Tobies Experience Explaind:

Good Fellows all, whatever you be,
I pray take this advice of me:
Strength will decay Old age will come,
Therefore save something while your yong
To the Tune of, That Dill Doul
GOod Fellows all I pray draw near,
to what I here have lately pend.
You'l say 'tis true I do not fear,
and take the Author for your friend:
For by experiance I have seen;
how Landladys, draw good Fellows in,
With pray come in, will not you stay,
I have not seen you this many a day.
Come Joan, where is our Maid gone?
bring a Chair for this honest man,
Come pray sit down you'l stay so long,
to smoak a pipe e'er you are gone;
Such tricks they have, and ten times worse,
to draw the Coyn out of your purse
With pray Sir stay will you go away,
I have not seen you this many a day.
And then she'l whisper in your ear,
pray Sir, will you drink Ale or Beer,
Ioan fill a Flaggon, of the best,
this is my friend, and my old guest:
And something more I will you tell,
you are a man that I love well,
And you shall stay, you shall not goe away,
I have not seen you this many a day.
And then perhaps a Maid may be,
will come and smile up in your face,
And She'l sit down upon your knee,
to keep you longer in that place:
Then you may kiss, and something more,
so long as you have money in store,
These are the bates which they do lay,
poore honest men for to betray.
Some Landladys have got the Gout,
they scarce can turn their Arss about,
They are so lasy, and so fat,
their money is so easily got:
Some do complain of the Excise,
but I am sure that poor trades men pays;
Their measure now is made so short.
that we may pay full three pence a quart.
A Labouring man must work all day,
for meat and one poor sixpence pay,
If in an Ale house once he went,
how quickly is that sixpence spent:
Therefore go not into their dore,
for they are fat enough before,
But mind your wife if you have one,
and let these fat arse dames alone.
Good fellows all that stand here by,
will you say this my songs a lye,
I think you may confess 'tis true,
and so I say as well as you.
It is so publick to be seen,
what tricks they have to draw men in,
With pray come in, will not you stay,
pray call when you do come this way,
How happy might we live and brave,
if we our money did but save,
And not maintain those Lasy queens,
that never doth take any pains:
Nor toyl, nor wag out of their Chear,
to draw a man a pot of Beer,
But call the maid, where is she gone,
draw some beer for this honest man.
And so I do conclude and end,
I pray observe what here is pend,
Bye one of them both great and small.
and put them up against your wall:
The price a penny, and that's not dear,
'twill save you two pence in a year.
And so I hope you I gain thereby,
I end having no more to say.

Printed for P. Brooksby, in West-smithfield

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