Of the Eclipses this Year, 1683.


THere will be three Eclipses this year, viz. one of the Sun, and two of the Moon. Te first will be an Eclipse of the Sun, and will be visible to us as followeth.

The true time of Conjun­ction at Edinburgh, Janu.1720025aftern.
The true time of his visible conjunction, January1731600 
The digits Eclipsed, 81300 
The beginning of this Eclipse at Ed. 015029 
The greatest obscuration 031350 

The end invisible, beoause the Sun will be set before this Eclipse end.

The second will be an Eclipse of the Moon, on the 1. day of Feb. about 3. in the afternoon, invisible to us. The third will be an Eclipse of the Moon on July 28. at 8. in the fore­ [...]oon, invisible to us also. On the 8. of N [...]vemb. at 1. a clock [...] year 1683 there will be a conjunction of the Sun, Moon, [...] and Mercury, which is very remarkable, that at one [...] the lower Planets should be in conjunction, namely [Page] in the 26. degres of Scorpio. And likewise, the 2. of [...] there happens a famous conjunction of the two superiour [...] nets Saturn and Jupiter, in that fiery Regal Sign Leo. An [...] besides these remarkable conjunctions, I find the fiery Pla­net Mars corrupting the Sign of Justice from the 26. of No­vemb. 1682. until the 12. of July 1683. All these consider­ed, as also, the Comets which hath appeared, the one de­scribed by me in the Geographical description for the year 1681. the other appearing first about the middle [...] August in Leo, and from thence going forward to Virgo, &c. for a­bout a week in Septemb. having its ray from the Sun as the other, as appears by the opposition of its Ray to the Sun, &c. all these being Signs of great alteration in the world, especi­ally to those places under the forementioned Planets and Signs, as Ptolomy in his last Centiloquium, and Argol & divers other Astrologers witness, I thought fit not to let them pass.

From Aberdene there came these two last years
Some Almanacks, or rather Jock the Liers;
Whose Author doth no lesse to gain renown,
But carpeth still against our ancient Town:
Saying we conterfeit his Almanack,
Whose value truly is not worth a plack:
Because each year his errors doth increase,
Whereas be ought each year to make them lesse.
He names not those who doth such practice use,
But for one's fault a City will abuse:
Therefore I blame him who doth Art disgrace,
Not knowing where he doth his errors place.
The type of his Eclipse each year before
Three digits was, I never saw it more,
Except this year, he says that we shall see
The Sun eclipsed after he set shall be.
The Sun doth set ten minuts before four
At Aberdene, which is near half an hour
Before his Eclipse fall at Aberdene,
A Prodigie, the like was never seen!
I think bis ten digits he may well call
Total, because I'm sure it will not fall
At such a time as he to us doth name,
Therefore I think he therin may think shame:
When as it shall be seen two hours before,
I do not erre, although I had said more:
When his begins, by right it should near end,
Therefore you may by mine his errors mend.
More of his errors I yet will to you show,
So that the vulgar may it clearly know:
The first quarter in August this last year,
On Saturnday he did make to appear,
Whereas on Tuesday the Change did fall before▪
[Page]Making that Quarter four dayes, little more;
By which account the Moon comes soon to age,
Or else in haste hath run in a great rage.
When she beholds such men who think no shame
To publish errors in their Countrey's name;
Being a Kingdom wherein she hath most might,
Vnder the Sign wherein she takes delight.
Also he errs again in his Tide Table
At Leith, as if the Moon were not so able
To rule the Tides here, as at Aberdene:
Likewise he errs this year for Hallow-even,
Saying it falls upon the Munday night,
When Hallowday on Thursday falls by right,
Then Hallow-even should on the Wednesday fall,
He errs in this, he eras almost in all
His Almanacks: hy mine his errors mend,
I say no more, I think it time to end.

The exact day, hour and minut of the New Moon, her Full, and Quarters: with the daily disposition of the Weather, the whole remarkable Faire in Scotland; with some remarkable days for the year 1683. with the Suns rising and setting at Edinb. the 1. d. of each moneth.

Ianuary begins on Munday, 31. days. Sun riseth 25 min. past 8. and sets 35 min. past 3.

