A NEVV DISPENSATORY OF Fourty Physicall Receipts.

Most necessary and Profitable for all House-Keepers in their Families.

Besides three other pleasant Arts fit for young Gentlemen.

Published by SALVATOR WINTER of Naples, An Expert Operator.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1649.

To the Reader.

Gentle Reader,

IN my manifold Travels through Europe, Asia, and Africa, I have ob­served and learned many secrets, yea there is scarce any thing profitable for mans body, but I have knowledg [Page]thereof. Here I do freely pre­sent unto you fourty most ne­cessary Receipts, and very use­full in every family, where­of I have oftentimes made good proof; Accept of them thank­fully, and as you shall have oc­casion make use thereof. So Farewell.


The Contents of this Book.

  • I. A Salve for all sores.
  • II. For a Pin and Web, and a Pearl in the eye.
  • III. A special water for sore eyes.
  • IV. For a deafness in the ears.
  • V. For tooth-ach.
  • VI. To make the teeth white.
  • VII. A precious water for the Pestilence.
  • VIII. For the Palsey.
  • IX. A comfortable broth for a sick body.
  • X. To heal a cut or fresh wound.
  • XI. A medecine for the Squinzie.
  • XII. For the Jaundies.
  • XIII. For the swelling of the legs.
  • XIV. To break a Cake in a Womans belly that cometh with sorrow.
  • XV. For the bloody Flux.
  • XVI. To cause one to make water if it be stopt.
  • XVII. For the Piles.
  • XVIII. For the Itch.
  • XIX. For the Pleuresie.
  • XX. For him that spitteth blood having some vein of his breast broken.
  • XXI. For the Scrophulus, called the Kings Evil.
  • XXII. Against all maner of Pestilence or Plague.
  • XXIII. To make a Carbuncle break, or any other botch.
  • [Page]XXIV. For worms in children.
  • XXV. For an Ague.
  • XXVI. For the falling-sickness.
  • XXVII. For a Stitch.
  • XXVIII. For a sore throat.
  • XXIX. For a scald with fire or hot liquor.
  • XXX. If a childs water be stopt.
  • XXXI. Children stuft with cold and flegm.
  • XXXII. To ease the pain and swelling of the Gout.
  • XXXIII. For a Tympany.
  • XXXIV. For an Earwigg in the Ear.
  • XXXV. For the bleeding of the fundament.
  • XXXVI. For the green sickness.
  • XXXVII. For the Convulsion fits in young Children.
  • XXXVIII. A dyet drink to cure the French Pox in a short time: as also the Canker upon the yard.
  • XXXIX. Pills for the same to be used after the drink.
  • XL. To dye hair black.
  • 1. To make a mixt stone which being spit upon maketh fire.
  • 2. Two waters they being mingled one with the other will become like milk, and it is good to take spots out of the face.
  • 3. To make a bullet to hit all marks, yea to kill a bird flying in the air.

A NEW DISPENSATORY OF Fourty Physical Receipts.

I. A salve for all Sores.

TAke Sallet Oyl, a Pint and a half, as much Turpentine, Rosin a quarter of a pound, Mastix Myrrhe, Frankincense beaten to a powder, unwrought Wax half a pound, Sheeps Tallow four pound, Ragwort, Plantin, Orpin, Wormwood, Rue, Camomil, of each two handfuls, Cut these Herbs and seeth them in the things above written, then put to it one ounce of Red Saunders in fine Powder, let it boyl softly, always stirring it till it be well mingled together; then take it from the fire, and strain it through a strong Canvass, and keep it for use.

II. For a Pinn and Web, and Pearl in the Eye.

TAke fine white Ginger, grate it upon a Whetstone, and mingle it fine, with a little white Copperose; and when the Patient goeth to Bed put some into his Eye with a quill, and when it hath been there a while, take the Juice of ground Ivy mingled with Womans Milk, and put three of four drops into the Eye, Evening and Morning, after the said Powder hath been in the Eye half an hour.

