The Great Turks terrible Challenge, this yeare 1640. Pronounced against the Emperour of Germany and the King of Poland by Soloma Hometh who lately deceased, but continued by his bro­ther Ibraim, the first of that name.

To the tune of My bleeding heart, or Lets to the wars againe.
YOu that desire strange newes to heare,
Vnto my story now give ears,
Great warres there is pronouncd of late,
By him who doth all Christians hate:
Gainst Romes Imperiall Maiesty,
And King of Poland joyning nigh,
By the great Turk who would devoure,
Each Christian kingdome by his power.
Soloma Hometh called so,
This Tirant grat and Christians foe,
At thrée and thirty yéeres of age,
Death finisht vp his dayes and rage:
Yet for all that their Turkish hate,
Gainst Christian kings doth naught abate,
But God deliver Christians all,
That they by such do never fall.
Though death did happily prevent,
The cruell Tirants bad intent,
Yet hée which doth him now succéed,
More terrors to the world doth bréed:
[...]hose bloody purpose is inclinde,
To prosecute as twas designd,
The Christian kingdomes to devoure,
But God confound the Pegans power.
With fearfull sentence challenging,
Romes Emperor, and Polands king,
Their Princes, Péeres, and Pope also,
With all that there adjoynes unto:
For by their kingdomes crownes they sweare▪
To come before their Cities there,
But God deliver Christians all,
That they by such do never fall.
And will with thirteen kingdomes rise
The Christian world for to surprise,
Full thirten hundred thousand strong
Of Turkish powers to march along,
With full intention to subdue,
The Christian princes with this crew,
But God deliver Christians all,
That they by such do never fall.
Nay more say they, behold at length
With all our great Imperiall strength,
Such as by you was never séen,
Nor yet in any kingdome béen:
Wéell come your nations to destroy,
Which you shall never more injoy,
But God, &c.
With mighty power for to subdue,
The Germane Emperor, and pursue
Him to the end with fire and sword,
And tiranny to be abhord:
Also the Polanders devoure,
With force of armes and Pagans powre,
But God deliver Christians all,
That they by such doe never fall.

The second Part

to the same Tune.
THey give them for to understand,
How they will terrifie each land,
To rob to murther and destroy
With burning all they do injoy,
And put them to the cruellest death,
That ever was devizd on earth:
But God deliver Christians all,
That they by such do never fall.
Their bloody minds they thus reveale,
The golden scepter and the seale,
Of Rome say they wée will suppresse,
And fill your nations with distresse,
And those say they we prisners take
More worse then dogs of them weele make
But God &c.
The Turke against the Polands King
Five hundred thousand strong doth bring
And of Tartarians by him sent
To Wallachy Seventy thousand went
Which puts the country in great fear
To sée their enemies so néere:
But Lord &c.
The king of Poland for this end
Lord Palatine to Rome did send
Embassadors to certifie
There enimies aproached nigh,
In the meane time the Polander
Great preparation makes for warre,
But Lord, &c.
The Turkes of Tunnis and Argier
To aggravate the peoples feare
With sixty saile of galleys goes
The Christian kingdomes to oppose,
Such preparation there is still,
As may the world with rumours fill.
But God, &c.
A greater navy there is more
Providing neere the Turkish shore,
Of ships and Gallies sixscore sayle,
Least they should of their purpose fayle.
The Knights of Malta they likewise,
For to prevent their enemies,
The landing of the Turke to stop,
Have strongly blockt their Harbors up.
Within five leagues the enemies,
From the Polon [...]h frontiers lies,
Where unawares they chancst to fall,
On the Polonians Generall.
Who with foure hundred men and horse,
Went to discry the Turkish force,
But most part of his men are slaine,
And he with hurt return'd againe.
So that in Poland there is bred,
By them great terror and much dread,
For to behold their enemy,
So strong against their frontiers ly,
For which they have prolaim'd a fast,
That God in mercy at the last,
May rid them of these Pagans all,
That they by them may never fall.
FINI [...]

Printed for Richard Harper at the Bible [...]

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