  • Pull moon Wednesday 3 day, at 8 min. past 6 in the morn.
  • Last quarter Tuesd. 9 day, 45 min. past 6 at night.
  • New moon Wednesd. 17 day, with an Eclipse, at 2 afternoon.
  • First quarter Thursd. 25 day, 2 min. past 6. at night.

This month begins with rain until about the 4 day, fram thence until the 8 day frost, thence to the 16 changeable, from thence to the 23 frost, from the 23 to the end wind and rain.

The first Fair in the year is at Kilsyth the 1 day: S. Naugh­lans fair at the town of old Meldrum the 2 tuesd, Tantan fair at Lawrence Kirk, and at the Kirk of Bethelnie in Gery upon the 7 day: S. Mungo in Glasgow the 13 day, at Dunket and Kilwinning the 21 day: S. Pauls fair at Turreff in Buchan the last tuesday.

February begins on Thursday, 28 days. Sun riseth 25 min. past 7. sets 35 min. past 4.

  • Full moon Thursd. 1 d. with an Eclipse, 19 min. past 2 aftern.
  • Last quarter Thursd. 8 day, 57 min. past 7 in the morning.
  • New moon Frid. 16 day, 37 min. past 9. in the forenoon.
  • First quarter Saturd. 24 day, 46 min. past 8 in the forenoon.

This moneth begins with changeable weather until about the 5 day, from thence to the 13 rainy: from the 13 to the 20 frosty, thence to the end stopping weather.

[Page]S. Brides fair at Abernethie, Forres in Murrayland, and at the town of Innerness the 1 day, Candlemas fair in Bamff, Dunkett, Dingwal and Dowglas the 2 day: Candlemas fair at the town of Ratray in Buchan the first tuesday after Candle­mas, at Cowper of Fife the first wednesday of the moneth. Valentines day being still on the 14 day, a fair at Linlithgow at Forfar the 15 bolding 8 days, at Valley-field the 24 day.

Whiles in February, whiles in March.

Fastens-even fair at Fyvie and Lanerk on Fastens-even day.

March begins on Thursday, 31 days. Sun riseth 20 min. past 6. sets 40 min. past 5.

  • Full moon Frid. the 2 day, 38 min. past 7 at night.
  • Last quarter Frid. 9 day, 12 min. past 11 at night.
  • New moon Sund. 18 day, 19 min. past 3 in the morning.
  • First quarter Sund. 25 day, 16 min. past 7 at night.

This moneth begins with frost, and is likely to continue to the 12 day, from thence to the 17 changeable weather, thence to the 27 fair and clear, from thence to the end cold, yet clear.

S. Monence in Aberdene, Dumfermling, Abercherder,, S. Marnoch Kirk, and Strathven the 1 day: A fair at Kennechie in Fife, consisting of Horse, Neat, &c. with a weekly mercat everie Wednesday of all flesh, fishes, &c. belonging ti the Laird of Balfour: at Pettenweem the 3 day, S. Marnoch fair at th. Kirk of Leuchel the 1 tuesd. at Du [...]blain the first wednesdy a fair at Markinch the 6 day. S. Duthos in Tane of Ross the 9 day, at Inverness and Auchtertuil the 10 day, S. Causnan the 12 day S. Patricks fair in Dum [...]artan. Kirkaldie, and at the Kirk of Strageeth the 16 day, at S. Johnstoun the 19 day, S. Cuthberis fair in Langtoun of the Mers the 20 day, Lady day in West-weems, Bamff, and Auchtermuohtie 25 day.

Whiles in March, and whiles in April.

Mid-lentron fair at Trantie-banebrie on thursd, before Mid-lentron sunday, Palmsunday at the Kirk of Forrig and at the town of Innerness and St. Johnstoun all upon the munday there­after. A fair at new Leslie upon the tuesday after Palmsun­day: Skirethursday fair at Glosgow, Dumbarton, Cowper of Angus, Elgin of Murray, Frendraught, and in old Aberdene the thursday after Palmsunday. Paschmunday a fair in Lanerk, Cowper of Fife, and Irwine: A fair at the town of Forres in Murray shire, Borrowstonness, and Corstorphine the first tues­day after Pasch. A fair at S. Andrews, holding all the week after Lowsunday.

[Page] April begins on Sunday, 30 dayes. Sun riseth 8 min. past 5. sets 52 min. past 6.