III. A special water for sore Eyes.

TAke a Gallon of fair running Water, and put it into a fair Earthen Pot or Pan, put therein so much white Copperose as an Egg, and cover it, and so on the morrow when the Copperose is all melted, scum [Page 8]the top clean with a Feather, then pour all the water fine, softly into an­other clean Pan from the grounds, do this five or six days, till you perceive no grounds left, then put to it a pint of white Rose water, so keep it in glasses, and set in the Sun, for the space of a moneth, after cleanse it through a fine Linnen cloth, keep it for use, of it drop a few drops in the Eyes, Morning and Evening.

IV. For Deafness in mans Ears.

TAke Ʋnguentum Agrippae, and Oyl of Bays, of each a like quantity, and mingle them together, put thereof into the Ears, it will open the Ears, and make him hear by Gods help.

V. For the Toothache.

TAke a quantity of Pelitory of Spain, as much Stavesacre, half so much long Pepper, beat them into a fine powder, temper with them three or four Corns of Bay Salt bruised, dip your finger in this powder and therewith rub your Gums and Tooth, then hold open your Mouth, and let the Rheumatick humor run out, and it will ease you, and if the Tooth be hollow to make it fall out of it self; take VVheat flowre and mix it with the milk of the herb called Spurg, that hath milk in it, and make thereof, as it were a Paste or Dough, with the which you shall fill the hole of the same Tooth, and leave it in a certain time, and the Tooth will fall out of it self: Also if you wash your Mouth once a moneth with VVine, wherein the Root of the said herb hath been sod­den, you shall never have pain in your Teeth.

VI. To make Teeth white.

TAke Vinegar of Squills, and dip a little peece of a Linnen rag in it, and rub the Teeth and Gums therewith; this also fastneth the Gums, comforteth the Roots of the Teeth, and maketh a sweet Breath.

VII. A precious Water for the Pestilence.

TAke the waters of Tormentil, Scabious, Dittancy, Pimpernel, Be­tony, Marigolds, Featherfew, of each a like quantity, distil all these herbs together: Of this water, drink every morning fasting, three or four spoonfuls.

VIII. For the Palsey.

TAke Rosemary, Sage, Herbmaudlin, of each a handful, Camomil flowers three handfuls, and with Sallet Oyl make Oyl thereof, as [Page 9]you make Oyl of Roses, and so anoint the grieved parts therewith.

IX. A comfortable Broth for a sick body.

TAke an old Cock, scald and quarter him, and bruise his flesh and bones, then take a pot that will hold a gallon, and fill it with fair water, and put the Cock in it, scum it clean, then take a handful of Raisins of the Sun stoned, half so much Pruines the stones pickt out, half a handful of Currans, Borrage, Succory, Endive, Bugloss, of each half a handful, the bottome of a Manchet and a little large Mace; put all these together into your pot with a little Salt, let it boyl a good while; then take a Saucerfull out of the Pot, and if it come to a Jelly, it is enough; if you have not a Cock, take a Leg of Veal in stead thereof.

X. To heal a cut or fresh wound.

TAke so much Turpentine as an Egg, mingle the yolks of two Eggs very well with it, then spread some of it upon some lint, mingle also a little Oyl of St. John-wort with it, dress it twice a day, and it will heal it.

XI. A Medicine for the Squinsie.

TAke the ashes of Centory, and the powder of white Dogs-turd, make it into a Plaister with Honey, spread it upon a cloth and lay it upon the grief.

XII. For the Jandis.

TAke Turmerick in powder, a Groates weight, English Saffron the weight of two pence, the shaving of Ivory, a Groates weight, mingle them together, and drink every morning two penny weight thereof, either in Milk, Muskadine, or white VVine.

XIII. For the swelling of the Legs.

TAke VVallwort, Camomil, Mallows, and Havhoove, being very clean, seethe them well in water, therewith wash your Legs often, fine softly, then dry them clean, and mingle some Oyl of Roses, and Dialthea together, and anoint them therewith, and it will asswage it.

