A Brief MEMORIAL OF THE BIBLE: OR, A SUMMARY OF The Chief Matters contained in every Chapter of the Old and New Testament.

Done into Metre for the Help of Memory, BY J. C. M. A.

LONDON, Printed by J. Astwood for Thomas Parkhurst, at the Bible and Three Crowns at the lower end of Cheapside, near Mercers-Chappel. 1688.


THe Use and End of this Me­trical Epitome, being only to help thy Memory in retaining and calling to Mind the mat­ters contained in the several Chapters of the Old and New Testament, ought in all Justice to be a sufficient Apo­logy for the Faults of its Poetry: For it is impossible, within the compass of one single Verse or Line, to express with equal perspi­cuity or smoothness the Contents of Chapters, so unequal both in length and variety.

In the Historical Part, I am bold to hope that there is not much Pretermitted; but the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, [Page] and many Chapters in the Prophets, consist­ing of various and unconnected Sentences, are no way reducible to any one certain Head; and therefore I held my self con­tented to Characterize them by some remar­kable Sentence in them, and have added in the Margin the Numerals of the Verses where such Sentences are to be found.

Upon the whole, if it may pass for an Essay, and excite others to do it better; and in the mean time be subservient to Pie­ty, in promoting the Knowledge and Pra­ctice of the Holy Scriptures, too much neg­lected and forgotten in this Sinful Age, I shall have my End.


R. M.


Chap. 1 MOses the Worlds Creation writes,
Chap. 2 And Paradise Displays.
Chap. 3 Old Adam's fall, which ruin'd all.
Chap. 4 Cain, righteous Abel slays.
Chap. 5 Long Age of Men before the Flood.
Chap. 6 Noah the Ark doth frame.
Chap. 7 The World is Drown'd, Eight favour found:
Chap. 8 Out of the Ark they came.
Chap. 9 The Rain-bow Promis'd. Noah Drunk.
Chap. 10 His Off-spring is Increast.
Chap. 11 They Babel rear, confounded were.
Chap. 12 Abram is Call'd and Blest.
Chap. 13 Lot leaves him. He again is Blest;
Chap. 14 'Gainst four Kings doth Prevail.
Chap. 15 A numerous Seed is Promised.
Chap. 16 Hagar bears Ishmael.
Chap. 17 Abram and His are Circumcis'd:
Chap. 18 He Angels Entertains.
Chap. 19 Sees Sodom's flame Gods Wrath proclaim;
Chap. 20 His Wife his Sister feigns.
Chap. 21 Isaac is Born, by Ishmael mockt,
Chap. 22 On Altar Offered.
Chap. 23 Machpelah's Cave is Sarah's Grave.
Chap. 24 Isaac is Marryed.
Chap. 25 Abraham's Death. Rebeckah's Twins.
Chap. 26 Isaac his Wife denies.
Chap. 27 Jacob by Wiles Isaac beguiles;
Chap. 28 To Padan-Aram flies.
Chap. 29 He Rachel Weds, and Leah Beds:
Chap. 30 Grows Rich by cunning Slight.
Chap. 31 Doth Laban leave without his leave:
Chap. 32 Wrestleth with God all night.
Chap. 33 He Esau meets, with Presents treats.
Chap. 34 Fair Dinah's foul Disgrace.
Chap. 35 Benjamin's Birth is Rachel's Death.
Chap. 36 The Dukes of Esau's race.
Chap. 37 Joseph to Egypt's sold a Slave.
Chap. 38 To Jude Twins Tamar bears.
Chap. 39 Joseph detests his Dames requests,
Chap. 40 Two Servants Dreams declares:
Chap. 41 Tells Pharaoh's Dreams, and is advanc'd,
Chap. 42 His Brethren clappeth up;
Chap. 43 Them come again doth entertain,
Chap. 44 But stops them with his Cup.
Chap. 45 Himself reveals. For Jacob sends.
Chap. 46 He with his House comes down.
Chap. 47 In Goshen has a Dwelling place.
Chap. 48 Makes Joseph's Sons his own.
Chap. 49 He Blesseth all his Sons, and dies:
Chap. 50 To Canaan is convey'd.
And thus in this Book Genesis
You fifty Chapters read.


Chap. 1 MAle Hebrew Children drowned are.
Chap. 2 Moses is sav'd in Ark.
Chap. 3 From Bush on Flame God tells his Name,
Chap. 4 And sends him to his work.
Chap. 5 Pharaoh increaseth Israels Tasks.
Chap. 6 JEHOVAH comfort speaks.
Chap. 7 Moses the Flood doth turn to Blood:
Chap. 8 Frogs, Lice and Flies he makes.
Chap. 9 The Murrain, Boyls, and Hail are sent:
Chap. 10 Locusts and Darkness spread.
Chap. 11 Jews Jewels borrow against the Morrow.
Chap. 12 The First-born smitten dead.
Chap. 13 The Israelites that Night depart:
Chap. 14 Pharaoh pursues, is drown'd.
Chap. 15 They sing, yet soon are Murmuring:
Chap. 16 Quails sent, and Manna found.
Chap. 17 The Rock gives Drink in Wilderness.
Chap. 18 Jethro's Expedients.
Chap. 19 Gods Thunders make Mount Sinai quake.
Chap. 20 The Ten Commandements.
Chap. 21 The Servants and Manslayers Law;
Chap. 22 With many more besides.
Chap. 23 The yearly Rest; three Annual Feasts.
Chap. 24 Moses in Mount abides.
Chap. 25 Offrings for Tent, Ark, Mercy-seat:
Chap. 26 Curtains, Boards, Bars, and Vail;
Chap. 27 Oyl, Altar, Court, with Hangings for't:
Chap. 28 Priests Robes and Pectoral.
Chap. 29 The Rites of Consecrating Priests.
Chap. 30 Sweet Oyntment and Perfume.
Chap. 31 Bezaleel inspir'd with Skill:
Chap. 32 The Golden Calf consum'd.
Chap. 33 Gods anger Moses deprecates:
Chap. 34 New Tables made, and brought.
Chap. 35 The People brings Free-Offerings:
Chap. 36 Curtains, Boards, Bars are wrought.
Chap. 37 Ark, Mercy-seat, Table, and Oyl,
Chap. 38 And Altar are prepar'd:
Chap. 39 Priests Garments too doth Moses view:
Chap. 40 The Tabernacle rear'd.


Chap. 1 BUrnt-Offerings of Herds, Flocks, Fowls▪
Chap. 2 Meat-offerings Ordinance.
Chap. 3 Offrings of Peace; and Sacrifice
Chap. 4 For Sins of Ignorance.
Chap. 5 More Laws concerning sins unknown.
Chap. 6 Of sins done Wittingly.
Chap. 7 Offrings of Peace and Trespasses.
Chap. 8 Aaron they sanctify:
Chap. 9 His Offrings for Himself and Them:
Chap. 10 His two Sons slain with Fire.
Chap. 11 What sorts of Meat may not be eat.
Chap. 12 What Child-birth-rites require.
Chap. 13 Laws to discern the Leprosie;
Chap. 14 To cleanse it in what case.
Chap. 15 When Issues run what's to be done.
Chap. 16 High Priest in Holy place.
Chap. 17 Sacrifice due to God alone.
Chap. 18 Unlawfull Marriage blam'd.
Chap. 19 Laws manifold again are told:
Chap. 20 And shamefull sins are nam'd.
Chap. 21 Priests Mournings, Marriage, Blemishes.
Chap. 22 And their Uncleannesses.
Chap. 23 Sabbaths of Rest and annual Feasts.
Chap. 24 Blasphemer stoned is.
Chap. 25 Septennial Sabbath. Jubile.
Chap. 26 Blessings and Curses given.
Chap. 27 Vows how esteem'd, and how redeem'd.
Here Chapters twenty seven.


