Oh LONDON! with thy Magistrates and Rulers.

VVHat are ye doing, and causing to be done against a harmless and innocent people, that against you or any Government did never Plot or Act any thing, since the Lord by his Spirit raised them to be a People; they have been innocent and clear in all these things, the Lord is their Witness, which in a late Proclamation is charged against them, even against the Lords Heritage and people called Quakers, which you are going about to destroy and waste, that they should not be a People; and all this is, because they cannot lay their Consciences waste, their Families must be laid waste; & they that depart from iniqui­ty, are become a prey in this Generation: The Lord look on our afflictions, e [...]en the Lord of the whole Earth, look down from his holy Habitation, on our unjust suffer­ings; the Lord open your understandings, by which you may see how we are made to suffer without a cause, by being unjustly numbred with transgressors, and ranked with murderers, as if we had a hand in plotting against the King; the Lord knows we are clear and innocent in all these things; Our just Principle, the Light in our Consciences, & the Spirit of the Lord, which is our Guide, leadeth to no such thing as a carnal Sword, or Kingdom that is of this World, after such a manner to be obtained; the Light in your Consciences will clear us, and condemn you for ranking us with Fift-Monarchy-men and Baptists, whose weapons indeed are carnal we know, and cannot deny but weapons of cru­elty have been found in their habitations; but as for us, the God whom we serve, tea­cheth us no such thing, and he will plead our righteous cause, which is no other, but that his Truth may prosper and fill the Earth, and that the knowledge thereof may co­ver the world, as the waters cover the Sea. This is our desire, the Lord knows, and our work in this world, which he himself hath decreed and cannot be disannulled, he hath purposed it, and will most certainly bring it to pass; though unjustly in your late De­cree, we are proclaimed against as Plotters, and thereby presented as Malefactors to the Nations; and instead of being saved from persecution for our pure Conscience, (as the Word of King Charles was, we should be, so long as we lived peaceably) we are now made liable to be a prey and a spoil to the wicked, though we are altogether innocent and clear of any such thing that is unjustly charged against us, who live and meet peaceably in his Dominions; no other thing can be justly proved against us: And further, we are by a late Decree bound to a false Church and Worship, contrary to all good Conscience; and if you do not what is in your power to deliver us, the Lord whom we serve, most certainly will; and though he suffer you to heat the Fornace se­ven times hotter then it is, yet to the false Worship of the Nation we cannot bow, for Conscience-sake, knowing it is better to obey God then man.

This I write by the Commandment of the Lord to you, that you may not provoke the Lord to your own destruction, by destroying a people whom he hath blessed, and chosen for his peculiar Treasure: Suffer not an innocent people to be made a prey of by the wicked; for all men we honour in the Lord, and esteem them highly that are a terror to evil-doers, which is your work, if you leave it not undone; And be it known unto you, we cannot observe days which the Lord did never command as his Worship; neither can we forbear meeting together in his Fear and Spirit, to wor­ship him, though men command us to the contrary; for by the Lord are we called and gathered to meet in one Spirit; and let the Light of Christ in you all be Judge, whether to obey God or Man is better.

This is written to thee, O London, London,with thy Magistrates and Rulers, who are making havock (like Saul)of the Church and Lambs of Christ, and setting up the false Church and worship, and building it upon the Ruines of the People whom the Lord hath blessed; hard is it for you to kick against the pricks, the Light in your Conscience; for Ierusalem will be a burdensome stone to her persecutors, and all that fight a­gainst her, shall not prevail, the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it: At the Commandment of the God ofJa­cobis this written, to be a warning to all you Magistrates of London, that you set not your selves against an innocent people, to your own hurt will it be, if you seek to destroy them whom the Lord hath determined to establish: This is a testimony of our innocency,; that you may not be ignorant thereof, and a witness a­gainst them and their Laws, which causeth the righteous to suffer for righteousness sake: I am a Lover of your souls, and thisIwrite in obedience to the Lord, who hath made me willing to suffer what he shall suf­fer you to inflict upon me, because of his testimony whichIhold, and the word of his patience which Ikeep.

Humphrey Wooldrich:
VVhere I have been a Prisoner ten weeks, because I could not put off my Hat at the delivering of a few words to Richard Brown, Mayor of London, which is as follows.

FRiend, of the Lord God of life and glory am I moved to write to thee a few words concerning those men which by thee are imprisoned, and suffer not as thieves or murderers, or as evil-doers, but for righteous­ness sake; do not separate them from their Families and honest Employments, whereby their wives and mother­ [...]ss children should be maintained, contrary to all law and justice: But if thou thus go on to make havock of the [...]nnocent lambs of Christ Jesus, this to thee is the word of the Lord God of heaven and earth, thou thy self shalt be separated from the Lord, and the presence of his glory, for ever and ever.

So not in any other thing, but in love to thy soul, and in obedience to the Lord, do I write and clear my con [...]ience, whether it may be received in love by thee, or not.

Humphrey Woollrich.
Th [...] Life will come over this City.

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