XIV. To break a cake in a Womans belly that cometh with sorrow.

TAke Parsely, Isop, Sage, Wormwood and Tansey, seeth them in a pottle of stale Ale to a quart, then strain it, of that drink a Wine­glass [Page 10]full in the morning hot, and evening cold, and take the bowels of a Cat, and lay them as warm as they come out to the sore side.

XV. For the bloody Flux.

TAke a quart of milk set it on the fire, and when it doth seethe, put in a piece of Roch-allome. then will rise a curd, take it off, drink the whey as hot as you can endure it, and if your stomack can bear it eat the curd also.

XVI. To cause one to make water if it be stopt.

TAke English Saffron in fine powder, pure black Sope, one as much as the other, mingle it together, spread it upon the fleshy side of white Leather, make thereof plaisters, and lay it upon the Navil of the patient; Give him also the powder of the herb Golden rod, as much as you can take up with a six pence in a rear Egg, or in a glass full of Rhenish or white Wine, and he shall make water.

XVII. For the Piles.

TAke Treacle, spread it upon brown paper, and lay it to the sore place, and it will help.

XVIII. For the Itch.

TAke the roots of Elecampane and reddocks a pretty quanty, boil them in water untill they be tender, then stamp them and fry them with Barrows Greace, and anoint you therewithal, and it will kill it.

XIX. For the Plurisie.

TAke a fair Pippin, cut off the top, take out the coar, fill it half full with fine powder of Olibanum, so lay on the top again, roast it fine leasurely upon the embers, take heed it do not burn: being roasted e­nough, cut it into four parts with the Olibanum in it, so give it the pa­tient to eat, it will by and by make the Apostume to break, and heal him clean.

XX. For spitting of blood by breaking a vein in the breast.

TAke Mice dung beaten to a fine powder, as much as will lye upon a Groat, and put it into half a glass full of the Juyce of Plantain, with a little Sugger, give it the Patient to drink in the morning fasting, and at night going to bed, continue this, and it will make him sound.

XXI. For the Scrophulus, called the Kings Evill.

TAke Ceruse, or white lead beaten to a fine powder four ounces, Sallet Oyl eight ounces, let it boil together five or six hours, stir­ring it continually, and when it is become very black, then it is sodden enough, spread it upon a linnen cloth, and lay it unto the place of the sore; if the sores be broken they will be healed shortly, if not, they will dissolve and loose, and shortly heal throughly.

XXII. Against all maner of Pestilence or Plague.

TAke an Onion and cut it overthwart, then make a little hole in the middle of each piece, the which you shall fill with Treacle, and lay the pieces together again, and wrap them in a wet brown paper, and roast them in the hot embers, and being roasted enough, press out the Juice of it, and give the Patient to drink thereof a spoonfull, and suddenly he shall feel himself better.

XXIII. To make a Carbuncle, or any other botch to break.

TAke Bay Salt well beaten into powder, and sifted, incorporate it with a yolk of an Egg, and lay it upon the Carbuncle or sore, and be assured that (with the Grace of God) it will draw to it self all the venom and poyson of the Plague or sore, so that in a short time he shall be cured.

XXIV. For worms in Children.

TAke halfe a pint of new Milk of a red Cow, half a spoonfull of Wormseed small beaten, boil this a little while, then put to it two spoonfuls of life Honey, a little Saffron, as much scraped Harts-horn as will lye upon a six pence, boil all this together a little while: this will serve for three mornings drunk luke-warm.

XXV. For an Ague.

TAke a Nutmeg, beat it to powder, and the like quantity of burnt Alom, a quarter of a pint of white Wine Vineger, mix all toge­ther, give it an hour before the fit, and go to bed.

XXVI. For the Falling-sickness.

TAke a pottle of Sack; Piony roots two handfuls, make them clean, and bruise them in a Morter, infuse them in some of the wine four and twenty hours, then strain them hard, and put all the straining to [Page 12]the rest of the wine, and keep it for use. To a childe give a spoonful in the morning, and as much going to be. To a strong body give four spoonfuls at a time, there is no danger in it.