  • Full moon Sund. 1 day, 25 min. past 9 in the forenoon.
  • Last quarter Sund. 8 day, 55 min. past 3 in the afternoon.
  • New moon Mund. 16 day, 26 min. past 6 in the afternoon.
  • First quarter Tuesd. 24 day, 8 min. past 2 in the morning.
  • Full moon Mund. 30 day, 45 min. past 6 in the afternoon.

This moneth begins with moist weather, with a cloudy sky until about the 10 day, from thnece to the 10 fair and clear, from thence to the 23 abundance, if not too much rain, from thence to the end of the moneth fair weather.

S. Oles fair at Cruden in Buchan, and Corstorphin the first tuesday, S, Donalds fair at the Kirk of Auchterless in Buchan the 17 day, S. Marks fair in Dysert and Forres the 23 day, S, Marks day being the 25. and the 1 Beltan day being the 26 day: a fair at Rugland the 28 day, lasting 4 days: Rude fair at Ratray in Buchan the last tuesday, afair at Leven the 29 day▪ in Kilreny the 30 day.

May begins on Tuesday, 31 days. Sun riseth 4 min. past 4. sets 56 min. past 7.

  • Last quarter Tuesd. 8 day, 12 min. past 9 in the forenoon.
  • New moon Wednesd. 16 day, 6 min. past 7 in the forenoon.
  • First quarter Wednesd, 23 day, 17 min. past 6 in the forenoon.
  • Full moon Wednesd. 30 day 20 min. past 5 in the forenoon.

The con [...]unction of the Planets Saturn and Iupiter in a hot and dry Sign, prognosticateth hot weathee this moneth, until about the 15 day, from thence to the 25 day cloudy wea­ther, with showres now and then: we are likely to have some thunder about the end of the moneth, yet inclining to cold weather.

A fair in the new Burgh of Girven the first tuesday, with a weekly mercat every munday, and another every friday, belong­ing to the Laird of Pinkell: S. Philips fair in the Grange in Linlithgow shire, and at the new Kirk of Kilpatrick the first day: Rude fair at Ellon in Buchan, Beltan fair at Monross in the shire of Angus, at Kinrocher and Pebles; S. Congals fair at the Kirk of Doors in Merns shire, Fumuck fair at Fumuck Kirk in Bamff shire, all on the 3 day. A fair at Renfrew, Carlouk, and Drymen the 9 day: Brandon fair at Bamff and Kirkaldy the 16 day: S. Johns fair at Old Mel­drum the last tuesday, a fair at Glenquhithel the last wednesd.

Whiles in May, and whiles in June.

A fair at Stirling ten days before Whitsunday; Whitsunday [Page] fair at Stonehive in Morns shire on the tuesday before Wh [...] sunday, a fair at L [...]slie on thursday before Whitsunday, a fair at Kilsyth the friday before Whitsunday: Whitsunmunday at Glasgow, Dumbarton, Lancrk, and Jedburgh, Whitsuntuesd. cal­led Pardonday at Chanry in Ross, Borrowstounness, Peterhead, Kirk of Ninians▪ Linlithgow, Dumblain: Trinity Sunday, be­ing still the Sunday after Whitsunday Trinity munday at E­dinburgh holding 8 days, at Brechin, S. Andrews and Burntiland the same day: Trinity tuesday in Rugland, Trinity Wednesday at the moor of Dun: Trinity thursday at Falkland.

Iune begins on Friday, 30 days. Sun riseth 23 min. past 3. s [...]ts 37 min. past 8.

  • Last quarter Thursd. 7 day, 14 min. past 2 in the morning.
  • New moon Thursd. 14 day, 20 min. past 5 in the afternoon.
  • First quarter Thursd. 21 day, 11 min. past 10 in the forenoon.
  • Full moon Thursd. 28 day, 52 min. past 4. in the afternoon.

This moneth begins with unconstant weather until the 3 day, from thence to the 8 seasonable weather, thence to the 13 moist weather, from thence to the 18 more seasonable, thence to to the 25 changeable, thence to the end blustering weather.

