A NEW Prognostication, For the Year of our Redemption, 1678 Being the second after Bissextile, or Leap Year.

Most Curiously and Artificially Calculated, for all North-Brittain; but more Especially, (and even according to TYPOGRAPHER'S very bound Duty,) for the Latitude and Meridian of our most Famous CITY of BON-ACCORD.

Which stands upon a pleasant LONE, Whose gallant Dykes, are DEE and DONE.

By A. R. A. M. an expert Mathematician.

[print of astologer holding model of cosmos]

Wherein is contained the whole Fairs exact­ [...]y, with the 4 Seasons [...] the Year, and foure Termly Quarters, the exact Changes of the Moon, and daily Dis­position of the Wea­ther; A [...] also, severall other excellent things of Note, so fa [...] as this Volumn could permit Printed in ABERDEEN by IOHN FORBES, PRINTER to the TOWN and COLLEDGES, 1678.

The moveable Feasts and Terms 1678.

The Golden Number, is7
The Epact17
The Dominical, or, Sundayes-LetterF
Fast [...]ns Even, which in England, is called Shrove-Tuesday,Februar 12
Ash Wednesday, on the morrow,Febr. 13
The first Sunday of Lent,Februar 16
Easter, or Pasch-Sunday,March 31
WhitsundayMay 19

And betwixt Candlemas-day, and Fastens-Even's-day this Year, are but nine dayes. & therfore a good Yea [...]

A Short Chronologie of remarkable things

Since the Birth of King CHARLES the First, of Blessed Memorie, 1600.7 [...]
Since the Birth of our Gracious King CHARLES the II, May 29. Anno 1630.4 [...]
Since the Bridge of Dee foughten by Montrose, against Iames Lord of Aboyn, and Collonel Gun, Iune 9. 1639.3 [...]
Since the Battle of Tippermuir, Sept. 1. 1644.3 [...]
Since the Battle of Aberdeen, Sept 13. 1644.3 [...]
Since the Battle of Inverlochie, Febr. 2. 1645.3 [...]
Since the Battle of Old-Erne, May 9. 1645.3 [...]
Since the Battle of Aldford, Iuly 2. 1645.3 [...]
Since the Battle of Kilsyth, August 15. 1645.33
Since the Battle of Philiphaugh, 1645.33
Since the Battle of Preston, commonly called the Ʋnlawful Engagement, 1648.3 [...]
Since the Death of K. Charles I. Ianuar 30. 1649.29
Since the Marques of Huntly, was executed for Layalty at Edinburgh, March 1649.29
Since the Marques of Montrose, was executed at Edinburgh upon the same account May 1650.28
Since the Englishes entered Scotland, Iuly 22. 1650.28
Since the Battle of Dumbar, Sept. 3. 1650.28
Since the Castle of Edinburgh was rendred up to the Englishes, December 24. Anno 1650.28
Since the Town of Stirling was taken in by Gene­rall Monk, Iuly 29. 1651.27
Since the strong Castle of Stirling, was rendred up to the Englishes, Saterday, August 16. 1651.27
Since the Town of Dundee was taken in by the English-Army, on Munday, September 1. 1651.27
Since the Battle of Worcester, Sept. 3. 1651.27
Since the Englishes came to Monross, Sep. 3.27
Since the English-Army came first to Aberdeen, after Dundee fight, on sunday Sept. 7. 1651.27

Of the Eclipses this Year, 1678.

[print of partially eclipsed man-in-the-moon]

VVE shall have but only one E­clipse which will be seen of Us in Brittain, and that of the Moon, falling out upon Saterday, the 19 day of October. 8 ho. 17 min. at night. The digits Eclipsed will be 22. and 18 seconds, at which time the Moon is into the 1 degree of Taurus, Therefore it being altogether needless to mention any more Eclipses, seeing the [...] cannot effect Us, let other Nations then observe [...] Rest.

For, there's some reason to judge, that this [...]ar,
All Things shall be Cheap, but Money sha [...] be dear.

The four Seasons of the Year, 1678.

  • First,

    THe Spring-Season, begins on Sunday, March 10. 50 min past 2 morning. Making our dayes and nights equall.

  • Second,

    SUmmer. Season, begins on Tuesday, Iune 11. at which time, our dayes are at the longest, and the nights at the shortest.

  • Third,

    AUtumn, or Harvest-Season, begins on Thursday September 12. 22 min. past 5 afternoon. which makes the day and night equall again to Us.

