An ABSTRACT OF THE CASE OF THE City of Londonderry.

THE Services and Sufferings of the said City on the late Happy Revolution are sufficiently known, and have been acknowledg'd by the Repeated Votes and Addres­ses of the Honourable Houses of Commons both in England and Ire­land: And in particular, by the Votes in England, of April 9. 1698, their Disbursements and Losses for the Publick Service, were, (on a moderate Computation) allow'd to amount to about 30000 l. But the want of a proper Fund has hitherto been the Reason that no Compensation has been made for the same: So that to this Day, great part of its Suburbs, and many Houses, even within the Walls, ly in Rubbish; the Inhabitants thereof, by what they have Undergone for securing and defending that important Place, being reduc'd to great Poverty, and rendred unable to re-build them.

AND in regard that the preserving that Place (at so criti­cal a Juncture) prevented the Irish Army from being transpor­ted to England or Scotland, and consequently kept England Quiet at Home, and made the Reduction of Ireland much more easie, both in respect of Bloud and Treasure.

AND the said City being the only Place in that Part of Ireland, to which Protestants in time of Eminent Danger can resort, the Relief it gave them on the late Revolution not being the first Instance thereof: For in the Bloody Mas­sacre of 1641, the said City was likewise a Refuge to Thou­sands of Poor Protestants.

Wherefore the Inhabitants of the said City do humbly hope, That now the Forfeitures of Ireland are designed to be appropriated for the Publick Service, that their Extraor­dinary Case will be by this Honourable House compassio­nately considered.

An Abstract of the CASE of the City of Londerry.

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