A mercat at Kinrosse the first tuesday, in Langtoun 5 day, a fair at Stramigle, Aberdour, and Ennerkeithing the 6 day, S. Colois fair at Drumhead in Bethelvie, also S. Colms fair at the Kirk town of David in the Gerry, New-deer in Buchan, all upon the 2 tuesday. a fair at Drymen the 9 day, in Forgondenny the 10. S. Barnabie in Lawder, Dysert, Dowglas, S. Lawrence in Crinnock, Preston-pans, and Dirletou [...], all on the 11 day. S. S. Margarets fair upon the Mains of Keith-hall (sometimes called Casky byn,) at Turreff and at the Burgh of Annan, all upon the 3 tuesday, at Abernethy, Ceres in Fife 13 day; in Auchtertuil, Bethelvie Clackmanan, and Scoon the 15 day, at Siraven the 16 day: S. Margaret in Dumfermling, and at Mof­fat the 18 day, a fair Earlestoun 19 day, Monro his Fair hol­den at Colrain in Ross-shire the 20 day; at Me [...]hil near Levens-mouth 22 day, S. John Baptists day, and Midsummer day being still the 24 day, in Forres, Carnwath, Hawick, and at Town­ye [...]tam on the Border, and at Frazerburgh, all on the 24 day; In Alathy in Angus, called S. Emagola, and at the town of Nicolson, both on the 25 day; S. Peters day at Forfar, Faulk­land, Bruntiland, Bamff, and Kelso, all on the 26 day. a Fair at Gall [...]sheils 27 day, S. Peter and Pauls day, being alwayes [Page] the 29 day, a fair at Pebles. S. Seriffs fair at the Kirk of Rul­shalmen in Gerry, the last tuesday of this month. Also a fair at Stenton the same last tuesday. S. Peters fair at Migel in Perth­shire, and Haddington, both upon the last day.

Iuly begins on Sunday, 31 dayek. Sun riseth 32 min. past 3. and sets 28 min. past 8.

  • Last quarter Friday 6 day, 44 min. past 6 at night.
  • New moon Saturd. 14 day, 55 min. past 1 after midnight.
  • First quarter Frid. 20 day, 20 min. past 5 in the afternoon.
  • Full moon Satur [...]d. 29 day, 43 min. past 6 in the morning.

This moneth begins with pleasant weather, about the 6 day more hot, from thence to the 13 changeable weather, from thence to the 20 pleasant summer weather, thence to 25 cold and moist weather, from thence to the end cloudy.

A Fair at Culross Stow, and Edzerstoun in Tevio [...]dale all on the 1 day, Abernethie and Auchtermuch [...]ie the 2 day; S. Martine of Bulzeon 4 day, Peter fair at Peterbead the 5 day: A new market in Dundee the 1 tuesday, S. Thomas in Lang­toun 5 day, Lady mercat at the Kirk of Forden in the Merns 6 day; S. Andrew in Glasgow and Innerness the 7 day, at Borrowstounness, Burgh of Annan, and Aiki [...] fair at the town of Old Deer, all on the second tuesday, S. Lawrence at Grin­nock the 11 day, at Kilwining the 12 day, S. Margaret in Kil­limuir, and at the Kirk of Forrig the 13 day, in Moffat, and at Kirkaldy the 18 day, at Stirling 20 day, Mary Magdalen in Lawder, Linlithgow, Pettenweem, and Path-head 22 day, S. Margarets fair at Frendraught, and in Tarves the 3 tuesday: S. Andrews fair at the Kirk of Glass in Strabogie, on tuesday after the 15 day, in Airth, and S. Christina in Corstorphine both on the 24 day. S. James in Forfar, Kinghorn, Cowper of Fife, Lanerk, Roxburgh, Alloway, Musseburgh, and at Elgin in Murray, all on the 25. day, at Kinloch. Rannoch in Athol, in Perth shire at Turreff in Buchan, new Lesly, and at Whit-horn all on the last tuesday.

August begins on Wednesday, 31 days. Sun riseth 45 min. past 4. and sets 15 min. past 7.

  • Last quarter Sund, 5 day, 11 min past 10 in the forenoon.
  • New moon Sund. 12 day, 49 min. past 9 in the forenoon.
  • First quarter Sund. 19 day, 23 min. past 0 at night.
  • Full moon Sund. 26 day, 11 min. past 10 at night.