Chap. 1 EAch Tribe of Israel Numbred up:
Chap. 2 And each assign'd its place.
Chap. 3 Levites succeed in First-borns stead;
Chap. 4 Their Service what it was.
Chap. 5 How Jealousie was to be try'd.
Chap. 6 Nazarites Law is stated.
Chap. 7 Princes Oblation at
Of the Tabernacle.
Chap. 8 The Levites consecrated.
Chap. 9 The Passover appointed is,
Chap. 10 And Silver Trumpets two.
Chap. 11 The people lust, Quails fall like Dust.
Chap. 12 Miriam doth Leprous grow.
Chap. 13 Spies sent, return, and make report:
Chap. 14 Great murmurings thereupon.
Chap. 15 Wood-gatherer on the Sabbath ston'd.
Chap. 16 Korah's Rebellion.
Chap. 17 Aarons Rod buds, and Almonds bears.
Chap. 18 Priests Charge and Salary.
Chap. 19 Water with Ashes the Unclean washes.
Chap. 20 Miriam and Aaron die.
Chap. 21 Israel by Fiery Serpents bit.
Chap. 22 Of Balaam and his Ass:
Chap. 23 He try's his skill 'gainst Israel,
Chap. 24 But forc'd to bless at last.
Chap. 25 Zimri and Cosbi, Phinehas kills.
Chap. 26 Old Race all dead but two.
Chap. 27 How Heiresses should Lands possess.
Chap. 28 Continual Offrings due.
Chap. 29 Offrings for certain seasons fixt.
Chap. 30 What Vows do bind, what not.
Chap. 31 Revenge is ta'ne on Midian.
Chap. 32 Reubens and Gadites Lot.
Chap. 33 Israelites Journeys forty two.
Chap. 34 Canaan is limited.
Chap. 35 Six Refuge towns, and Levites bounds.
Chap. 36 Zelophehads Daughters wed.


Chap. 1 MOses relates Gods wondrous Works.
Chap. 2 How Sihons Kingdom fell:
Chap. 3 How Og was slain with all his train.
Chap. 4 Bids them obey Gods Will.
Chap. 5 The Ten Commandments he repeats.
Chap. 6 And bids them keep Gods Law.
Chap. 7 Shun Leagues with Strangers for fear of dangers.
Chap. 8 Gods Love should d [...]y draw.
Chap. 9 Disswades them from self-righteousness.
Chap. 10 Gods Mercies represents.
Chap. 11 Obedience presses because God blesses.
Chap. 12 Burn Idol Monuments.
Chap. 13 Idolatrous teachers to be Ston'd.
Chap. 14 Clean Fishes, Birds, and Beasts,
Chap. 15 Each seventh year Releases were.
Chap. 16 All Males must keep three Feasts.
Chap. 17 Duties of Priests, Judges, and Kings.
Chap. 18 The Priests and Levites d [...]es.
Chap. 19 Of Levites towns, Land-marks and bounds.
Chap. 20 What Laws of war to use.
Chap. 21 Uncertain murder, stubborn Son.
Chap. 22 Laws of Humanity.
Chap. 23 Of Filthiness, Vows, Trespasses:
Chap. 24 Divorce, Pledge. Leprosy.
Chap. 25 Of strip [...]s, Unmuzzled Ox, and Weights.
Chap. 26 Of First-fruits with Confession.
Chap. 27 Twelve Curses count on Ebal mount,
Chap. 28 Blessings in opposition.
Chap. 29 Moses calls all to Covenant.
Chap. 30 He Life and Death propoundeth.
Chap. 31 To Joshuah charge he gives at large;
Chap. 32 And his last Song resoundeth.
Chap. 33 Concludes with Blessing all the Tribes;
Chap. 34 And dies in Nebo mount.
Thus may you Chapters thirty four
In Deuteronomy count.


Chap. 1 JOshua succeeds in Moses room.
Chap. 2 Rahab the Spies receives.
Chap. 3 Swift Jordans flood divided stood;
Chap. 4 The People pass the Waves.
Chap. 5
Circum­cision and Passover.
Two Seals renew'd, and Manna ceas'd.
Chap. 6 Jericho's walls o'return'd.
Chap. 7 Achan for Theft of life Bereft.
Chap. 8 Ai taken is and burn'd.
Chap. 9 Gibeon by craft obtains a league.
Chap. 10 The Sun and Moon stand still.
Chap. 11 Hazor is ta'ne, her King is slain.
Chap. 12 Thirty three Kings they kill.
Chap. 13 Gads, Reubens, and Manasseh's lot.
Chap. 14 Good Caleb Hebron claims.
Chap. 15 Next Judah's Bounds with all his Towns:
Chap. 16 Josephs and Ephraims.
Chap. 17 Joseph obtains another Lot.
Chap. 18 Then Benjamins they fix.
Chap. 19 And of his Brothers Simeon and others;
Chap. 20 With Refuge Cities six.
Chap. 21 Forty eight Cities Levi hath.
Chap. 22. v. 34. Ed breeds a false Surmise.
Chap. 23 Joshua by threats and promise treats;
Chap. 24 A Covenant makes and dies.


Chap. 1 THe acts of divers Tribes rehears'd.
Chap. 2 Next Age doth God provoke.
Chap. 3 Opprest, they pray'd: God sends them aid.
Chap. 4 Deborah breaks Jabin's yoke.
Chap. 5 She singeth her triumphal Song.
Chap. 6 God Gideon up doth raise.
Chap. 7 With few he fights the Midianites;
Chap. 8 Zeba Zalmunna slays.
Chap. 9 Jothams wise Parable of Trees.
Chap. 10 Israel for sin opprest.
Chap. 11 Of Ammons Slaughter, and Jephthahs Daughte [...]
Chap. 12 Shibboleth's made a Test.
Chap. 13 Sampson to Manoah is born;
Chap. 14 A Riddle doth propound.
Chap. 15 He firebrands lights: with Jawbone fights.
Chap. 16 By Dalilah is bound.
Chap. 17 Micah makes Gods of stollen goods;
Chap. 18 By Danites stollen again.
Chap. 19 A Levites Wife bereft of Life.
Chap. 20 Most Benjamites are slain.
Chap. 21 Wives for the rest are ta'ne.


Chap. 1 RƲTH's kindness unto Naomi.
Chap. 2 She gleans on Boaz Land.
Chap. 3 Her vertues move him her to love,
Chap. 4 And wed her out of hand.


Chap. 1 HAnnah by prayer a Son obtains.
Chap. 2 Eli's Sons God offend.
Chap. 3 Their Doom God tells to Samuel.
Chap. 4 Ark taken, Eli's end.
Chap. 5 Dagon doth fall before the Ark.
Chap. 6 The Ark again they bring.
Chap. 7 Jews mourn for Sins, smite Philistins.
Chap. 8 And then demand a King.
Chap. 9 His fathers Asses Saul doth seek.
Chap. 10 Made King, doth prophesy.
Chap. 11 With Nahash fights, kills Ammonites.
Chap. 12 Samuels Integrity.
Chap. 13 Saul Sacrificing is reprov'd.
Chap. 14 Brave Jonathans victories.
Chap. 15 God Saul rejects for Amalek.
Chap. 16 David anointed is.
Chap. 17 He slays Goliah with a Stone;
Chap. 18 Sauls Daughter Mic [...] marries.
Chap. 19 S [...]l seeks his Life, he's sav'd by's Wife;
Chap. 20 For Jonathans news he tarries.
Chap. 21 He flees to Nob, at Gath seems Mad.
Chap. 22 In rage Saul kills the Priests.
Chap. 23 David escapes divers mishaps;
Chap. 24 And curtaileth Sauls Vest.
Chap. 25 With Churlish Nabal angry is,
Chap. 26 He takes Saul's Spear and Cruse.
Chap. 27 With King of Gath great favour hath.
Chap. 28 Saul of a Witch makes use.
Chap. 29 David by Achish is dismist;
Chap. 30 Finds Ziklag captive gone.
Chap. 31 Saul with his Host and Sons are lost.
Here Chapters thirty one.


Chap. 1 DAvid laments Saul and his Son;
Chap. 2 Wars with the House of Saul.
Chap. 3 By treacheries stout Abner dies.
Chap. 4 And Ishbosheth doth Fall.
Chap. 5 David made King by all the Tribes.
Chap. 6 The Ark with triumph brings.
Chap. 7 To build intends, God him commends.
Chap. 8 He conquers many Kings.
Chap. 9 Mephibosheth he kindly treats.
Chap. 10 His Envoys beards are shaven.
Chap. 11 Ʋriahs Wife he takes, and Life.
Chap. 12 Repenting is forgiven.
Chap. 13 Absalom Amnon kills, and flees.
Chap. 14 Brought back by Joabs art.
Chap. 15 Ahithophel and He rebel.
Chap. 16 Wise Hushai acts his part.
Chap. 17 Ahithophels Counsel God subverts.
Chap. 18 Proud Absalom is slain.
Chap. 19 King comes in Peace, shews acts of Grace.
Chap. 20 Sheba rebels again.
Chap. 21 For Gibeons sake Sauls Sons are hang'd.
Chap. 22 King Davids Psalm of Praise.
Chap. 23 His dying Song, and Warriours Strong.
Chap. 24 A Pestilence three days.


