THE Bleeding Lovers Lamentation: OR, Fair Clorindas sorrowful Complaint for the loss of her Unconstant Strephon.

To the Tune of, The Ring of Gold.

Licensed according to Order.

RAnging the silent shade
seeking for Pleasure,
I heard a fair young Maid
weep out of measuree:
Her curled locks the tore
and often crying,
Strephon whom I ador [...]
is from me flying.
Sure by some charming Saint
he is deluded,
While here in sad complaint
I lye excluded
From all the Ioys of love,
and grief lye under.
My sorrows to remove,
heart break in sunder.
O Strephon most unkind
how could you leaue[?] me.
With a tormented mind,
the which doth grieve me,
Return, return again
whom I admire,
Or in tormenting pain
I shall expire.
A Alas you little know
how I lye bleeding,
These melting tears that flow
for me are pleading,
Let them some pity find,
do not destroy me;
I am to love inclin'd,
let me enjoy thee.
In vain this moan I make,
he will not hear me,
Altho' my heart should break
he'll not come near me;
But Violates the Laws
of Lovers passion,
What have I done to cause
this seperation.
None had my heart but he
ever in keeping,
This said immediately,
she fell a weeping,
Her hands as white as Snow,
she wrung them, crying,
Down to the shades below,
my soul is flying.
My last Farewel I'll write
and leave behind me,
Since he for ruine quite
thus hath design'd me,
When he the same shall read,
it may offend him;
A mournful life he'll lead,
grief may attend him.
When he shall call to mind
what Vows he made me,
Seeming to love inclin'd
'till he betray'd me:
This may his Soul enslave
and cause his weeping,
While in the silent Grave
I shall lye sleeping.
Death ease me of the smart
which I lye under,
And let this stubborn heart
now break in sunder.
Why should I live to feel
loves flaming fire,
Which I cannot conceal,
let me expire.
Once more her melting eyes
like Fountains flowing
And with relenting Crys,
said she I'm going.
Farewel thou perjur'd swain
who from me parted,
Thou hast a lover slain
being hard hearted.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare and J. Back.

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