This moneth beginneth with rainy weather to the 9 day, from thence to the 17 more clear, thence to the 25 wind and [Page] rain, with appearance of thunder. The moneth ends w [...] pleasant weather.

Lambmasday in Atturff, Melrois, Ennerkeithing, S. Andrews, and Dumbarton all on the 1 day, S. Laurence fair in Kan [...] the 1 tuesday, and thursday after in Falkland. S. Lawrence in Merns shire upon Lawrence moor, a little above the place of Haw­kertoun, holding 4. dayes, and a Jedburgh. Marymas fair at the town of M [...]nymusk, all upon the 2 tuesday, at Kilsyth 5 day, in Meiklour the 7. S. Lawrence in Selkirk, Auchtermuchty, Forres C [...]rnwath, and Dumblain, all on the 10 day, Lady day the first in Dundee, Bamff, Mernes, Valley-field, and Mary­mas fair in Innerness, all on the 15 day, the 20 day at Rugland, a fair in Scoon the 22 day: Marymas fair in the town of Elli­on in Buchan, and at the town of Rarray in Buchan, both upon the 3 tuesday: S. Bartholomew Apostle in Linlithgow, Clack­mannan, Kincarn of Neil, and in Peebles, all on the 24 day, S. Zephirinus in Corstorphine the 26 day, Samarevis day in Forres 27. and S. Johns day in S. Johnstoun, and Lawder the 29 day.

September begins on Saturnday, 30 days. Sun riseth 33 min. past 5. sets 27 min. past 6.

  • Last quarter Mand. 3 day, 49 min. past 11 at night.
  • New moon Mand, 10 day, 35 min. past 5 afternoon.
  • First quarter Mand. 17 day, 47 min. past noon.
  • Full moon Tuesd. 25 day. 3 min. past 3 afternoon.

This moneth is likely to begin with wind and rain until the 8 day, from thence to the 15 day more calm, yet rainy, from thence to the 21 day and windy, thence to the end pleasant weather for the laborious Husband man to put in his stuff.

S Giles fair in Elgin, 1 day, in Moff [...] 2 day, S [...]meriv [...]s in Keith the first tuesday, in Skir [...]ne 4. day, latter Lady day in Dundee, Sterling Bamff, and a [...] the town of Inverury, all on the 8 day, at M [...]tmusk, and at the Kirk of Auchindoor all on the second tuesday. Rude fair at Invernoss and Jedburgh the 14, at Forfar the 15, at Kirkaldie the 20 day: As [...] fair at Kenn qu [...]ie in Fife, belonging to the Laird of Balfour; as also a fair at Carill, Jedburgh, Dumfermling Dumfreis, and Athelston 24 day, a fair at Colrain in Ross-shire, called S. Georges fair 25 day: a fair at Leven, Nicolson, Tranent, and Dury, all on the 27 day. S. Michaels day being always upon the 29 day, a fair at New L [...]slie, Haddington, Air, S. An­drews, Crief, Kirkoudbright, Gallashiels, and at the Kirk of Forrig. S. Jerome in Bamff the last day. A fair at the Kirk of Kinel, and Frazerburgh on the last tuesday.

[Page] October begins on Munday, 31. days. Sun riseth 43 min. past 6. sets 17 min. past 5.

  • Last quarter Wednesd. 3 day, 48 min. past 11 before noon.
  • New moon Wednesd. 10 day, 35 min. past 2 in the morning.
  • First quarter Wednesd. 17 day. 57 min. past 4 in the morning.
  • Full moon Thursd. 25 day, 32 min. past 8 in the morning.

This moneth begins with good weather to the 6 day, from thence to the 14 cold weather, thence to the 20 frosty, from thence to the end continuance of frost with snow.