Chap. 1 KIng Solomon anointed is.
Chap. 2 Performs his Fathers charge.
Chap. 3 Prays to be Wise: two Harlots tries.
Chap. 4 His Wealth and Wisdom large.
Chap. 5 Materials he first prepares,
Chap. 6 Then up the Temple sets.
Chap. 7 With Houses more, and Works good store.
Chap. 8 The Temple Dedicates.
Chap. 9 Gods Covenant with him; his Fleet.
Chap. 10 Sheba's Queen hears his fame.
Chap. 11 By Concubines and Wives, he sins.
Chap. 12 Ten Tribes his Son disclaim.
Chap. 13 A Prophet by a Lyon slain.
Chap. 14 Jeroboam God doth threat.
Chap. 15 Asa destroys all Idol toys.
Chap. 16 Zimri's black Crime and fate.
Chap. 17 Elijah is by Ravens fed.
Chap. 18 True God by fire doth show.
Chap. 19 Flees for his Life from Ahabs Wife.
Chap. 20 Benhadad is let go.
Chap. 21 Naboth by Jezabel is slain.
Chap. 22 The Dogs lick Ahabs blood.
These Chapters two and twenty shew
Ten bad Kings and five good.


Chap. 1 ELijah calls for Fire from Heav'n.
Chap. 2 To Heav'n in Fire ascends.
Chap. 3 Elisha brings drink for three Kings.
Chap. 4 The Widows Oyl extends.
Chap. 5 He cureth Naamans Leprosie.
Chap. 6 Strikes Syrians Army blind.
Chap. 7 A Famine chang'd to Plenty strange.
Chap. 8 King Hazaels bloody Mind.
Chap. 9 Jehu throws Jezabel to the Dogs.
Chap. 10 Destroys Baals Worshippers.
Chap. 11 Jehoash reign; his Mother slain.
Chap. 12 The Temple he repairs.
Chap. 13 Elisha's bones a dead man raise.
Chap. 14 Good Amaziah slain.
Chap. 15 Good Azariah's Leprosie.
Chap. 16 The Altar Damascene.
Chap. 17 Mixt worship in Samaria.
Chap. 18 Rabshakeh loudly rails.
Chap. 19 Sennacherib boasts, God slays his Hosts:
Chap. 20 And Hezekiah heals.
Chap. 21 Manassehs bad and bloody reign.
Chap. 22 Josiah good at Eight.
Chap. 23 He doth destroy Idolatry.
Chap. 24 The Captive Jews sad fate.
Chap. 25 Jerusalem ruinate.


Chap. 1 OLd Adams line: and Edoms Dukes.
Chap. 2 Israels Posterity.
Chap. 3 Good Davids line with Kings doth shine.
Chap. 4 Of Judah's Family.
Chap. 5 Reubens, Gads, half Manasseh's Tribe.
Chap. 6 The Priests of Levi's line.
Chap. 7 Of Asher, and of Issachar.
Chap. 8 The Sons of Benjamin.
Chap. 9 The Stock of Saul and Jonathan.
Chap. 10 Sauls overthrow and death.
Chap. 11 King Davids reign, his Mighty men.
Chap. 12 His Host he numbereth.
Chap. 13 He leaves the Ark for Ʋzzahs death.
Chap. 14 Twice beats the Philistins.
Chap. 15 The Ark with joy he doth convoy.
Chap. 16 His holy Quire begins.
Chap. 17 Designs a Temple to erect.
Chap. 18 Rich Presents Dedicates.
Chap. 19 His Messengers affronts he hears.
Chap. 20 And Rabbah ruinates.
Chap. 21 The people Numbred, three days Plague▪
Chap. 22 Temples materials got.
Chap. 23 The Levites charge appoints at large.
Chap. 24 And Aarons Sons by Lot.
Chap. 25 The Singers Office he doth fix,
Chap. 26 And Porters Lot sets down.
Chap. 27 Twelve Captains ward as his Life guard▪
Chap. 28 Gives Counsel to his Son.
Chap. 29 And yields up Life and Crown.


Chap. 1 KIng Solomon doth Wisdom choose.
Chap. 2 Materials manifold.
Chap. 3 Temples extents, and Ornaments.
Chap. 4 Vessels of Brass and Gold.
Chap. 5 The Ark into the Temple brought.
Chap. 6 House Consecrate by Prayer.
Chap. 7 God by his Fire grants his desire.
Chap. 8 His other Buildings fair.
Chap. 9 His gold, rich treasures, acts, and end.
Chap. 10 Rehoboam ten Tribes lost.
Chap. 11 Builds Forts, and Towns, has Wives and Sons.
Chap. 12 Forsakes God to his cost.
Chap. 13 Abijah fights with Israelites.
Chap. 14 Asa a million slays.
Chap. 15 He God doth fear with heart fincere.
Chap. 16 Yet not without allays.
Chap. 17 Jehoshaphat sends Preachers forth.
Chap. 18 To War with Ahab goes.
Chap. 19 God to him sends, and reprehends.
Chap. 20 He prays: God smites his foes.
Chap. 21 Jehoram bad, dies undesir'd.
Chap. 22 Jehu slays Ahaziah,
Chap. 23 Joash lives and reigns by a Priests means.
Chap. 24 Yet kills Priest Zechariah.
Chap. 25 Well Amaziah reigns a while.
Chap. 26 Ʋzziah doth the same.
Chap. 27 Jotham reigns well, doth Ammon quell.
Chap. 28 The Syrians Ahaz tame.
Chap. 29 True Worship Hezekiah rears.
Chap. 30 The Passover proclaims.
Chap. 31 All Idols breaks, for Priests care takes.
Chap. 32 Sennacherib blasphemes.
Chap. 33 Manasseh sins, suffers, repents.
Chap. 34 Josiah tender hearted.
Chap. 35 Keeps Passover, and dyes in War.
Chap. 36 Jerusalem is subverted.


Chap. 1 CYrus bids build Jerusalem.
Chap. 2 The Company that goes.
Chap. 3 Gods House begun with Mirth and Moan:
Chap. 4 Is hindred by their Foes.
Chap. 5 The Work again is set on foot;
Chap. 6 By License from Darius.
Chap. 7 Ezra is sent with Royal grant:
Chap. 8 And Gifts for uses Pious.
Chap. 9 He strange Affinities Jaments;
Chap. 10 And them doth rectifie.
These Chapters ten, shew how Great Men
Gods Church should Edifie.


Chap. 1 GOod Nehemiah Fasts and Prays:
Chap. 2 Goes to Jerusalem.
Chap. 3 The Names of all that built the Wall:
Chap. 4 He Prays and armeth them.
Chap. 5 Makes Usurers restore their Lands.
Chap. 6 Sanballat would him awe.
Chap. 7 What Captives came at first, doth name.
Chap. 8 The Priests expound the Law.
Chap. 9 They fast, repent, and sins confess.
Chap. 10 They Covenant, great and small.
Chap. 11 Jerusalem's Inhabitants.
Chap. 12 They dedicate the Wall:
Chap. 13 And mend disorders all.


Chap. 1 QUeen Vashti disobeys the King:
Chap. 2 And Esther takes her place.
Chap. 3 Proud Haman vows the death of Jews.
Chap. 4 Queen Esther fasts three days.
Chap. 5 She feasts the King and Haman too.
Chap. 6 Mordecai rides in state.
Chap. 7 His Gallows high doth Haman try.
Chap. 8 Jews scape their threatned fate.
Chap. 9 They take revenge, and Purim keep.
Chap. 10 Good Mordecai promoted.
These Chapters ten, by all Good men
For Providence are noted.


