THE Dreadful, and Terrible, Day of the LORD GOD, to over­take this Generation suddenly; once more Proclaimed.

CLouds and darkness are round about him, he cometh with Clouds, and every eye shall see him; and they that have peirced him shall mourn bitterly. Howl, howl, howl ye In­habitants of the Earth; who have made a Covenant with Death, and with Hell are at an Agreement, the Overflowing Scourge cometh; all your Lyes shall be swept away suddenly; as in a mo­ment, naked and bare must you appear, and stand before the Lamb the Judge of the whole Earth, of the Quick and the Dead. Oh! oh! what will you do in that day, ye Scoffers, ye Mockers, ye Ranters, ye Wantoners, ye Gamsters, ye Sporters, ye Cheaters, cozeners, decei­vers, oppressors, covetous, unrighteous; Tyrants over the witness, and witnesses of God, who make merry over it. The Terrible, terrible, terrible, dreadful day of the Lord God is at hand: Oh who shall deli­ver you, and whether will you run, or flye, while your only Refuge, will be your Judge, Pursuer, Condemner, will mock at your destructi­on, when your fear cometh as a whirl-wind. Hear, hear, hear, O ye Inhabitants of the Earth; The great and terrible day of the Lord God, wherein he will arise to Judgement, breaks forth upon you suddenly: Oh what will you do ye Hypocrits, ye dawbers, ye painters, ye perse­cutors, ye whose Silver is become Brass, and Brass, Iron; whose Hea­vens are become Brass, and Earth Iron. Ye deceivers, Inchanters, be­nighting, and being benighted: Oh the dreadful day that is to over­take you suddenly. Behold I will arise saith the Lord, as upon Mount Perizim, and will be wrath as in the vally of Megiddon, and will bring forth my work; and behold vengeance is in my heart, and I will exe­cute it in behalf of the meek, and such as have no helper in the Earth. Oh! oh! oh that men might in time hear, and fear, and consider; But men in honour not understanding are like the Beasts that perish.

I. S.

FReinds & people every where that mention the name of the Lord in this the day of his mighty power, in which he will work wonders.

Thus saith the Lord God, keep to the measure of my spirit manifest­ed in your hearts, every one to your own, and be still, be still retired, keeping low, in the dread and true humillity, of mine Eternal, single spirit of Iudgment and truth alone: Feel me the living God your habita­tion, your strength, your peace, your Rock, your Iustifier in all thing; for behold I will sweep, I will sweep, I will fan, I will sift the Nations to the bottom to the ground I will crush, I will break I will scatter, I will demo­lish I will desolve all flesh (that hath corrupted its way,) all Mountains, all Ceaders, all strong holds; I will break through, as he that breaketh through gates of Brass, and bars of Iron, I will toss and whirl the Moun­tains and hills in my fury, as he that tosseth a Ball, I will overturn Tow­ers, and fenced places, as he that turneth up the mowen grass, I will dry up Rivers and deeps, and I will bring up deeps to light, which hath not been known, behold I will work wonders, and miracles, and signes, in Heaven and Earth, and the Sea, to the astonishment of all flesh (which shall faile before me) for I am a jealous God, a mighty, terrible, and dreadful God, rewarding every one according to his doings.

Tremble ye Inhabitants of the Earth, for I will shake all nations, dread, and quake, and tremble before me, ye Kings, and Princes, and all ye great men & Rulers of the Earth, your strength is as Stubble before me, I am come in my fury & zeal, to render a recompence for all your doings.

Tremble ye careless daughters, weep and howl ye women that are at ease, for behold the day of your mourning is at hand, in which you shall be as Widdows, and all you daughters of Musick, you shall waile and sigth bitterly: Cry out and roar like Bears, all ye deceivers, all ye prophane hierlings, changeable Preists, Bishops, Fryers, Deans, Monks, Popes, Car­dinals, and all ye unclean birds of prey, which have caused the people to Err for lack of knowledge, my terrible, notable, and dreadful day of vengeance is coming upon you; Ile shake, Ile astonish, Ile confound you, ye deviners, ye Inchanters, ye dreamers, ye Sorcerers, ye lyers, ye Mur­deres, ye Whore-mongers, ye bewichers, Ile make you mad, Ile amaze you, Ile distract you, Ile strike you with blindness, and madness, and asto­nishments; and you shall curse your Gods, and your Kings, and you shall fret your selves, and gnaw your tongues for pain and vexation.