The 1, 2, 3. a fair in Salt Preston: at Dundee, Kinloch-Rannoch in Athol, Turreff in Buchan, Mid-Calder all on the first Tuesday of this Moneth. S. Franck in Abernethy and Val­leyfield 4 day, in Meiklour the 5 day, in Cowper of Fife the 6 day: a fair at the Town Lon-bead of Lesswaid, and at Mark­inch the 8 day, Kirktoun of M [...]ni [...]eth, S. Dionile in Peebles, Earlston, K [...]rtintilloch, Aiton, Auchtermuchty, Ceres in Fife, Killimuir, Moffas, and S. Dinn [...]t in S. Johnstoun, all on the 2 tuesday, at Dalkeith and Tillibol 10 day▪ A fair at Eglesime the 11 day; at Ennerkeithing and Strathven the 12 day; Trewel fair at the Kirk of Renethmonith the 2 tuesday, a fair at Drumhead in Bethelvie the second wednesday, at old Aberdene the 3 tuesday, in Borrowstounness, and Muss [...]lburgh 16 day. S. Lukes day being still on the 18 day, a fair at Lawder, Kinross and Rugland S. Irena in Corstorphine, at the Kirk of C [...]r­louk, and Townyettam on the Border, all on the 20 day, at the new Kirk of Kilpatrick 21 day, Mary Satamine in Sterling and Kelso 22 day. A fair at Forfar, and Linlithgow 24 day, S. Judes fair at Glenquhithill the penult Wednesday. A fair at Sienton the last tuesday, belonging to the right Honourable my Lord Belhaven. Hallow fair in Ratray in Buchan the last tues­day, in Kilreny and Styamiglo 25. Fowles fair in Pasley and Falkirk 26 day, S. [...]udes day being still the 28 day, Simon and Jude in Dysart Cockony Kirklistoun, Hawick, Migel in Perch­shire and Ros [...]ine, all [...]n the 28 day; in Alloway and Nicolson the 29 day, at Whither the last thursday.

November begins on Thursday, 30 dayes. Sun riseth 53 min. past 7. sets 7 min. past 4.

  • Last quarter Thursd. 1 day, 42 min. past 9 at night.
  • New moon Thursd. 8. day, 6 min. past 1 afternoon.
  • First quarter Friday 16 day, 5 min. past midnight.
  • Full moon Saturnd. 24 day, 22 min. past 1 in the morning.

[Page] This moneth begins with cold weather to the 8 day [...] thence to the 10 moist weather, from thence to the 23 [...] weather, from thence to the end cloudy, with win [...].

A fair at Edinburgh the 1 day, holding 8 dayes: A fair at the new Burgh of Girven upon the first tuesday: Mart [...] mass day being still on the 11 day, a fair at Dumbar, Mel­rois, Cowper of Fife, Hamiltoun, Culross, a fair at Kilsy [...] the 12 day, at Dundee the 13 day: a fair at Grinnock and Down in Monteith the 15 day, a fair at Dumfermling and Lawder the 16 day, a fair in Tane, Auchtertuil, and Bryack fair at the Kirk of Rowl, all on the 22 day, at Burnt island the 23 day, at Frazerburgh the 20 day, at old Meldrum last tuesday: S. Andrews day a fair in S. Johnstoun Pebles, and Chirnside the 30 day.

December begins on Saturnday, 31 dayes. Sun riseth 37 min. past 8. sets 23 min. past 3.

  • Last quarter Saturnd. 1 day, 22 min. past 5 in the morning.
  • New moon Saturnd. 8 day, 56. min. past 1 in the morning
  • First quarter Saturnd. 15 day, 01 min. past 9. at night.
  • Full moon Sund. 23 day, 42 min. past 4 in the afternoon.
  • Last quarter Sund. 30 day, 14 min. past 1 in the afternoon▪

This moneth begins with cold weather to the 7 day, from thence to the 14 moist, thence to the 25 blustering weather, the moneth is likely to end with frost and snow.

S. Nicolas fair in Aberdene the 7 day, at Renfrew the [...] day, at west-weems the 8 day, at Bamff, Rothemay, and Town of Deer the 14 day: S. Cuthbert in Grange the 17 day, S. Thomas in Glasgow, Inverness, and at the Down in Monteith the 18 day; S. Thomas day being the 21 day: Christmass the 15 day, S. Stevens day the 26. S. Johns the 27. a fair at Forres, and Methil, all upon S. Johns day.

For all other fairs and mercats of lesser note, you may find them in my Geographical Description.


Such as desire the Mathematical Arts, or Instruments thereto belonging, especially a Spiral Line, which I have so framed, that you may work more Arithmetick in one hour then any other in two days with the Pen, and that ex­actly. Ye may find me at the Sign of the Sea Cross-staff and Quadrant.

Ja. Paterson,

The foundation of the most usual Metts and Measures in this Kingdom.