Chap. 1 JOb of his Wealth and Children stript;
Chap. 2 And with sore Boyls perplext,
Chap. 3 Curseth the Morn that he was born.
Chap. 4 But Eliphaz him checks.
Chap. 5 Proving all sorrow springs from Sin.
Chap. 6 Job sad complaints renews.
Chap. 7 Gives Reasons why he wisht to Die.
Chap. 8 Gods Justice Bildad shews.
Chap. 9 Job grants God just, thô good men scourg'd.
Chap. 10 With God pleads and complains.
Chap. 11 But Zophar meant Job should repent.
Chap. 12 Yet Job himself maintains.
Chap. 13 Resolves to trust though God him slay.
Chap. 14 Mans life to flowers compares.
Chap. 15 The Temanite doth him Indite.
Chap. 16 Job Innocence declares.
Chap. 17 He then appeals from man to God.
Chap. 18 Bildad shews bad mens fate.
Chap. 19 Job of his pains and Friends complains.
Chap. 20 Zophar tells sinners State.
Chap. 21 Job vindicates Gods Providence.
Chap. 22 Him Eliphaz doth accuse.
Chap. 23 Unto Gods Bar Job would refer,
Chap. 24 And his deep Counsel shews.
Chap. 25 Bildad Mans guiltiness affirms.
Chap. 26 Job Gods great Power sets forth.
Chap. 27 And doth declare himself sincere.
Chap. 28 Proclaimeth Wisdoms worth.
Chap. 29 Bemoans his former great renown,
Chap. 30 Contemned now and weak.
Chap. 31 Integrity vows solemnly.
Chap. 32 Elihu 'gins to speak.
Chap. 33 Offers himself in stead of God.
Chap. 34 God cannot be unjust.
Chap. 35 We good or ill, he's Happy still.
Chap. 36 Submit to him we must.
Chap. 37 He for his Works is to be fear'd.
Chap. 38 God speaks and then recounts.
Chap. 39 Goats, Hindes and Hawk, Ostrich, and Stork.
Chap. 40 But Behemoth Surmounts.
Chap. 41 Lastly the great Leviathan.
Chap. 41 Gods Power testifies.
Chap. 42 Job then submits, God him acquits,
Chap. 42 And Blessings multiplies.


Psalm. 1 DAvid describes a Blessed man.
Psalm. 2 Christs kingdom prophesies.
Psalm. 3 Flees from his Son, to God doth run:
Psalm. 4 His Countenance doth prize.
Psalm. 5 His guidance and Defence requests.
Psalm. 6 Complains of sickness Sore.
Psalm. 7 And Cush his spite, the Benjamite.
Psalm. 8 Babes manifest Gods Power.
Psalm. 9 God for his Judgments should be prais'd.
Psalm. 10 The wicked boast and scoff.
Psalm. 11 Gods Providence good mens defence.
Psalm. 12 Proud Tongues will God cut off.
Psalm. 13 Davids complaints of Gods delay.
Psalm. 14 The Atheist he exposes.
Psalm. 15 And who shall dwell with God, doth tell.
Psalm. 16 God for his Portion chooses.
Psalm. 17 Prays for defence against his foes.
Psalm. 18 Sings Praise for mercies great:
Psalm. 19 The Heavens do Gods glory shew.
Psalm. 20 Saints trust on God is set.
Psalm. 21 He gives God thanks for Victory.
Psalm. 22 Under desertion groans.
Psalm. 23 Relyes on God, his Staff and Rod.
Psalm. 24 Him Lord of Earth he owns.
Psalm. 25 Prays for remission of his sins.
Psalm. 26 Calls God to Judge his Cause.
Psalm. 27 His Faith sustains, and courage gains.
Psalm. 28 He prays against his Foes.
Psalm. 29 God's powerful Thundring Voice extolls.
Psalm. 30 Sings dedication Song.
Psalm. 31 Trusts in Gods Name, prays against shame.
Psalm. 32 To whom doth Bliss belong.
Psalm. 33 Gods Goodness, Providence, Power prais'd.
Psalm. 34 Who trusts in God is blest.
Psalm. 35 David doth pray; Foes cry Aha.
Psalm. 36 God saves both Man and Beast.
Psalm. 37 Sinners and Saints he next compares.
Psalm. 38 Laments his sore Disease.
Psalm. 39 The Life of Man short as a Span.
Psalm. 40 Obedience best doth please.
Psalm. 41 He's blest who pitieth the poor.
Psalm. 42 For God the Psalmist pants.
Psalm. 43 Gods House he fain would see again.
Psalm. 44 The Church makes sore complaints.
Psalm. 45 A Song of Loves 'twixt Christ and Church.
Psalm. 46 She doth on him rely.
Psalm. 47 All Nations sing to God their King.
Psalm. 48 The Churches Majesty.
Psalm. 49 Trust not in Wealth, for all must die.
Psalm. 50 Our God as Judge shall come.
Psalm. 51 David Repents, prays to be cleans'd.
Psalm. 52 Reads spitefull Doegs doom.
Psalm. 53 There is no God, the Fool hath said.
Psalm. 54 David at Ziph betray'd.
Psalm. 55 He thrice a day resolves to pray.
Psalm. 56 At Gath is sore afraid.
Psalm. 57 From Saul in Cave, to God he flees.
Psalm. 58 Against false Judges prays.
Psalm. 59 Saul doth him watch and strive to catch.
Psalm. 60 Edomites Joab slays.
Psalm. 61. v. 2. David prays lead me to the Rock.
Psalm. 62. v. 2. And in that Rock confides.
Psalm. 63 For God he thirsts in Wilderness.
Psalm. 64.2. God from his foes him hides.
Psalm. 65 11. God with his goodness crowns the ye [...]
Psalm. 66.16. Come see what God hath done.
Psalm. 67.3. Let people all his Name extoll.
Psalm. 68.1. Let God arise, foes run.
Psalm. 69.9. Zeal of thine House hath eat me up.
Psalm. 70.5. The needy, God defends.
Psalm. 71.18 Cast not away me old and grey.
Psalm. 72.20. For Solomon prays and ends.
Psalm. 73.3. He envious was at prosperous Fools.
Psalm. 74.22. And doth the Church bemoan.
Psalm. 75.1. Gods Name is near his Works decla [...]
Psalm. 76.1. In Judah God is known.
Psalm. 77 The Psalmist combates with distrust.
Psalm. 78 Shews Israels sins, and sores.
Psalm. 79 And next bemoans Jerusalems groans,
Psalm. 80.13. And Vine destroy'd by Boars.
Psalm. 81.9. There shall no strange God be in the [...]
Psalm. 82.6. Ye gods as Men shall die.
Psalm. 83.18. There is but one JEHOVAH alo [...]
Psalm. 84.6. Rain Baca fills when dry.
Psalm. 85.10. Mercy and Truth together met.
Psalm. 86.8. Like Gods Works there are none.
Psalm. 87.2. Nor dwelling place, like Zions Gates▪
Psalm. 88. Good Heman makes his moan.
Psalm. [...]9 David describes the Covenant.
Psalm. [...]0 And Moses mans decay.
Psalm. [...]1 God keeps the Pure from harm secure.
Psalm. [...]2 A Song for Sabbath day.
Psalm. [...]3.1. The Lord doth reign, with strength is cloth'd.
Psalm. [...]4.1. Vengeance to him pertains.
Psalm. [...]5.10. He fourty years with Israel bears.
Psalm. [...]6.13. And the whole World arraigns.
Psalm. [...]7.7. Confounded Image-servers be.
Psalm. [...]8.8. The Floods shall clap their hands.
Psalm. [...]9.1. God sits between the Cherubin.
Psalm. [...]00.1. Make joyful noise ye Lands.
Psalm. [...]01 How David would reform his House.
Psalm. [...]02 How in Affliction pray'd.
Psalm. [...]03 Calls on his Soul the Lord t' extoll.
Psalm. [...]04 Gods mighty Works survey'd.
Psalm. [...]05 He plagued Egypt, Israel sav'd,
Psalm. [...]06 They murmur and complain.
Psalm. [...]07 He represents Gods Providence.
Psalm. [...]08 And that man's help is vain.
Psalm. [...]09 Judas is cursed in a Type.
Psalm. [...]10 Christ King and Priest declar'd.
Psalm. [...]11.7 Gods Works are pure, Commandments sure.
Psalm. [...]12 The righteous mans reward.
Psalm. [...]13.3. From Sun to Sun God's name is prais'd.
Psalm. [...]14.4. The Hills like Rams do play.
Psalm. [...]15.5. The Idols weak nor see nor speak.
Psalm. [...]16.18. To God my vows I'le pay.
Psalm. 117 O Praise the Lord ye Nations all.
Psalm. 118. v. 22. The Corner stone is laid.
Psalm. 119 Next comes the great Jews Alphabet.
Psalm. 120 A false Tongue justly paid.
Psalm. 121. v. 4. God who ne're sleeps his Israel keeps.
Psalm. 122. v. 6. Pray for Jerusalems peace.
Psalm. 123. v. 1. I lift mine eye to God on High.
Psalm. 124. v. 7. He broke the snare with ease.
Psalm. 125. v. 3. The Rod on Just men shall not rest.
Psalm. 126. v. 5. Joy reapt when sown in tears.
Psalm. 127. v. 1.3. When God doth build the House is fill'd▪
Psalm. 128 Of him the Lord that fears.
Psalm. 129. v. 1. Many a time may Israel say.
Psalm. 130. v. 1. Out of the depths I cry.
Psalm. 131 My Soul is mild as weaned Child.
Psalm. 132 The Ark brought home with joy.
Psalm. 133. v. 1. How pleasant 'tis when Brethren love▪
Psalm. 134. v. 2. Lift up your Hands most pure.
Psalm. 135. v. 6. Who Idols make their likeness take▪
Psalm. 136 Gods mercy doth endure.
Psalm. 137 By streams of Babylon we wept.
Psalm. 138. v. 6. God knows the Proud from far.
Psalm. 139. v. 7. Where shall I flee, O Lord, from the [...]
Psalm. 140. v. 5. The proud have hid a snare.
Psalm. 141. v. 3. Lord set a watch before my mouth.
Psalm. 142 David in cave doth cry.
Psalm. 143. v. 8. Make me to know which way to go.
Psalm. 144. v. 4. Man's like to vanity.
Psalm. 145. v. 15. The eyes of all on God do wait
Psalm. 146. v. 3. In Princes put no trust.
Psalm. 147. v. 18. The winds do blow, the waters flow.
Psalm. 148. v. 2. Praise God all ye his Hosts.
Psalm. 149. v. 4. For He in's People pleasure takes.
Psalm. 149. v. 4. The meek will beautifie.
Psalm. 150. v. 6. What ever thing hath breath to sing.
Psalm. 150. v. 6. Praise ye the Lord most High.