Cry roar, howle, tremble, and be ye horribly Confounded, all ye Idola­ters, [Page 3]Superstioners, deceitful workers, and all Hypocrits, the day of venge­ance is in my heart against you, my Indignation burns, it is kindled, it flameth, it shall consume you, and leave you neither root nor branch.

Behold the end of all flesh is come up before me, Rejoyce ye upright in heart, ye undefiled, ye humble, and contrite ones, Rejoyce with fear and trembling, rejoyce thou heaven, rejoyce thou seed of Iacob, and of Abra­ham my friend, rejoyce thou true Isralite, in whom is no guile, rejoyce ye holy Apostles, and Prophets, and Saints, sing aloud upon your beds of E­ternal rest, all ye Martyers, who love not your lives unto death, you followers of the Lamb ye Redeemed by his blood, ye chosen, ye faith­ful and true witnesses, sing praises for ever, and Halelujahs for ever, for I the mighty God of Israel, the everlasting Iehovah, the I Am (and there is none can deliver out of my hand) will work and, none shall hinder; fear not ye babes of uprightness, ye single hearted, ye noble plants of my renown, and glory, who dwell in the retiredness in my secret, dreadful infallible life, and Counsel and wisdome, fearing to offend me the mighty just God; fear not the rage wrath, and fury of your Aversaries, though an Host Encamp about you to destroy you; for behold my Bridle is in the Jaws of the Red Dragon, and my hook is in the nose of the feirce Le­viathan, though no man can tame them, yet I the Lord God of all might and power, (who formed the crooked Serpent) will make my sword to peirce through his Liver, fear not, I can break up his scales though like scales of Brass, and draw his tongue out of his mouth, and the sting of venome when I please, fear ye not the wrath of man, neither be afraid of their revilings, and threatnings, (but feel my pure, Innocent, harmless, upright life, and power in yout vessels;) for behold Ile trample, and tread them under my feet and your feet, as one that treadeth upon morter, and no Idolater, Hypocrite, or wicked person, shall escape my mighty hand.

Therefore be silent, oh all flesh, for I am arisen in my holy habitation to plead with all Nations, come to Iudgement oh all ye ungodly and re­ceive your sentence, Behold it draweth neer, prepare to the battel of my everlasting vengeance, and recompences; oh all ye workers of iniquity, for my soul is filled with jealousie, and everlasting vengeance is in my heart against you, have you not been often warned of my righteous Judge­ments to come? have not my servants proclaimed them in your streets and dwelling places? have I not cryed (through them) my mighty day, which comes like a Theif in the Night upon the wicked? Can [Page 4]you say, you never heard the report thereof? Can you say you were not warned, within you, and without you? Then will I stay my fury.

But behold, I have sent my messengers early and late unto you, to warne, reprove, and exhort you, but you have hardned your hearts, and stifned your necks, and closed your eyes, and stopped your ears, against them, and their message; and not only so, but you have re­viled them, and mocked them, and stoned them, and buffeted them, and abused them, and persecuted them, and Imprisoned them, and some of them you have caused thereby to suffer death, &c. And what will you now do? will you say when saw we thee sick, and in Prison & did not visit thee? Or when saw we thee an hungred, or suffer afflicti­on, and did not minister unto thee? I tell you in as much as you have done violence to these my servants, and messengers, (whom I sent un­to you,) you have done it unto me; and in as much as you shewed them no mercy, you have shewed no mercy unto me, for they came not unto you in their own wills and name, but in the will of him that sent them, therefore are you left without excuse, or can any of you say (to my face) you knew not that you were reproved for sin, or did not know what was iniquity or transgression against me, the pure holy God? Can you say that we knew not that Pride was sin, or that Lying was sin, or swearing was sin, or you knew not that whoredome was sin, or drun­kenness, or cheating, or scoffing, or envy, malice, and corrupt Com­munication, or wantonness or unjust dealing is sin? Or can you say, you knew not that doing wrong to your Neighbour (as you would not be done unto is sin, or Murder or Adultry is sin? If you can say in truth that you knew not these things, whether they were good or e­vil, then will I yet stay my vengeance from descending upon you.

But behold my witness in your own Consciences, the light of my spirit hath often strived with you, and manifested these things unto you, and checkt you, and reproved you, which shall now eternally condemne you; and to it I have set my Seal, that neither heaven nor Earth shall deliver you, Amen.

Given forth, in the Eternal motion of the word of God, by W. B.
The END.

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