XXVII. For a Stitch.

TAke a dry Acorn, beat it to a fine powder, and as much Treacle as a Hasel nut mixt together in a glass full of white wine, give it the Patient to drink going to bed.

XXVIII. For a sore Throat.

TAke the red Oak buds when they come out first, distill them by a soft fire in Balneo Mariae, then put in as much Roch Allome as will make it taste a little of it, so keep it all the year, gargle the throat therewith, and it will heal, skin, and cool it.

XXIX. For a scald with fire or hot liquor.

CUt an Onion a sunder, and lay it presently to the place, it will take out the fire, and keep it from further danger.

XXX. If a Childs water be stopt.

TAke Watercresses a good handful, and heat them twixt two Bricks, and lay them as hot as can be endured to the stones, and bottome of the belly, and so let it lye, and he shall make water.

XXXI. Children stuft with cold and flegm.

IN a pint of new Milk, boil a head of Garlick: when it is well boiled, give the milk of it warm to drink (but not the Garlick) with a little Suggar, three mornings together.

XXXII. To ease the pain and swelling of the Gout.

TAke a raw Turnip, peel and stamp it, make it a Pultis, and lay it so raw unto the place; if the pain goeth not away take another, so change every six hours till it cease.

XXXIII. For a Tympany.

TAke Scurvy-grass one handful, put it into a pint of white wine, let it stand all night, then boil it, in the boiling put to it a quarter of a pint of new Milk, strain it, drink it cold morning and evening, first, and last.

XXXIV. For an Earwig in the Ear.

THe Juice of Wormwood, Rew, and Southernwood, of each a like quantity, put it into the Ear, and lay some of the beaten Herbs un­to it, and that will kill it in one night.

XXXV. For the bleeding of the Fundament.

TAke the Rust of a Bell, or Bell-mettal, drink it with fair water, and it will stay it presently.

XXXVI. For the Green-sickness.

TAke seven of the greatest leaves of Ribwort, stamp and strain them therewith a little white Wine or Beer, and drink it fasting in the morning, for a week together; and the next week drink burned white wine, with as much Spermaceti as will cover six pence, twice in the week, and it will surely cure it.

XXXVII. For the Convulsion fits in young Children.

TAke three Seeds of single Pyony, peel off the black Skin, and beat them into fine powder, put it into a spoonful of black Cherry water, make the childe drink it, and presently after it, give it a spoonful or two more of the Cherry water by it self, to wash down the powder.

XXXVIII. A Dyet drink to cure the French Pox in a short time without much sweating.

TAke Chips of Guajack four pound, Salsa Parilla, sliced, split, and cut small two pound, Sene Oriental four ounces, Agrimony one handful, Cinamond two ounces, Cloves and Nutmegs of each two drams, which you must break a little in a Morter; then take a vessel of about five Gallons, and put all these drugs into it, and put to it four Gal­lons of white wine, or strong Ale, and so let it steep twenty four hours.

Then you must take of it every morning in your Bed, somewhat a­bove half a pint, cover you well, keep in your Bed two hours, sweat one hour, dry your self well, and rub you with Linnen clothes, then you may rise and go about your business. Note before you take this drink, purge you once with the following Pills, and let blood; you must not eat any sowre things, Cheese, Salt, Fish, but onely Roasted meat, and drink always of this Dyet drink; and having drunk all this Dyet drink, purge you with those Pills, taking a dram betimes in the morning.

Also if any Pushes, Ulcers, Cankers, should break out about a mans [Page 14]body, especially upon the Yard or elsewhere: Take a quart of running water, heat in a Pipkin, put then to it four ounces of good unslackt Lime, let it stand all night, in the morning skim it very clean from the skin, which is gathered upon it; then take off the clearest water with­out out any dregs of the Lime in it, keep it in a glass▪ put to a pint of it one dram of burnt Allome, twenty grains of sweet Mercury; with this water wash such affected places, and lay a wet rag in the same water upon it.

