An Antidote of Rare Physick.

No Rarer thing that you can find,
To Cure a Discontented mind;
A contented mind it is most rare,
If you serve the Lord and stand in fear:
And let no want nor Poverty,
Disquiet your mind, I tell to ye;
For God hath all things still in store,
If you have content you need no more
The Tune is, No love like a contented mind: or, Phancies Phenix.
INdeed this world is so unjust,
Men cannot one another trust;
Some are so troubled in their mind,
One scarcely now a friend can find:
There is such wavering every way,
Makes many a man stand at a stay:
A contented mind it is most rare,
If we serve the Lord and stand in fear.
If a man be poor and have but small,
If he be content it's the best of all;
There's some has Thousands at command,
That's not content I understand;
They pinch and spare to make it more,
And grind the faces of the poor:
A contented mind, &c.
If sickness comes count that no loss,
But be content then with thy Cross:
If it be Gods will it must be so,
It's a Blessing, pray you say not no:
And remember Iob in all his ways,
He evermore gave God the Praise:
A contented mind, &c.
If you be cast in Prison never fear,
Let not your heart and mind dispair;
But be content and hope the best,
When God is pleas'd you shall be releas'd:
That man that serves the God of might,
If man do him wrong, God will do him right
A contented mind it is most rare,
If we serve the Lord and stand in fear.
If a man have a charge of Children small,
And has but little to maintain them withal,
Let his prayers be still unto the Lord,
Then relief for them he will afford;
And never murmer at your want,
Although sometimis that things be scant,
A contented mind, &c.
Content it is a pleasant thing therefore,
And especially for the Poor;
If a man be brought into distress,
It will relieve him in his heaviness;
And make him understand and see,
What our good God can do for thee and me:
A contented mind, &c.
What ever Troubles comes or goes,
Let's serve the Lord, and give him praise;
And keep our hearts both clear and sound,
That no evil may our conscience wound:
And love all men both Rich and Poor,
And be content for evermore:
A contented mind, &c.
If Maids and Young-men be tros'd in love,
And neither party be unkind,
Let them put their trust in God above,
And he will ease their troubled mind:
And never pine at it I do say,
Many has brought themselves unto decay:
A contented mind, &c.
Contents the best thing we can find,
If any trouble do vex our mind;
It will preserve us from all evil,
And expell the Poyson of the Devil:
For if our hearts be whole and sound,
No evil thing can there abound:
A contented mind, &c.
That man that lives without content,
And hath his heart now on Riches bent,
Ne'r has enough, he'd still have more,
His wicked mind runs on his store:
But the poor man that enjoys content,
Is in a better way when life is spent:
A contented mind, &c.
Contents will cure a wounded heart,
Content will never let it smart;
Content it is a precious store,
And he that hath it needs no more:
It's a Remedy for Rich and Poor,
And a Plaster for every wounded Sore:
Content it is so rare a thing,
Great Comfort to you it will bring.

Printed for I. Deacon, at the Angel in Guiltspur-street.

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