Chap. [...]. v. 2. WIsdom complains of her contempt.
Chap. [...] Promiseth Blessedness.
Chap. [...]. v. 13. And happy gain to all her train.
Chap. [...]. v. 14. Bids shun all Wickedness.
Chap. [...]. v. 3. Shews how mischievous Whoredom is.
Chap. [...]. v. 16. God hateth seven things.
Chap. [...]. v. 9. A whorish Wife describ'd to th' life.
Chap. [...]. v. 15. Wisdom exalteth Kings.
Chap. [...]. v. 5. Wisdom invites the Simple in:
Chap. 10. v. 1. Begins her Proverbs witty.
Chap. 11. v. 1. A Balance right is Gods delight.
Chap. 12. v. 10. Good men their beasts do pity.
Chap. 13. v. 3. He keeps his life who keeps his mouth.
Chap. 14. v. 8. Fools mock at Sin as small.
Chap. 15. v. 33. Honour is nigh Humility.
Chap. 16. v. 18. Pride goes before a fall.
Chap. 17. v. 28. A Silent Fool is counted wise.
Chap. 18. v. 23. The Poor rough answers hath.
Chap. 19. v. 6. All are his Friends, rich Gifts that send▪
Chap. 20. v. 14. It's naught, the Buyer saith.
Chap. 21. v. 17. Whoso loves Pleasure shall be poor.
Chap. 22. v. 29. The Diligent are promoted.
Chap. 23. v. 31. Look not on Wine when brisk and fin [...]
Chap. 24. v. 30. The Sluggards Field is noted.
Chap. 25. v. 21. Feed thou thy hungry Enemy.
Chap. 26. v. 3. A Rod for the Fools back.
Chap. 27. v. 6. Wounds of a Friend are health in th' end▪
Chap. 28. v. 27. Who feeds Poor shall not lack.
Chap. 29. v. 1. Who hates Reproof shall be destroy'd▪
Chap. 30 The words of Agur wise.
Chap. 31 And Lemuel the King, doth tell
Chap. 31 His Mothers good Advice.


Chap. 1 ALl's Vanity the Preacher cryes.
Chap. 2. v. 12. There's nothing New that's don [...]
Chap. 3. v. 4,6. A Time to weep, to lose and keep.
Chap. 4. v. 9. Two better are than one.
Chap. 5. v. 4. Vow and perform what thou hast Vow [...]
Chap. 6. v. 7. Man for his mouth takes pains.
Chap. 7. v. 1. Better is death than our first Breath.
Chap. 8. v. 8. The Spirit none retains.
Chap. 9. v. 2. All things to all men come alike.
Chap. 10. v. 18. Buildings decay by sloth.
Chap. 11. v. 1. Bread on streams cast, is found at last.
Chap. 12. v. 1. Remember God in Youth.


Chap. 1 THe Church declares her love to Christ.
Chap. 2 Their love is mutual.
Chap. 3 She tempted sought; and him home brought.
Chap. 4 He counts her Graces all.
Chap. 5 The Spouse describes her Lover Christ.
Chap. 6 His love to Her he shows.
Chap. 7 Again sets forth her Beauty's worth.
Chap. 8 Her love more ardent grows.


Chap. 1 ISaiah calls to Heaven and Earth.
Chap. 2 Christs Kingdom he foretold.
Chap. 3. v. 16. The Womens Pride is vilifi'd.
Chap. 4. v. 5. Christs Kingdom a strong hold.
Chap. 5 God of his Vineyard doth complain.
Chap. 6 The Prophets lips are purg'd.
Chap. 7 Ahaz afraid, Christ born of Maid.
Chap. 8 Judah by Assur scourg'd.
Chap. 9 Great Joy in trouble Christ shall bring.
Chap. 10 Assyria's pride shall fall.
Chap. 11 The Branch of Jesse with peace shall bles [...]
Chap. 12 God praised is of all.
Chap. 13 Gods hosts 'gainst Babylon mustred are.
Chap. 14 Israel o're her insults.
Chap. 15 Howl Moab, howl: in Sackcloath rowl.
Chap. 16 His grief from Pride results.
Chap. 17 As gleaning Grapes a remnant scapes.
Chap. 18 To Ethiopia wo.
Chap. 19 Egypts wise Men turn'd fools agen.
Chap. 20 She must a captive go.
Chap. 21 Babylon is fall'n, the Prophet cryes.
Chap. 21.12. Jews Feast when God bids Fast.
Chap. 23.17. Judgements on Tyre, she turns to hi [...]
Chap. 24.1. The Lord the Earth makes waste.
Chap. 25.1. God for his Judgements prais'd must be▪
Chap. 26.4. In him we must confide.
Chap. 27.3. He keeps with care his Vineyard fair.
Chap. 28.1. Wo to the Crown of Pride.
Chap. 29.1. To Ariel David's City, wo.
Chap. 30.10. Contempt of Prophets blam'd.
Chap. 31.1. Who to them who to Egypt go.
Chap. 32 Christs Kingdoms blessings nam'd.
Chap. 33.1. Wo to the Spoiler not yet spoil'd.
Chap. 34 To Zions Enemies.
Chap. 35.3. What happy things the Gospel brings▪
Chap. 36 Rabshakehs Blasphemies.
Chap. 37 An Angel slays th' Assyrians Host.
Chap. 38 King Hezekiah heal'd.
Chap. 39 His Treasures Vaunts to Visitants.
Chap. 40 The Gospel-times reveal'd.
Chap. 41 God pleads his cause 'gainst Idols vain.
Chap. 42 Christs Offices described.
Chap. 43.2. His People keeps in Fire and deeps.
Chap. 44 Idolaters derided.
Chap. 45 God calls King Cyrus by his name.
Chap. 46 Babels gods captivates.
Chap. 47 For Pride and Spite doth Babel smite.
Chap. 48 His Church commiserates.
Chap. 49 Christ sent to Jews of them complains.
Chap. 50 Shews he had power to save.
Chap. 51 Their mean descent doth represent.
Chap. 52 Bids them his Word receive.
Chap. 53 Christ is despis'd of wicked men.
Chap. 54 Gentiles are comforted.
Chap. 55 Ho, every one that thirsteth come.
Chap. 56.10. Dumb Dogs deciphered.
Chap. 57.1. The Righteous die and none regard.
Chap. 58 False Fasts the Seer reproves.
Chap. 59.2. 'Tis Wickedness that hides Gods face.
Chap. 60.8. The Gentiles flock like Doves.
Chap. 61.1. Christ his Prophetick Unction takes.
Chap. 62 His Ministers ordains.
Chap. 63.2. 'Tis he doth tread the Wine-press red.
Chap. 64 The Church of Sin complains.
Chap. 65.1. I'm found of them that sought me not▪
Chap. 66.2. The Heaven is my throne.
These Chapters sixty six contain
Isaiah's Vision.