  • Fourth,

    VVInter-Season, begins on Wednesday, the 11 day of December, 10 min. past 10 forenoon, which makes the shortest day, and longest night.

Thus much for the four Seasons of the Year, which the Vulgar, through ignorance termeth the four Quarters.

Of the four Termly Quarters of the Year, Never before Insert into any Almanacks.

The first Termly Quarter, begins upon Saterday, the second day of Februar, called Candlemas day, and con­tinueth till the first day of May, being three moneths just.

The second Termly Quarter, begins on Wednesday, the first day of May, tho commonly the Vulgar reckon from the 3 day of May, called Rood-day, which Quar-lasteth till the first day of August.

The third Quarter begins on Thursday, August 1. called [...]mbas-day, and continueth till November 1 day

Th [...] [...]urth and last Termly Quarter, begins on Fryday Nov [...]ber 1. day, which is called Hallow day, so that Hallo [...]. Even, this Year, is on thursday at night before: which Quarter lasteth till the 2 day of February again.

[...]e exact day, hour and minut of the New Moon, her Full and Quarters; with the daily disposition of the Weather; and whole known Fairs in Scotland, for the year, 1678.

xxxi▪ January begins on Tuesday.

  • [...]t quarter 6 d. 40 min past 4 in the morning.
  • [...] moon 12 d. 19 min. after 8 at night.
  • [...]t quarter 19 d. 17 min. past 3 afternoon.
  • [...]ll moon 27 d. 37 min. past 6 in the evening.

This year begins with hail, snow, and strong frost the middle of the moneth, and from thence foggy [...]ather.

The first Fair in the year, is at Kilsyth the 1 day. S. Naugh­ [...]s, at the Kirk of Betheny, in Gerry, upon the 7 day. S. Mungo Glasgow the 13 day a Fair, and at Dunkel and Kilwin­ [...]ng, the 21 day.

xxviii. February begins on Friday.

  • [...]ast quarter 4 d. 41 min. past 3 in the afternoon.
  • [...]ew moon 11 d. 2 min. past 9 in the morning.
  • [...]irst quarter 18 d. 24 min. past 5 in the morning.
  • [...]ull moon 26 d. 53 min. past 11 in the forenoon.

The i, and ii, frost: thence to the vi. snow and all: from the vi. to the x. cold North-east winds: hence to the xx more calm: the rest of the moneth old showres now and then.

At Abernethy and Forres in Murray-land, called S. Brides [...]ay 1. On Candlemass day in Bamff, Dunkell, Dingwall the day. In Cowper of Fife the first wednesday of the moneth. [Page] Valantines day at Linlithgow the 14 day, and at Forfa [...] 15day holding eight dayes. Ash wednesdays Fair beginnet [...] Fastens even, at Lanerk the same day; at Valley-field the [...]

xxxi. March begins on Friday.

  • Last quarter 6 d. 13 min. past 6 in the morning.
  • New moon 12 d. 39 min. past 4 afternoon.
  • First quarter 20 d. 47 min. past 1 in the morning.
  • Full moon 28 d. 26. min. past 3 in the morning.

The first viii dayes nipping frost: thence to [...] xii more warm: from xii to xviii variable, the [...] to the xxv some showres with sun-shine, the rest [...] the moneth nipping frost.

S. Monnence in Aberdeen, Dumfermling, Abercherder, [...] Marnoch Kirk and Strathaven the 1 day, at Petten-weem [...] S. Duthos in Tain of Ross the 9 day, in Auchtertuil the [...] day, S. Causnan the 11 day. A fair at Durie the 15 day of t [...] moneth, with a weekly mercat. S. Patrick in Dumbartan, and [...] the Kirk of Strageeth and at Kirkaldy, a fair of Horse, Ne [...] and Sheep, &c. the 16 day in S. Johnstoun the 19 day, C [...] bert in Langtoun of the Mers the 20 day, Lady day in We [...] Weems, Bamff, and Auchtermuchty the 25 day, Palmsund [...] at the Kirk of Forrig, and in S. Johnstoun, and Skeirtburs [...] Fair is upon thursday before Goodfriday, at Cowper of Ang [...] otherwise Monks Cowper. A Fair in Forres, called S. Mar▪ fair, the first tuesday after Easter.

xxx. April begins on Munday.

  • Last quarter 4 d. 31 min. past 8 in the morning.
  • New moon 11 d. 36 min past 3 in the morning.
  • First quarter 18 d. 19 min. past 8 at night.
  • Full moon 26 d. 34 min past 4 afternoon.

