To the Monthly, and Quarterly Meetings of Friends, in England and Wales; LONDON, the twenty six Day of the sixth Month, 1692.

Dear Friends and Brethern,

WIth our Dear and Tender love to you, and all the Faithful in Christ Jesus: These are to Acquaint you, that since our late printed Epistle from our Meeting for Sufferings, for a Collection for our poor distressed Friends in Ireland, we have had divers Accounts from thence by Letters, both of their disposal of what hath been already sent them from hence; and also how little away it went, when distributed to the many Particulars towards their Supply; however, Friends love and care for them here is very Acceptable to them.

We find they are very Charitable and Tender one towards another; in so much, that al­though the Calamity was general, and very Heavy upon them, that those that had some­thing left, who were but few in Number, did readily contribute to them that wanted pre­sent Subsistance, by several large Collections among themselves.

And they considering our charges here in England was great, have been the more tender and backward to apply to Friends here for Relief, altho but few Friends there can Ad­minister to such a great Number of Friends, who are in a very poor and low Condition, and many in great want; some having lost all, the very Cloathes off their Backs.

Their general Loss hath been computed to amount to about Fifty Thousand Pounds, and their Number not more then Friends in Yorkshire.

Now Dear Brethren, The intent of reminding you of these things, is, to intreat you in the Love of God, and Tender Compassion to these our Suffering Friends and Brethren, Zeal­ously to stir up Friends in your respective Meetings, to a speedy and Liberal Contribution, according to our aforesaid Epistle, considering their distressed case, as if it were your own; and remembering their Liberality, and Christian Charity to Friends in England, when un­der sore Persecutions, their present Necessities being so great, requiring a speedy supply, that this Meeting hath already been constrained to Borrow one Thousand Pounds, to remit thither for their present Relief, upon the Credit of this said Collection; yet we are per­swaded the said sum will fall far short of supplying their great Necessities; We therefore hope you will take all speedy care, effectually to hasten the said Collection.

Signed by Order and on behalf of the Meeting for Sufferings,
  • George Whitehead,
  • Samuell Waldenfield,
  • John Vaughton,
  • William Bingley,
  • John Feild.

At our Meeting for Sufferings the, 2d day of the 7th Month, 1692.

THis Meeting Desiring That the Friends in the Counties, and particuler Meetings, be acquainted of the renewed Accounts we received, of the Nessesities of our Dear Friends in Ireland, we have hinted at in the Letter above written, have ordered the same to be printed, that Friends may the more generally have it, and have accordingly now Signed the same.

  • William Ingram,
  • John Staploe,
  • Alexander S [...]aton,
  • John Kilbourn,
  • Joseph Wasye,
  • Theodor Eccleston,
  • William Crouch,
  • Thomas Cox,
  • Henry Gouldney,
  • Michael Russell,
  • Samuel Waldenfield,
  • John Constantine,
  • Henry Lombe,
  • Daniel Monro,
  • Daniel Roberts,
  • Daniel Quare,
  • Daniel Wharley,
  • John Hall,
  • John Fiddeman,
  • John Cade,
  • Anthony Alexander,
  • Josiah Ellis,
  • John Vaughton,
  • John Feild.

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