Chap. 1. v. 11. JEremy sees the Almond Rod.
Chap. 2.5. God asks why Jews revolt.
Chap. 3 Israel turns Whore, but Judah more.
Chap. 4 Both charg'd to mend their fault.
Chap. 5 Judgments denounc't for divers crimes.
Chap. 6.8. God sets on work their foes.
Chap. 7.14. Threatens to do as to Shiloh:
Chap. 8. v. 3. So that they death shall choose.
Chap. 9 Their sins and Plagues the Prophet wails.
Chap. 10.3. Their Idol customs vain.
Chap. 11.8. The Covenant they do disobey.
Chap. 12.1. Why thrive the wicked train.
Chap. 13 His Girdle by Euphrates hides.
Chap. 14 God sends a grievous dearth.
Chap. 1.51. To hear refuses Samuel and Moses.
Chap. 16. Forbids both grief and mirth.
Chap. 17.5. Cursed is man that trusts in Man.
Chap. 18 God claims the Potters right.
Chap. 19. By bottle broke, foreshews a stroke.
Chap. 20 Pashur the Seer doth smite.
Chap. 21 He Prophesies a dismal Siege.
Chap. 22 On Shallum judgements sad.
Chap. 23. v. 11. On Prophets vain, and Priests profane.
Chap. 24 He sees Figs good and bad.
Chap. 25 Foretells the Jews captivity.
Chap. 26 Is taken, try'd, acquitted.
Chap. 27 Sends Yokes and Bands to many Lands.
Chap. 28 Is by false Prophets twitted.
Chap. 29 A Letter to the Captives writes.
Chap. 30 And their Return reveal'd.
Chap. 31. v. 15. Rachel with groans her Babes bemoans.
Chap. 32 He buys Hanameels field.
Chap. 33 Captives return once more foretells.
Chap. 34. v. 10. The freed-slaves brought in thrall.
Chap. 35. v. 5. To Wine invites the Rechabites.
Chap. 36 The King doth burn the Roll.
Chap. 37 The Prophet charg'd as fugitive.
Chap. 38 Is to the Dungeon sent.
Chap. 39 The City ta'ne, he freed again.
Chap. 40 To Gedaliah went.
Chap. 41 Ishmael doth Gedaliah slay.
Chap. 42 The Remnant feign a lye.
Chap. 43 To Egypts wo they thither go.
Chap. 44 And their own misery.
Chap. 45 The Prophet comforts Baruch sad.
Chap. 46 And Egypts doom relates.
Chap. 47 And Gods designs 'gainst Philistins.
Chap. 48 And Moab's ruine states.
Chap. 49 And Ammon's with five kingdoms more.
Chap. 50 And Babylon's at last.
Chap. 51 His book into Euphrates throws.
Chap. 52 Jerusalem laid waste.


Chap. 1 JErusalems misery he laments.
Chap. 2. v. 20. And makes to God his moan.
Chap. 3. v. 22. They Hope express.
Chap. 4 And Sins Confess.
Chap. 5 And to Him pray and groan.


Chap. 1 EZekiels Cherubims and Wheels.
Chap. 2 And what his Message was.
Chap. 3 The Roll he swallows, his charge then follows.
Chap. 4 A siege on tyle pourtrays.
Chap. 5 His Hair he burns, cuts, blows away.
Chap. 6 And Israels Judgment shews.
Chap. 7. v. 16.23. Some shall remain. He makes a Chain.
Chap. 8 Their Image-chambers views.
Chap. 9 Some marked are to be preserv'd.
Chap. 10 Live-coals are thrown about.
Chap. 11 He doth complain so few remain.
Chap. 12 His Stuff he carrys out.
Chap. 13 The Prophets dawb, and pillows sow.
Chap. 14 God Names four Judgments sore.
Chap. 15 The Vine is wood for no use good.
Chap. 16 God loves an Infant poor.
Chap. 17 Two large-wing'd Eagles plant a Vine.
Chap. 18 Sowr grapes the Father eats.
Chap. 19 Young Lyons taught to catch, are caught.
Chap. 20 Forefathers Sins repeats.
Chap. 21 He sighs, and crys A Sword, a Sword.
Chap. 22 Their Sins are numbered.
Chap. 23 Aholah and Aholibah.
Chap. 24 He mourns not for the dead.
Chap. 25 Judgments on Ammon and four more.
Chap. 26 And Tyrus cruel siege.
Chap. 27 Her rich supply, and misery.
Chap. 28 For Pride and Sacriledge.
Chap. 29 On Egypt too, for fourty years.
Chap. 30. v. 21. Her arm the Lord hath broke.
Chap. 31 Aslyria's Pride is vilifi'd.
Chap. 32 Egyptians heavy stroke.
Chap. 33 A Watchmans duty is declar'd.
Chap. 34 False Shepherds are reproved.
Chap. 35 Mount Seir for hate made desolate.
Chap. 36 But Israel shall be loved.
Chap. 37 Dead Bones are rais'd, two Sticks are joyn'd.
Chap. 38 Gogs Army, and design.
Chap. 39 His Judgment read, he buryed.
Chap. 40 Gates measured by line.
Chap. 41 The Temples Chambers mèasured.
Chap. 42 The Chambers for the Priests.
Chap. 43 Gods glorious raies fill all the place.
Chap. 44 The Princes gate on th' East.
Chap. 45 What Land God for his Sanctuary.
Chap. 46 What Laws for Prince ordains.
Chap. 47 The waters glide from Temples side.
Chap. 48 Each Tribe his land obtains.


Chap. 1 DAniel eats Pulse, in Wisdom chief.
Chap. 2 Tells what the Kings dream was.
Chap. 3 The Children three from fire set free.
Chap. 4 The King turn'd out to grass.
Chap. 5 Belshazzar feasts, and sees a hand.
Chap. 6 Daniel in Den all night.
Chap. 7 He sees four Beasts rise out of Seas.
Chap. 8 The Ram and He-goat fight.
Chap. 9 He prays, is told of seventy weeks.
Chap. 10 A Vision sees, and fears.
Chap. 11 Persia by Greece: by Romans these
Chap. 12 Subdu'd, the Angel swears.


Chap. 1 HOsea's Wife three Children hath.
Chap. 2 He bids them plead with her.
Chap. 3 A Concubine weds for a signe.
Chap. 4 For sins Jews threatned are.
Chap. 5 Judgments on People, Princes, Priests.
Chap. 6 Exhorts them to return.
Chap. 7 Sins many and great he doth relate.
Chap. 8.14. God threatens them to burn.
Chap. 9 And captive send to other Lands.
Chap. 10 For their Idolatry,
Chap. 11 And for most rude Ingratitude.
Chap. 12.7.8. And gross Hypocrisy.
Chap. 13.9. Israel himself destroyed hath.
Chap. 13.9. His help is in the Lord.
Chap. 14.3,4. To Him return, and Idols scorn,
Chap. 14.3,4. He healing will afford.


Chap. 1 JOel describes a dismal Dearth.
Chap. 2 Prescribes a solemn Fast.
Chap. 3 Denounceth woes 'gainst Zions Foes.
Chap. 3 Pronounceth Blessings last.


Chap. 1 BY Amos, for three sins and four,
Chap. 2 God threatens many a Coast:
Chap. 3. v. 2. Chiefly his own, to him best known,
Chap. 4 He swears to punish most.
Chap. 5 Doth them lament, calls to repent.
Chap. 6. v. 8. Their Wantonness abhorr'd.
Chap. 7 Amos prays twice for Jacobs rise.
Chap. 8. v. 11. A Famine of the Word:
Chap. 9. v. 11. And David's Tent restor'd.


GOod Obadiah, Edom's pride
And Spite to Israel.
What recompence for their Offence
Shall them befall, doth tell.


Chap. 1 JOnah is swallow'd by a Whale,
Chap. 2 And then cast up gain.
Chap. 3 Crys, Niniveh destroy'd shall be.
Chap. 4 Doth for his Gourd complain.


Chap. 1 MIcah for Idols Jacob threats.
Chap. 2 And for Oppressions cry.
Chap. 3 Priests, Prophets, Prince, use Violence.
Chap. 4 The Church shall Peace, enjoy.
Chap. 5 Christs Birth at Bethlehem is foretold.
Chap. 6 With Israel God contends.
Chap. 7 That Good men fail, the Church doth wail.
Chap. 7 Her self to God commends.


