The famous MILLAINESE ASTROLOGER his Prophesies and Predictions for the Year 1700. Being more Esteemed of beyond Sea, than Man in Scotland, Partridge in England, or Whaley in Ireland.

IN his General Judgment on the Year 1700. he says, That the People who live under Aries, amongst whom is Britain, shall enjoy a happy Plenty, where­as, on the contrary, those who live under Capricorn and Libra, shall suffer by want, and the brutish Rage of Conquerors: Amongst those Places is Rome, Strazburgh, Alsace, Dauphinee, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, &c. Those under Scropio, amongst whom is Catalonia, Maurialnia, Norway, Sweden, &c, are threatned with a Plague. Those under Capricorn, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius, amongst whom is Rome and other places already mentioned, as also Spain, Portugal, Part of Saxony, Italy &c, shall be afflicted with Tragical Scenes, Enmities, Quar­rels and War. He says, The begining af the Year will be filled with extraordi­nary Events and Disgraces, which will be Forerunners of things of worse Conse­quence. He adds that there will be Embarkments of Troops, solemn Embassies, and that the Women will have more Powr than Men, tho' it be dangerous to trust them with Matters of State.

In the Winter Quarter, which he begins the 20. of December last, and conti­nues to the 20th of March, he says, that under Libra, Scropio, Virgo, and Gemini, a Sect will give Trouble to the State; a disturber will ascend a Throne, but shall have his Handsfull, That a Place will be demolished, to the great Discontent of it's true Master: That the Season will not conclude without Bloodshed: That a Princess shall pass from Anguish to Joy: And that an unequal Marriage will Make, a great Noise.

In the Spring, which he begins on the 20th of March, and carries unto the 21. of June, he says, That under Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and Leo, an Assemb­ly will make a Court very uneasie tho' they be very Crafty: That there will be Contestations betwixt the Temporal and Spiritual Powers: That the Birth of a Boy will occasion abundance of Reflection: That a Republick will deceive its Compa­nion: That one Prison will not be enough for Criminals; That there will be dang­er of Batteries and Popular Insurrections; And that a Woman shall occasion Mourn­ing to be wore.

In the Summer, which he begins on the 21st of June, and ends on the 22d of September, he sayes, that under Leo, Aries, and Taurus, The death of a certain Person will occasion great Truble to the Nobility. That there shall be a Battle & some Touns taken, that the Reputation of a certain Country for Feats of Arms will be obscured; thet under Cancer there will be Feasts and Publick Rejoysings, happy Child-Birth, Alliances and Peace; that under Scorpio, Taurus and Leo, an illustrious old Man will die; Tis supposed the Pope, for Rome is one of the Places he Means under Leo. He adds, That Fleets will be ill managed, and that there will be more cause to fear Fit: by Water than by Land.

In the Autumn, which he begins on the twentie Second of Sept. he says, there will be universal Joy, Particularly under Aquarius, Aries, and Taurus; that under Tau­rus, Aries and Libra, War will always be deplorable; that under the same Sign and Scorpio, a Sedition against Religion will be Punished; and that a great Man near a Throne shall know that GOD is only to be trusted, and shall also have occasion to make Reflections upon that of Psalmist, Don't put your Trust in Princes.

In January, he says, That under Libra, Pisces, and Gemini, There will be a secret Correspondence carried on for exalting the Church: That under those Signs and that of Aquarius, a strock of Authority shall humble the Pride of a People. That under Cancer and Aquarius the Insolence of People and Republicks will occasion Rupturs. That under Capricorn and Cancer, the Publick Scandall of a great Man will much discourse That a great Project will be broken. That under Aries, Libra, Aquarius, and Taurus, There will be a great Quarrel about a small Jurisdiction; and a Fire that was extinguished shall be kindled, and in haizard of burning a long time at the Charge of the Weakest. That under Sagitarius and [Page] Pises, there will be a great Bustle in a Court about a Woman. That under those Signes and that of Aries, the surprizing of a Country will call for vengance, the establishment of a Cousin will Break divers Measurs, and many Officers will be Changed.