From the beginning of this moneth to the vii d [...] e [...]pect cold winds witb sharp showres now and the [...] thence to the xiv more calm: from the xiv to t [...] [...]nd foggy weather.

A fair at Lesly on tuesday before Easter: in Corstorphine t [...] first tuesday after Easter a fair, S. Donald fair at the Kirk [...] [Page] Achtheles 17 day. Mark Evangel in Dysert t [...]e 23 day, [...] day the first, the 26 day, a fair at Rugland the 28 day con [...] ing four dayes, at Leeven the 29 day, and in Kilreny the 30 [...].

Whiles in March and whiles in April.

Skeirethursday before Pasch in Glasgow, Dumbartan, Cow­per of Angus, Elgin of Murray, Pasch-mun day in Cowper of Fife, Lanerk, and Irwing, Lowsunday after Pasch in Killimure, and all the week after at the Senzie of St. Andrews.

xxxi. May begins on Wednesday.

  • Last quarter 3 d. 54 min. past 1 afternoon.
  • New moon 10 d. 6 min. past 3 afternoon.
  • First quarter 18 d. 3 min past 2 afternoon.
  • Full moon 26 d. 36 min past 2 in the morning.

This moneth begins fair and clear to the viii day? thence to the xvii, some thunder and rain; thence to the xx, foggy and missy: the rest pleasant weather.

The first day of May, called S. Philip a fair in the Grange within the Sheriffdom of Linlithgow.

Holy-Crossday the second Beltan, in Monross, Kinrocher and in Peebles the 3 day, at Carlouck and Drymen in the Lenox (with a weekly mercat every thursday) the 10 day, at Bamff and at Kirkaldy, a fair of Horse, Neat, and Sheep, &c. the 16 day, and in Stirling a Fair, 10 dayes before Whitsunday. As­cension day at the Burgh of Annan. A fair at Durie the tues­day before Whitsunday, with a weekly mercat.

Whiles in May and whiles in June.

Whitsunm [...]day in Glasgow, Dumbartan, Lanerk, and Jed­burgh, Whitsuntuesday called Pardon day, in the Chanry of Ross, and at the Kirk of Ninians above Kirkaldy, Trinity-munday in Edinburgh and Brichen 8 dayes, in S. Andrews one day, in Bruntiland one day. A fair in Kilsyth the friday before Whitsun­day. A fair in the Burgh of Linlithgow, the first thursday after Whitsunday. Trinity tuesday in Rugland lasting 2 dayes. Trini­ty thursday in Falkland.

xxx. June begins on Saturday.

  • Last quarter 1 d. 3 min. past 8 at night.
  • New moon 9 d. 23 min. past 3 in the morning.
  • First quarter 17 d. 41 min past 5 in the morning.
  • Full moon 24 d. 59 min. past 10 in the forenoon.

[...]he first [...] dayes exceeding warm: thence to [...] some soft showres; from the x [...] to the end of the moneth, kindly summer weather.

A Fair in Kinross the first tuesday of June, in Longnewton 5 day, and Stramiglo, Aberdour, and Ennerkeithing 6 day, a week­ly mercat in Forfar, beginning the 8 of June, of Neat, Sheep, Horse, &c. continuing to the first of October, a fair in Dry­men the 9 day, in Forgondenny the 10 S. Barnabie in Lawder and Dysert, S. Laurence at Grinnock 11 day, the same day there is a fair at Dirleton, with a weekly mercat every wednesday: also there is a fair at Preston-Pans the same day, with a week­ly mercat every tuesday, S. Margaret in Abernethie, Ceres in Fife 13 day, Midsummer on St. Johns day in St. Johnstoun five dayes, in Air four dayes, in Wigton, Bamff, Athelston and Meiklour in Perth-shire, (with a weekly mercat every wed­nesday) the 14 day, in Auchtertuil and Clackmannan 15 day, at Strathaven 16 day, Scoon the 16, 17, 18 dayes, with a weekly mercat every thursday. A fair at the Burgh of Annan, the third tuesday of June, S. Margaret in Dumfermling and at Moffat 18 day, in which place there is a weekly mercat every friday, Earlestoun 19 day. Monro his fair holden at Colrain in Ross-shire the 20 day, Methil, near Leevens-mouth 22 day, Midsummer day in Forres the 24 day, and at Townyettam on the Border, the 24 day of Horse, Neat, and Sheep, &c. with a weekly mercat. In Alathy in Angus, called S. Emagola, and at the town of Nicolson the 25 day. S. Peters day at Forfar 26 day, holding four dayes. As also in Faulkland, Bruntiland, Bamff, Kelso, 26 day, Galashiels 27 day, in Peebles 29 day, S. Sheriff fair the last tuesday of this moneth, S. John Baptist day a fair in Fraserburgh 24 day.

xxxi. July begins on Munday.