Chap. 1 NAhum Gods Grace and Wrath describes.
Chap. 2 His glorious Hosts survey'd.
Chap. 3 The Chariots dance, and Horses prance.
Chap. 3 Proud Niniveh destroy'd.


Chap. 1 HAbakkuk tells Chaldeans rage:
Chap. 2 By Faith he sees their fall.
Chap. 3 To God he pray'd, is much dismay'd.
Chap. 3 Yet trusts in Him for all.


Chap. 1 SIn ruins all things, Zephany cryes.
Chap. 2 Five Lands are singled out.
Chap. 3 Jerusalem must smart like them.
Chap. 3 Yet at the last shall shout.


Chap. 1 HAggai reproveth Jews neglect:
Chap. 1 Inciteth them to build.
Chap. 2 This Temple shall be (though but small)
Chap. 2 With greater glory fill'd.


Chap. 1 ZEchary in Vision Horses Views.
Chap. 2 A Measuring Line he sees.
Chap. 3 Satan resists Joshuah the Priest.
Chap. 4 Seven Lamps, two Olive-trees.
Chap. 5 A flying Roll with Curses full.
Chap. 6 Chariots, and Crowns for Priests.
Chap. 7. v. 3. The Captives ask concerning Fasts.
Chap. 8. v. 19. Fasts shall be turn'd to Feasts.
Chap. 9. v. 9. Foretells Christs riding on an Ass.
Chap. 10. v. 1. Bids ask the Lord for Rain.
Chap. 11. v. 12. Tells at what price Jews valu'd Christ▪
Chap. 12. v. 6. Jerusalem built again.
Chap. 13. v. 1. A Fountain then shall opened be,
Chap. 13. v. 1. For Judah's filthiness.
Chap. 14. v. 2. On Horses Bells, and all Vessels
Chap. 14. v. 2. Inscribed HOLINESS.


Chap. 1 MAlachi doth of sins complain.
Chap. 2 Contempt of Clergy writes.
Chap. 3 Before Messias shall come Elias,
Chap. 4 And set all things to rights.


Chap. 1 CHrist's Pedigree, Conception, Birth:
Chap. 2 Worshipt, to Egypt sent:
Chap. 3 Baptiz'd by John, declar'd God's Son.
Chap. 4 Is Tempted. Bids Repent.
Chap. 5 Preacheth of Blessings. Law expounds.
Chap. 6 Of Fasting, Prayer, and Alms.
Chap. 7 To Judge forbear, of Wolves beware.
Chap. 8 Heals Sick, and Sea becalms.
Chap. 9 Cures Palsie, Issue, Jairus Child.
Chap. 10 Gives to the Twelve their Charge.
Chap. 11 To Christ John sends, Christ him commends.
Chap. 12 Of Sabbath treats at large.
Chap. 13 Sev'n Parables, Christ scorn'd at home.
Chap. 14 Herod Beheadeth John.
Chap. 15 The Canaanite shews her Faiths might.
Chap. 16 Peter's Confession.
Chap. 17 Christ is transfigur'd, Lunatick heals.
Chap. 18 Bids Pardon. Shun Offence.
Chap. 19 Divorce doth state; few Rich Heav'n get.
Chap. 20 Of Labourers and their Pence.
Chap. 21 Christ rides, clears Temple, Fig-tree curst.
Chap. 22 The Marriage. Caesar's dues.
Chap. 23 Eight woes decrees 'gainst Pharisees.
Chap. 24 Jerusalem's fall foreshews.
Chap. 25 Ten Virgins, Talents, Judgment-day.
Chap. 26 Christ is Betray'd, doth Sup.
Chap. 27 By Pilate try'd, and Crucify'd.
Chap. 28 On third day Raised up.


Chap. 1 JOhn's Office. Jesus is Baptiz'd.
Chap. 2 Declares He's Sabbath's Lord.
Chap. 3 Heals withered Hand, doth Devils comma [...]
Chap. 4 The Sower sows the Word.
Chap. 5 Legion cast out goes into Swine.
Chap. 6 Five Loaves five thousand Guests.
Chap. 7 Deaf ears obey Christs Ephphatha.
Chap. 8 Seven Loaves four thousand feast.
Chap. 9 A Deaf-dumb Spirit he expells.
Chap. 10 Waves Zebedee's Sons desire.
Chap. 11. v. 27. By the chief Priest is catechiz'd.
Chap. 12 The Vineyard lett to hire.
Chap. 13 Temples and Worlds destruction told.
Chap. 14 Christ taken, thrice deny'd.
Chap. 15 Mock'd, buffeted, dead, buryed.
Chap. 16 Riseth, is glorify'd.


Chap. 1 JOhn born, and Christ conceiv'd, three Hymns.
Chap. 2 Christ born. God Prais'd on high.
Chap. 3 His Line describ'd by Josephs side.
Chap. 4 Temptation. Ministry.
Chap. 5 Teaches in Ship: And Matthew calls.
Chap. 6 Preacheth of Bliss and Woe.
Chap. 7 Centurion Prais'd. A Dead man rais'd.
Chap. 8 Women their Gifts bestow.
Chap. 9 His Passion Christ foretelleth twice.
Chap. 10 Sends seventy. Martha warns.
Chap. 11 Blames Pharisees for Blasphemies.
Chap. 12 Rich Fool designs new Barns.
Chap. 13 Christ bids Repent: The Crooked heals.
Chap. 14 Cures Dropsie: Bids be Lowly.
Chap. 15 Lost Sheep and Groat: Lost Son home brought.
Chap. 16 False Steward: Dives's Folly.
Chap. 17 Ten Lepers cleans'd: Dooms-day foretold.
Chap. 18 Unjust Judge: Publican.
Chap. 19 Zaccheus views: Christ weeps for Jews.
Chap. 20 Proves Resurrection.
Chap. 21 The Widdows Mite commended is.
Chap. 22 For Peter Christ doth Pray.
Chap. 23 The Theif with Christ in Paradise.
Chap. 24 Christ seen upon the way.


Chap. 1 CHrist God and Man vouched by John.
Chap. 2 Water to Wine doth change.
Chap. 3 Proves Nicodemus an Ignoramus.
Chap. 4 Converts Samaritans.
Chap. 5 Bethesda's Pool. Jews Unbelief.
Chap. 6 Christ is the Bread of Life.
Chap. 7. v. 10. Goes to the Feast, invites his Guests.
Chap. 8 Spares the Adulterous Wife.
Chap. 9 The Man born Blind restor'd to Sight.
Chap. 10 Christ Door and Shepherd is.
Chap. 11 Calls Lazarus up from the Dust.
Chap. 12 Maudlin his feet doth kiss.
Chap. 13 He washeth his Disciples Feet.
Chap. 14 Is the Truth, Life, and Way.
Chap. 15 The Vine is He, the Branches we.
Chap. 16 Speaks Comfort. Bids us Pray.
Chap. 17 Prays for the Twelve and all his Flock.
Chap. 18 Cures Malchus wounded Ear.
Chap. 19 Dying calls John his Mothers Son.
Chap. 20 To Mary doth appear:
Chap. 21 And some who fishing were.


Chap. 1 CHrist after forty days ascends.
Chap. 2 The Holy Ghost descends.
Chap. 3 At Peter's word the Lame's restor'd:
Chap. 4 Which act the Jews offends.
Chap. 5 False Ananias and his Wife.
Chap. 6 Seven Deacons are elected.
Chap. 7 Stephen doth plead, is Martyred.
Chap. 8 And Magus is detected.
Chap. 9 Saul called. Tabitha reviv'd.
Chap. 10 Cornelius Christened.
Chap. 11 The Christian Name from Antioch came.
Chap. 12 Peter delivered.
Chap. 13 Of Elymas. Paul to Gentiles turns.
Chap. 14 He, Ston'd at Lystra, riseth.
Chap. 15 First Councel agrees to send Decrees.
Chap. 16 The Jaylor Paul Baptizeth.
Chap. 17 At Athens preacheth, and disputes.
Chap. 18 At Corinth works with hands.
Chap. 19 He next doth to Ephesians go.
Chap. 20 And Macedonians.
Chap. 21 He's taken at Jerusalem.
Chap. 22 A just defence doth make.
Chap. 23 Escapes a Plot. To Felix brought,
Chap. 24 He makes even Him to quake.
Chap. 25 Pleads before Festus, and appeals.
Chap. 26 To King Agrippa preaches.
Chap. 27 Is Shipwrackt, yet to land doth get.
Chap. 28 At Rome two years he teaches.