1. Metts and Measures are either general to all Kingdoms, Common-wealths, or Re-publiques, or peculiar to one.

2. General Measures most used, are the Line of Chords, and equal parts following.


3. These Lines are used for measuring of Geometrical Figures on Paper, as this following.


4. The Line of Chords F H is used only for measuring of [...]gles, upon the Arch of a Circle, described upon the Angu­ [...] point as a Center, at the distance of 60 degrees from the [...]e Line of Chords, as the Angle at A in this last Figure measured on the Arch B C, and is equal to 56 degrees the Line of Chords.

[...]. The Line of equal parts A I although they be in them­ [...]ves exact half inches, yet they may serve to demonstrate Paper any other measure, in length, breadth, or thick­ [...]e, as whole inches, foots, ells, falls, roods, miles, or [Page] leagues, 3 whereof being equal to 60 degrees on the Line Chords.

6. Measures particular to this Nation (although many of them agree to other Nations also) the most common here u­sed are these following, being all founded upon Barley and Wheat Corns.

7. The Measures for length, breadth, and thickness, are first Barley Corns, whereof 3 in length make an inch, (but because all Barley Corns are not of equal length, you may take two of the equal parts from the fore-going Line A I, which will b [...] an exact inch alwayes) 12 inches makes a foot; but 8 inch makes a Glazen-wrights foot, 6 common foot is a fathom 37 inches makes the standard ell of Edinburgh, 6 ells make [...] a fall, 320 fall makes a Scottish mile, containing 1184 pace of 5 foot to the pace: The Scots and English league contains 3000 paces, being 3 Italian or Sea miles; 40 falls [...] length, and one in breadth makes a rood, 4 roods makes a [...] acre of land: But a rood of work wrought by Masons [...] Sclaters 36 [...]lls in length, and one in breadth.

8. The measures for weighing any thing, are first Wheat [...] take a Corn out of the midst of an Ear of Wheat, is the foundation of a grain weight; 36 grains makes a drop, 16 drop makes an ounee, 16 ounces makes a pound, 16 pound make a stone weight of Lanerk: Apothecaries use scruples weighing 24 grains, whereof 3 make a dram, being half an ounce.

9. Liquid me [...]ts or measures are first founded from the fore said weights, vvhereof 3 pound and 7 ounces of the water [...] Leith makes a Scottish pint or standard Jugg of Stirling, ea [...] pint containing 2 chopins, and each chopin 2 mutchkin [...] and each mutchkin 4 gills: 2 pints makes a quart, and 4 quart [...] a gallon: Our Scottish gallon contains near 4 gallons and a [...] half English, and so likewise our quart and pint contains times and an half of theirs.

10. Dry measures are first the standard Furlet of Linlitgow contains 21 pints and a mutchkin, each furlet contai [...] 4 pecks, by which are measured Wheat, Rye, Beans, Pea [...] and Salt. The furlet for metting Beer, Malt, and Oa [...] contians 31 pints; 4 furlets make a boll, 16 bolls a chalde [...] a peck of Wheat weighs 14 pound 3 ounces, which [...] 168300 grains.

Tide Table for Leith, Corrected by James Paterson Mathematician.

A Table shewing the hour and min. of high Water at Leith, for every day of the Moons age increasing or de­creasing.
Moons ageFull Sea at Leith.

The use.

Seek the Moons age in the first and second Co­lumn of the Table, and in the two last Columns you have the true time of full Sea at Leith.

Example. To find the full Sea the 10 of May, 1683. In the following Table of the Moons age, I find the Moons age 24. which I find in the second Column of this Table, and against it in the last Co­lumn I find 8 hours 42 min. the true time of full Sea required.

Those who desire to be exact in the Tides, must know that this Table serves only the afternoons Tide, if the fore-going Change bein the forenoon: and the afternoons Tide, if the Change was in the afternoon: and if you be seeking the other Tide, [...]ou may take the proportional part between the [...]wo Tides given in the Table next the Tide re­ [...]uired.

A ready Table shewing the Age of the Moon ever day throughout this year, 1683.

The Dayes of the MONETHS.1141514151517171921212323
2912 12131415161819202122
3013 13141516171920212223
3114 14 16 1820 22 24

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