  • Last quarter 1 d. 31 min. past 1 in the morning.
  • New moon 8 d. 11 min. past 5 in the afternoon.
  • First quarter 16 d. 20 min. past 8 at night.
  • Full moon 23 d. 38 min. past 5 afternoon.
  • Last quarter 30 d. 37 min. past 9 in the morning.

The first xi dayes exceeding hot; from the xi to the xviii some thunder and rain; thence to the end calm and clear, with some showres.

A fair at Edzerstoun in Teviotdale the 1 day of this mo­neth. A fair in the Stow, the first day of this moneth, holding 2 dayes, in Culross the 1 day, Abernethy and Auchtermuchty 2 day. S. Martine of Bulzeon 4 day, S. Thomas 5 day, S. Paladius in Forden in the Mernes 6 day. S. Andrew in Glasgow the 7 day, a fair in the Burgh of Annan the second tuesday of this moneth, in Kilwin. the 12 day, the 13 S. Margaret in Killi­mure, 6 dayes at the kirk of Forrig, the third tuesday in this moneth: Moffat and at Kirkaldy, a fair of Horse, Neat, and Sheep, &c. the 18 day, a fair in Stirling the 20 day, Magda­lene day in Lawder 22 day, with a weekly mercat every Fri­day, Mary Magdalene in Linlithgow, Petenweem, and Path-bead 22 day, in Airth the 24 day, S. Christina in Corstorphine a fair the same 24 day, S. James in Forfar, Cowper of Fife, Lanerk, and Roxburgh, Kinghorn, Alloway, Elgin in Murray, and in Musselburgh the 25. Pollinar fair in Inverury, and Lam­bas fair in Turref both on the last tuesday. The last thursday of July a fair in Lesly, and at White-horn two dayes.

xxxi. August begins on Thursday.

  • New moon 7 d. 14 min. past 8 in the morning.
  • First quarter 15 d. 28 min. past 8 in the morning.
  • Full moon 22 d. 3 min. before 1 in the morning.
  • Last quarter 28 d. 26 min. past 9 at night.

This moneth begins with some showres, till the viii day; thence to the xii seasonable weather; from the xii to the xvi windy; the rest of the moneth good Harvest weather.

Lambasday in Atturfe 3 dayes▪ long and in Melrois, Enner­keithing, S. Andrews, and in Dumbartan the 1 day, Lawrence fair in Rane the first tuesday, and thursday after in Faulkland, in Kilsyth 5 day, in Meiklour the 7 day, S. Lawrence in Selkirk, Auchtermuchty and in Forres 10 day, in Rane 2 dayes before Kil­mahug, and at the burn of Campsie, Lady day in Dundee, Bamff, [Page] Mernes, Vallefield, the 15 day, the 20 day a fair at Rugland 4 dayes, the 22 a fair at Scoon 3 dayes, with a weekly mer [...]at every thursday, S. Colms in Drymen the 23 Bartholemew A­postle in Linlithgow, Kincarn of Neil, and in Clakmannan, and Peebles the 24 day, S. Zephirinus in Corstorphine the 26 day a fair. Samarevis day in Forres 27, and S. Iohns day in St. Johnstoun and in Lawder the twentie ninth day.

XXX. September begins on Sunday.

  • New moon 6 d. 29 min past 1 in the morning.
  • First quarter 13 d. 45 min. past 6 at night.
  • Full moon 20 d. 22 min. past 9 in the morning.
  • Last quarter 27 d. 12 min. past 1 afternoon.

The first ten dayes pleasant Harvest weather, then [...]e to the middle of the moneth fair and clear; the rest of the moneth variable.