Chap. 1 PAul writes to Rome of Gentiles sins.
Chap. 2 Jews sins are worse, he saith.
Chap. 3 Both Greeks and Jews doth Law accuse.
Chap. 4 Abraham was sav'd by Faith.
Chap. 5 Death came by Adam, Life by Christ.
Chap. 6 To sin we dead must be.
Chap. 7 And to the Law, which doth sin show.
Chap. 8 From Wrath Christ doth us free.
Chap. 9 Paul in great heaviness for the Jews.
Chap. 10 Shews two-fold righteousness.
Chap. 11 Tells Israels fall, and future Call.
Chap. 12 Doth many duties press.
Chap. 13 Subjection, Love, Sobriety.
Chap. 14 Of things indifferent.
Chap. 15 The Strong must seek to please the Wea [...]
Chap. 16 He many Greetings sent.


Chap. 1 PReaching thought foolish, is Gods Powe [...]
Chap. 2 'Bove humane wisdom priz'd.
Chap. 3 'Tis Paul that plants, increase God grant [...]
Chap. 4 Apostles were despis'd.
Chap. 5 Incestuous Person censured.
Chap. 6 Law-suits we must refrain.
Chap. 7 Of Marryed state, and Celibate.
Chap. 8 And Meats to Idols slain.
Chap. 9 Of Maintenance for Ministers.
Chap. 10 And Sacraments of Jews.
Chap. 11 Then doth insist on th' Eucharist.
Chap. 12 Of Gifts, and of their use.
Chap. 13 Of Charity's Preheminence.
Chap. 14 Of unknown Tongues he treats.
Chap. 15 And on the Resurrection.
Chap. 16 Rules for Collections sets.


Chap. 1 SAint Paul in Asia troubles had.
Chap. 2 Incestuous man releast.
Chap. 3 How Christ reveal'd what Moses vail'd.
Chap. 4 Pauls Sufferings are blest.
Chap. 5 Assurance makes him long for death.
Chap. 6 His Ministry doth prove.
Chap. 7 Corinthians press to Godliness.
Chap. 8 And Bounty, for Christs love.
Chap. 9 He Charity to seed compares.
Chap. 10 His Presence mean they slight.
Chap. 11 By them he's forc't himself to boast.
Chap. 12 For which he chides down-right.
Chap. 13 And threatens them to smite.


Chap. 1 PAul blames Galatians, shews his Call.
Chap. 2 How Peter Judaiz'd.
Chap. 3 Abraham, he saith, was sav'd by Faith.
Chap. 4 From Law we are freed by Christ.
Chap. 5 Bids them stand fast in liberty,
Chap. 5 Wherewith Christ made them free.
Chap. 6 And shews what made some men perswade.
Chap. 6 Them Circumcis'd to be.


Chap. 1 HE Gods Electing love commends.
Chap. 2 Doth Mans two States compare.
Chap. 3 The Gentiles Call reveal'd to Paul.
Chap. 4 One God, Gifts diverse are.
Chap. 5 Exhorts to Love, bids Lust to flee.
Chap. 5 Shews Duties Relative.
Chap. 6 Of Arms compleat from Head to feet,
Chap. 6 Doth full Description give.


Chap. 1 PAul tells what good his Bonds had done.
Chap. 2 Bids them Christ imitate.
Chap. 3 Counts all things loss for Christ and's Cross.
Chap. 4 Content is with his state.


Chap. 1 PAul to Colossians Christ describes.
Chap. 2 Bids Angel-worship wave.
Chap. 3 Exhorts to love the things above.
Chap. 4 Their earnest Prayer doth crave.


Chap. 1 GIves thanks for Thessalonians Faith.
Chap. 2 He preacht without deceit.
Chap. 3 To them his Love doth clearly prove.
Chap. 4 Describes the Judgement great.
Chap. 5 And doth of Duties treat.


Chap. 1 COmmends their Faith and Patience.
Chap. 2 The Antichrist reveals.
Chap. 3 Bids them to flee ill company:
Chap. 3 And then his Letter Seals.


Chap. 1 TElls Timothy Law's use and end.
Chap. 2 To pray for Kings directs.
Chap. 3 Bishops describes, Deacons and Wives.
Chap. 4 The Apostacy detects.
Chap. 5 Of Elders and of Widows treats.
Chap. 5 Bids Timothy guard his health.
Chap. 6 What Sins to shun, what must be done
Chap. 6 By him, and men of Wealth.


Chap. 1 BIds Timothy stir up Gods gift.
Chap. 2 And doth him courage teach.
Chap. 3 He prophesies Apostasies.
Chap. 4 And chargeth him to preach.


Chap. 1 HOw Bishops should be qualifi'd.
Chap. 2 Duties of Young and Old.
Chap. 3 What Titus ought to teach, what not,
These Chapters three unfold.


FOr good Philemons Faith and Love,
Paul doth great joy conceive;
And with kind Speech doth him beseech,
Onesimus to receive.


Chap. 1 CHrist above Angels is advanc'd.
Chap. 2 Mans Nature took and di'ed.
Chap. 3 As Moses Lord, must be ador'd.
Chap. 4 Doth Rest for Saints provide.
Chap. 5 Is of Melchizedecks Order, Priest.
Chap. 6 As God to Abraham sware.
Chap. 7 A Priest more high than of Levi.
Chap. 8 Whose Orders nulled are.
Chap. 9 Christs blood preferr'd 'bove Legal rites.
Chap. 10 Was offer'd once for all.
Chap. 11 The Acts of Faith he next display'th.
Chap. 12 To run Christs Race doth call.
Chap. 13 Love and be Liberal.


Chap. 1 JAmes, in Temptation bids rejoice.
Chap. 2 And shew our Faith by Love.
Chap. 3 Describeth truly the Tongue unruly.
Chap. 4 Shews Lusts do fightings move.
Chap. 5 And Rich men doth reprove.


Chap. 1 PEter to Holiness exhorts;
Chap. 2 And to Obedience.
Chap. 3 Bids Wives be meek, and Sarah-like.
Chap. 4 Propounds Christ's Patience.
Chap. 5 Excites to Vigilance.


Chap. 1 FAith and Good Works make Calling sure.
Chap. 2 Falie Teachers are foretold.
Chap. 3 How Christ shall come at day of Doom.
Chap. 3 As Promis'd was of old.


Chap. 1 JOhn shews our fellowship with Christ.
Chap. 2 To Young and Old doth write.
Chap. 3 Our Works must prove the truth of Love.
Chap. 4 Bids to try every Spirit.
Chap. 5 Love makes Gods Laws seem light.


WRites to a Lady, and exhorts
Her and her Children dear,
Constant to prove in Faith and Love;
Seducers to beware.


HE writes to Gaius, and commends
His Hospitality:
But doth repress Diotrephes
Seeking Supremacy.


JƲde bids for Faith strive earnestly.
Seducers lively paints.
What Judgments shall to them befall.
What Blessings to the Saints.


Chap. 1 IN Vision Christ to John appears.
Chap. 2 He writes to Churches four.
Chap. 3 To other three then writeth he.
Chap. 4 The Elders God adore.
Chap. 5 The Lamb doth take the seven seal'd Boo [...]
Chap. 6 He opens all but one.
Chap. 7 Saints sealed are whom God will spare.
Chap. 8 Last Seal, four Trumpets blown.
Chap. 9 Two Trumpets more, the fifth and sixth.
Chap. 10 John eats the Book that's brought.
Chap. 11 Witnesses two. Last Trumpets woe.
Chap. 12 Man-child to Heaven is caught.
Chap. 13 A Beast with seven Heads, ten Horns.
Chap. 14 The Lamb with Saints about.
Chap. 15 To Angels seven were Vials given;
Chap. 16 All which they poured out.
Chap. 17 The Whore of Babilon describ'd;
Chap. 18 Her woful Doom foretold.
Chap. 19 God glorify'd, the Lamb and Bride.
Chap. 20 The Devil kept in hold.
Chap. 21 John sees new Heaven and new Earth,
Chap. 21 And new Jerusalem.
Chap. 22 Seals Visions close, and curseth those
Chap. 22 That add or take from them.

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