FOR THE King and both Houses OF PARLIAMENT.

THey that are right honorable will hear, and the truly no­ble and gentle will bow down unto his appearance, that we know, who according to his Faithfulness, has fulfill­ed his Promises; and as the Scriptures declare, even in [...]hese last dayes has powered forth of his Spirit upon his Sons and upon his Daughters, and we with many thousands, that have received thereof, cannot but bear witness thereto, That the Lord is come that searcheth the Hearts and tryeth the Reins, to take up his dwelling in men and women, who are obedient to his Spirit and Requirings find Peace therein, and we dare not do contrary thereunto; though for it we have been dealt hardly with by men, as at this day, in Spoiling of our Goods, and Imprisoning of our Bodies, and the shedding of our Blood in the Streets, though it could never be proved that we, or any of us, have in any kind done, or invented to do: any evil to King or People, or allow thereof; for we are full of Love and Good­will unto all, and our Enemies could never find any advantage against us, but in the matters of our God; so our Sufferings have been for our believing in, and obeying the Spirit of Truth, in which we have and do worship God every where, and we have not, nor dare we be disobedient thereto, whatever it cost us; for by this we are sealed to an Inheritance invisible and everlast­ing: And we have a Liberty at this time to lay before you▪ the Innocency and Harmlesness of all us that are brought to the Obedience of this Spirit, that the King, and all in the Nation, may fear and bow before him, whose Servants we are: O judge in Righteousness you Rulers in the Earth, whether we should obey God or man in this matter; for we are bold in the Spirit and Power to declare unto you. That he that hath required Worship in Spirit and in Truth every where is our Leader, and with us of a Truth; and they that are against us, he hath, and will rebuke.

O Remember, it is but a little while since this City and Na­tion was visited with Plague, Fire, and Sword; And was it not when you oppressed the Worshippers in the Spirit? And when you ceased your strife against them, then the Lord gave you li­berty to repair your Losses: And so full of Good-will are we unto the Land of our Nativity, that we must call unto you, that you might mind what the great God of Heaven and Earth hath made known unto us, that he hath appeared, and doth appear in this Nation and Kingdom, more then in any Nation in the Earth, that it might be cleansed and delivered from the Destruction threatned by the Lord, because of the great and raining Iniqui­ties therein; and none cries louder, nor ever did sooner bring down vengeance on a People or Nation, then the resistance of the Spirit and Light of God, w [...]ewith the Lord hath visited this Nation at this day; so we cannot but beseech you to come to this Spirit and Light in your selves, that reconciles to God; and we know it from all other spirits, for it is Holy and Harm­less, and none it is can oppress or resist the Appearance of it in any other: And we cannot but mind you, as bound in duty thereto, that the resistance of this Spirit overthrew and drown­ed the old World, and as Stephen told the Priests and Rulers of Jerusalem, that had killed and put to death the Prince of Life, That it was because they resisted the Holy Ghost, as their Fa­thers did; and though they believed him not, and stoned him to death, yet all their wisdom and strength could not defend them from his Displeasure, whom they had grieved; and how soon Destruction came on them & on their Nation you know, and it is good to remember; for it is the same God we serve, and his Arm is not shortned, and there is amongst you a poor and afflicted People, to whom he hath regard; for they dare not go contrary to his Commands, nor any just Command of man; but there was a Law by which some said the Son of God was to be put to death; and there has been Laws in this Nation, by which the best Christi­ans in the Land have been Martyred; and there are yet Laws, which to yield obedience to, were to disobey God, and in so doing we should hasten destruction on our selves and the Nation, as the many Examples in the Scriptures and elsewhere makes manifest, and for us are they written, upon whom the Ends of the World are come; therefore we have been moved and constrained in the Love of our God, to call unto you, even to all, from him that sits on the Throne, to the meanest in Authority in this Nation. O that you would hear! O that you would grant Liberty of Conscience, for every one to Worship God, as of the Spirit they come to receive Understanding, according to that Royal Law, In doing as you would be done by; and by this you would over­come your Enemies, & strengthen your Frends, and deter Judg­ment, and lengthen your Tranquility; but if you will not hear, nor be intreated, but go on to oppress those that worship in Spirit, you will be found Fighters against God, & he is mighty, and will plead the cause of the Innocent. This from us that would have you all to so act, and do, that you might render your account before God with joy, in the day of his righteous Judgment, that hastens, and is near unto every one of you. And we cannot but mind you of the many that lie in the several Goals and Pri­sons of this Nation, some four, five, six, or seven years time, being found in no other offence, when committed to Prison, but their meeting to worship God: O that you into whose hands the Lord hath given power to shew mercy, and set free the Op­pressed, would [...]ear and deliver, for their groanings the Lord hears and takes notice of.

We, called Quakers, whose Names under-written are some of the many Thousands of our mind with us, that cry day and night, that Liberty of Conscience may be given, that we may serve the Lord in Righteousness and Holiness all the dayes of our Lives, and we know the Lord hears.

  • Anne Whitehead,
  • Rebecca Travers,
  • Mary Ellson,
  • Susanna Yokeley,
  • Priscilla Eccleston,
  • Ruth Brown,
  • Hanah Talor,
  • Rebecca Osgood,
  • Anne Travers,
  • Sarah Brush,
  • Helena Claypoole,
  • Mary Forster,
  • Prudence Wa [...]shatt,
  • Elizabeth Middilton,
  • Elizabeh Bowman,
  • Patience Camfeld,
  • Grace Giner,
  • Anne Raper,
  • Agnes Pool,
  • Mary Lawrence,
  • Anne Briges,
  • Grissel Tolderly,
  • Jude Shipton,
  • Ellin Daper,
  • Elizabeth Haddock,
  • Elizabeth Perkins,
  • Grace Hubbert,
  • Martha Fisher,
  • Elizabeth Molborn,
  • Elizabeth Wadley,
  • Jane More,
  • Anne Stodard,
  • Lidia Odes,
  • Christian Clarke,
  • Anne Warner,
  • Charity Corn,

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