Saint Gilles in Elgin 1 day, in Moffat 2 day, in Skirlin 4 d. Latter Lady day in Stirling, Dundee, and Bamff 8 day, Rude day in Carill, Jedburgh, Dumfermeling, Dumfries, and Athel­ston 24 day, at Longnewton 25 day, in Auchtertuil and Salan the 11 day, a fair at Forfar the 15 day, holding eight dayes. A fair at Kirkaldy of Horse, Neat and Sheep, &c. the 20 day. A fair in the Stow 23 day, with a weekly mercat every fri­day, Mat. Apostle in Linlithgow 21 day, a fair at Colrain in Ross-shire called S. Georgies fair 25 day. A fair at Leeven & at Nicolson the 27 day, a fair at Tranent the same day with a weekly mercat every Saturday. S. Michael in Haddington, Leslie, Air, S. Andrews, Crief, Kirkud bright, Gallashiels, & at the Kirk of Forrig the 29 day. A fair at the Burgh of Annan, the same day, S. Jerome in Bamff the last day. A fair at Du­rie the 27 day of this moneth, with a weekly mercat.

xxxi. October begins on Tuesday

  • New moon 5 d. 18 min past 5 in the afternoon.
  • First quarter 13 d. 22 min. past 3 in the morning.
  • Full moon 19 d. 1 min past 8 at night.
  • Last quarter 27 d. 22 min. past 8 in the morning.

This moneth begins with raw frost to the x day, from the x to the xx rain now and then, thence to the en [...] wind and frost.

The 1, 2, 3 dayes a fair in Salt-Preston: a fair in Middle-Calder, the first tuesday of this moneth. S. Francis in Aber­nethy and Valley-field 4 day in Meiklour the 5 day, at Edezr­stoun in the border 2 miles from the Red-squire 5 day. in Cowper of Fife the 6 day, a fair at the town Lon-head of Lesswaid the 8 day, Dionise in Peebles, Earleston, Kirkintilloch, Aiton, Auchtermuchty, Ceres in Fife, in Killimure, Moffat the 9 day, Dalkeith, and Tillibole 10 day, at Ennerkeithine and Strait­haven the 12 day. Fenduck at Dunning 13 day, in Forgonden­nie and Drymen the 15 day, at Musselburgh the 16 day. S. Luke in Lawder, Kinross and Rugland 18 day, Townyettam on the Border 20 day of horse, neat and sheep, &c. with a weekly mer­cat. S. Irena in Corstorphine and at the Kirk of Carlouck 20 day with a weekly mercat every wednesday, Mary Salamine in Stir­ling and Kelso 22 day, a fair at Forfar 24 day, holding 8 dayes, in Linlithgow 24 in Kilrenie and Stramiglo 25. Fowles fair in Pasley, and Falkirk 26 day, Simon and Jude in Rostine, (with a weekly mercat everie Saturday) Dysert, Falkirk, Coc­kany, and at Kirklistoun 28 day, in Alloway and at Nicolson the 29 day. The last thursday of this moneth, a fair in White-horn, holding two dayes.

xxx. November begins on Friday.

  • New moon 4 d. 38 min. past 8 in the morning.
  • First quarter 11 d. 54 min past 10 in the forenoon.
  • Full moon 18 d. 1 min. past 9 in the morning.
  • Last quarter 26 d. 20 min. past 7 in the morning.

This moneth begins with frost and snow to the vii day; the viii ix and x thaw; thence to the xvi frost; the rest of the moneth kindly winter weather

Hallowday in Edinburgh 8 dayes, in Faulkland, Dumblane, Fordyce 1 day, in Alathie 2 dayes, in Kilwinning 3 day, Leo­nard in Lanerk, in Forres and in Largo the 6 day, also there is a weekly mercat in Largo every friday, S. Matth. in Dumbar Melrois, Martins-Kirk, Strabogie, Cowper of Fife, Hamilton, Culross, Killmahug 11 day, a fair at Kilsyth the 12 day. S. Cle­ment in Dundee, 13 day, S. Helins day at Grinock 15 day, afair at Doun in Monteith 15 day, Margretmass in Dumfermeling & Lawder 16 day, S. Mucharmuch in Tane and Auchtertuil 22. Bruntiland 23, S. Andrew in S. John [...]tou [...], Peebles, and Chirnside 30 day.

xxxi. December begins on Sunday.

  • New moon 3 d. 40 min past 11 at night.
  • First quarter 10 d. 45 min. past 7 at night.
  • Full moon 18 d. 32 min. before 1 in the morning.
  • Last quarter 26 d. 46 min. past 2 in the morning.

This moneth begins roughly to the x day, thence to the xviii black frost; from the xviii to the xxiii cold easterly winds; the year is likely to end with frost and snow.

S. Nicholas in Aberdeen 7 day, Lady day in West-weems 8 day, S. Dustane in Bamff and at the Kirk of Diere 14 day, S. Cuthbert in the Grange, within the Sheriffdom of Linlithgow, the 7, 8 Day. The 14 day a fair at Durie, with a weekly mercat. S. Thomas in Glasgow the 15 day, a fair at Dounin Mon teith 15 day, S. Johns day in Bamff, Forres, Methil near Leevens mouth 17 day.