In February, he says, That an important Affair will be ruined by Flattery, un­der Aquarius and Leo. That under Scorpio and Cancer there will be Treason, a Fleet in danger. That under Cancer and Aquarius there will be change of Delib­rations amongst some Assemblies, Exiles, and an illustrious Person unfortunat [...] That under Aquarius and Scorpio, a Process of Consequence won't be ended but by Arms. Under Aquarius and Cancer there will be a Dissention and Anger amongst those Belonging to the State. That under Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn a Reconciliation will occasion greater Jealousie than a war, Under Scorpio, Sagi­tarius and Cancer, Magnificence and Civil Dissensions.

In March, under Pisces and Capricorn, an Army shall make a Triumphant En­trance unto a Country; under Scropio and Taurus a Republick shall be upbraided with Ignominy and Ingratitude under Pisces Aries and Capricorn, an Hectoring Fellow causing and endeavouring the Ruine of his Country to exalt him self, under Aries and Gemini; betwixt Confederats an Assembly brok up unde [...] Pisces and Gemini; a Discovery of some black Politicks under Aquarius and Scorpio; a Rupture and bloody Rencounter, under those Signes and Aries an Accomodation ready to be signed. A Prince shall become Mercifull, contrary to his own Intrest. The Magistrates occasion and receive much Trouble. Certain Ad­venturers shall make a great Noice, The East and West-Indes will draw the Eyes of Europ after them. The Church will triumph over her Enemies. The People of a certain Island shall be in Continuall Agitation.

In April, under Aries and Libra, the Designs of a potentat, will be opposed in vain; under Scorpio and Aquiarius, loss of Touns and Battles; under Taurus and Leo a great Man dies

In May, under Aries, Aquarius and Cancer Threats of the Sword and Pen go [...] togither, and will have a happy Issue for those that concern themselves in the Affair Great Debates, Fears of Civil War; under Leo Cancer and other Signs above mentioned, Mischief fomented by those that ought to procure Good; and Indiscreet Zeal will occasion Sorrow; but Matters are Past Remedy; under Taurus Scorpio and Leo, an Interview will keep the World in Suspence; under Taurus Aries and Leo, War Tribunars overturned by Soldiers and the Misunderstanding amongst them, makes good Sport to those under Aries; under Gemini and Leo, Disquiets by reason of Money, when they are at peace from the Sword; under Gemini and Pisces an unquiet Leader will neither let himself nor others be at ease A Favoritie near to disgrace; under those Signs and Cancer, Sea and Land Ech [...] with the Reports of Cannon, and shall be Witnesses of a bloody Defeate. A cer­tain Person thinks himself above Laws and Precepts.

In June, under Gemini and Sagittarius, People careless to defend their Coun­try; under Gemini and Aquarius Blood shed, a Peace shall not prevent Tears o [...] War; under Gemini and Cancer; a Treaty will occasion great Good for the Publick Repose, an Affair of Importance discovered, an Ambitious Person wil [...] occasion Great Trouble, Under Pisces, Cancer and Gemini, an Invasion make more Noise afar off than near at hand.

In July, under Aries and Leo, new Conventions and Intrigues to make War▪ A General abandoned to the Enemy, has no Remedy left him but Policy. Under Scorpio and Cancer a Gown-Man performs the Office of a Sword-man, for which He is commended by all men. Under Cancer, Pisces and Aries, a violent Attac [...] costs a General his Life. The Disobedience of Soldiers retards the Affairs of a certain Potentate. Under Cancer and Scorpio, a just Grief troubles to a Country Under those Signs and that of Sagittarius, a Fleet in great danger. Under Le [...] and Scorpio, a strange Event befalling a particular Person, will amaze the Pub­lick. Under Cancer a mariage of Consequence treated of, a Prince gives Largesses out of Policy; False News of a Conspiracy make a great Noise. Privat R [...] [...] [...]trived


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