[royal Scottish blazon]

❧ Act of Parliament anent registra­tion of Seasings.

IN the Parliament haldin at Edinburgh the fifthtene day of Nouember, the ȝeir of God, Ane thousand sex hundreth ȝeiris. OVR SOVERANE LORD and Estatis of Parliament, for eschewing of falsets, and for securitie of all the Lieges, Statutis and or­daines that in all time comming, All instruments of Seasing, Reversions, Regres, Bands or promises for giuing of Reversions or regres, Discharges of Reversions, Assignations to Reversions, Intimations of the samin, Renunciations of wodsettis, and graunts of Redemption, quhilks sall not be registrate in the buikes of Councell and Session, with­in fourty dayes next after the making and perfiting of the samin, (except and alwaies Seasings of Burrow land, halden in frie burgage, giuen vpon Resignation made in the Bailȝies hands, conforme to the act of Parliament.) Be insert and registrate in the regi­sters presently appointed to that effect, within the foresaide space of fourtie dayes after they be perfited, vtherwaies to be nul, and to make no faith in judgement, nor out-with. And the said nullitie to be receaued by way of exception. And the saids Registers for the greater ease of the Lieges, to be established in particular places following. That is to say, ane in the towne of Kirkwall in Orknay, for the haill inhabi­tants and landly and within the shirefdome of Orknay and Shetland. Ane in the burgh of Innernes, for the shirefdome of Innernes and Cromartie Ane in the burgh of Elgin, for the shirefdome of Elgin, Forres and Narne Ane in the burgh of Aberdein, for the shirefdomes of Aberdein; Baumf, and Kinkardin. Ane in the burgh of Dundie, for the shirefdome of Forfare Ane in the burgh of Perth, for the shirefdome of Perth, and stewartrie of Stratherne (except and the stewar­try of Menteith.) Ane in the burgh of Striuiling, for the shirefdome of Striuiling, Clakmannan, and stewartry of Menteith. Ane in the burgh of Cowper in Fyfe, for the shirefdome of Fyfe and Kinrosher. Ane in the burgh of Edinburgh, for the shirefdome of Edinburgh principall, and Constabularie of Hadingtoun. Ane in the burgh of Linlithgow, for the shiref­domes of Linlithgow and Bathcat. Ane in the burgh of Lawder, for the shirefdomes of Berwick, Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peibles, and bailȝerie of Lawderdaill. Ane in the towne of Hammiltoun, for the shirefdome of Lanrick, (except and the burgh and barronie of Glasgow.) Ane in the cittie of Glasgow, for the barronies of Glasgow and Renfrew. Ane in the burgh of Dum­bertane; for the shirefdomes of Dumbertane, Bute, Argyle, Arrane, and Tarbet. Ane in the burgh of Air, for the shirefdome of Air, and bailȝeries of Kyle, Karrick, and Cuninghame Ane in the burgh of Wigtoun, for the shirefdome of Wigtoun. Ane in the burgh of Dumfreis, for the shirefdome of Dumfreis, and stewartries of Kirkcuthbright, and Annandaill. Or ony vther place or places mair convenient, as the keipers of the saids Registers sall thinke maist expedient, dew intimation being made to the lieges of the samin: and the saids evidents to be registrate in the particular buikes appointed for ilk shirefdome, as said is. And to the effect the said office may presently and in all time comming be the mair faithfully ad­ministrate, STATVTES and ordaynes the samin to be annext and incorporate with the office of Secretarie: and the foresaids registers to be called the registers of the Secretary in all time comming. And that the Secretare present, and to come, haue the said office as ane proper part and pertinent of the said secretarie: make and constitute particular de­puties, ane, or mae, for all the dayes of their lifetime, or vtherwayes as he sall thinke expedient, in euery ane of the places foresaides, of gude fame, literature, and conuersation, for quhome he sall be answerable, and quha sall be resident within the saids townes and burghes: ready at all times to receaue from the pairties their euidents, and to registrate the samin within the space of twenty foure houres, next after the receit thereof. And deliuer to the presenter of the samin, their e­vidents marked by him, with the day, moneth, and ȝeir of the registration, and in what leaf of the booke the samin is re­gistrate: and sal take allanerlie for his paines, the sowme of threttein shilings and foure pennies, as for the price of ilk leaf of his register, written on baith the sydes. And according thereto, sall take proportionally for registring of euery ane of the saids euidents. And the saids registers to be filled by the saids deputes, to be marked by the Secretare or his deputes to be appointed by him for that effect, with ane note of the particular nomber of the leafes that the samin sall conteine. And the saids registers after the filling of the samin, to be reported to the said Secretare, to remaine with him, and to be patent to all our Souerane Lords lieges that sall haue adoe with the samin. The extract of the quhilk register sall haue as great faith and strength, as gif the originall were shawin, except the pairties hauing entres to oppone against the saids wrytis, offer to improue the samin by way of action or exception. In the quhilk case the pairty purchaser of the saids e­vidents, and vthers hauand entres to defend the samin, sall be holden to produce the principall and originall, notwith­standing that they be registrate, as said is: and that nane of the saids euidents be of force, strength, or effect to ony inten­tion, but to be null, and of nane auaill, except the samin be registrate, as said is. It is alwayes prouyded by the tenour of this present act for remedy of the negligence of pairties, that if the principall wrytes marked and registrate as is aboue written, be not lifted by the producers, within the space of thrie moneths after they be marked and registrate, as said is, that the saids Clarks sall be na mair countabill for them, nor the wrytes produced repute as registrat, except it may be sufficiently verefied by authentick instruments, the non-deliuering of them to haue bene in the Clarks default. And that letters of publication be direct heirupon in forme as effeirs.

Extractum de libro actorum Parliamenti, S.D.N. Regis, per me Magistrum Ioannem Skene, Clericum rotulorum Registri, ac Consilij S.D.N. Regis, sub meis signo & subscriptione manualibus. Sic subscribitur, Ioannes Skene Cler. Regist.

Printed by Robert W [...]graue, Printer to the Kings maiestie

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