A brief and easie Table of the Tydes, be­twixt Buchan-ness and the Skare-heads.

AT Buchan-ness, at the Change of the Moon, or Height, it is full Sea at 12 hours. At Aberdeen, 12 hours and 3 quar­ters: at Stonhyve, Montross, Barwick and Holy-Yland, it is full Sea at 2 hours & a quarter: at Broughtie, Dundee, Leith and Brunt-Yland, at a quarter past 2 a clock: at the Yle of May, Queens-Ferrie, and Fairn-Yland, at 3 a clock: at Preston Panns, and so alongs the coast of Dumbar, at 3 a clock, &c.

The whole Fairs of the Kingdom of Scotland.

April, S. Mark the Evangelists fair, into the town of Dysert, in Fiffe shire, on the 23 day, belonging to the Noble Earle of Weems Belran-day the first, on the 26 day. a fair at Rugland, on the 28 d. continuing 4 dayes. a fair at Leven, the 29 day: a fair at Kilreny in Fiffe shire on the 30 day.

May, S. Phillip in the Grange, within the shire of Linlithgow, also, a fair at the new kirk of Kilpatrick, both on the 1 day, Holy cross fair on the 2 day: Beltan fair into the town of Monross, into Angus shire: and at Kinrocher, and Peebles: also s. Congalls [...]air at the kirk of Doors, in Mearns shire, all on the 3 day Fumuk fair at Fumuck-kirk, into the parish of Pittrifnie, within the shire of Bamff, on the 3 day, belonging to Iames Anderson, Laird of Wasterton: a fair at Ranfrew the 9 d. a fair at Carlouk, and at Drymen in the Lennox, both on the 10 d. B [...]andon fair at Bamff, and a fair into the town of Kirkaldy in Fiffe shire, both the 16 day.

Markets or Fairs, whiles in May, and whiles in Iune.

A mercat into the town of Stirling, ten days before Whitsunday Whitsundays mercat into the town of Stonhyve, into the Shire of the mearns, upon tuesday before Whitsunday Ascention-day at the Burgh of Annan. Whitsunmundays mercat in Glasgow, Dum­bartan, Lanerk, and Iedburgh a special mercat into the town of Borrowstonness, within the sheriffdom of Linlithgow, on tuesday after Whitsunday, belonging to his Grace, my Lord Duke Ham­milton a mercat also into the town of Linlithgow, and at Dum­blain, both on the same day. Whitsun tuesday called Pardon-day at Chantie, in Ross-shire, and at the kirk of Ninians above Kirk­aldy. Trinitie mundays mercat at Edenburgh, and at the town of Briechen, into the shire of Angus, holding 8 days. Trinity-mun­days mercat into the town of st. Andrews, and Brunt▪Yland, both into Fiffe shire, one day Trinitie tuesday in Rugland, Trinitie thursday in Falkland, both lasting two daies. Whitsundaies mer­cat upon the moor of Dun, within the shire of Angus, upon the second wednesday after Whitsunday, continuing the whole week, and belongeth to the right honorable, the Laird of Dun Iune, A mercat ar Kinross, the first tuesd. in Long-newton 5 d. Ber­nard mercat 2 tuesd. a mercat at Monifeeth, into the shire of An­gus 2 tuesd. belonging to the right honorable, Sir Iames Maul o [...] Balumbie. s. Colms mercat in Stramiglo, Aberdour, and Enner­kiething 6 d. at Drymen 9 d. in Forgondeny 10 d. s. Barnabie in Lawder, Dysert, Dowglas, s. Lawrence in Grinnock, and at Pres­ton-pans, [Page] and at Dirleton, all upon the 11 d. s. Margaret in Aber­nethy, & Ceres in Fiffe both on the 13 d. Mid-summer on s. Iohns day, in St. Iohnston holding 5 dayes, and in Aire 4 dayes, at Wig­ton, Bamff, Athelston, and at Mieklour in Pearth-shire, all upon the 14 d. at Auchtertuile, and Clackmannan, and at Bocklyvie, in the parish of Kippen, all on the 15 d. a fair into the town of Scoon in Pearth-shire on the 15 d▪ holding 3 dayes, beginging on tuesday therafter, belonging to the right noble the Viscount of Stormonth. at Strathaven, the 16 d. at the burgh of Annan the 3 tuesd. s. Mar­garets fair at Dumfermling, and at Moffat the 18 d. at Earleston the 19 d. Monro's mercat holden at Colrain in Ross-shire, the 20 d at Methil, near Levens mouth the 22 d. Midsummer in Forres, in Murray-shire, and in Hawick, and at Townyettam on the border, all on the 24 d. at Alathie in Angus-shire, called s. Emagola, and at the town of Nicolson, both on the 25 d. s. Peters mercat at the town of For far in Angus-shire holding 4 dayes, and in Falkland, and Brunt-Yland, both in Fiffe shire, and at Bamff, and Kelso, all on the 26 d at Gallashiels the 27 d and in Peebles the [...]9 d. Pe [...]er mercat at Migell in Pearth shire, belonging to the right honorable the Laird of Foulerton of that Ilk: and also at Haddington, both on the last day, if it fall not upon sunday.