VVith the Lime so unslackt, you may make a very good salve, for Pi­stulaes, Cankers, old sores, putting some Linseed Oyl to it, and well-mingled, apply it as a Plaister.

XXXIX. The Pills for the same to be used after the drink.

SCammon, Rhebarb, Trochisci, Alhhandal, aloes Succotrini, Cremor tartari ana ʒii. Tutiae praeparat. ʒi. Mercur. dulcis ℥i.

Redige omnia in pulverem tenuissimum, & excipiantur cum syrupo rosar. the Dose is one dram at a time, taken betimes in the morning, and some warm Posset drink after it.

XL. To Dye Hair black.

TAke Gum Lye, and boyl with a handful of Leaves of Beet, three or four handful of Sage Leaves, either green or dry, and a dram of Myrrhe with Bay leaves, and a few leaves or outward peels of a Walnut, with this Lye wet your Hair, but take heed you wash not your face with it; yet nevertheless, after you have wetted thus your Hair well with a Brush, or a Comb, with a Spunge at it; wash your face after with fair water or white wine. Let you Hair dry of it self.

To make a mixt stone, which being spit upon maketh fire.

I. TAke quick Lime and Saltpeter fined divers times, Tutia Alexan­drina not prepared, Calamint, as much of the one as of the other, quick Brimstone and Camphere, of each of them two parts, and let all these things be beaten small, and sifted through a fine searce; then put the said powders in a new Linnen cloth, and binde them hard. This done take two great Goldsmiths Crossetees or melting Pots, and put the said powders in them, and set the one upon the other, mouth to mouth, and binde them fast with Wyer, and Lutum Sapientiae, so that it may take no maner of Ayr, and dry them in the Sun, and when it is dry, the powder will be yellow. This done, set the Crossets in a Furnace of Brick or Lime, and when it is cold again, take it out, and you shall finde your substance [Page 15]of the colour of brick, and it shall be perfect and good. And when you use of it, to make a fire, or light a candle, spit upon it, or wet it with a drop of water, and incontinent put to it your Match, and it will light it and burn. And when you will quench it again, blow on it as you blow out a candle, and it will go out.

To make two waters, they being mingled together will become like, good to take away the spots and freckles in the face.

II. TAke Lytharge of silver, half a pound, beat it to a powder, put to it a quart of Wine Vinegar, boyl it together till half be wasted away, and then draw the liquor from the Lytharge with Woollen shreds, & so keep it for your use in a Viall close stopt: take also of Cam­phere three drams, Musk four grains: against all these things put one ounce and a half of Oyl of Tartar, and put all in a pint of Rose water, and boil it till the third part be consumed, and then draw the rest with Woollen shreds, and keep it to your use in a Viall close, and when you will use it, take a very little bottle glass, and fill it half full of the first water, and fill it up with the second water, and it will coagulate toge­ther straightways marvellously as white as milk, wherewith you must often wash the red spots and freckles in your face.

To make a bullet to hit all marks, yea to kill a bird flying in the air.

III. TAke Pewter, Lead, and Quick-silver of each alike, melt all toge­ther, and cast bullets of it, shoot them out of your Gun, and they spread abroad that you cannot miss your marke.

FUrthermore, I pull out all maner of Hollow Teeth, stumps or roots, with great dexterity, and ease, without almost any pain.

I make Teeth smooth and white, set in Artificial ones, that they shall not be discerned from the natural ones, yea I do all to Teeth; (with­out arrogancy and prejudice to other) as well as any whosoever, and I know none shall go beyond me in that Art.

All these above written Receipts you may make your selves if you please, or else come to me, and I will shew you the manual operation of them and many others, to make them for you.

I live at present in Bedford-street, next door unto the Sign of the Fox, over against the New Exchange. Per me Salvator Winter of Naples Operator.

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