ARTICLES Concluded upon by the OFFICERS and SOULDIERS Now in Armes by Authority of the PARLIAMENT Of the Kingdom of SCOTLAND.

Together with, The Answer of the NOBLEMEN and GENTLEMEN now in Armes for the COVENANT?

EDINBƲRGH, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the Kings most excellent Majesty. 1648.

Articles concluded upon by the Officers and Souldiers, now in Armes by authority of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scotland.

WE being servants to the State, and un­willing to engage in a Civill War, do conceive our selves obliged to remit the wayes of prosecuting of all duties to Religion, and to our King, to the de­termination of Church and State: And let them move in it, as they will be answerable to God: Our lives shall ever be ready to be exposed to all hazards for the good of both; and if all duties for them, and for our friends release in England shall now be deserted, let the blame before God and men lye upon the obstructors of it: And if no further use be made of our service, We do demand,

I. That security be given to all who are or have been engaged in this service for their Persons, Honours and Estates, whereby they may be free from all dangers, prejudices & censures whatsoever, whether Ecclesiasti­call or Civill, for their accession to the late Engage­ment, or any thing done by them relating thereunto, or to this service for our own defence: And this to be confirmed by Parliament, or the lawfull Authority of the Kingdom.

II. That in regard of our extraordinary charges and losse; one Moneths pay be instantly delivered unto us, for payment of thee Irish Forces, and that Boats and Ships presently be provided for their transportation into Ireland: And for preventing all disorders upon their [Page 2]march through the West Countrey by Free-quartering, We do desire that a regular course may be taken for their entertainment during their abode there, which shal be no longer then winde and weather shall serve, and Boats be provided to transport them.

III. That one Moneths means be provided for the Scottish Forces, and that they be not disbanded, untill the Irish Forces be transported; and that sufficient pledges be delivered for performance of what is desired. And that our disbanding and transportation be done by Authority of the Committee of Estates.

These reasonable demands being performed, VVe the Irish are ready instantly to march towards any part of the West coast which shall be thought most fit for our transportation into Ireland, and we of the Scottish, in­stantly to disband: Otherwise, rather then expose our Lives and Fortunes to the mercy of any, by the want of fitting assurances for what is past, or the losse of our Honours by deserting the interest of those commanded by, or joyned with us, VVe are resolved to sacrifice our selves at the dearest rates we can; And take God to witnesse how free we are of the guilt and consequences that may follow thereupon.

Signed by Warrant and Command of the Officers now in Armes by the Authority of Parliament, JO: SPALDGUGE.

We have appointed our Commissioners to stay no longer then six a clock at night, to morrow the 19. and that the Treaty shall then end; and that the Cessation shall expire eight hours there­after, unlesse the desires before mentioned be fully granted.

The Answer of the Noblemen and Gentlemen now in Armes for the Covenant, to the Articles of the Officers and Souldiers that joyned in the late unlawfull ingagement against England, and now continue in Armes to disturb the peace of this Kingdome.

WEE have consiered the desires of the Officers and Souldiers at Sterlin, and do return this answer; That the Im­putation of neglecting dutyes to Reli­gion and to the King mentioned in the preface to the Articles cannot be charged on Us, who have never been wanting in the use of all lawfull means, to prosecute the ends of our solemne League and Covenant: But upon those who joyned in prosecution of the late unlawfull engagement against our neighbour Nation of England, which hath been destructive to all these ends.

Touching the first Article, Wee referre you to the Answer given in our former papers, and do here again declare, that wee shall not challenge, nor incite any other to challenge any of your number for their lives and Estates, but shall endeavour to secure them so far as wee [Page 4]can without approbation of their actions, or the breach of Covenant and Treaties. As for that which concerns exemption from Church-censures, wee cannot medle therein without breach of Covenant, but must referre you to the Judicatories of the Kirk, to whom you may make your own addresse, and receive their answer.

Concerning the second and third Articles, wee re­ferre you to the Answer given by our Commissioners to the Commissioners on your side, which was, that wee held it unreasonable that they should desire any thing from us, or any other who adhere to us, for satisfaction of their Officers and Souldiers, because wee will not Involve our Selves in any thing which may Import an accession to the late engagement, or may be the ground of a quarrell to England against this Kingdome; But if they had reall Inclinations to Peace, they and their ad­herents might without our accession thereunto take course amongst themselves for giving satisfaction to their Officers and Souldiers, and therefore did desire (and do now again renew the same) that all their forces, and the forces of these who adhere unto them, may be disbanded betwixt and the twenty fifth, or at furthest the twentie eight day of this moneth of September, and and that none of them be found together after that time, in Troupes, Companies, or Regiments; and wee shall betwixt and the said day, disband all our forces and none of them after that time shall be found in Troops, Companyes, or Regiments; for the punctuall perfor­mance whereof on both sides, mutuall pledges are to be given. And further we cannot say in answer to these Articles.

If you shall not agree to the desires made in our last papers of the 16 of this Instant, and not rest satisfied with these answers, but shall continue in Armes to the disturbance of the Peace of this Kingdome, and persist in the courses in which you are now engaged, contrary to the Declarations of the Generall Assembly and their Commissioners, Wee do hereby certifie unto you, that all who have been active in the late engagement, as well those in England, as those in this Kingdom, and all such as have, or shall hereafter joyn with you, are to be declared enemies to both Kingdoms, and that this Kingdome will be necessitated to concurre with the Kingdome of England for punishing them accordingly as breakers of the Covenant and Treaties, and wee leave it to you seriously to consider whither the wayes and courses you are upon, be reallie for the good of the King and this Kingdome, or a safe way for the relief of your friends that are prisoners in England.

Wee do declare that unlesse the desires contained in our papers of the 16, of this Instant, and in this paper be clearly and positively agreed unto, and wee adver­tised thereof before Fryday the 22. of this instant, at twelve of the Clock in the day, that then the Treaty shall end, and that the cessation from Acts of Hostility and marching of forces shall expire eight houres there­after.

Subscribed by command of the Noblemen and Gentlemen now in Arms for the Covenant. Mr. THO. HENDERSON.

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