Iuly, A mercat at Cuross, and at Stow the 1 d. at Abernethie, and Auchtermuchtie, 2 d. s. Martin of Bulzeon, 4 d. sed ubi nescio. a new mercat into the good town of Dundee first tuesd. s. Thomas in Langnewton 5 d. Padie mercat at the kirk of Forden, in Mearns shire 6 d. s. Andrew's mercat at Glasgow, and at Innerness the 7 d. and at bonnie Borrowstonness, into the shire of Linlithgow 2 tues. belonging to his Grace, my Lord Duke Hammilton. at the burgh of Annan the same day. s. Lawrence at Grinnock 11. d. at Kilwin­ning 12 d. s. Margaret in Killimure, into the shire of Angus, and at the kirk of [...]oi [...]g, both on the 13 d. in Moffat, and at Kirkaldy both on the 18 d. at Stirling 20 d. Mary Magdalen into Lawder, Linlithgow, Pe [...]tenweem, and Path-head, all on the 22 d, in Airth, and s. Christiana in Corstorphine both the 24 d. s. Iames at Forfar in Angus shire, at Kinghorn, & Cowper, both in Fiffe shire, and at Lanerk, Roxburgh, Alloway, Musselburgh, and into Elgin in Mur­ray shire, all on the 25 d. an excellent new fair at Kinloch Ranoch in Athol, into Pearth shire belonging to the right worshipful Al­lexander Robertson of S [...]rowan, the last tuesd. at Whithorn same day [...] August, Lambsday in Atturff, Melrois, Ennerkiething, s. An­drews, [Page] and into Dumbartan, all on the 1 d. at Falkland 1 thu [...]sd. Lawrence fair in the Mearns shire upon Lawrence moor, a little [...]bove the p [...]ace of Hawkerton, upon the 2 tuesday, holding four [...]hole dayes, and belongs to my Lord Hawkerton. at Iedburgh the [...] thursd. at Kilsyth 5 d. s. Lawrence at Solkirk, Auchtermuchtie, [...]orres, and Cranwath, and at Dumblane, all on the 10 d. Ladie- [...]ay the first, at Dundee, 15 d. at Bamff, Mearns, Wallayfield, and Marimass fair in Innerness, all on the 15 d. at Rugland, 20 d. an­other good fair into the town of Scoon, in Pearth-shire, upon the [...]2 day, holding 3 days, belonging to the right noble Viscount of [...]tormonth, with a weeklie mere at s. Bartholomew in Linlithgow, Clackmannan, and at Peebles, all on 24 d. s. Zephirinus in [...]or­ [...]orphin 26 d Semarivis fair in Forres 27. d. s. Iohns fair in S. Iohn­ [...]on, and at Lawder both on the 29 day.

September, s. Giles fair in Elgin 1 d. Semarivis fair in Kieth the [...]irst tuesd. latter Ladie day in Dundee 8 d. a fair at Stirling, and [...]t Bamff, the 8 d. at Auchtertuil, and Salane 11 d. Rood fair into Innerness, and at Iedburgh, 14 d. at Forfar 15 d. holding 8 days. [...]. Monans at the kirk of Doors, in Mearns shire, 3 tuesd. belonging [...]o Sir Alexander Fraser. at Kirkaldie 20 d Rude fair in Caril, Ied­ [...]urgh, Dumfermling, Dumfries, and Athelston all on the 24 d. s. George at Colrain in Ross shire, 25 d. at Tranent 27 d. s Michael [...]n Haddington, Air, s. Andrews, Crief, Kirkubright, Gallashiels, [...]nd at the kirk of Forrig, and Ranfrew, and at the burgh of An­ [...]an, all on the 29 d. s. Ierom in Bamff thē last d.

