raigne.

London, Printed for Charles Yyns on London-Bridge.

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