October, A fair at Salt Preston first 3 daies, at Dundee first tuesd. [...]t Kinloch Rannock in Athol, with in the shire of Pearth, first tues. [...]lso, belonging to the right worshipfull, Alexander Robertson of [...]rowan. at Cowper in fiffe shire 6 d. at the kirk town of Monifeeth [...] Angus shire, the second tuesd. belonging to the right hono­ [...]able Sir Iames Maul of Ba [...]umbie, s. Dionise in Peebl [...], Earleston, [...]irkintilloch, Aiton, Auchtermuchtie, Ceres in fiffe shire, and [...]t Killimure in Angus shire, also at Moffat, and s. Dinne [...] into the [...] own of St. Iohnston, all on the 9 d. at Dalkieth, and at Tilliboll. [...]o d. at Ennerkiething, and at Strathaven 12 d a fair at Borrow­ [...]onnes, into Linlithgow shire, the 16 d. belonging to his Grace, [...]y Lord Duke Hammilton. and at Musselburgh, the same 16 d. Luke in Lawder, Kinross, and at Rugland, 18 d. at the new kirk [...]f Kilpatrick 21 d. Marie Salamin in Stirling, and at Kelso, 22 d. the town of Forfar, in Angus shire, holding 8 daies, the 24 d. [Page] at Linlithgow, the 24 d. Fowls fair i [...] Pasley, and at the town [...] Falki [...]k, 26 d Simon and Iude into Dysert, in fiffe shire, belonging to the noble Earle of Weems, and at Cockan [...]e, Kicklisto [...] Hawick, Migell in Pearth shire, and at Rosline, all the 28 d. [...] Alloway, and Nicolson 29 d. at Whithorn the last thursd.

November, Hallow day in Edinburgh, and at Falkland, Du [...] blane, and Fordice, all the first d. at Alathie 2 d. at Kilwinnin [...] the 3 d. at Iedburgh first tuesd. s. Leonard into Lanerk, Forres, at Largo, all the 6 d. Martinmas fair in Innerness 10 d. s. [...] into Dumbar, Melrois, Martins▪kirk, Cowper in fiffe shire, H [...] milton, Culross, and at Kilmahug, all on the 11 d. Martin [...] fair at Stonhive in the mea [...]ns shire, on tuesd. before martin [...] at Kils [...]th 12. d. s. Clemens in Dundee, 13 d. s. Helen at Gri [...]n [...] and at Doun in Montieth, the 15 d. Margaretmass into Dum fernling, and Lawder, the 16 d and at Borrowstonnes, into the shi [...] of Linlithgow, the same 16 d. belonging to his Grace, my Lo [...] Duke Hammilton s. M [...]charmuch in Tain, and Auchtertuil, t [...] 22 d. at Brunt. Yland 23 d. s. Andrew into st. Iohnston, in Pe [...] shire, and at Peebles, and Chirn-side, the last day.

December. A Fair at Ransrew the 6 d. Ladie-day in We [...] Weems, belonging to the noble Earle of. Weems, the 8 d. at B [...] and at Rothe may, both the 14 d. s. Thomas at Glasgow, an [...] Do [...]n in Montieth, the 15 d. s. Cuthbert in the Grange, into shire of Li [...]ltihgow, the 17 d. s. Thomas in Innerness the 20. [...] Iohn's sair in B [...]mff, Forres, and at Mothill, near Levens mou [...] all upon the 27 day.


Thus my loving Countrey-men, you have the fairs of our anti [...] Kingdom of Scotland, set down to you more promptly and plain, t [...] ever they were before; And as our Nobility and Gentrie, within t [...] our Nation, (who are therein Concerned) doeth give me Yearly m [...] information, you shall receive the same from my hands, into our Ab [...] d [...]ens yearly Almanac [...]s (which I hope are the exactest of any) af [...] a most plain way, whereby any person, may travell through our Kin [...] dom, to any of these Fairs with great ease I doubt not but there are m [...] ny more Fairs then are here insert, and therefore humblie desires, [...] our Noblemen, and Gentlemen, to send me a perfect Note of their Fa [...] and weeklie merca [...]s, with their Tyeles and Designations, as also w [...] Shire, Town or Parish they are into, and so I shall [according to th [...] Generos [...]ie] be alwayes most carefull of their Concerments.

Ergo, FINIS, pro Tempore.

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